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Highlights of the English Open Racketlon Mens A Final Reid v Deck

The 2013 FIR English Open Final. Calum Reid v Thorsten Deck, with commentary from Ray Jordan and Dave Ridout

RACKETLON - MS - Final - World Championships Singles 2014

Jesper Ratzer vs Kasper Jønsson

Racketlon World Championships 2012

Racketlon World Championship 2009 in Löhne (GER) - Part 2/2 - Krenn become World Champion

Part 2 - Christoph Krenn (Austria) defeats Mikko Kärkkäinen (Finland) in 71 to 67 points. Reigning champion Mikko Kärkkäinen started of well with a 21:12 in Tabletennis. Krenn came back and took a big victory in Badminton with 21:13 and gave everything in Squash to make 17 points. So the Finn needed 16 points in Tennis, four too many at 21:12 the game was over and Krenn the first World Champion not from Scandinavia.

What is Racketlon

Racketlon Live in Austria in a Shopping Centre. Who is the best racket sports player in the world?

Interesting idea, sport in a shopping centre, more specifically, the amazing sport of Racketlon. Multi Racket Sport which is taking Europe by storm. Table Tennis, Badminton Squash and Tennis. Have you played 2 of these sports or more. Do you want a new challenge? Racketlon could be your new sport!

RACKETLON - 2 RD - World Championships Singles 2014

2RD - Calum Reid vs Lukas Windischberger


Introductie en uitleg Racketlon
Deze opnames zijn gemaakt door omroep Gelderland voor het programma Sparren.
Het programma is uitgezonden op 2 april 2012

Racketlon WM 2018 TV Day 3

Racketlon WM 2018 Badminton Day 2


RACKETLON - 2 RD - World Championships Singles 2014

2RD - Stefan Adamsson vs Kresten Hougaard

Racketlon WM 2018 TV Day 4


Racketlon WM 2018 TV Day 5

The Official Youtube Channel or the World Racketlon Federation

Racketlon is the worlds most popular Multi racket sport. Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis combined in to one marathon. Players have strong and week sports, but each point counts, point a rally, or American Scoring to 21 in each sport. Who ever has the highest combined score wins. Matches always start with the smallest bat to the biggest racket which means the matches finish on the tennis court, if it's a draw it's a one serve only one point showdown, who will hold their nerve in the Gummy Point!


Käytännön perustietoja racketlonista

Table Tennis Players on Racketlon

Four players discuss how they started as table tennis players before discovering the sport of racketlon.

If you are a table tennis player who enjoys playing other racket sports as well then racketlon is perfect for you!

Try Racketlon 👉

RACKETLON - QF - World Championships Singles 2014

QF - Kasper Jønsson vs Calum Reid

Men's Table Tennis Singles Gold Medal Match | Polytechnic Racketlon MSP (Ping Pong) 2019

Game FINAL Ping Pong MSP Racketlon 2019 Acara Perseorangan Lelaki antara AFFAN (Politeknik Kelantan) vs NUR SALAM (Politeknik Terengganu). Perlawanan telah berlangsung di Dewan Dagang, Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin (PSMZA) Dungun Terengganu pada 31/3/2019


#MSPRacketlon2019 #PingPongFinalMensSingle #PSMZA

Racketlon World Championships Doubles - Badminton Day 1

LIVE action from the Racketlon World Championships Doubles from Recrean, Oudenaarde

RACKETLON 2ème open d'Ile de France

Un tournoi de Racketlon, ça te dis ?

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