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0.91 Official World Record Pyraminx Single! - Dominik Górny

R L U' B' R' L U' R' U' B L' u' r' b
6 moves (including 3 tips)
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Instagram: _dominikgorny_

2.56 Official Pyraminx World Record Average - Drew Brads

There we go! Before you ask, no I don't have the MoYu pyra yet, but I will soon.
2.46, 2.65, 2.58, (9.19 lol), (1.96)
Pyraminx: modified ShengShou
Method: top first

done at Virginia Fall 2014

Solve a Pyraminx With Only 1 Algorithm

Today you could be one of the few millions of people that can solve a Pyraminx puzzle. But, unlike the other millions of people, you would be one of the hundreds of thousands that can solve it with only a single algorithm. This is pretty epic!

Pyraminx Tutorial: 1-Flip Method

Read this.

Ok, so here is how I am going to give you the algs: first letter= which center you should place the edge over, then I will put a / And tell you which way each center needs to twisted (cw=clockwise ccw=counterclockwise). The alg will be directly below this notation.
R/R ccw
alg: R' U R L R' L'
L/L cw
alg: L U' L' R' L R
R/ R ccw, L ccw
alg: R' U L'
L/ R cw, L cw
alg: L U' R
L/ R cw, L ccw
alg: L R L R' U' R
R/R ccw, L cw
alg: R' Dw R L' R' L R
R/R ccw, L ccw, B ccw
alg: R' U' B' U' L'
L/ R cw, L cw, B cw
alg: L U B U R
R/ R ccw, L ccw, B cw
alg: R' U' B U' L'
L/ R cw, L cw, B ccw
alg: L U B' U R

5 Common Beginner Mistakes on Pyraminx

Just simple stuff that I see when I judge pyraminx at comps mostly. If you're sub 6 or 7 you should know all this already.

Link to video on tips:

Pyraminx is a MoYu magnetic, available here:
(on sale at time of upload)

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Walkthrough Wednesdays #3: 2.56 Former WR Pyraminx Average

1. U' R L B R U' L B' U R' B l r
2. U L U' R U R B L' B' R' U' u l' r' b
3. U' L' U' R B L B' U' L B L u l r'
5. L' R' B U' B L R' B' L B' R' r
Original video:
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Pyraminx Tutorial: Oka Method

So, there you have it. Told you it would be crappy. I'm prepping for a large amount of dislikes. :) Sorry for going out of the camera, it's really hard to tell yellow and green apart through the viewfinder.
If you don't know the keyhole method, you should learn it first. Erik's tutorial is pretty good:

Algs for switching two edges in the top layer:

Hold the edges that need to switch on the front.

No stickers matching: U' R' U R' U' R U R

Sticker on left matching L R L' U' R' U

Sticker on right matching R' L' R U L U'

2.81 Former Pyraminx NR Average

(3.48), (2.31), 2.65, 2.45, 3.33

Slovak NR, and I'm now ranked 15th in the world for average as of now
Good average for me since I average like 3.3 global.
Very locky first solve because I aciddentaly used my backup pyraminx, which is a bit looser than the one I usually use. I switched them though afterwards.
Good scrambles for L4E, and I've heard that the first scramble was good for Top First as well (and Alwin's 2.32 shows it)... I should probably learn some top first methods, it could be useful for cases like this.

Done at Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017
Camera : GoPro Hero 5
Pyra : X-Man Design Bell Magnetic
Method : Intuitive L4E

Pyraminx Example Solves

Otis McDonald - Does It Float?
Bad Snacks - Honey
Everet Almond - Ice Crystals
Thanks to Founder Tomix for montage!

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Instagram: _dominikgorny_

2.16 Official Pyraminx Average

MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx with Yuxin 6x6 springs for added stability.
Nationals round 1.
Definitely had a great shot at WR single and average here, but that's alright. 2.16 average is still very fast.

More videos to come, stay tuned! Congrats to Ben Kyle and Livia Kleiner for getting 2nd and 3rd. (I will probably upload finals soon).


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Review En Español YuXin Pyraminx LittleMagic-Edurubiks

Síguenos en
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Yohei Oka Pyraminx WR single 1.93 sec

done at Japan Open 2011.

Sub-2 Pyraminx Solves from Bekubes 2018

Just a few good solves from the tournament in Costa Rica last weekend. I had a fantastic time there, thanks to everyone who welcomed me! And thanks to Mr. Gordley for filming these solves. More content from there to come soon.


Sponsored by and MoYu

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1.18 official Pyraminx Single (Swiss NR)

Scramble: U' L R L B' U' L' B' R B' R u b


Pyraminx YTUWR avg5 1.77

where to buy cubes:
Generated By csTimer on 2018-2-9
avg of 5: 1.77

Time List:
1. 1.48 L U R L U' R' L' U'
2. 1.63 U R' L R L' U' R' B' l' r' u
3. (3.31) U' B R B' U' R' B R' l' r' b' u
4. (1.48) L' R U R' U' L R' B l r' b
5. 2.21 U L' U R' B L' U R l r' b u

Random Pyraminx Tricks #1

Getting back to one of my favorite things: learning about pyraminx. Hope you find this series useful as well as entertaining. If you have any suggestions for topics, please let me know and I may just use them!
puzzle used:
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0.82 Pyraminx Single

My crowning achievement as a cuber. comp legal too.
pyraminx: MoYu magnetic (ya'll were really jumping to conclusions about that qiyi. I just said the tips are good.)
0.82 U B L' R' B L B U' r'
This might be pb idk

first ever sub 1 pyraminx single 0.98

congrats to dominik for doing 0.91 on this scramble. but at least i was first :D
cube: MoYu magnetic pyraminx

More Pyraminx Methods: WO and Nutella

These are the fast/useful cases from the WO and Nutella methods. Some cases are not included because they are slow. Neither method is intended as a main method, and you really shouldn't learn them until you have learned 1-flip and Oka.

Listing the algs and the cases they solve is tricky, here's the system I'm using for Nutella: (place you should put the swapped edges R, L or F)/direction R center should be twisted(CW or CCW)/direction L center should be twisted/direction B center should be twisted.
so for example, R/R:ccw/L:ccw/B:none means the 2 centers on the front need to be twisted counterclockwise, and the 2 swapped edges should be on the right side of the U vertex.
R L R L'
L R' L' R'
L U [U] R' L R
R' U' [U'] L R' L'
R' L' Dw' R'
R Dw L R
there are 2 cases I didn't show in the vid that are decent, but not great. They are:
R' L' R' U' B'

For the WO algs the case identification will be the same, but without the letter that tells you where to place swapped edges.
R' L' R' L R
L R L R' L'
R' L R' L' R L'
L R' L R L' R
R' Dw R Dw R'
L U' R' Dw' R

ugh, tutorials are hard.

2.20 official PB pyraminx average!

Cube: (Cosmic) XMD Bell
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