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Impacto Extremo - Europa Tour (Trailer II) Powerbocking - Jumping Stilts


Jumping Stilts - 400m run in 1 min 02 sec

Un entrainement au 400m, départ 3è couloir. Vent en rafales de 55km/h. Piste sèche, revêtement tartan. Echasses Powerstrider Ultimate.
World record done by Artabus, team UrbanRiser

Jumping Stilts Off Road Trail hiking


Powerbocking High Jump

First successful jump over 2,62meters with stilts! ;-)

Just Jump - Powerbocking Contest 2012

Pierwsze w Polsce Zawody Powerbockingu organizowane przez Łukasza Wincencik (właściciela forum Just Jump) w malowniczej miejscowości Węgierska Górka. Niestety pogoda nie dopisała i zawody odbyły się na hali sportowej.

W filmiku można zobaczyć urywki pokazów freestyle (w tym wygrane przez grupę 7thMove z Czech), wszystkie zaplanowane konkurencje oraz śmieszne momenty (na szczęście było ich bardzo mało)

12 Best Tricks - Rambo Powerbocking (Concurso/Contest)

Vota por tu Trick Favorito y gana una polera de Impacto Extremo!
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100 Backflip Around the World - Rambo Powerbocking Awesome

No me creyeron cuando dije que recorrería Europa a puros mortales... Aquí la prueba!! Gracias a mi Team Impacto Extremo y a todos mis amigos del Camino que hicieron posible esta gran travesía!

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How to Use Jumping Stilts : How to Run on Stilts

Watch and learn how our expert carefully demonstrates how to run on stilts in this free circus tricks video on tips for using, owning, and jumping stilts.

Expert: Kevin Barret
Bio: Kevin Barret was a full time magician, working casinos, fairs, birthday parties, and other various venues.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Haut'n Cup 2015 - Powerbocking - Show freestyle team and Michael Piolunkovskii for an amazing powerbocking show during the Haut'n Cup 2015 in Meudon, France.


Drafft video of a bocking video I'm making, only about 1/10 of the way there but just thought id show a preview as I don't think it's going to be done soon lol

Powerbocking extreme fail!

So many bails at once!

FrontFlip to bridge In Jumping Stilts / Powerbocking

Powerbocking The next level...
Impacto Extremo it's in the house

Epic Show in Liahona, Belloto Chile - Powerbocking / Jumping Stilts

Impact Extremo deslumbrando a sus fans con un numero lleno de emocion, acrobacias e interacción! Súmate a la fiebre @ImpactoExtremo

Rambo Sampler Powerbocking Jumping Stilts 2016 - Impacto Extremo

Recoleccion de las mejores acrobacias de Rambo de Chile. Powerbocking life!

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Scouts PowerBocking the Sport Relief Mile (PowerBocks)

BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell trains with Powerbocking Scouts to take part in the Manchester Sport Relief Mile on Powerbocks.
Footage from BBC1 Breakfast show...
For PowerBocking info please visit or you can buy Pro-Jump Powerbocks from

Thanks for watching.

Viña del Mar & Reñaca 2017 - Impacto Extremo Jumping Stilts Powerbocking

El Clásico street de verano de tu equipo favorito! Locuras en Viña 2017. Riders: Gato - Rambo - Bradson - Barraza - Daft - Exe - I-nos - Leo


This is a totally random vid of me bocking lingwood. (tiny bit of norwich too) Filmed over quite a while. I used to use the camera to see what I was doing wrong so i decided to edit it and now I take the cam out more.

Anybody who knows me will sorta see this is from where I began to put some effort in. Before I didn't bock loads and loads or really try much but from about the start of this I did. I sucked even more before lol.

Started on a set of carbon m70's (almost 80's) until I broke them. Switched to M90's for like..I duno, 30 mins coz I didn't like them then went on to T-rex. The juniors were a total laugh. They are actually really fun. Included for laughs.

Probs the first bocking vid of mine. Should have probably put some effort in lol but meh. Would rather be bocking lol. I'm starting to progress pretty fast. This stuff is out of date but hey ho.

Bradson Sampler Impacto Extremo (Powerbocking / Jumping Stilts)

The best trick of Bradson of Impacto Extremo Chile!

More Dangerous Powerbocking Jumping Stilts (Parque Renato Poblete, Chile)

Sesion extrema de tu team favorito! De vuelta a Chile con toda la adrenalina de siempre!

Gato Sampler - The Legend of Powerbocking & Jumping Stilts

Grand master GATO
El padre de todos los zanquistas de Chile.
probablemente el mejor rider del mundo y sigue vigente a sus 65 años!
Grande gato, no te mueras nunca maquina!



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