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Watch KELLYS KEYNOTE 2021 and learn more about 2021 Kellys collection:


THEOS F is an e-bike revolution - the first full-suspension e-bike in the world made of new generation material THERMOPLASTIC HYBRID STEEL-CARBON COMPOSITE in advanced robotized process for even better build and quality. The THEOS F frame is 200% stronger without any weight penalty compared to resin carbon fibre composites. From now on, the rider can fully benefit from the lightness of the frame without any worries about cracks, dents, fractures…

All-new THEOS F comes in two variants: SUPER-ENDURO with 180/170 millimetres of travel and ENDURO with reduced travel of 150/140 millimetres. Despite the variant, THEOS F utilises mullet layout with 29” front, and 27.5+” rear wheel for swift cornering, much better handling and speed. All-new chassis is full-composite, which means there are no metallic inserts used to increase the durability even more and reduce weight.

To learn more about the new 2021 Kellys collection hit the link below:


NOTE: Blurred parts due to Shimano embargo.

High Level DUP Powerlifting Programming | Tertiary Days | Dogma Towards Accessory Work/Variants

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Solskjaers 2019/20 Tactics & How Fernandes Is Helping Transform United | Manchester 2019/20 Tactics

In 2019/20, Solskjaer had mixed up his tactics, but what has he done to improve the team? In this video, we take a look.

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『易瘦的科學訓練』增肌秘訣全分析| 基因、飲食、與訓練



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ABUS GameChanger - Let´s change the Game

Der ABUS GameChanger ist der ultimative Aero-Helm für professionellen Radrennsport und höchste Ansprüche. Er definiert Aerodynamik neu.

Aerodynamik pur - im Windkanal entwickelt, auf der Straße getestet. Der Helm sorgt für eine reduzierte Windangriffsfläche bei allen Bedingungen - optimierte Aerodynamik unabhängig von der Kopfneigung und bei unterschiedlichen Anströmwinkeln.

Hier finden Sie die verschieden Varianten:

Für Rennradfahrer zählen eine optimale Ventilation, der perfekte Sitz und jedes Gramm. Daher optimiert ABUS die Road-Helme hinsichtlich ihres Tragekomforts, ihrer Leichtigkeit und der besten Strömungskanäle, um eine optimale Belüftung zu erreichen.

Entdecken Sie hier die neuen Road-Helme von ABUS:




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►Jo Cohen & Sex Whales - We Are NCS Release

Icon Variant & Airframe Ghost Helmets

Overview of Icon Carbon Ghost Variant Helmet
Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet For assignments off the official record, we offer the Ghost Carbon Variant. Weve taken the standard Variants cross-terrain functionality and added a hand-laid carbon fiber shell, translucent supervents, and endurance yellow tinted Optics shield - all finished with our Rubatone tactile coating. We can neither confirm nor deny the specifics of any mission involving the Variant Ghost Carbon. Variant Helmet Its a matter of survival. In an unforgiving maze of gravelstrewn corners and malevolent steel, a rider needs protection, vision and comfort. The call to arms has been answered. Introducing the ICON Variant helmet. The wind tunnel-refined shell, executed in a Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon matrix, forms a solid first line of defense. Internally, a dual-density EPS core provides critical Energy Management which reduces transmitted impact forces. Of course safety is best maintained by avoiding the crash altogether. To this end, the Variant features a reshaped eyeport which provides enhanced peripheral vision. The Variants unique visor system also contributes to improved vision. When properly designed, such as on the Variant, the visor can help block bright sunlight while producing minimal lift characteristics. Couple this with our Fog-Free coating and it is obvious why the vision aspects of the Variant are superior. Another important method of increasing safety is to reduce rider fatigue. Excessive heat buildup can result in both discomfort and distraction. Neither is a good situation. The Variants extensive venting system works at all speeds, providing necessary airflow to the helmet interior. The airflow works in conjunction with the wicking Hydradry liner to effectively reduce heat buildup. Variant Features All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: dot fmvss 218 (us), ece 22-05 (europe), sai as1698 (australia) & sg (japan) safety and testing standards. Fiberglass/dyneema/carbon fiber shell Long oval headform Wind tunnel tested and refined Anti-lift visor to reduce glare Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports Molded eps nose reduces shield fogging Quick-change fog-free shield Fully removable/washable hydradry interior Rear spoiler for reduced helmet buffeting

