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Weightlifter vs Powerlifter vs Bodybuilder vs CrossFit Athlete | Brute Showdown: Episode 1

A weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder & CrossFit athlete walk into an arena together — who wins? Brute’s teamed up with and Mark Bell Slingshot to bring you the ultimate competition.
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| Events |
Max Clean
CrossFit Event: Grace
Physique Show
Lucky 13 Burger Challenge
Football Combine
Soccer Ball Dribble
Football Throw
Batting Cage/Baseball Throw
Knockout (Basketball)

For the next three weeks we’ll be releasing new episodes, where the athletes go head to head in a wide range of sports. In this episode, we introduce the competitors:

| Jacob Heppner / CrossFit |
Jacob Heppner is a three-time individual CrossFit Games veteran with two top-10 finishes and a career-best finish of seventh in 2016. A dominant force in the Central and North Central Regionals since 2014—after an 18th-place debut regional appearance in 2013, he’s finished second for the past three years—he excels at high-volume, long-duration events. Loved for his tendency to turn post-event interviews into stand-up comedy routines, Heppner, a former collegiate football player, is a trainer at Cobra Command CrossFit in Basehor, Kansas, and a project manager by day.
► Instagram:
► YouTube:

| Steve Gentili / Powerlifter |
A former college football player, Steve Gentili turned to competitive powerlifting after injuries cut short his football playing days. In a short time Steve has become one of the top professional raw powerlifers in the world, boasting impressive numbers in the squat, bench press and deadlift. Steve joined the Beast team after a successful meet in 2015, adding to his impressive numbers in the 275-pound class in 2016. Already one of the strongest bench pressers in the world – using 200-pound and heavier dumbbells for sets of 10 on the bench press – Steve turned in a complete performance at his most recent United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) competition. He squatted 705 pounds, benched 562 pounds and deadlifted 804 pounds for an incredible 2,071-pound raw total.
► Instagram:

| Lawrence Ballenger / Bodybuilder |
He is a 5-time cover model and national level bodybuilder/classic physique competitor and author. Lawrence had the chance to work with some of the greatest minds in the fitness industry. He wants to pass out all the knowledge he earned over the years to help everyone advance to their personal fitness goals faster.
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| Luis Javier Mosquera / Weightlifter |
Colombian Olympic weightlifter. He represented his country in the Men's 69 kg Weightlifting competition at the 2016 Rio De Janeriro Summer Olympics on August 9, 2016, winning the bronze medal.
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| Camera and Edits |
Cameras: Sony FS700, a7sII, a6300
Lens: Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4, Canon 24-70, Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8
Filmed by: Nelson Nieto and John Rains
Produced and Edited: Nelson Nieto


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Powerlifting Motivation - "GET UP"

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Part 1: Powerlifting Motivation
Starring some of the greatest strongman and powerlifter of all time (Dan Green, Eddie Hall, Benedikt Magnusson, Mark Bell, Hafthor Björnsson, Robert Oberst and more!) as well as the 8x time Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman!

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Featured athletes and noteworthy credits to:

George Leeman:
Eddie Hall:
Dan Green:
Benedikt Magnusson:
Eric Lilliebridge:
Pete Rubish:
Brian Shaw:
Andy Bolton:
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson:
Mark Bell:

Stay tuned, more to come!

Track: Get Up
Artist: All Good Things

Inside Westside Barbell, Powerlifting's Most Exclusive and Controversial Gym

In the dead center of Ohio, inside a dingy warehouse littered with weights and what looks like torture devices lies powerlifting’s most controversial and exclusive gym — Westside Barbell.

Founded in 1987 by Louie Simmons, the gym is now a legend in the powerlifting and strength sports world thanks to the methods and training machines Louie has developed, and the 140 plus world records the gym has broke in competition. 

However, Louie and some of his lifters hold very unapologetic stances on steroids and their use of them, and this has left the gym mired in controversy.    We traveled to Columbus, Ohio to meet with Louie and some of the lifters at Westside to talk with them about the culture of the gym, Louie’s renowned training methods and their use of performance-enhancing drugs.

WATCH NEXT: Meet The LeBron James of Weight Lifting -

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Powerlifting Motivation - CHAMPION

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International Powerlifting Federation IPF

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🔥🔥 Texas Strong ! | High School Powerlifting | Squat | S & S Ram Invitational | THSPA Region 6

🔥🔥 Texas Strong ! | High School Powerlifting | Squat | S & S Ram Invitational | THSPA Region 6

Under The Radar Sports Media : The Best in High School and Youth Football from Texas to Florida, Georgia to California.

