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GoPro: Rafting the North Fork Payette River in 4K | HERO7 Black

Experience the heaviest whitewater this side of the Mississippi with Dan McCain and Jeff Compton. Featuring nearly 15 miles of Class V+ rapids and the legendary Jacob’s Ladder, the North Fork of the Payette River is a run that truly puts #HERO7 Black and #HyperSmooth to the test.

Shot 100% on GoPro –

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Whitewater Rafting Carnage on Ocoee River w/ Class IV Recirculating Swims

Carnage Video featuring clips of white water rafting on the Upper Ocoee, Middle Ocoee and Olympic Section. The vast majority of rafts do not fail or encounter any carnage; this video was culled from many hours of video shot between the 2nd and 5th of June, 2016. These rafting crashes are the exception to the rule. Please feel free to SHARE & LIKE the video and subscribe to my channel! More carnage to come...

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Wenatchee River Rafting with Creature Craft - Class 5 & 6 White Water in Tumwater Canyon

Icicle TV met up with the CC crew with the intent to document a run down the Wenatchee River's class VI Tumwater Canyon.

Darren Vancil is not what I expected. Actually, I had no Idea what to expect. Seasoned raft guides I trust all told me the same thing about going rafting with Darren. They were all scared. Darren is the founder and owner, designer and head test pilot of Creature Craft whitewater rafts. His unique designs have brought into question what is possible in a whitewater craft. Icicle TV met up with the CC crew this last week with the intent to document a run down the Wenatchee River's Tumwater Canyon. Darren and his guys did not disappoint, and Icicle TV ended up with 5 minutes of intense footage.

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Extreme Rafting Japan - Training Exposition

Extreme Rafting Japan - Video by Ericsurf6
The Kiotsu River is one of the most challenging rivers in Japan and a well-kept secret up until now. It's about 10 miles (16kms) of constant 2-6 grade white water with spectacular scenery. On this trip were 11 rafting guides from 5 different companies plus myself.

Thanks to Lincoln at Green Discovery Japan for organizing the trip. Check out Lincoln's video of the same day here:

The Guides: Lincoln, Momi, Som, Haruna, Shingo, Ugai, Mirich, Tohru, Tuka, Bun Bun, & Yihki.

Photos of the trip are here:
Fun companies for Outdoor Adventures in Japan:
Green Discovery.
Kappa Club.
Uncle Bear.
Top Minakami.

Paddle Nepal

Green Discovery

Fraser River Raft Expeditions
Music by Kevin MacLeod:
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Columbus Raft Carnage Reel (#3 Carnage for All 2020)

Fun carnage reel from the 2019 rafting season in Columbus (Ga) on the Chattahoochee River whitewater park. Dry flips, tube stands, rafts surfing, dry-flip master, swimmers all over the place, yep that's a raft beaters reel.
Shot on location: Chattahoochee River, Columbus Georgia.
By: Ian Edwards

Rafting in Nepal - Sun Koshi River

Sun Koshi river rafting/kayaking - classic river trip is famous for being one of the top ten river journeys in the world.



Rafting, RIVER water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience. This activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the 1950s.In india risikesh is being the best place for river rafting.So take a tour to Rishikesh with your crew and enjoy the thrilling rafting adventure.

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Costa Rica White Water Rafting Rescue

Exciting white water rafting GoPro clip from the Roberts family vacation in Costa Rica. December 2014.

We are lucky to have been in the right position to rescue this woman. We are also very aware that it was a mistake to unclip her PFD... I think the reaction was that the straps were making it hard for her to breathe.

Filmed with GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Gnarnivores Raft Carnage Reel 2018 (#16 Carnage for All 2018)

Awesome raft carnage reel shot on the Ocoee river and on the Columbus (Ga) WW park in the southeast of the usa.
By: Will Phillips From: Usa
Behind the camera: Will Phillips, Matt Jones, Brett Baudet

Extreme Rafting 70 Foot Waterfall - Mosier Falls, Oregon

- Dan McCain and crew conquer another rare Northwest drop. Mosier Falls (a.k.a Mosier Creek Falls) is east of Portland and this was the first tandem raft descent recorded at the falls (70 foot drop). Water was running at 125 CFS.