Overview of Icon Carbon Ghost Airframe Helmet
The ICON Airframe helmet represents the pinnacle in modern helmet design. The Airframe is equipped with multiple safety and comfort features developed through exhaustive research and real world feedback. Premier manufacturing processes assure that the Airframe meets or exceeds the high safety standards set by DOT,ECE,SG and SAI. When fitted properly, the precisely-engineered Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon Fiber composite shell and energy-absorbing dual-density EPS liner reduce transmitted impact forces. To keep you focused on whats ahead of you, the Airframe is fitted with ICONs Proshield. Not only is the Proshield available in a variety of tinted styles with side plates for more graphic real estate, but it also features the Prolock shield lock system to keep your shield locked down, even during those high-speed head-checks. We know people come in all shapes and sizes, so why not helmets? The Airframe is available in XS-3X with cheekpads that are interchangeable across the entire size range for tailoring just the right fit. Additionally, the HydraDry moisture wicking material used throughout the interior comfort liner and extensive venting system combine to produce the industrys most ventilated and comfortable helmet. Airframe Ghost Carbon Helmet The tactical advantage requires equipment and experience that are up to the challenge. Enter the Ghost Carbon Airframe. Our Airframe chassis, hand-laid carbon fiber shell, translucent supervents, endurance yellow tinted Optics shield - finished with our exclusive Rubatone tactile coating. The Ghost Carbon is prepared to drop into in any scenario and leave no trace upon its exit. Airframe Features all world standard, meets or exceeds the following: dot fmvss 218 (us), ece 22-05 (europe) Fiberglass/dyneema/carbon fiber shell Medium oval headform Wind tunnel tested and refined Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports Removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging Quick-change fog-free proshield with sideplates Fully removable/washable hydradry interior Rear spoiler for reduced helmet buffeting Prolock secure shield locking system

A New Deep Dive on Peptides with Expert, Ryan Smith

Peptides will most likely be a familiar term for most listeners of this podcast, with the awareness of their benefits and effects growing steadily during the last part of the 20th century and into this one. Today we are joined by Ryan Smith, one of the top three leading experts on the subject of peptides! He is the CEO of Tailor Made Compounding, a company out of Kentucky that has now gone international. He is here to discuss the impact of peptides, the effects of certain products and just shares his general genius for this area of knowledge. It has become clear that peptide use, amongst so many other types of supplements and health science, is the most tissue-specific treatment modality and Ryan shares so much about how this all works in many different cases. You are not going to want to miss out on a second of this conversation! He gets into so many different products, some of which might be familiar and many you may not have heard of too.

Do not forget to visit our unbelievable show sponsors, BLUblox. Get 15% off my favorite blue-light-blocking glasses from BLUBlox at  the code MUSCLE


Ryan's work in the realm of peptides and the two approaches his company takes. [2:55]
The history of peptides, important discoveries, and mainstream awareness. [4:49]
Two mechanisms for peptides and different long term benefits. [6:58]
A broad-stroke approach with growth hormone versus more precise means. [10:06]
Thoughts on the concerns about growth hormones and different types of cancers. [15:53]
Excitement around NA-1 and its efficacy in fighting cancer and viral illnesses. [17:09]
Dosing schedules and the mechanistic, inner workings of Epitalon. [18:58]
Sleep benefits, daily dosage times and fitting into a natural pulse. [20:28]
Using peptides to stimulate the pituitary and the effects on sleep. [21:42]
The range of mitochondrial peptides that Ryan is working with at the moment. [25:56]
The fat loss dimension to this conversation and the results are seen so far. [27:21]
Ryan's thoughts on the popular BPC-157 and who could use it for best results. [31:11]
The products that Ryan is most excited about in terms of brain optimization. [34:07]
Statistics for Dihexa and how it compares to other products. [37:08]
Cerebrolysin and the results that have been noted in cases of stroke and TBI. [41:27]
The areas that Ryan is most excited about currently in the peptide space. [45:25]
The process of FDA approval and listing of available products. [47:58]
Potential negative effects of peptides; side-effects and allergies. [4:26]
Understanding lipopolysaccharides and avoiding some serious health dangers. [50:30]
Regulation and legality; avoiding dangerous products from unknown sources. [52:07]

