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Plate spinning


Spinning Plate Juggler Spiner Plate Circus Performer Entertainer

DAVID BURLET Spinning Plate Juggler Spiner Plate Circus Performer Entertainer Artsite Cirque Spectacle Animation Enfant circus performers european

Spinning Plates - Texas State Limited - Stage 9 - 2007

Here is another video from the TX State Limited. It features the Texas Star which was activated when the door was opened. I'm using an STI Edge in 40 S&W with Dawson Basepads. I've left the scoring portion of the video in the footage so you can hear the points. STAGE DESCRIPTION: Sitting in chair with both hands on X's gun loaded on table, hammer down. All extra ammo on belt

MONTE CARLO circus festival 2014 comedy act plate spinner plate spinning

Comedy act plate spinner plate spinning at Festival du cirque de MONTE CARLO 2014 by

plate spinning routine

plate spinning libby madison amy

plate spinning

plate spinning 1

this is plate spinning its our first try so thats why we arnt all that gurd

chinese circus 2010 plate spinning 2

3 club juggling with a spinning plate and spinning ring #2

This combo is one of my favorite tricks because it integrates top of the head, arms, and leg with circus skills.

plate spinning 1

chinese circus 2010 plate spinning


Jayu juggling plate spinning

Jayu is spinning a plate.

circus for turkey plate spinning


FESTIVAL DU CIRQUE DE MONTE CARLO 2014 plate spinning act circus

Plate spinning act circus by FESTIVAL DU CIRQUE DE MONTE CARLO 2014

Plate Spinning act juggling comedy In Circus PLATE SPINNER Circus Performer

Plate Spinning act PLATE SPINNING COMEDY plate spinner juggler In Circus juggling comedy

spinner plate juggler In Circus spinning plates juggling comedy act künstler artisten varieté circus performer acts funny variety on ed fast tricks numéro visuel artiste de cirque cabaret music hall fun jongleur jonglage assiettes assiette

Plate Spinning Magician


Spinning plates

Bristol Renaissance Faire juggler asks for children from the audience to help him with a trick. My son Omar is on the far left and decides to let out his inner spiderman

Plate spinning circus comedy

2eme SHOW 02 01 2014

plate spinning 2

Parth plate spinning

Parth is spinning a plate.

Spinning and Power Plate at Streamline Vibrations Aventura, Fl.

Streamline Vibrations Power Plate training , Cardio, Funtional training ,Spinning and TRX the best, Burn calories while you make fun.



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