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Pyraminx Example Solves

Otis McDonald - Does It Float?
Bad Snacks - Honey
Everet Almond - Ice Crystals
Thanks to Founder Tomix for montage!


4.54 Official Pyraminx average! [Thailand Championship 2019]

Ok result,despite the fact that I didn't practice this event.

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More Pyraminx Methods: WO and Nutella

These are the fast/useful cases from the WO and Nutella methods. Some cases are not included because they are slow. Neither method is intended as a main method, and you really shouldn't learn them until you have learned 1-flip and Oka.

Listing the algs and the cases they solve is tricky, here's the system I'm using for Nutella: (place you should put the swapped edges R, L or F)/direction R center should be twisted(CW or CCW)/direction L center should be twisted/direction B center should be twisted.
so for example, R/R:ccw/L:ccw/B:none means the 2 centers on the front need to be twisted counterclockwise, and the 2 swapped edges should be on the right side of the U vertex.
R L R L'
L R' L' R'
L U [U] R' L R
R' U' [U'] L R' L'
R' L' Dw' R'
R Dw L R
there are 2 cases I didn't show in the vid that are decent, but not great. They are:
R' L' R' U' B'

For the WO algs the case identification will be the same, but without the letter that tells you where to place swapped edges.
R' L' R' L R
L R L R' L'
R' L R' L' R L'
L R' L R L' R
R' Dw R Dw R'
L U' R' Dw' R

ugh, tutorials are hard.

4.34 Official Pyraminx average! [Thailand Championship 2018]

When you don't care about this event,but still get good average.
Second solve would have been sub3 but i just locked up:(
2nd in Thailand.
(6.45), 4.08, (3.79), 4.17, 4.76

Puzzle: X-Man Bell Pyraminx

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5 Common Beginner Mistakes on Pyraminx

Just simple stuff that I see when I judge pyraminx at comps mostly. If you're sub 6 or 7 you should know all this already.

Link to video on tips:

Pyraminx is a MoYu magnetic, available here:
(on sale at time of upload)

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2.04 Pyraminx World Record+World championship Average! - Drew Brads

Huge thanks to my sponsors, MoYu and for funding my trip to worlds and making this possible!

Second huge thanks to Phillip Lewicki, who provided the footage seen here. Subscribe to him for amazing Worlds content:

Cube: MoYu magnetic pyraminx
(1.52), 1.70, 2.26, (3.21), 2.17

Congrats to Yulun Wu and Aniket Das for sharing the podium with me, and to Jules Desjardin for setting the European record average in the previous round.

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Solve a Pyraminx With Only 1 Algorithm

Today you could be one of the few millions of people that can solve a Pyraminx puzzle. But, unlike the other millions of people, you would be one of the hundreds of thousands that can solve it with only a single algorithm. This is pretty epic!

0.91 Official World Record Pyraminx Single! - Dominik Górny

Former video with my world record I have deleted by a mistake :(
I am world record holder for the fastest pyraminx solve since 24.06.2018
R L U' B' R' L U' R' U' B L' u' r' b
6 moves (including 3 tips)
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2.56 Official Pyraminx World Record Average - Drew Brads

There we go! Before you ask, no I don't have the MoYu pyra yet, but I will soon.
2.46, 2.65, 2.58, (9.19 lol), (1.96)
Pyraminx: modified ShengShou
Method: top first

done at Virginia Fall 2014

2.16 Official Pyraminx Average

MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx with Yuxin 6x6 springs for added stability.
Nationals round 1.
Definitely had a great shot at WR single and average here, but that's alright. 2.16 average is still very fast.

More videos to come, stay tuned! Congrats to Ben Kyle and Livia Kleiner for getting 2nd and 3rd. (I will probably upload finals soon).


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All Pyraminx LL Algs Sub 0.5 Seconds

Spamming vids because there won't be any starting Friday to worlds.
Algs in order
L R' L' R (0.188)
R' L R L' (0.195)
L R' L' R2 U' R' U (0.491)
R' L R L2' U L U' (0.493
L R' L' R U' R U R' (0.466)

Random Pyraminx Tricks #4 Oka Hacks

Just some sneaky Oka stuff.
Scramble #1: B L U B L' U L' U
Scramble #2: U B L R U' L'
My main pyraminx:

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2.48 Pyraminx World Record Average - Drew Brads

2.52, (1.74), (5.96), 2.53, 2.38
lol scrambles, but hey sub 2.5 is cool.
MoYu pyraminx (yes, it's still my main and the best pyraminx)
I'll also upload the 2.57 average with 1.60 single from the first round.
Thanks to Devin for being an excellent cameraman.