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Coffee & Caffeine Science! Does it help performance?

So it turns out that the performance benefits of caffeine on cycling power and endurance depends on lots of factors including your own genetic profile. We explain.

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Bartold Gold online MSK course heavily reduced for one week only

COVID-19 has touched every single one of us, and, given the implications of shutdowns and social distancing, CPD has never been more important.

We thought we could help, and so we have, for this week only, slashed the cost of the Musculoskeletal Medicine course of Bartold Gold from USD600 to USD100!

We understand many of our colleagues and friends are under financial pressure and so really hope this offers a little relief.

Bartold Gold is the sister webpage and academic arm of Bartold Clinical, and it is designed like a University course, including the ability to sit an exam and be accredited as a member of Bartold Gold Elite.

The MSK course offers more than 70 hours of the highest quality CPD available and is divided into 4 modules:

Knee pain

Shin Pain

Achilles pain

Heel pain

The learning is sophisticated, with step by step, studio quality videos and instruction lectures covering every aspect of the individual modules.

There is a timing tracker of time you spend on each topic, so you can seamlessly account for the precious CPD credits you require.

There is no time limit, you purchase the course, and you own it, forever, so you can complete the modules at your own pace.

In addition, the entire course is updated twice per year free of charge so it is always completely up to date with the latest evidence base.

All this makes Bartold Gold completely unique amongst the plethora of on line courses available, none of them offering these features.

Bartold Clinical is committed to you, and your CPD, so, for this week only, grab this tremendous resource for not USD600, but USD100.. we really hope it helps.

Very best to all

Simon and Paul

Principles Bartold Gold/Bartold Clinical

Understanding Nutrition with Liam Bygott | The Bod

Take a look into The Bod Weekend 2017.
An in-depth video taken from Liam Bygott's nutritional seminar discussing all thinks food, macros, weight loss journeys and The Bod.

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REVIEW | The 2020 Norco Sight A1 Is An Absolute Beast Of A Bike

2020 Norco Sight A1 Video Review

0:20 - Intro
1:10 - Geometry & suspension
2:17 - Wheelsize variants
2:43 - Sight A1 spec overview & pricing
3:25 - Complete bike weight & frame weight
3:52 - Sizing
4:19 - Ride Aligned
5:01 - Suspension, cockpit & tyre setup
5:59 - Strengths
6:37 - Comparison with old Sight
7:30 - Descending
9:09 - Weaknesses
10:07 - Climbing
11:00 - Suspension notes
11:29 - Component highlights
12:23 - Frame construction
12:48 - Component lowlights
13:21 - The Verdict


For 2020, Norco completely overhauled the Sight with more travel, beefier parts, and super slacked-out geometry. Is it a better bike than the previous version? As Wil found out, that really depends on how you approach it.

2020 Norco Sight A1 Full Review:
2020 Norco Sight Range Overview:
First Look Video:


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An Archery Text from Medieval India

This film is a brief look at a text known as the Dhanurveda, an archery manual composed in Sanskrit during the 14th or 15th century (though the information itself is probably much older).


Dhaka & Desert City Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Texas Method EXPLAINED: Worst Strength Program?

Many lifters have vilified the Texas Method because they needlessly adhere to an oversimplified version of the program.


Watch BLOC Strength Coach, Andrew Jackson explain the Texas Method program in detail.

A word of caution: we highly recommend having a coach to help you through the application of the Texas Method.

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This is Barbell Logic, where we believe that health and fitness should be approached with simplicity, logic and reason.

