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Bania jammu Vs Mastu delhi (sydney bathindi kushti dangal)

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Learning Kushti Wrestling- Traditional Indian Wrestling in Banaras

PART 2 -
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I had the privilege to learn some basic moves of Kushti Wrestling that is 'The traditional Indian Wrestling during my recent visit to Varanasi (Banaras), India.. These guys are all natural and stronger than I imagined.. Amazingly they dont even consume supplements of any kind or form. Their diet basically consist of high calorie protein sources such as Lassi, Peanut Shake, Ghee & Sattu.
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Bania jammu (desi pehlwani workout) 2019

Bania jammu workout 2019
New Bania jammu Kushti workout 2019
Bania jammu
Bania jammu jump
Bania jammu kushti 2019
Bania jammu workout

Ghulam Hussain Pahlwan New Muqabla Karachi Ramzan Night #ghulamhussain #pehlwani

غلام حسین پٹھان کے آفیشل میڈیا چینل کو سبسکرائب کرنا نہ بھولیں۔ شکریہ

Kushti Dangal Ramjupur (Dharampur) Panna Organizer Mr Sanjay Singh

Date - 12/25/2012
Location - Rmjupur (Dharampur) District - Panna (Madhya Pradesh)
Program - Wrestling Competition
Objectives - drug-free and efficient India

Bania Jammu Kushti Workout

Bania Jammu Benia Amin
Pehalwan kushti workout
Complete Training
Best Workout Ever

Wrestling Training at Sohna Akhara

A guru trains his students in the art of traditional Indian wrestling at an Akhara in Sohna in Haryana, India.

Indian Wrestling - Hanuman Akhara

Wrestlers warming up before practice at Hanuman Akhara in Delhi.

Kushti Wrestling Documentary - A Peek In The World Of Indian Wrestlers

Lot's of thanks to Kushti Ke Deewane for making this documentary possible. You can find their channel in the link below, and subscribe!

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Making of Badam Ragda with ingredients:

Thanks for watching!

Kushti Wrestling कुश्ती - Indian Wrestlers Training in Bijnor

Kushti practice in Bijnor. Indian wrestlers training at rural akhara in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. कुश्ती

Wrestling in India: Morning Practice at Jagdev Pahalwan's Akhada

Wrestling. Kushti. Indian Wrestling. कुश्ती. Morning wrestling practice at Jagdev Pahalwan's akhara in Kohali, Punjab.

Desi Power Training for Upper Body Ft. Wrestler Sunny Joon

#KushtiKD #Whatsapp_8287320544 Kushti Wrestling Power Training for Upper Body by Wrestler Sunny Joon.
Best Workout For Power.
Equipments Used :- Indian Mace - Gada, Indian Barbell - Sumtola, Indian Clubs - Mudgar, Dumbells, Neck Ring - Gal Nar or Gal Hasri.
These All Equipments are Used by Ancient Indian Wrestler While Training In Traditional Indian Kushti Wrestling Akharas.

Music Credit :- NCS ( NoCopyrightSounds )
Youtube Channel :-

Learn about Asian Style Folk Wrestling Called Desi Kushti in India and Pakistan

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Wrestlers Training at Railway Akhara in Delhi

Wrestling. Indian Wrestling. Kushti. Wrestlers begin afternoon practice at railway akhada, kishan gunj.

Kushti Training कुश्ती

kushti has a unique system

Sangam Institute of Indian Martial Arts / Japan

Bania Jammu Desi kushti workout

Bania jammu workout in akhada. Bania amen practice time in akhara. Bania jammu kushti bania jammu jump.
Bania jammu workout,
benja jammu kushti workout,
benia jammu full workout
benia jammu
benia jammu workout
benia jammu kushti dangal
bania jammu new kushti
bania jammu new kushti,
desi workout,
kushti workout

Julian Hanton Learns a few tricks from me and now he is ready to take the challange

Guru Jasram Akhada , NewDelhi

Indian Wrestlers best Pushups - Sapate || Kushti Ke Deewane ||

#KushtiKD #Whatsapp_8287320544
Sapate - ऊठक बैठक
Favourite #Workout of Indian #Wrestlers in Akhada
Sapate helps in building strength,stamina,power,
Shoulders,strong legs and broad chest.

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Freestyle Wrestling Practice at Guru Hanuman Akhara

Wrestlers at Guru Hanuman Akhara in Delhi practicing freestyle wrestling.

Wrestling Full Day Diet Plan in Hindi ~ Kushti Ke Deewane

Full Day Diet Plan for Beginners

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Pehlwani is a form of wrestling from the South Asia. It was developed in the Mughal Empire by combining native malla-yuddha with influences from Persian varzesh-e bastani. The words pehlwani and kushti derive from the Persian terms pahlavani and koshti respectively. It is likely that the word derives from the Iranian word Pehalavi denoting an Iranian people.



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