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Asu Pehlwan Son of Achi Pehlwan Multani | Akhara Training

Asu Pehlwan is Son of Achi Pehlwan Multani. Achi Pehlwan Multani is International Pakistani wrestler .He was so popular in Mud Wrestling .He defeated many wrestler . This Video is based on Kushti Training. Training for wrestling. Mud Wrestling is Ancient sports in Subcontinent. Asu Pehlwan is training hard for wrestling. Keep supporting...
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Desi Akhada Workout Ft. पहलवान Sunny Joon

Traditional Kushti Akhada Workout By Wrestler Sunny Joon ( Haryana Kesari )

Bania Jammu Kushti Workout

Bania Jammu Benia Amin
Pehalwan kushti workout
Complete Training
Best Workout Ever

Bania jammu (desi pehlwani workout) 2019

Bania jammu workout 2019
New Bania jammu Kushti workout 2019
Bania jammu
Bania jammu jump
Bania jammu kushti 2019
Bania jammu workout

Lucknow Akhara - Traditional Kushti Wrestling workout

What an interesting day this was. So I have been to Lucknow before, but little did I know that this modern city has so many traditional akhara's. This specific akhara is a vyayam shala and the people were very kind to show me all they do. Enjoy the video, subscribe for more good stuff!

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Akhara Varanasi - Typical Indian Kushti Exercises (MUST WATCH)

My second video from my trip to India. In this video you can see many typical indian exercises that these people perform on a regular basis. More to come!!

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Desi Breakfast for Wrestling - Kushti Pehalwan Diet Secrets

#KushtiKD #Whatsapp_8287320544
Wrestler's Dalia Recipe - Best morning breakfast diet for wrestlers.
Kushti Wrestling Diet Secrets.

Nisar doda (full pehlwani workout)2019

Nisar doda workout 2019
Nisar doda pehlwani workout
New nisar doda kushti workout 2019
Nisar doda new Kushti workout


Jassa Patti V/S Bania Amin Jammu (Mullanpur Garibdass 22-08-2016)


Indigenous Games - 'Pehlwani' Traditional Form of Wrestling

Pehlwani is a form of wrestling from the Indian subcontinent.

Bini - Pehlwan Amjid vs Badar Munir (Kharack Mela 27-3-18)

Bini Between Legend Pehlwan Ch Amjid From Keighley vs Pehlwan Badar Munir.

Belanjakan Seruuu dengan Bantingan Dahsyat Hard Fight Extreem Lombok Tradision

Belanjakan tradisi Lombok yang hampir punah kini di gaungkan lagi (dibudayakan) lagi di GOR Masbagik

Desi Akhada Workout Ft पहलवान Sunny Joon

Desi Akhada Workout Ft. पहलवान Sunny Joon
Traditional Kushti Akhada Workout By Wrestler Sunny Joon (Haryana Kesari )
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Gym vs पहलवान(akhada) competition

Welcomekush fitness basic informationGym vs पहलवान(akhada) competition
Jim, pahlwan, gym vs pahlwan
gym instrument

kush fitness
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Dangal Girl - Geeta phogat Workout Motivation

#KushtiKD #Whatsapp_8287320544

Geeta Phogat - Indian Female Wrestler
Kushti Wrestling Motivation

Raja Waseem Sumandar vs Raja Umar Hayat (Full With Ceremony)

Bini Between Two Great Legend Pehalwan Raja Waseem Sumandar From Chaksawari vs Pehalwan Raja Umar Hayat Khan From Kotli

Bania jammu - Desi power Training

Bania jammu new workout video
bania jammu
bania amen
bania jammu desi workout
new Kushti dangal bania jammu..

HADHI IRAN - New Pehlwani Workout || 2020 ||

HADHI IRAN - New Pehlwani Workout || 2020 ||
Hadhi iran workout
Hodhi iran new workout
Irani Pehlwan

Jassa Patti Leg workout ????????|India Wale Tiger|

#kushti #wrestling



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