We focus on strength, health & longevity. Our goal is to present strength & fitness in a systematic logical progression. This channel aims to be a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. Our teaching methods and programming for strength are simple, hard and effective.

We will cover topics under the umbrellas of barbell training, conditioning and nutrition. We'll show you that barbell training is for everybody.


Join us for a lifetime of success under the bar. This is the foundation of our journey together.

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Powerlifting Podcast: Offseason Training, Variations, Game Day Planning, Raw Nats & More

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2:43: Why it’s important to go 9/9 and gear peaking around the individual goals and only push risky attempts for a podium spot.

21:47: Dylan’s various peaking styles, how are we changing volume/intensity/exertion/etc and how they fit this to the individual.

33:15: Brendans various peaking styles and how he fits it to the individual lifter. Make VS female peaking and brief explanation of what scientific data has shown for peaking

34:32: Brendans way of peaking the bench press for some trainees (more volume, no taper really)

35:25: Dylan’s bench peaking tactics, difference between styles of benchers

36:05 Dylan explains where a lot of people make mistakes peaking the bench vs the squat and deadlift.

41:39: How Brendan chooses attempts with clients before a meet, working way back from projected safe 3rd under horrible circumstances. Local meet vs big meet

43:38: why Dylan organizes deadlifts in a specific manner for better attempt selections and meet day performance

48:38: What is the shortest period of time Brendan and Dylan would feel comfortable taking on a client before a meet? How many weeks out is ideal?

54: 00 why longer times with new coaching clients or even experienced clients are needed!

57:15: How to break through plateaus by appropriately fixing weak points and examples of what we would do to fix these weak points

1:05:39: how to keep the comp squat trained while fixing weak points

1:15:20: How to choose variations for weak points

1:19:04: Why variations are great but get a bad name by the specificity crowd. How to properly execute variations to get the most out of them.

1:24:13: What are some of your go to styles for the offseason? Length of offseason, exercise selection for variants, and how to transition.

1:31:58: What Dylan does for offseason, variations, intensity/volume and more.

1:38:20: How to fix technique but also string together volume phases of very comp specific work.

1:46:40: how to break through a plateau of 3-4 months on a specific lift.

1:55:49: How to rework aimless volume and make progress with less. Also why we like submax for doing more volume

2:00:00: Build up sets vs just top set & back downs, when is it appropriate? What lifts work best with build ups? Do we do them with all athletes?

2:02:00 What are brendans experiences with running the Bulgarian method? How is he transitioning it into a more traditional DUP approach to better peak while blending it with Bulgarian.

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Jump Rope | Anatomical Analysis + Active Muscles

Jumping Rope Exercise Benefits

Jumping rope can increase the elasticity and resiliency of lower-leg muscles, leading to a reduced risk of lower-leg injuries.

Jumping rope regularly strengthens the calf muscles and improves the elasticity of the surrounding tendons and fascia.

Muscles used in Jump Rope:
The gastrocnemius fibers contract almost isometrically while the fascial collagenous elements lengthen and shorten like an elastic yo-yo spring (especially the Achilles tendon).

Stand in the middle of the rope with one foot.
Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is taut.

For beginners, the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder as we can see at the end of this video.

For more exercises with full anatomical analysis, check our Strength Training app at the link below

When you understand better, you can explain and teach better!
Enrich your knowledge – Understand the Anatomy of Strength Training!

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How much weight should I be squatting to jump higher?

