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Battle at Alamo Scenario game at Top Gun Paintball part 2

Crank me up to 720p!!

Playing Battle at Alamo Scenario game at Top Gun Paintball on August 2013. It's actually right next to Six Flag in NJ. The field was amazing to play on and would recommend others to come out to this game Aug 2014. The game ended in a tie.

This is my brother's footage by the way. :)

Music: You by Kicks n Licks

Patball Geekz

Patball Patball Patball
Old School, those were the days!!

Best professional paintball game of 2013? Houston Heat vs Ton Tons

Full 30 minute video. Complete game of GI Sportz Houston Heat VS Toulouse TonTons. This game was filmed in Germany. Join the discussion on PbNation:

Millennium Series 2013, European Masters - CPL Finals: Toulouse Tontons vs. GI Houston Heat

(1) Gholia Khurd ( Moga) Dog Raing 13 Dec 2015

(1) Gholia Khurd ( Moga) Dog Raing 13 Dec 2015
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Amazing World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation

Check out some of the slickest cheats, best bunker moves and coolest breakouts from the 2012 Paintball World Cup. Not to mention a full on meltdown from a hopper jam. There's even a little 10-Man action!

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Filmed by Arthur Dolzhansky and edited by Nick Cucuzza of DerDer.

This Is Paintball

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Supported by Empire Paintball:

Special thanks to Simon Dalton for the additional footage, and Jason Gardener for the Contour footage.

Song is Feel Stronger by Gemini:

Filmed in New Zealand at Combat Zone Paintball during the final of the Southern Series tournament.

paintball insane fire fight

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Airsoft CZ - Dog Attack [CZ + ENG SUBTITLES]

Záznam z průzkumu lokace 17.12.2016.

Koukněte na můj kanál kde najdete víc videí z akcí ;)


A bunch of pathetic students showcase the beautiful game that is Patball around the sunny backdrops of Cambridge.

Paintball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

It's paintball time!

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How fast can a paintball gun shoot? Max BPS Reflex Rail

For those that are asking here is what my gear is and links to everything on Amazon:
Marker: 2012 DYE / Proto Reflex Rail ( )
Hopper/loader: DYE Rotor ( )
Tank: Ninja Air Duracarbon with pro reg

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I turn my 2012 Reflex Rail to full auto and uncap the BPS to see what would happen. After the first hopper of paint I put in fresh batteries and tried again just to be sure it was feeding at full speed.

Unfortunately it didn't come anywhere near 34 balls per second. I'd estimate it closer to 12-13.

Amazing Kids of Paintball

Share this video and get more families involved in paintball! We all know paintball moms are way cooler than soccer moms...

North Texas Shockwave Paintball spent the weekend competing at AXBL Dallas hosted by Cousins Paintball Park. The team consists of young guns and divisional players, this is their story.

Filmed and Edited by Sina Azmoudeh of The Pure Production

Music by:
Braken - To The Stars {monster cat release}
Hellberg - This is forever {monster cat release}

PV Lions Olympics - Pat Ball Competition

PV Lions Olympics - win your ticket to the Games!

St Paul's Academy Patball Day 1 & 2

St Paul's Academy cross curricular week. Patball, a history was hosted by Mr Candy, Mr Brown and Mr Turner. The two days involved took in discussions on rules, the history of Patball and filming the whole experience. There was Patball tournament on each day with qualifying rounds, two semi finals and a grand final. A new game was also developed known as the 'Royal rumble' where all 30 competitors and staff took part in one game!

131 Paintball Hits in 4 minutes at Minor League Paintball Event #3

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Minor League Paintball's event #3 at Panama City. We count 131 hits in 4 minutes! Be sure to like and subscribe to PbNation's YouTube channel to see more videos like these!

Next Event
Birmingham, Al July 26-27
Dye PR1ME Time Challenge!

Filmed and edited by The Pure Production's Sina Azmoudeh

I Pat I future soccer star

6-year old boy, already showing great control of the ball, dribbling and use of both legs to finish his goals...

St Paul's Academy Crossbar challenge

The staff at St Paul' Academy take on Soccer AM's Crossbar Challenge!

Patball 1

The thrilling climax to the first season of the Patball Championship. The league went right down to the wire, with the Shanny Shanny Shan Shan Shans emerging victorious, despite losing a thrilling final match 4-3 to Carters.

Capture the Flag at CQB Paintball - Pistol Play

InBlack from Modern Intel heads down to CQB Paintball in Toronto, Ontario for some capture the flag using his Tiberius 8.1 pistol.
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Kobe Gives Curry Respect After Draining Long Three

Stephen Curry frees himself for the long bomb on Kobe Bryant who gives his respect after.

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