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Platform tennis


50th Anniversary Celebration of History of Platform Tennis, 1977

The A/V slideshow was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of platform tennis in Scarsdale, NY in 1928.

Tennis SERVE STANCES - Platform vs Pinpoint (Ultimate Guide)

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Which serve stance gives you the most power? Which stance allows for the most accuracy and consistency? In this ultimate tennis lesson, we will uncover the secrets of the serve stances and how to choose your stance.

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Platform Tennis Points - the early mornings - 2006

We caught the paddle bug, and were coming out before work to play (5:45 am). This was a couple years ago. The videos help us spot errors and improve our games.

In this video: Alex, Mike, Per and Naren

Platform Tennis - The Serve


Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis Promo. more at

Best Rallies and Spectacular Points, Final Padel Tournament WPT Murcia 2013

Grandes trucos de Padel con Fernando Belasteguin- Juan Martin Diaz x Lima-Mieres

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2010 Platform Tennis Singles

Greenwich, CT November 14,15 2010
Platform Tennis Channel:

Platform Tennis Drill

Mike Gillespie showing one of his cardio paddle drills at the 2013 PPTA Conference.

Best of Summer 2015 - Platform Tennis League

Top action from Cincinnati's Platform Tennis League - Summer 2015.

Platform Tennis Singles Championship 2009

Eastern States Championship @ Greenwich Country Club

Watch here for correct captions:

Platform Tennis Highlights - Lake Forest Exhibition

Some more fast and furious platform tennis exchanges. Courtesy of Mark Parsons, Dane Schmidgall, Alex Bancila, and Peter Berka.
Filmed and edited by Brett Morse-Karzen, BMK Film.

Platform Tennis - The Paddle Slash

Learn the slash - Advanced Paddle shots to end the point

Platform Tennis Serve Lesson - The Toss - Part 1

Watch our 3 part video series on the paddle serve and teaching you how to be your own coach

What is Platform Tennis? Presented by USPTA

What is Platform Tennis? This short, simple video is a perfect explainer.

Platform Tennis Drive Lesson - Part 1

To play at a high level in paddle, it’s essential to have a consistent drive. Most players improve very little because of ineffective instruction and practice plans. Watch our 3 part paddle drive technique lesson on how to be your own coach

Platform Tennis Serve - Creating spin - Part 2

To play at a high level in paddle, it’s essential to have a good dependable serve. Most players improve very little because of ineffective instruction and practice plans. Watch video 2 on how to add spin to your serve while increasing safety and learning how to be your own coach.

Platform Tennis Action

4 great points - and a bad one slipped in by mistake....

Platform Tennis - Episode 7 - Winning Strategies

more at:

Jean Kempner and Mike Rahaley dissect winning point strategies.

PPTA: Setting Standards
for the way Platform Tennis is taught.

The mission of the USA Professional Platform Tennis Association is to raise the standards of teaching Platform Tennis and to increase interest and awareness of the sport. By setting standards for the education and certification of Platform Tennis Professionals, the PPTA strengthens and unites the voice and image of its members.

Video Production by (2)Domes Media

2018 Boston Open: Men's Finals

Hughes/Powers vs. Arraya/Morneau

An Above Average Platform Tennis Point

One of the best platform points ever played. Players are Mark Parsons, Alex Bancila, Dane Schmidgall, and Peter Berka. Part of an exhibition match at the first ever national platform tennis camp. Hosted by the Lake Forest Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. September 22nd, 2012. Filmed and edited by Brett Morse-Karzen and William Colmar. BMK FILM.



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