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Pocket billiards


Honduran Rotation Pool, perfect run out (pocket billiards) - toggle Mute when chalking! :)

The full, uncut version of this video is here:

A perfect rack of Honduran rotation. For the first time ever, recorded on video!
Honduran rotation is extremely challenging, and, according to the shooter, is the game they play in Honduras.

It starts with the 1-ball on the foot spot, and the other 14 balls frozen on the rails in ascending order, as you see in the video. The game requires a wide range of skills including banks, combinations, as well as pinpoint accuracy and extraordinary touch.

This is the first time a perfectly run rack has been recorded on video. Yes, it is that challenging! Try it!

1. The one ball is a natural spot shot, from behind the head string, but positioned so that the cue ball falls onto the inside edge of the 3-ball, bumping it just off the rail. This sets up a later bump on the 6. That's right, on this opening shot we are playing 6 balls ahead!

2. The 2-ball is easily enough pocketed but the flawlessly played strategic draw into a bump on the 6-ball is a key setup in the run.

3. The 3-ball is easy only because the play on the 1-ball popped it out. In this shot, a good bit of inside english to kill the travel, avoiding trouble with the side pocket and offering shape on the 4-ball.

4. The shot on the 4-ball is classic. Gobs of inside english, with a rail-first hit on the 4-ball cause the cue ball to go down-table under the 15 ball, and then back up-table in a most unexpected display of control and touch, delivering the cue ball to the 5-ball.

5. The 5-ball is relatively simple because of the spectacular position off the 4-ball, and because the 6-ball is waiting near the side pocket, thanks to the perfect shot on the 2-ball. It seems as if there is some Grand Plan going on here, and there is!

6. The 6-ball is so simple, but remember that this easy 6-ball was set up earlier by a shot on the 2-ball. Now it may become clearer that this game is quite a bit more than it appears.

7. Shooter is heard to speak for the second time in this video when he says Not what I wanted, but I'll take what I get. And then he proceeds to play the object ball cross corner with such confidence that he doesn't even watch the lazy slow roll to the hole and stays down through it all, with utter confidence that it will drop.

8. The 8-ball is a combination on the 9-ball, and he left himself perfect on it with his spectacular shot on the 7-ball. He sinks the combination and the cue ball follows to the head rail and back out for the bank on the 8-ball.

9. The 8-ball is banked almost nonchalantly, surprisingly gently, coming off the rail for natural shape on the 10-ball.

10. The 10-ball gets inside english, of course, but with strong follow-through and top english as well. I love this shot, one of the first he taught me. It's almost a diagonal, downward-twisting motion of the cue at delivery. The action it produces is poetry, coming around nicely, three cushions for the 11.

11. The 11-ball is a carbon copy of the 10-ball, but of course different, especially with regard to speed and touch, but he handles it flawlessly.

12. The 12-ball is surprising in its simplicity, but it leaves you wondering because it is so far away from the 13, which now seems impossible. Could he be playing for the three ball combination?

13. This shot is absolutely stunning, on several levels. First of all, it is completely unexpected, and it happens so fast, with such incredible force, and with such deadly accuracy.... well, the senses are overloaded on this one.

14. Shooter knows he is closing in on a perfect rack. After such an adrenaline pumping shot on the 13, it would be easy to shoot the next shot too quickly, but shows the wisdom of his many years with this game, and and he is shown taking a bit of extra time on the bank shot into the side pocket. And he comes 3 rails for shape on the 15.

15. A shot like this is where many a choke would occur, but he nails it with such an abundance of confidence that one could truly say that he achieved the limit with this shot.

Some people have remarked that the shot on the 15 ball is headed for a scratch in the side pocket. The cue ball got close, but did not drop. To see the entire video showing that the cue ball stayed up, view The full, uncut version of this video is here:

And there you have it. A historic moment in the world of pool. Congratulations, Tony Sorto for showing us the world class shot-making skill that it takes to complete a perfect rack in Honduran rotation, and to do it on video, first time ever, so all the world can enjoy it and learn from it. Fantastic...

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Tricky Pocket Shots - Trickshots Aiming Method Tutorial - Bilyaran - Pool & Billiard training lesson

This is an exercise to learn how to make shots when the Cue Ball and Object Ball are hanging in pocket.
This is a technique that all pool players need to know.
At the end, some tricky shots for challenge and fun.
The equipement I used in this video : Predator Sport Cue, Z2 shaft with Predator Soft Tip.
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A la fin de cette vidéo, quelques trickshots pour le plaisir.

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Une production Vidéo de Michel Le Neillon - Toulouse - France
Musique générée par Premiere Elements 12 Adobe.

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Pool and billiards bank shot drill for learning cut-angle effects, from VEPP IV (NV C.14)

Streamed and download versions of the DVDs are available for purchase here:

Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate drills for practicing how to adjust your aim to account for various cut angle effects with bank shots. This excerpt is from Disc IV of The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP). The VEPP series includes over 175 drills in 30 different categories. VEPP provides an organized and methodical training program and pool workout. Disc IV covers banks, kicks, and advanced shots.

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#3 - Corey DEUEL vs Eklent KACI - The 2018 Freezer’s Icehouse 10-Ball Challenge!

Stop #3 of the 2018 West Coast Swing (WCS 18)!

Commentary by: Daniel Busch, Roy Francisco and Jesse Johnson
Recorded from July 13th-15th from 10:00am until closing at Freezer’s Icehouse located at: 83 E. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282. Special thanks to Scott Frost, Jason Sword, Tres Kane and Junior Flores.

“The West State Billiards: 2018 West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket Tournament“
3-day event open to 128 players.
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