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England vs New Zealand Polo Match

Young England vs New Zealand Colts at Ham Polo Club, London for the Toast New Zealand festival 2010.

The Rules of Polo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Polo – an ancient game played on horseback between two teams of 4 players each.

Specific to US and International Polo Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Polo is played, Polo rules and guidelines, and how to play Polo.
Learn about goals, penalty, chukka, chukker, mallet, free hit, penalty goal and more..

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Video: US Polo Association (I do not own any footage and claim fair use!)
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Music: ‘Forgotten Waterfall’ by Capcom
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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Polo in Argentina

Celebrating tradition, sport, family and craftsmanship, Polo in Argentina showcases the very best of the sport at the renowned Triple Crown Final in Palermo.

The Villages Polo Club 5-5-2013

Championship Match at The Villages Polo Club

Western Polo The Movie

From a beautiful yet rugged mountain range, to the smooth-as-glass polo fields around the world these horses raised in the Wyoming wilderness make their way through an incredible training program designed to gear their natural athleticism to becoming the most sought after equine athletes in the sport of polo. Watch this short documentary about the origins of polo in the west and how seemingly counter intuitive conditions peculiarly come together to produce some of the best equine athletes the world has ever seen.

Western Polo | Part 3: "Little Bit Wild"

Before you can ride a horse you have to saddle it. A renowned polo horse trainer, Paul Van Dyke, knows how to really make a horse so you can ride it.

Learn how to play polo, The Essential Guide by Steve Thompson.

Want to play polo? What are you waiting for?

Learn how to play polo with polo lessons from Steve Thompson of the Dubai Polo Academy. Whether you are new to the sport or play polo already this video takes you through the shots you need to succeed! Tips and advice on the sport of horse polo.

Polo lessons for the beginner and tips for the experienced player.

Steve was filmed at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

CPI Educational: Tacking a Polo Pony | Cindy Halle

USPA Certified Polo Instructor certifier, Cindy Halle, demonstrates how to properly tack a polo pony.

Be sure to check out for a complete video library and access to Polo Development online resources.

Polo For Pakistan Lahore Polo Club

LPC hold an exhibition polo match to raise funds for the flood effected people of Pakistan.

CLICKPOLO TV #204: Polo de París y Fuchi Donovan

*Tournoi de Printemps y Open des Dames en Bagatelle
*Fuchi Donovan en la comisión directiva de la AAP
*el Ruso Heguy anticipa la Coronation Cup
*Polo del interior

Polo Swing Tips: Don't Flatten your Wrist in the Downswing

(For more polo playing tips visit:
This a great lesson for those who find they are slicing their shots. Quite simply many players flatten their wrists/mallets in the downswing which causes the slicing of a shot.

This video shows you what you need to do. Enjoy!

And please be sure to leave your comments and questions on the website:

U.S. Open Polo Championship® Final-Orchard Hill (3-2) vs Valiente (3-1)


Polo Rules Course in English 01/12 Line of the ball Elementary level

Polo Rules in English, Part 1. Explained and commented on by the referee's Polo, Ignacio Fernandez Llorente. The course is for all levels from Elementary to advanced. Many examples, filmed in a game in different countries. I WAIT YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. It is recommended to follow the order of the course, and see it more than once to understand each example. Very important to hear in detail all the comments and explanations. To be updated visit
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Water Polo Women's Prel. Round - Group A - China v United States Replay - London 2012 Olympic Games

Water Polo Women's Preliminary Round - Group A - China United States Full Replay from the Water Polo Arena at the London 2012 Olympic Games. -- 3 August 2012

Water polo made its Olympic debut at the Paris Games in 1900. It was not included in 1904 but would be present at each subsequent edition of the Olympic Games.

In the early days, the players rode on floating barrels that resembled mock horses, and swung at the ball with mallet-like sticks. This made it similar to equestrian polo, hence its name.

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kayak polo compilation


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Women's Water Polo Preliminary Round - HUN v USA | London 2012 Olympics

Highlights of the Women's Water Polo Preliminary Round match between Hungary and the USA during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Water polo made its Olympic debut at the Paris Games in 1900. It was not included in 1904 but would be present at each subsequent edition of the Olympic Games.

In the early days, the players rode on floating barrels that resembled mock horses, and swung at the ball with mallet-like sticks. This made it similar to equestrian polo, hence its name.

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Water Polo Tactics - Team Driving Concepts

A team’s offensive driving scheme depends on the abilities of the team and the defense that is presented. Additionally, a team should always have a predetermined organization to their driving scheme. Too often coaches will outline multiple driving ideas without identifying and practicing specific situations so that all players understand exactly what to do. Water polo is a dynamic sport but well-organized teams are always more effective. This example is a basic driving scheme: when only one player drives at a time a defense can more easily make adjustments. When more offensive players make coordinated movements the defense is more likely to make mistakes.
Drivers should always attack toward the goalposts in case defenders make poor choices. Driving outside the goal posts allows a wing defender to more easily cover 2 players and generally makes a scoring opportunity harder when a driver beats their defender.
Movement should always occur in tandem. In this example, a zone defense becomes ineffective if 2 of the zone defenders are cleared out. When the 2 drivers are through the middle the last zone defender is stuck guarding a shooter and helping guard the center. If the defenders miscommunicate a driver might also be open. When a defense is pressing, the drivers should still work together to create space. the offense can have one player initiate a screen with a perpendicular drive so that a teammate can drive through the middle. One defender must make choice about who to guard while one defender is stuck in a poor defensive position.
A team can use cues and triggers to create and execute a driving scheme that will maximize scoring opportunities. In this scenario, the cue is the fact that the defense is in a zone. When the offense sees this they should move the ball to the right slot who will attack forward to draw the zone defender away from the center. This triggers drives from the left slot and the point toward the goalposts. In this case, drives never begin when the ball is at the left slot or the point and the players driving are all right handed. As the drivers move through the middle, 2 zone defenders must follow while the third zone defender follows the shooter. The wings roll higher to support the ball. If the zone defender aggressively closes out the shooter, the center will be open. If any one defender is out of position the passer has 3 right handed options for a catch and shoot and if the zone defender stays back the passer can now move in and take a shot from close range.
In this scheme, a defense is in a press and the offensive perimeter players are outside of shooting range. The right wing will support the ball as the point screens the right slot with a perpendicular drive so that the right slot can drive through the middle. The point defender must choose who to guard while both offensive plays drive to the goalposts. 2 concurrent drives will collapse the defenders and shrink the offensive perimeter. The left slot now has a perpendicular drive to reposition closer to the goal as the left wing rolls higher into another shooting position and the drives slide to the wings. All offensive players are now within 6 meters of the goal with catch and shoot opportunities for right handed players.

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match.

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo game whilst on his trip to Brazil.



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