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Power hockey


Hockey Insights from Coach Eaves - Power Play in the Offensive Zone

University of Wisconsin Men's Hockey Coach Mike Eaves offers insights into hockey fundamentals, strategy and the rules of the game in this series of videos. In this video he offers insight into the power play in the offensive zone.

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Hockey 101: What's a power play?

FOX Sports Florida's Randy Moller joins Kelly Saco to explain what a player play is, how to attack with the man advantage on offense and how to defend it.


2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Hardest Shot

Everyone’s favourite event saw Alex Ovechkin fire the puck at 101.3 MPH to take first place. Visit for more clips.

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Hockey Team Power Workout ???? [Medicine Ball Volleyball]

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In this video we go over a great game you can play with a partner, or a whole hockey team that acts as a power workout and great for hockey players.

This is a great way to incorporate some fun into your hockey training.

Train Hard,

Hockey Power Play: Hybrid Overload/Umbrella

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Hockey Slapshot : Creating Power with Torque

Hockey Slapshot: Creating Power with Torque by Score100goals. Learn how to create Torque with these simple off ice movements.

Creating Power with Torque

You ever wonder why Hockey Player's can hit the golf ball a mile? It's because these same players have been creating the same fundamental torque their entire lives with the wrist and slap shot.

In order to generate the a blistering slap shot you need to create torque through your core and power through your legs. This video explains some of the ways in which you add an extra 10-20 mph's to your shot.

It's an off ice drill that you can do with a medicine ball and really highlights the shooting motion.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section and I will respond to each one in full. Thank you very much for your interest and please check out the new site when it goes live June 1st.

The Program Hockey Training: Forwards Power Upper Body Drills

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Get tough in the corners and dictate the play with a stronger upper body thanks to these intense drills.

1. Pause Push-Ups
2. Dumbbell Squat and Press
3. Horizontal Push-Ups
4. One Arm Dumbbell Row
5. One Leg Russian Deadlift

Ex-pro Gary Roberts and trainer Matt Nichol have created the ultimate hockey training program to take your game to the next level. Sharpen your skills and be a dominant force, shift after shift.

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Shot Power Exercises for Ice Hockey ft. Hillary Knight | Workout Wednesday

Team USA Ice Hockey star, Hilary Knight shows hockey players how exercises with a medicine ball and a wall can be used to help strengthen your shot.

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Hockey Power Endurance Circuit

Can you do this? Hockey players require a great deal of power endurance, the ability to generate and maintain explosive power while under fatigue. This circuit is about 4.5 minutes long and involves many explosive power exercises as well as hockey specific exercises. The athlete will take 15-20 seconds to move from exercise to exercise. Our athletes will complete this circuit 3-4 times with a 2 minute rest between sets.

Hockey Drills For Explosive Power + Speed

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Here are the drills featured for explosive speed + power for hockey players:

A: Lateral hop + box jump
B: TRX sled explosive pull
C: Partner band resisted lateral shuffle
D: Eccentric loaded DB box jumps
E: Banded landmine explosive press
F: Banded Speed pull down

Train Hard,

5 Hockey Drills for Acceleration

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How to Improve Hockey Acceleration -

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In this video we give you a number of tips to improve your skating and acceleration. First I talk about a few things that you might be doing wrong that could be slowing you down on the ice, then I give you some great skating drills to help improve skating speed
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Powerslides, Power Stops and Hockey Stops; Jakeb's story of using

Jakeb Bullough from Brisbane, Australia made this video to showcase his newly learned stopping skills (acquired from using Asha's Online Trainings at
Jakeb demonstrates both forward entries into backward Powerslide (Mohawk Transition entry and Lunge turn entry) as well as some new Hockey Stops.

NHL Network Ice Time: Auston Matthews demonstrates his snap shot

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews walks Mike Johnson through a demonstration of his snap shot on this edition of NHL Network Ice Time. Tune in to NHL Network Ice Time every Saturday at 9 AM EST on NHL Network.

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Hockey Lower Body Explosive Power Workout ???? [Off-Season Training]

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What's up hockey player!

Coach Garner here, and in this video, I am going to run you through an explosive speed workout taken directly from our 2019 Off-Season Domination System.

Let's get right into it...

The Workout:

A1: BB Bulgarian Split Squat: 5 x 3/leg (15 secs rest)
A2: Depth Box /jumps: 5 x 3 (2 mins rest)

B1: BB Conventional Deadlift: 5 x 3 (15 secs rest)
B2: Broad Jump: 5 x 3 (2 mins rest)

C1: Front Foot Elevated DB Reverse Lunge: 3 x 8/leg (30 secs rest)
C2: One-Leg One-Arm DB Romanian Deadlifts: 3 x 8/leg (30 secs rest)
C3: Standing Calf Raise: 3 x 15 (90 secs rest)

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Thanks for watching our hockey training speed workout!


How to shoot Backhand in Hockey (With Power)

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In this video I show you three steps to getting a really good backhand shot. The first step is the puck location, the second step is the orientation of the blade, and the third step is unleashing your power!
Having a powerful backhand shot in hockey is very important. This video should help you improve your backhand and get more power.
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Power Skater - Hockey Dryland Training Machine - by

Develop the stride power that will propel you past your opponents with the PowerSkater. Learn the secrets of proper skating technique. Increase your speed and quickness on the ice.Train your mind to skate properly. Help your muscles memorize the proper techniques. Improve your balance on the ice.

Fit To Be King | Science of Hockey: The Power Skating of Alec Martinez

Matt Price explains the science behind Alec Martinez' power skating and shows you an exercise to help you strengthen your skating on the ice. Presented by Lenny and Larry's.

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3 Easy ways to Improve Your Shot Power - How To Hockey

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In this video I give you 3 easy ways that you can increase the power of your shot. I tested these methods on a radar gun and quickly improved the power of my shot.
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Professional Power Skating and Skills Training: Fall Break 2017 Sweden: F.E. HOCKEY

Some clips from our Sweden fall break camps week 44 2017 in Södertälje, Sandviken, and Rimbo. For bookings please visit
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