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Personal water craft


BomBoard - Thrilling Portable Watercraft

The BomBoard is a sleek, 165 lb personal watercraft (vs. 800+) that separates into 4 modules allowing one person to transport it with ease and without a trailer. The light weight allows riders to influence the ride using their body, similar to many existing board sports. And thanks to our disruptive factory direct channel and $3,995 price, the BomBoard is now available to all enthusiasts.

How To Launch A Jet Ski Personal Watercraft By Yourself

In this short video we show you how to launch your jetski or personal watercraft by yourself ...3ftDeep style!

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Filmed with a GoPro 6 black edition in the great Pacific Northwest.

Music: Fast Talkin by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Safety gear for your Personal water craft - PWC

Brendan and Kevin give you the low-down on what you'll need to see you through any pwc trip safely.

Choosing a personal water craft - PWC

Kevin runs us through what you need to look at when buying a pwc, and the things you should look at to make your purchase enjoyable.

Top 5 Mistakes Beginner Personal Watercraft Jet Ski Riders Make

3ftDeep presents the top 5 mistakes beginner personal watercraft riders make! Pay attention for your Sea Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki jet ski machines.

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Filmed with a Canon 70D camera and GoPro 6 Hero Black in the great Pacific Northwest.

Music: This Or That, by Tracktribe

Launching your personal water craft or jet ski - PWC

Kevin runs us through a few tip to make launching your pwc a lot easier!

Top 10 Reasons To Own A Personal Watercraft Jet Ski

These are the indisputable top 10 reasons to own a personal watercraft jetski!

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Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras in the great Pacific Northwest.

Music: All Aboard by Silent Partner

PWP / RYA marine journalist Personal Watercraft training day - Getting Started PWC

Security Anchor For Your Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski or Boat

We found a great security system for your personal watercraft or jetski: the EZ Anchor. This anchor screws 4 ft. into the river or lake bed, and can only be remove with a large wrench, or the top part of the EZ Anchor system. It saves your PWC from bashing against the dock. We love it!

For more information on the EZ Anchor, go to their website at or call Trevor at (780) 218-9544. Remember, you can use this for personal water craft and boats!

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Filmed with a Hero 3+ Black Edition camera, and a Canon 70D camera in the great Pacific Northwest.

Music: Rhastafarian by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Personal Watercraft Safety: Do's and Dont's

Personal watercrafts (PWCs) are great vehicles for having fun on the water but you if you're going to operate them, you need to do it safely. Watch the full video and get your boating safety license at

The New 2018 Sea Doo RXP-X 300 Personal Watercraft Jet Ski?!

With your help, this could be the new 2018 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 jetski! If you like the new color scheme, please give Sea-Doo or LOOK Marketing a shout to let them know. The contact information is below. Thanks for your help!

LOOK Marketing
Telephone: 1-321-409-0519
Email Address:

Facebook Page:
Telephone: 1-888-272-9222

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Filmed with a Hero 3+ Black Edition camera, and a Canon 70D camera in the great Pacific Northwest.

Music: Honey Bee by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

PWCTV - Personal Watercraft Television

Ride the waterways of the world with The Motorsportsman Kevin Cullen!

The Boat Show - Water Police - Personal Water Craft

We learn the basics of safe and legal use of a PWC here in Queensland with Senior Constable Luke Watkins from Wynnum District Water Police at the Brisbane Water Police base in the Port of Brisbane. Thanks guys for having us!

수상모터사이클. personal water craft(PWC)

동력을 이용하여 수면 위를 맹렬히 질주하는 모터사이클. 이를 즐기는 멋진 사람들. 바다를 무대로 화려하게 묘기를 표출해 내는 모습들. 아름다운 장관들을
800mm 렌즈로 담았습니다. 부산 광안리 앞바다로 모실까요. 수상모터사이클의 질주에서 품어내는 이 물보라를 실감해 보십시오.

Personal Water Craft on Lost Lake

Memorial Day Weekend


Dedicating his life for the sport, UVA PEREZ current WORLD RECORD HOLDER of the OFFICIAL FASTEST PWC in the WORLD with a TOP SPEED of 123.2MPH by the IJSBA HydroDrags wanted to show the WORLD this Exclusive Inside Video Pushing Speeds of 127MPH in less than 3 seconds on his Yamaha Turbo FZR

Personal Water Craft Covers.wmv

Transhield custom fit covers provide protection during shipping and storage for personal water crafts. These covers offer three layers: an outer layer of UV-resistant and anti-condensation polyethylene shrink/stretch film, a middle adhesive layer and a soft inner layer to protect finishes. These Shrinkable Fabric covers are easy to install and the added ability to heat-shrink the cover allows for a tight fit.

The Electric Personal Watercraft

Quadrofoil rises above the rest.
Quadrofoil is even better than walking on water. This Slovenian-made craft uses an electrical engine and four hydrofoil blades to lift itself off the surface of the water. Got a spare $21,000?
Check this out!!!

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Personal Water Craft Invasion

The invasion of personal water craft is a issue that is on everyone's mind right now if you spend time on the water. Hunters and fisherman alike are dealing with this new culture of people sporting their jet powered water vehicle. Not to many positive things to say and no end in site. The invasive personal water craft have completely taken over any boat ramps and bay and inshore areas .

Tough topic but no getting away from it

How to Operate a Personal WaterCraft

This video reminds boaters that operating a personal watercraft is not exactly like driving a boat and to be safe there are a number of things riders should know such as losing the ability to steer the vehicle when the throttle is released -- a potentially hazardous situation. Watch this short video to learn more.



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