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Inline Club Aalborg - Fællestræning i Gandrup Idrætshal - 2015-01-10

Videoklip fra fem timers fællestræning i Gandrup Idrætshal, arrangeret af Inline Club Aalborg og med deltagelse af bl.a. medlemmer af inlinefællesskabet Rolling Vikings.
I klippet køres der intervaltræning. 3 minutters høj fart på yderbanen, mens den anden halvdel af deltagerne kører tomgang på inderkredsen. En del af i alt 36 minutters kørsel.

Birgueria de Adil

Bueno pues una nueva forma de elevar el balón creada por Adil, mirada como la levanta con el tacon y se la pasa x encima, k calidad.

Shan Xiaona/Petrissa Solja vs Li Jie/Li Qian (ITTF World Tour Austrian Open 2015)

ITTF World Tour Major Series Austrian Open 2015
2 September - 6 September 2015
Women's Doubles Event

Shan Xiaona (GER) and Petrissa Solja (GER) vs Li Jie (NED) and Li Qian (POL)

All credits to ITTF and ELTA HD
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C Stævne vejle LB

Første C stævne Vejle LB* Juni 2013


The ChiBall exercise workout is actually a program of mind and body exercise. It has foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This class combines mindful movement with both colour and aromatherapy

Paddleball Trick Shots

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2020 Boston Open - Singles Final - Longoria (MEX) vs Salas (MEX)

2020 Boston Open
Singles Final
Longoria (MEX) vs Salas (MEX)

Speedyball a real fun sport

Some scenes of players playing the unique Swedish racket sport SPEEDYBALL. Shortly about RULES: Try to win by strike the ball at anyone of the two halfves. We use A vollantary possision-strike to place the ball into a better possission before the second strike puts it into play. We use no net, unstead we have angels (walls of 45 grade)) When striking a ball at a wall-angle it bounces back. Now only one strike is allowed to put the ball into play. Sometimes players may get a serial of wallreturns, just keep striking until it runs into play without using the possission-strike.(possissionstrik not allowed in those situations)
Ball touches ground is a dead ball. Ball bouncing of the table and cross over the scoreline when touching the ground, results in winning ball. To short bounce of the table, results in loss of point. The same if you miss the table.
Possission-strike can be used to place the ball over to a teamplayer, when playing doubble.
There are mutch more important details, you need to know before start playing the Speedyball.

Inline Club Aalborg - Paceline i Svenstrup Skolehal - 2014-12-21

Austrian Open 2015 Highlights: LI Jie/LI Qian vs SHAN Xiaona/SOLJA Petrissa (FINAL)

Review all the highlights from the LI Jie/LI Qian vs SHAN Xiaona/SOLJA Petrissa (FINAL) from the Austrian Open 2015

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Tennis Polo (Toccer)

Tennis Polo (aka) Toccer is the first racquet sport played on a field. Two teams of eight players attempt to score goals using a racquet and a ball similar to those used in tennis. It's fast paced, high octane and fun for all ages and genders.

In 2011, the rules changed and racquets are now only Goalkeepers can hold racquets. But this early video are clips from the formation of the game.


Uofficielle mesterskab i Qianball blev afhold i Gårslev november 2012. Denne video er et lille udsnit af nogle af de kampe som blev spillet.

New sport

One world one dream one sport Qianball

How to repair you Qianball ball.wmv

Finally I got the time to make this video on how to repair your broken Qianball ball.

When you play Qianball the ball will eventually get seperatet from the elastic. Typical this will be at the ball, and you have to get the small metal split thats inside the ball out and tie the elastic string to it - and put it back in again.

step by step:
1. there is a metal spit inside the ball, use a long nose pliers (spidstang)
2. tie the elastic to the metal split
3. and last - get the metal split (with the on tied elastic) back in the ball (using the long nose pliers - makes it a bit easier)

Enjoy :)

Søren Jensen

Qianball Aalborg

Qianball træning i Aalborg Qianball klub.

video er lavet af Jan Nikkelborg

Qianball klub Aalborg

Lige en lille video fra træning i Qianball klub Aalborg. Er du blevet en lille smule nysgerrig, så kontakt mig, du er altig velkommen til at komme forbi til træning, og kunne du godt tænke dig at prøve Qianball i din lokale idrætsforening, Så kommer nogle fra Qianball klubben gerne ud og viser det, og du kan få lov at prøve krafter med en fantastisk sport.

følg også med i vores facebook gruppe:

Qianball træner
Søren Jensen

Qianball 3

Qianball 2

Se mere af ketsjerspillet qianball

Qianball sport

Qianball The world sport

Qianball from Denmark

Endnu mere om ketsjerspillet qianball.



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