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Pod Racing


The Steepest Running Race in Europe - Red Bull 400

» Need a little adventure in your day?
Runners from around the world came to Harrachov, Czech Republic to put their calves, quads, and endurance to the test in one of the steepest races across all of Europe. From bottom to top, it's 400 meters in distance and close to 200 meters in altitude: a pure uphill sprint to the top of an olympic ski jump slope. 

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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its over

Balloon Museum FPV Pod Racing #1

Here it is!...The first Balloon Museum trophy race!!
The Southwest Pod Racers and the amazing people at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum have come together to host one of the best FPV drone racing events.... and yes I say its the best since this is the first big race I have raced at..... and I still can't believe Ivwas able to get 5th place with the amount of talent that showed up from all over...

Huge Thanks to everyone that showed up...&...Shout out to the Top Three
1st place- Phil (sub fpv)
2nd place- Chance (FreeFall)
3rd place- Ricky (castle bravo)

Quad Set Up
X-Hover Win5
Hyperlite F4
Spedix 30amp 4in1
Emax LS 2206 2550kv
Tramp HV VTX
Lumenier AXII Stubby LHCP
Runcam Mini Swift
China Hobby line 4s 1300mah

BMPR3 "Balloon Museum Pod Racing 3"

Hawk5 on rs-II 2306/1600, and 1700Kv. Spot the speed!!! Enjoy!

Main Sponsor:
DHL Motorsports

DR1 Racing

Emax USA

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For inquiries, email:

StarWars2013, Pod Racing

Pod Racing from the Outer Rim 100

Jedi Academy (Pod Racing) - Jay The Fencing Guy

So we are finally back from the Summer National Fencing Championship from Columbus, OH! Our athletes did great! Each of them met their season goals, or even exceeded them. So it's time to relax and have fun! :)

For the most part of the year, we work very hard as we get ready for all the traveling competitions, qualifiers, etc. But we never forget to take time to let our inner child come out and PLAY! That's what makes us stronger as contenders, and as a community of a small village that we are proud to have fostered!

As part of our summer fun, we are trying out a Jedi Training Academy as a way to cross-train! Our coaches and athletes have diverse martial arts background, in addition to fencing expertise. We brought it all together to create a light saber curriculum that is easy to learn, fun and exciting!

If you have never tried fencing before, please Google it up. Many fencing clubs have free or discounted trial classes.

The game footage used is from and old PC game. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer. It still runs great in modern computers! Go check it out!




Santa Pod Main Event 2019 - Pro Mod Round 1

Marck Harteveld bowed out after Mats Eriksson drove around him. Dmitry Samurokov suffered a major fire at the top end and was pipped to the post by Roger Johansson. Fortunately got the car stopped and he was ok. Andreas Arthursson ran a stout 5.81 to out pace crowd favourite Fast Freddy Fagerstrom.

Jet School Bus - Santa Pod European Finals 2017

Quite a spectacular thing to watch really. A school bus with a jet engine in the back. It ran 9 seconds at an amazing 175mph! As he pulled the chute the car...I mean bus....made a move and made contact with the wall in the shutdown area.

REV IT! 2018 Golf R Santa Pod Raceway 1/4Mile DSG Launch

2018 MK7.5 Golf R Quarter Mile at Santa Pod Raceway Run What You Brung

drone racing - fpv racing drone racing star wars style pod racing are back!

drone racing - drone racing: first person view (fpv). Official Facebook

Website: of the Drone Racing League [NorCAlRCFPV] Home / Drone TV / The AMAZING World of Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle

Universal Time Challenge FPV

Pod Racing Wash

The Pod Racing wash west of Dogskin ridge. It's whooped out so bad it's not nearly as fun as it used to be.

Intermodellbau Dortmund 2018 - Star-Wars Pod Racer

watch in Full HD 60p

Racing The SouthWest Pod Racers

Amazing day racing with all the guys in SouthWest Pod Racers...
Big shout out to Shaun Taylor for organizing the race day.

Fast Freddy Highlights - Santa Pod Main Event 2018

A selection of burnouts and runs by Fast Freddy Fagerstrom from the Main Event at Santa Pod 2018

Ultimate Sledding a.k.a. Pod Racing

The rules? None! The goal? Get to the bottom.

Pod Racing 6 7 14

Now this is Pod Racing
pylon practice, low and fast, sometimes too fast.

Pod Racer Chase

Geof follows Mick while Rohan chases on the podracer trail at Livingstone National Park, Wagga.

Silvio Strauch Wheelstand - Santa Pod European Finals 2019

Heart stopping moment as the wheelie bars failed and the car climbed skyward. Luckily the driver was ok.

FPV Pod-Racer [same spot, other pilot's perspective]

This is a second perspective of the same spot as in the last video.
Also captured by a 3d-printed Race-/Freestyle Quad.

Cheep equipment does not mean less FUN!

Music: Say or Do (ft. Riell) by AIRMOW

Uptdate: From now on with the pilots tag in the top right corner



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