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What is Ringette?

2019 CWG - Ringette - Game 28 - BC vs MB

Bronze Medal Game/Match Pour le bronze

RAB Challenge 2019 - ringette event

Also known as: How to have a ridiculous amount of fun, make friends, play ringette, and be exhausted in one weekend

RAB Challenge is an annual event hosted by Ringette Alberta (RAB).

It alternates being in the Edmonton and Calgary area each year. This year, athletes born in 2005, 2006, and 2007 were invited to register and were placed onto 12 teams, attempting to mix athletes from different associations and skill levels to make roughly even teams.

Each team had 2 practices, 3 games, a team-building session, nutrition class, and dryland training. They try to get the most spirit points by showing teamwork, enthusiasm, team spirit, supporting other teams and the referees, and generally spreading cheer. The air band competition was great this year as well.

There are coach development opportunities, as we welcomed special guests from the Canadian Junior National team onto the ice, along with two of their coaches.

Our website has more information:

2019 CWG - Ringette - Game 21 - AB vs ON


2019 CWG - Ringette - Gold Medal Game - ON vs QC

Gold Medal Game/Match pour la médaille d'or

Canadian Ringette Championships


Wrist Shot Basics

How do you teach wrist shot? How do you even raise the ring? This video shows some basic techniques to get those young athletes developing good habits to learn wrist shots.

Gym Ringette.wmv

Conociendo cómo jugar Gym Ringette/ We are trying to learn to play Gym Ringette.
Nuestros materiales son alternativos pero nuestro entusiasmo es 100% original/ Our materials are alternative but our enthusiasm is 100 original %.
Los profesores del CEF N° 121 de Dolores, provincia de Bs. As. conocieron el Gym Ringette en el marco de las capacitaciones dictadas por las profesoras Sandra Emanuel y Liliana Gaudino para la Secretaría de Deportes de la Pcia. de Bs. As.

Ringette Introduction - game situations, rules & referee signals

This video should help demonstrate some of the common ringette situations and what the call will be from a referee, including: centre ice free pass, offensive zone free pass, goalie ring, 2 line pass, shot clock reset, delayed violation, 4 in the zone, bottom third, and move it or lose it.

Game footage includes U12B, U14AA, U16A, and U19/Open AA.

Ringette - Team Nova Scotia

The Ringette team will be competing at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, in Prince George, British Columbia.
For more information:

Play in HD for best quality.

2019 CWG - Ringette - Game 24 - MB vs QC

Ringette Skills Video - Shooting


An away weekend with the National Ringette League's Atlantic Attack

Ringette - 4 v 3 basic setup

There are plenty of ways to be creative setting up your 4 v 3 offense, and some of it can depend on the situation. You’ve pulled your goalie – is there a delayed penalty against the other team, is it near the end of a game and you need a goal or two, or are you simply trying to create an offensive advantage? A delayed penalty will reset the shot clock back up to 30 seconds, but pulling the goalie any other time will not.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s our suggestion. It’s simple and based on the L support that most of your athletes should be familiar with already.

Create the L, and the 4th player (diagonal from the ring carrier) goes to the front of the net. It will shift as the ring moves, so that the L is always in place, and someone is always in front of the net. Think about which way your athletes shoot, left or right, and put them on the appropriate side of the ice if possible.

From here, allow creativity, communication, and make sure to get a shot away before the shot clock goes off!

2019 CWG - Ringette - Game 16 - AB vs MB


Ringette is for Life!

Ilves Ringette F - Treenipäivä - 3.2.2019

Erikoislähetys F-tyttöjen treeneistä 3.2.2019. Vierailevina valmentajina E-joukkueen tyttöjä. Omien treenien jälkeen osa F-tytöistä vieraili E-joukkueen treeneissä. Mukava päivä hallilla, missäs muuallakaan =D

Meitä voi myös seurata Instagramissa: @ilvesringette_f ja @ilvesringette_e


Cambridge Tournament
Montreal VS Eastman Flames
January 9, 2016
Galt Arena, Cambridge, Ontario

Canada vs. Finland - 2007 Ringette Final

2007 Ringette World Championship Gold Medal Game.

Ringette: Finland vs. Waterloo (U14)

A match-up between visiting Finland vs. the Waterloo Wildfire at the 2011 Paris Ringette Tournament. Game was played Saturday, February 26th at the Brant Sports Complex.



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