Check out how D Rose uses the penultimate step to Jump higher: --~--
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Jerea6 is a YouTube viewer and he says, Dear Jacob, I'm wondering how much weight I need to be lifting, I am 5'7 and weigh about 150 right now, pretty much all muscle. (Awesome) I know that in your workout it says that you need enough weight to do only eight reps and explode, but that is a lot of weight, especially dead lifting, any suggestions?
So how much weight do you need to be lifting? Well how much weight does anyone need to be lifting? Well this is a great question so let's go right into it. Now, lifting weights helps you get stronger, getting stronger allows you to overcome your own body weight easier and thus faster. Just think if you weighed fifty pounds, how much easier it would be, you would feel like a feather, and you could actually move faster. Just like if this was a bowling ball and I tried to throw it, I couldn't throw it very far, why? Because the strength to resistance ratio would be pretty high, but since it is a basketball or if I were super-duper strong and it was a bowling ball, it's easy, it's light to throw so I can get the high velocity very fast. So that's why it's important to be strong.
So how much weight should you be lifting? Probably as much as possible, yes there is a point of diminishing returns. What that means is there is a point where you stop increasing your vertical even if you are getting stronger, because that strength doesn't help you move any faster. Just like this basketball, there is probably only a certain amount of strength that it takes so then I need to start working on my actual technique and accelerating faster. There comes a point where more strength isn't going to help me move it faster because I have enough. The same thing with jumping higher, now with one caveat, very few people ever reach that point of diminishing returns with their strength. Some people get, yes some reduced returns but they don't just stop gaining. Few people are so strong that no longer can they benefit from getting stronger.
So with that as an introduction, how much weight should you be lifting when you are training? Well, you should be lifting enough weight that it challenges you to functional hyper trophy, so what that means is if you are lifting very light weight it's not going to challenge your muscles to the point of super compensation. Super compensation means that your body is not going to say dang this is something we need to get stronger at, because the weight is so light. That is why walking doesn't make you stronger, because it's not very much resistance.
So as a general rule, as a general rule, don't go above eight reps, if you can do it more than eight times, you are starting to get to a point where you are not challenging yourself to get stronger; you are actually challenging your endurance, your anaerobic endurance. So it's just a different type of super compensatory response. You want the strength response, not the endurance response.
That is why we say in general don't go over eight reps. Yeah you can get stronger with two reps, one rep, five reps, maybe even ten, but as a general rule we stick people around eight. Don't go over eight, so if you can do it more than eight, add weight. I hate to say to somebody, hey you're 150 lbs. and you need to do this weight so many times, because it's just not the case. What you need to do is find a weight you can do no more than eight times, if you can do it more add weight until you can't do it more than eight times.
So that's how it goes for getting stronger. So you kind of obey those rules and understand that there is no given weight based on your size and based on the fact that you are all muscle and all that. So you just need to continue to be getting stronger. Some people say, in order to jump 40 you need to jump two times your body weight. Well that is not necessarily true, every individual is different, why? Because people's muscle fibers are different types, people's technique, peoples limb lengths, there are lots of different variants.
There are people who can't even squat their body weight and can jump pretty well, and who only squat 1.5 of their body weight and jump very well, that's because there are a lot of variables. There is also another thing to consider, is even if you can squat say 300 lbs. what is important is how much of your strength you can use during your vertical leap, you see a vertical leap only last about .3 seconds. So you only have a very slight amount of time to recruit and use muscle fiber in order to create acceleration and reach a high velocity, I know that is a big mouth full.

All Strokes - The Seven Competitive Turns

It's easy to break turns down into two forms, open turns, and flip turns. We wish it was that easy, but competitive swimmers will need to know all seven of the competitive turns.

Why do it:
Unless you're only going to swim freestyle, then mastering all the turns will allow you to compete in Individual Medley races, legally.

How to do it:
We'll just be quickly showing all the turns in this video. More detailed how to's are found at our website.