Dan McCain
Josh Sheldon
Jeff Compton
John Watkins

Safety Crew:

Riley Baxter
Scott Michael


Jeff Compton
Scott Michael
Paul Thompson
John Watkins (Filming and Editing)

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Grand Canyon Rafting in 4K (60fps) - Major Rapids - Winter 2019

Footage from a twenty-six day float down the Colorado River in December of 2019. Five oar-rig boats rowed by fifteen people. This short edit documents major rapids (class 4 and greater) from Lee's Ferry to Pearce Ferry (mile 280).

GoPro: Rafting The Grand Canyon

Tony Fannin and friends tackle the chocolate milk rapids of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

American River Middle Fork Whitewater Rafting 2018

Rafting down the middle fork of the American River. Filmed using the GoPro Hero 5.

Nile River Explorers Promo, White Water Rafting, Uganda

Amazing Grade 5, White Water Rafting on the White Nile River, Jinja, Uganda, Nile River Explorers, Jinja,

Class II Guide School - The Raft, Sitting, Basic Paddle Strokes

Rafting Magazine's class II guide school series is designed to help you get acquainted with the basic principles of whitewater guiding. Whether you are thinking about guide school and want to get a jump start or you are new to boating and you are interested in getting your basic skills down this course will help you understand some of the essential skills of class II boating. Our convenient Modules help you learn at your own pace and study in your free time off the river with your instructors Daniel and Trevor. *These modules are not designed as a substitute for hands on training with a qualified instructor*

If you have not watched Module 1 please review it at:

Module 2 – The Raft, Sitting, & Basic Paddle Strokes
In this module we will be introducing you to concepts relating directly to the raft. We will also take a look at body positioning for class II whitewater. Having a good understanding of what the raft is, how to sit in the boat, and your 3 basic paddle strokes will form the basic skills you will need to successfully navigate a river and become a more proficient whitewater guide. We will introduce the following concepts in this module:
1. Parts of the raft
2. Chambers in a raft
3. Valves
4. D-rings, Handles, and Perimeter lines
5. Need vs. Risk
6. Proper sitting and locking into a raft
7. Proper body positioning
8. Basic Forward Paddle
9. Basic Back Paddle
10. Stop and Resting Position

This covers the basic understanding of the raft, body positioning and movement the class II boater should be proficient with while navigating rivers.

To continue your training, be sure to check out the Module 3.

If you are seeking qualified hands on instruction please visit us at:

4th of July Week 2017 Ocoee River Rafting Action and Carnage

This content was filmed on location during the Fourth of July Holiday Week on the Upper and Middle Ocoee. This video features yard-sales, dump-trucks, flips, pins and surfs! The footage is sure to please.

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????Grand Canyon Rafting Trip *Most Popular * Motorized Raft Trip With Advantage Grand Canyon

| 888-244-2224 ????????
Call us for more information on Grand Canyon Rafting Trips!

????Which is the most popular commercial raft trip in Grand Canyon? This is the question frequently asked by our clients. You may be surprised to learn that it is not a paddle trip, dory or oar trip. If fact, if you combine all of these raft trips together, it still isn't as popular as the full canyon, 6-8 day motor trip. What makes it so favorable that more people opt for this trip over every other raft type and route? Read below!

Besides the physical nature of a paddle raft trip, the next most active and exciting adventure is a full canyon motor trip, and here's why: On this adventure, you're seeing and doing more every day; ideal for children and adults alike who enjoy their days packed with action. Traveling between 8-9mph in a motor raft vs. 3-4 mph in a non-motor raft, this trip covers twice the distance in half the time making it possible to see the full canyon in just 6-8 days, vs. 12-18 when comparing to a non-motor rafting trip. This active itinerary means more sights seen daily and often times more stops for off raft adventure. Including time for side canyon hiking opportunities to magnificent attractions only found in the canyon.

