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Professional wrestling


Pro Wrestling League 2017: Rahul Aware Vs Vladimir 5th Jan | Mumbai Maharathi Vs NCR Punjab Royals

Watch the first bout between Vladimir Khinchegashvili of NCR Punjab Royals and Rahul Aware of Mumbai Maharathi in the fourth match of Pro Wrestling League in men’s 57 Kg category.

Exposed - Pro Wrestlings Greatest Secrets [FULL] [HIGH QUALITY]

Pro Wrestlings Greatest Secrets [FULL DOCUMENTATION]
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The first part is devoted to the best tough moments of Japanese wrestling of the 90s.
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Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto El Patron (Pro Wrestling World Cup Mexico Part 5)

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Biggest Wrestling BLOOPERS That Actually Aired

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In the world of wrestling, there are all types of botches and bloopers that occur all the time. These moments are unpredictable, can enhance the show, and can create funny moments that fans talk about forever. Some of the biggest bloopers involve the biggest WWE Superstars.

During a street fight against Kane, Randy Orton did not see his proper footing on an announcer’s table and took an awkward fall. The Shield used to enter through the crowd, but maybe Seth Rollins rethought that decision after botching bad. Luchador wrestlers are supposed to keep their masks on, but Alberto Del Rio made the mistake of tugging a little too hard on Kalisto’s mask. The Undertaker spent a few years riding on a motorcycle but his rides didn’t always go as planned. Sycho Sid went a rampage during a Barber Shop segment, but something fought back against him that he didn’t expect. Zack Ryder once wrestled in ECW against a wrestler whose trunks burst open at the seam. Matt Hardy’s journey to becoming broken may have started on WWE Superstars when he fell. AJ Lee used to team up with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston, but her own teammates may have injured her. The 3 Man Band were a goofy group and they used their time together to deliver a blooper-reel promo. Baron Corbin has fallen off a few ring aprons. One was a botch and the other was done on purpose. Check out all of these bloopers and see how they aired live on WWE programming.

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Johnny Valentine vs Antonino Argentina Tony Rocca 1950's professional wrestling match

Here is a chance to see the incredibly popular Argentina Rocca in action against Johnny Valentine. Rocca was hugely popular in New York throughout the 50's. Valentine's slow, methodical style won him titles across the US. He achieved his greatest success in the Buffalo territory (and later NWF) and the Mid-Atlantic territory.

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10 Most Horrifying Wrestling Injuries Of All Time

Pro-Wrestling may be scripted, but that doesn't mean it's tied up so tight in paper and plotlines that nothing can go wrong. Throughout the history of the sport, there have been some pretty horrific injuries. We're here with 10 of them!

*If you've got a weak stomach, be warned!*

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Ultimate Pro Wrestling Training Vol 1

Part 1 of Ultimate Pro Wrestling's Training videos

Classics Pro Wrestling Episode 1

Another new weekly program from Jadat Sports. Wrestling Classic covers matches from the 50's, 60's and 70's. With the 6 weekly programs Jadat Sports covers the history of Pro wrestling over a 60 year period.

The Original Sheik of Araby vs Mighty Jumbo 1950's professional wrestling

This is a clip of a match featuring two of the great gimmick wrestlers of the 50's. Here the most hated heel in wrestling over the 1950's and 1960's, The Sheik takes on the behemoth Mighty Jumbo. The Sheik would own the Detroit Territory but would headline across the country. Born as Ed Farhat, the University of Michigan football player would morph into one of the most hated wrestlers of all time. The mad man Sheik uses every weapon at his disposal here. This clip is from a great highlight film featuring the most popular wrestlers from the 50's. The film is a bit rough and jumps in spots but is great fun. This film was put out by the Schlitz Brewing Company and distributors would loan the films to local bars for an event.

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Pro Wrestling Tips : Basic Wrestling Skills

A basic wrestling skill is to take a fall without getting hurt, as well as to get back up in an advantageous position. Find out how to perform the most basic moves without harming the body with tips from the CEO of a wrestling school in this free video on wrestling moves.

Expert: Steve Neilson
Bio: Steve Neilson is the CEO and owner of the wrestling school UCW Zero in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also known as Stevie Slick.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Pro Wrestling in mma

Many complaints were made about cm punk coming to the ufc
Little do they know little bits of prowrestling have been coming across since the early days of mma
All footage property of the ufc, pancrase, wwe and ring of honor

9 Times WWE's Attitude Era Broke The Rules Of Professional Wrestling

Kayfabe may have been dead, but the WWF wasn't exactly respecting the memory of it. These are 9 times WWE's Attitude Era broke the rules of professional wrestling.

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Skye Blue vs. Connor Corr - Premier Pro Wrestling PPW #181 - 2/3/18

The bloodfeud between Shredden Connor Corr and Skye Blue has gone on for months and Skye will finally get a chance at payback when she faces Corr this weekend! If Skye wins, which she has in the past, Skye's new friend Chase Gosling will get 10 minutes alone with Connor, certain to dish out punishment! This inter gender match was held in Woodstock, IL at Premier Pro Wrestling #181.

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Pro Wrestling World Cup Finals: Rey Mysterio vs Will Ospreay & Much More

We are coming to you LIVE from Milton Keynes tonight for the Pro Wrestling World Cup, featuring Rey Mysterio vs Will Ospreay and SO much more.

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Rey Mysterio vs Will Ospreay

Jay Lethal vs Zack Sabre Jr

Ricochet vs Angelico

KUSHIDA vs Kenny Williams

Penta El Zero M vs Bad Bones

Joe Coffey vs ...

Mike Bailey vs Travis Banks

Hiromu Takahashi vs Lucky Kid

Plus... War Machine & Marty Scurll vs The Prestige

Pro Wrestling Training match: Jordan vs Dylan

[English Recap] 2018.1.4 Tokyo Joshi Pro-wrestling ‘18

ENGLISH voiceover wrestlers' recap for the 1/4 Tokyo Joshi Pro-wresling ‘18 Korakuen show!

Cowboy Karl Davis vs Terry McGinnis 1930's 1940's professional wrestling wild Los Angeles match

For the first time online, here is Cowboy (Killer Krippler Karl) Davis vs Terry McGinnis from Los Angeles. The match is from the 16mm film titled Through the Ropes and was issued in 1940. Both Davis and McGinnis were mainstays in the Los Angeles territory for many years. As an interesting side note the referee is former wrestler Joe Varga, the father of LA wrestling great Count Billy Varga. This was a recent 16mm film purchase with much thanks for the ad and DVD support here on Youtube. Unfortunately when this film arrived I found it also has vinegar syndrome and has begun to warp. Luckily it went well through my transfer projector and made an excellent, sharp transfer. The film won't last for much longer but hopefully people will be able to enjoy the match for a long time.

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WWE's over-the-top arm wrestling contests: WWE Playlist

Sometimes rivalries have to be settled the old-fashioned way. Relive some of the wildest arm wrestling showdowns in WWE history, featuring John Cena, Triple H and more.
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Matt Sydal vs. Ricochet (Pro Wrestling World Cup USA - 1st Round)

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