1 - Butterfly-to-Butterfly - Approach the wall swimming butterfly, perform an open turn, and leave the wall on your stomach for your dolphin kicks.
2 - Butterfly-to-Backstroke - Approach the wall swimming butterfly, perform an open turn directly over to your back, pushing off on your back for your dolphin kicks.
3 - Backstroke-to-Backstroke - Approach the wall swimming backstroke. One stroke prior to reaching the wall, roll over toward your stomach and perform a flip turn. Leave the wall on your back for your dolphin kicks.
4 - Backstroke-to-Breaststroke - This turn actually has a few variations, we'll quickly show two. Approach the wall swimming backstroke, on your last stroke, reach and touch the wall while tilting toward your side, perform a flip turn and push off rotated toward your stomach for breaststroke. A simpler option is to swim in backstroke, reach for the wall while still on your back, perform an open turn, and push off on your stomach.
5 - Breaststroke-to-Breaststroke - Approach the wall swimming breaststroke, perform an open turn, and leave the wall on your stomach for your breaststroke underwater pullout.
6 - Breaststroke-to-Freestyle - Approach the wall swimming breaststroke, perform an open turn, leave the wall on your side or stomach for your dolphin kicks and the freestyle breakout.
7 - Freestyle-to-Freestyle - Approach the wall swimming freestyle, perform a flip turn, and leave the wall on your side or stomach for your dolphin kicks and freestyle breakout.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Treat each turn as it's own skill. Don't assume that understanding the open turn, or flip turn will give you the knowledge necessary to do all of these turns quickly. Also know the rules, especially involving backstroke and breaststroke turns. In backstroke-to-breaststroke transition turns, you MUST touch the wall while still on your back, and you MUST leave the wall while rotated more toward your stomach.

Again, these are just the basics, much more detailed explanations are available at our website.

Now Green Tea Extract Review | Lean Green Fat Burning Machine?

Now Green Tea Extract Review

It is being commonly known that green tea may help with the burning of fat cells. But how effective is green tea extract at burning this unwanted fat? Is Now Sports up to the task? Let's see what the label claims.
Looking at the label it is obvious that this product is not supposed to be strictly a fat burner. The main purpose of this supplement is in fact to be a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. This is important to take into consideration when judging this supplement. Let's see what the real consumers have been saying, time for some social proof.
Reported Pros:
1) Very cheap
2) Reduced stress
3) Provides energy

Reported Cons:
1) No observed weight loss

There look to be some decent benefits there, as for the ratings, here we see that provides us with 51 ratings scoring an 8.8. has one lonely review scoring a 6 out of 10. However, this reviewers was trying to use this supplement as a fat burner. Our total is 52 ratings scoring 8.75. Let's see what green tea extract is all about, time to analyze the active ingredients.

Green Tea Extract (400mg):
- Green Tea Extract comes only from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal processing to preserve their integrity.
- Green Tea originally comes from China where they are used for medicine and recreation.
- Reports of health benefits from drinking green tea include lowering the risk for developing heart disease, promotes active metabolism, reduces stress and anxiety, fights off infections and lowers bacterial infection.
- Green Tea promotes an active metabolism but does not necessarily burn fat.
- The benefits of an active metabolism may have misled many to believe that it will also burn your fat away.
- There are many components in achieving weight loss and simply consuming tea extract is not going to be a single shot solution.
- The Extract that is included in the supplement contains 40% Catechins and 60% Polyphenols.
- This is a good thing because these antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of the molecules in our cells.
- When molecules are oxidized they lose electrons which means that the cell will soon weaken and die. Green Tea prolongs the time that the cells are healthy.
- There are no reported negative side effects of green tea except for the fact that it contains caffeine and may result in induced caffeine related symptoms like difficulty in falling asleep.
- But there are variants of green tea out there that are decaffeinated.
Final Verdict
This just in, green tea doesn't directly burn fat, it is meant to be a health boosting supplement. The user can expect something that will:
- Help boost immune system
- Help improve metabolism
- Decrease levels of free radicals in body
Some draw backs to consider are simply this:
- It won't serve as a miracle fat buner
If you'd like to know when Now green tea extract is having a 2 for 1 promotion, visit and sign up using our form. We will then email you when now green tea extract, or any of your favorite supplements are having a substantial promotion. Thanks for watching!

Inline Skating in the RAIN - A Good Idea?

Rollerblading in the rain isn't as slippery as you may think. My grippy 82A wheels feel like skating with harder 85A on a dry surface.

The big concern is bearings. They suffer a lot from water and dirt. I expect them to last 3-4 sessions on average, and already after the first session they are noticeable reduced. I used Powerslide Twincam ILQ7 bearings.



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