➢Grand Canyon Rafting -
➢Grand Canyon Rafting Trips -
➢Grand Canyon Motor Trip-
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➢Grand Canyon Rafting Full Canyon Route -
➢Grand Canyon Rafting Upper Canyon Route -
➢Grand Canyon Rafting Lower Canyon Route -
➢Grand Canyon Rafting Western Canyon Route -
➢Non-Motorized Raft Tours -
➢Colorado River Motor Trips too!

????????With plenty of downtime between rapids, there will be plenty of time for lectures and ample time for educational experiences as you travel downriver. Each route offered in the canyon has its own beauty. On a full canyon motor trip, you don't have to make that difficult decision between voyaging the upper or lower canyon because you're seeing the best of both all in one shot! Another advantage is that you don't have to commit to the strenuous 9.5-mile hike required on upper and lower grand canyon whitewater rafting trips.

➢Search for your trip at

Having a low center of gravity and being the largest raft type, motor rafts are the safest raft type and ideal for guests who seek a sense of security while on the river. But don't be mistaken, these rafts are fun and full of excitement. Unlike smaller non-motor rafts, your guide will run these rafts down the heart of the rapids for an exhilarating experience each time. These rafts not only offer the opportunity to move around while traveling down the river, but they also provide additional storage which can allow for some further comforts at camp such as sleeping cots and chairs.

Quiet enough not to disturb you while traveling downriver, the low emission 4-stroke outboard engines powering these rigs are much quieter than their predecessors. Nestled in a natural sound barrier, the sound of the motor is projected up and away, resulting in hearing a subtle hum from the motor. Multiple seating options make these rafts the most comfortable of all, offering back supported seating positions as well as expedition-style seating for more adventurous individuals.

Depending on the rig and at the discretion of the guide, you can ride the pontoon like a bull, or sit in the Bath Tub, front, and center for an intimate experience with the rapids. Don't feel like getting so involved? There are seating options towards the back of the raft where you won't get as wet and feel a calmer ride. For assistance in booking your raft trip, or to learn more about full canyon motor trips or diagrams of motor rafts, please visit our website at

➢ or call 888-244-2224 and speak with an expert today.

IRF World Rafting Championship 2019 - Tully, Australia

Full length production from the 2019 IRF World Rafting Championship in Tully, Far North Queensland, Australia.
Over 400 competitors from 19 nations gathered to compete against the world's best to see who would be crowned World Rafting Champions.
This was the 18th installment of the prestigious IRF World Rafting Championships showcasing the best of the world's rafting athletes competing on challenging white water under the banner of the world's governing body for rafting sport.

#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #TreasureTheTully #TameTheTully #irfwrc #Tully #StrongerTogether #RiverFamily #WeAreIRF

Arung Jeram Ekstrim Rafting Arus Liar di Sungai Citarik Sukabumi, Family Gathering PT. Maxalmina

Arung Jeram Ekstrim Rafting Arus Liar di Sungai Citarik Sukabumi, Family Gathering PT. Maxalmina.

30 November - 01 Desember 2018, PT. Maxalmina mengadakan acara family gathering di Daerah Sukabumi, Jawa Barat. Acara berlangsung lancar dengan support tim Arus Liar. Meskipun dua hari tersebut turun hujan, akan tetapi tidak menghentikan keseruan outbound di hari pertama dan bermain arung jeram / rafting di hari kedua. Tempat penginapan yang unik dengan bentuk rumah panggung menambah sensasi berada di alam bebas karena lokasinya berada di tepi Sungai Citarik. Silahkan dicoba keseruannya!.
Masukan untuk Tim Arus Liar:
- Mengantisipasi acara / game pengganti ketika turun hujan, kemarin banyak game gagal karena turun hujan.
- Jual foto/dokumentasinya jangan kemahalan :D

2013 IRF World Championships Rafting, New Zealand - The World Champions

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