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Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter - STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #17

Bodybuilder Tim Budesheim fights against Powerlifter Daniele Pauli. Our STRENGTH WARS shop is online:
In this episode of Strength Wars german pro bodybuilder Tim Budesheim, 26 years old and defeater of Tetzel is fighting against powerlifter Daniele Pauli, blacksmith from Switzerland and defeater of Germany's strongest man Michael Blumstein.
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Here we go in STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #17 - Pro Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter with the following run:

DEADLIFT 180kg / 396lbs 40reps
DIPS +60kg / +132lbs 15reps
LOG BAR FRONT SQUAT 80kg / 176lbs 20reps

BIG Thanks to: AC Heros Berlin & Powerhouse Berlin
Daniele Pauli Instagram:
Tim Budesheim Facebook:

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► STRENGTH WARS 2k17 playlist:
► STRENGTH WARS 2k16 playlist:
► STRENGTH WARS 2k15 playlist:


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Female Powerlifting Motivation - The Power of Women

Powerlifting & Weightlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding Motivation - videos every week!
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✖ This video is purely fan-made, it's done for motivations purposes only. Have Motivation!
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Hoy vamos a aprender como es la técnica de Press Banca competitiva.

Nuestro invitado Martín Muñoz, Campeón Mundial de Powerlifting, nos explicará similitudes y diferencias con respecto a la técnica de banco plano usada normalmente.

Veremos el press de banca desde el punto de vista del powerlifting, sus las reglas de ejecución técnica, causas del nulo , y los mejores consejos para mejorar en press de banca.





Cómo Se Realiza Una Competencia de Powerlifting #quieroserfuerte

El pasado 5 y 6 de marzo asistí a una competencia de powerlifting, muchísima gente fuerte dando todo de sí para lograr el primer lugar. Así que decidí grabarlo y compartirlo con todos ustedes. Si quieres ser más fuerte entonces no puedes perderte este video :D

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Powerlifting Motivation - "RIP AND TEAR" - ft. Larry Wheels - StaneTMI

Powerlifting Motivation - RIP AND TEAR - ft. Larry Wheels - StaneTMI
Powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman motivation with a tiny bit of DOOM sprinkled over it.
Btw, I've a few things to say after my short absent so here it goes:

Firstly - I might have missed my upload schedule by a tiny bit. I guess that's on me. Forgot to set a reminder and BAM - next thing you know 3 years have past. Oh well, new videos every other full lunar eclipse from now on!

Just kidding. If we gather 10k likes on this one I'll produce another video. Even after 3 years of inactivity, over 100k of you absolute mad lads watch this stuff every month. We are #1 in this space and I damn well appreciate that.

Secondly: For those of you that are new to the sport OR those that yet have to finally pull the trigger on the lifting gear they always wanted - Get some quality lifting gear right now. Not only will it help you to stay healthy, it will add some extra lbs on your lifts so stop procrastinating and gear the f*** up!

These are one of the most favorite products across the market and the basic must haves for people who get into powerlifting. This list took a long ass time to prepare and will save you hours of research, so I hope you appreciate it.

Inzer lever belt 10mm:
Iron Bull buckle belt 4mm:

Lifting shoes:
Oldschool Adipower:
Adidas Powerlift 3.1:
Latest Adidas Powerlift 4:
Latest Nike Romaleos 3:
Nordic lifting shoes sub $100:

Wrist wraps:
Rouge wrist wraps 12’’-24’’:
Inzer wrist wraps 20‘‘:
Nordic wrist wraps 24‘‘:

Knee sleeves:
Iron Bull 7mm Knee Sleeves:
Rehband 5mm knee sleeves:
Rehband 7mm knee sleeves:
Stoic 7mm knee sleeves:
Mark Bell Slingshot knee sleeves:

Knee wraps:
Iron Bull knee wraps 80’’:
Slingshot knee wraps 100’’:

Elbow sleeves:
Nordic 5mm elbow sleeves:
Stoic 7mm elbow sleeves:
Mark Bell Slingshot elbow sleeves:
Rehband 5mm elbow sleeves:

Lifting straps, chalk & Ammonia
Normal Lifting straps:
Heavy duty 8 straps: (similar seen @ 02:20)
Similar 8 straps:
Lifting grips for accessory work:
Liquid chalk:
Ammonia / smelling salts bottle:
Ammonia / smelling salts sticks:

For advanced lifters, competitors and those who want to break their plateaus:
Inzer powerlifting singlet:
Bench block 0.75’’-1.5’’:
Bench block 3’’-7.5’’:

Mark Bell Slingshots:
Up to 300lbs bench - Tension 2:
315+ bench - Tension 3 (Original Slingshot design):
315+ bench - Tension 4:
405+ bench - Tension 5:

Obviously, nutrition is #1. If you're having trouble getting your calories in, stock up on some (legal) supplements to get the job done.

ON Gold Standard Whey 5lbs:
ON Gold Standard Whey 10lbs:
Naked Whey Grass Fed Whey 5lbs:
BSN Syntha-6 Whey 5lbs:

Mass gainer:
ON Serious Mass 12lbs Vanilla:
ON Serious Mass 5lbs Chocolate:
BSN True-Mass 5.8lbs Chocolate:

Last but not least, once your day job has taken away even the last bit of effect caffeine once had on you, we gotta resort to some pre-workout to get freaky on PR day. Sadly the original Jack3d ain't available no more, but these do the job just fine (even without the DMAA):

Mr. Hyde:
Vintage Blast:
ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout:

And lastly: A good 30% of comments are questions about who athlete X at timestamp Y is (no hate, it's a valid question), I'll go ahead and try to clear things up straight away:

00:00-03:09 - Larry Wheels
You're welcome.