2.14 official PB pyraminx average - TOP4WR!

This average place me 4th in the world.
Cube: Cosmic XMD Bell
Sponsored by SpeedCubeShop!

Instagram: _dominikgorny_

Pyraminx World Record FAIL!! 1.26 +2 - Drew Brads

My hand just slipped off as I went to do the last move, and I got a +2. the angle is almost so perfect that you can't see it in this video haha. The record stands at 1.28 seconds by Ben Kyle.
Puzzle: (currently on sale!)

L' U' B' L' B R L' R' L' R' U' u' b'

u' r L U' // V
R' U R U' // L4E
but then my last B failed. Would have been over 7 TPS.
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2.18 Official Pyraminx Average Reconstruction (Lake County Fall 2019)

1. R’ U’ B R’ L B’ R’ L’ U B’ U’ u’ l’ r’ b’
2. U B’ R B’ R’ B R’ U’ B’ R’ L’ u r’
3. U B L R B L’ U’ R B’ U’ B u’ r’ b
4. L R L’ B’ R’ U’ L U B’ L’ U’
5. R’ L R B U’ R L’ U’ B R’ U u’ r

Pyraminx Top First Methods Tutorial (Keyhole, 1-Flip, Oka, WO, Nutella, Bell)

There aren't too many resources for top first on YouTube so I'm making it a goal of mine to fix that :)

0:36 - Intro to Top First
1:24 - Last Layer
3:31 - Keyhole
6:06 - 1-Flip
9:02 - Oka
11:27 - WO
13:56 - Nutella
15:22 - Bell
16:43 - Additional Tips

Last Layer
Sledge: R' L R L'
Hedge: L R' L' R
3-cycle CW: L R' L' R2 U' R' U
3-cycle CCW: R' L R L2' U L U'
2-Flip: L R' L' R [R'] L' R L R' or L R' L' R U' R U R'

Example solve: B' U R U R B' U R (green bottom, red front)
Insert to top right: L' R' L R
Insert to top left: R L R' L'

Example Solve: R U B L B R U R (red bottom, green front)
0C: L R’ L’ R L’ U L
1C Right: R’ U R L R’ L’
1C Left: L U’ L’ R’ L R
2C CW: R’ U L’
2C CCW: L U’ R
2C In: L’ R’ L U L
2C Out: R U R L R’
3C CW: R’ U’ B’ U’ L’
3C Back-Left: B U R’ U L
3C Back-Right: B’ U’ L U’ R’

Example Solve: L U' B' L' U' L' B' U' B' (yellow bottom, red front)

Example Solve: R L' B R U R' L R (green bottom, red front)
1C Right: R’ L’ R’ L R
1C Left: L R L R’ L’
2C CW: R’ L R’ L’ R L’
2C CCW: L R’ L R L’ R
2C In: R L R (L R’ L’ R)
2C Out: (R’ L R L’) R’ L’ R’
3C CW: L R’ L U y R U R
3C CCW: R’ L R’ U’ y’ L’ U’ L’
3C Back-Left: L U’ R’ U’ B
3C Back-Right: R’ U L U B’

Example Solve: L R' U' B' L' B' U' B'
0C: (L R’ L’ R) L’ R’ L R
1C Right: R’ L R L2’
1C Left: L R’ L’ R2
2C CW: B’ U’ L R’ L’
2C CCW: B U R’ L R
2C In: L’ R’ L R’ L R
2C Out: L R L’ R L’ R’
3C CW: B’ R’ U’ L’
3C Back-Left: B U R L R
3C Back-Right: B’ U’ L’ R’ L’

Example Solve: B' U L' U' R' U' L R (green top, red front) setup by doing L U' L' U' R
Sledge: R' L R L'
Hedge: L R' L' R

2.77 official pyraminx average - 2nd place at WCA World Championship 2019

Really happy with second place!

Cube: Cosmic XMD Bell
Sponsored by SpeedCubeShop!



How To Turn Fast On Pyraminx! | Pt. 1 - Grip

More to come on the turning videos.

Shadows by David Cutter Music

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History of pyraminx world records (NEW EDIT)

This is a new edit of a video I made (History of Pyraminx World Records) Now featuring Benjamin Kyle's single...

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Song: Ahrix Nova

Benjamin Kyle's single : Congrats to him again for beating the former world record



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