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Popinjay King BK Fiskgjusen 2008

Medeival spring tradition of popinjay.
Archery contest shot with a longbow and with a parrot as a target.
The winner is called the parrot king.
BK Fiskgjusen in Gustavsberg, Sweden

Popinjay "Pop" on a tethered pigeon

Young puppy: Popinjay is Impact Player X Elektra. (English Setter)

Popinjay Queen BK Fiskgjusen 2008

Medeival spring tradition of archery.
The target is a parrot. The female winner is called the Parrot Queen. At Atchery club BK Fiskgjusen in Sweden.

Old Delph Popinjay fun 2

The Popinjay at Old Delph

unesco film staande wip traditional sports flanders popinjay

unesco film staande wip

Old Delph Popinjay fun 1

NFAS open shoot at Old Delph Archers, These are some vids of people enjoying the Novelty Popinjay shot.
If you recognise yourself say hi.
More to come.

Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan "some puffed up pompous popinjay" over cancelled Trump visit to UK

i24news UK and Europe correspondent Jonathan Sacerdoti reports as Boris Johnson calls Sadiq Khan some puffed up pompous popinjay over cancelled Trump visit to UK.

Pearson Cycles Litespeed custom bike build

Chief mechanic Michael and young grasshopper Ryan assemble a customers Litespeed titanium bicycle. we made the vid for him :)

the song is a remix and is not mine The XX - intro remix

Popinjay's Last Ridge Side Climb on an Hour Run

Priprema popinjay rampi


Sam Oliver - Winter 2012

Quick vid of todays riding.

Stonor Estate, the Society of the Finsbury Archers

Shooting to the Marks, Speed and Flight. A warm February
to remember !

Braintree Bowmen - I.L.A.A. Field shoot

Beautiful course among the autumnal colours

Junggesellen am Limit

Vogelschiessen Frühshoppen 2009

Pole archery ,Winnipeg , Icon?

Its not actually cold ,about -12 C . The windchill on the other hand ?
You can tell by the wind noise in the mike and the color of my nose.
So combining as many Winnipeg Icons as possible,I argue pole archery being shot here for almost 100 years .
Makes it just as much, a unique Winnipeg icon, as all the icons in the video .
Btw, there are a lot of them, message me if you think you know all of them ?


links .


Queensy Sandpits - Mossy Style.

Queer eye for a straight guy.

Popinjays Rider: Will Mossop


Music: Gerry Read - It'll all be over (DJ Koze Radio Edit Remix) (PAMPA033)

Music Link::

Pampa Records Official - |


Vertical Popinjay Clicker

Koningsschieting 2008 Reportage Ring Tv

Koningsschieting 2008 Reportage Ring Tv

Tackling The Rapids For Gold - Etienne Stott & Tim Baillie | Olympic Rewind

The Olympic Rewind meets up with Team GB's Etienne Stott and Tim Baillie as they talks us through memories of winning Canoe Slalom C-2 gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Each week the Olympic Rewind series talks to some of your favourite Olympians as they relive their Olympic memories and triumphs.

Subscribe to the Olympic channel:

Discover more about Olympic Canoe Slalom:

Prickskytte på BK Fiskgjusen

Björn Berglund på Värmdöklubben BK Fiskgjusen i Stockholm skjuter prick rakt in i ett vp-rör på 20mm från 18 meters håll med sin barebow.



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