Song: Rip and Tear incl. Dogma Intro
Artist: Mick Gordon - Redone version

Powerlifting Motivation-STRENGTH |PART2|

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Train Shoulders & Triceps Like A Powerlifter | Dan 'BOSS' Green

Powerlifters, like Dan Green, break from tradition & focus on blending powerlifting with bodybuilding tendencies. Check out Dan's tips on building mass with his bench & triceps workout.
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| Dan Green's Shoulder & Triceps Workout |
1. Close-Grip Bench Press: 3 sets, 9-12 reps
2. French Press: 3 sets, 9-12 reps
3. Seated Military Press: 3 sets, 9-12 reps
4. Seated Dumbbell Press: 3 sets, 9-12 reps
5. Side Lateral: 3 sets, 9-12 reps
6. Dip Machine: 3 sets, 9-12 reps

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Don't Confuse Strength Training with Powerlifting

Powerlifting vs strength training: what's the difference? Is Starting Strength an effective powerlifting program?


Watch Starting Strength Coach and powerlifter, Jordan Stanton explain why many powerlifters use the Starting Strength method to get stronger, but SS is not a powerlifting program.

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This is Barbell Logic, where we believe that health and fitness should be approached with simplicity, logic and reason.

We focus on strength, health & longevity. Our goal is to present strength & fitness in a systematic logical progression. This channel aims to be a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. Our teaching methods and programming for strength are simple, hard and effective.

We will cover topics under the umbrellas of barbell training, conditioning and nutrition. We'll show you that barbell training is for everybody.


Join us for a lifetime of success under the bar. This is the foundation of our journey together.

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Ultimate Guide to Powerlifting Competition Rules: Squat, Bench, Deadlift

Hope you guys enjoy the 3rd installment of the Zero to Platform Series. Watch our earlier videos listed below, and If you're interested in prepping for your first meet, check out our customized programs with monthly check-ins here:

Ep. 1 - Federations

Ep. 2 - What Kind of Powerlifter are You?

Thanks to the athletes represented in this video. Please support them and follow on Instagram:

Jen Thompson:

Maria Rodriguez (SSF Athlete):
Danielle Strange (SSF Athlete):
Dana Linn Bailey:
Hani Jaz (TSA Coach):
Ryan Espiritu (SSF Coach):
Eric Szeto (Filming):

Brandon Allen Bench Video - ApeMan Strong:
Jonnie Candito:
Massthetics DL:
Sean Noriega (Nick Wright's Video):

Background Music:
By Uppeach: Sorry Love, Amor, Sweet Like Candy

Thumbnail Image by:

The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival - Rogue Powerlifting / 4K

More world-records were shattered during the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival's powerlifting competitions. Rogue's new IPF certified Power Bar and Competition Powerlifting Plates made appearances all weekend as lifters hit PRs and crushed numbers from 2016. Raw lifter Jennifer Millican (profiled in our 2017 Road to the Arnold series here: had an impressive weekend, finishing second in her competition.

Powerlifting Motivation - WAKING UP

I noticed that you liked my previous video so there is a new one.

music | Radioactive (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
video | all over the youtube

Hafthor Bjornsonn - 1100 kg (2425 lbs) Total - Thor's Powerlifting Challenge

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Powerlifting - Men's -90 kg Group B - London 2012 Paralympic Games

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. The IPC organizes the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, and serves as the International Federation for nine sports, for which it supervises and co-ordinates the World Championships and other competitions. The IPC is committed to enabling Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and to develop sport opportunities for all persons with a disability from the beginner to elite level. In addition, the IPC aims to promote the Paralympic values, which include courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

For further information, please visit

To watch live action and videos on demand of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and subscribe to ParalympicSport.TV, please go to

Also, you may follow the Paralympic Movement on Facebook at or on Twitter at

VLOG 4 | EL DÍA DE LA COMPETENCIA | Mundial de Powerlifting 2016

Hola chicos!
Y llegó el día.. Hace unos meses no pensé sentirme así.
No se imaginan el mar de emocionas que sentí y utilicé para entregar lo mejor de mi.
Esta soy yo. Hasta aquí me trajo mi pasión por el powerlifting, por superarme y demostrar de que estoy hecha.
Este es el resumen de mi participación en el Mundial de Powerlifting USA, Texas 2016
Gracias a todos los que siguieron mi participación en vivo, me sorprendió saber que han sido muchas.
Les mando un enorme abrazo y también me pueden seguir en:

FACEBOOK: Veronika Alvarado - Powerpage
INSTAGRAM: va_powerpage



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