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Best Parasailing experience in Barcelona

The new parasailing experience has arrived in Barcelona! Fly 150 meters over the sea and ejoy the amazing views of the skyline.
Great experience for groups and families!


parasailing in ocean city, MD


Parasailing Jubail

Parasailing in Jubail by Adventure Khobar

Parasailing Boat Delivered and Tested İn Japan - Alesta Marine

Parasailing Boat Delivered and Tested İn Japan - Alesta Marine

We delivered one of our custom made Parasailing Boat (Explosion) to our customer in Japan, and our CEO Evren Engin attended to train the team on the specifics of driving the boat and also deploying the parachute, etc. He taught them all safety measures and he spent a week in Japan training the customers team, ahead of the upcoming watersports season.

Training is available, and if you are thinking of adding a parasailing boat to your boating collection, but are unsure of the specifics of doing this, you can contact us for help & further information!

Mobile & Whatsapp: +90 532 658 48 00

Parasailing - Terbang bagai Rajawali #parasailing #chenang #langkawi

Salah satu pengisian dalam program Public Speaking Mastery (PSM) adalah menaiki parasailing yang rata-rata gerun dan takut dirasakan oleh para peserta namun berakhir dengan keterujaan dalam mencubanya malah ada yang mencubanya dua kali.

Parasailing Cancun - GoPro

Parasailing o paralelismo en Playa del Carmen, Mexico

OCMD Parasailing [800 feet]

Parasailing in OCMD 800 feet in the air in August 2015

Please watch: EXPLORING Largest Tectonic CAVE in PA | WIND CAVE Pequea, PA


Parasailing With Shaheen Adventures (FULL Video)

Event organised by Shaheen Adventures Pakistan for details call us at 03341111759

Difference between PARAGLIDING and PARASAILING one must know.

Basic Difference between Paragliding & Parasailing one must know. Often people new to the sport get confused between Paragliding and Parasailing though they sound similar but they are completely different. This informational video will help you with basic difference one must know between Paragliding and Parasailing.

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Temple Pilots Paragliding is Asia's Leading Paragliding school based in Maharashtra,India.
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#Parasailing with Yannis Watersports in #Kos Greece

Parasailing with Yannis Watersports in Kos, Greece! We booked a para sailing ride when in Kos, just below the Kipriotis hotels and next to the Ramira hotel. There they have a dock and small business called Yannis Water Sports. It is a family run business and they are very friendly. The parasailing was fun and they even got dipped in the water and shot back up in the air again, just before the parachute touches the water! Very cool. #Greece #Griekenland #Kos #parasailing #Watersports

If on Kos and south of the Kos-town around the Kipriotis Panorama Hotel and Suites or the Kipriotis village, then when on the beach, walk on over to the Yannis Watersports group. They have all kinds of actives. From jet-skies to water skiing and parasailing to those large inflatables or floats that get towed around behind a speed or power boat. Parasail with the coastline of Turkey on one-side and Kos, Greece on the other with Yannis WaterSports!

parasailing in destin florida

parasailing in destin florida #parasailing #destinfl #destinfun



Parasailing in Nusa Dua Bali

Bit of GoPro Hero 2 footage parasailing at Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

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Parasailing in Jamaica

Parasailing Islamorada

Melany, Ashley and Tommy head to Robbie’s to parasail around Duck Key and Islamorada.

Ashley’s phone case -

Beach Party - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Parasailing in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Full video of our parasailing flight in Montego Bay, Jamaica in April 2016.

Crazy Parasailing in Thailand with No Harness

Parasailing Thailand is quite the adventure! Watch as Melissa Bachman and her brother go up with this man controlling the ropes without being tied in at all!
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Parasailing Safety Video

Parasailing in DUBAI!

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Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand (Patong Beach) - Crash landed in the water

It wasn't supposed to end like this....but it was fun!

PARAGLIDING GONE WRONG COMPILATION | Parasailing | Hang gliding | Survivors

Paragliding is an adventures as well as dangerous sport. The same goes with Parasailing with a boat, Hang Gliding and motor gliding. Things GO Wrong no matter what. Every time you fly there is a risk of accidents which includes one paraglider crashing with other paraglider. Wind going nuts, parachute starts spinning and 100 other unforeseen factors that can result in a crash. Sometimes people forget to attach a buckle. Wire or rope attaching parachute to the boat breaks unexpectedly letting parachute to break away taking passengers with it towards deep sea. In parasailing sometimes boat gets slow resulting in parasailers getting drowned or dipped in sea water. Factors contributing in Paragliding, parasailing and hang gliding include human factors as well as forces of nature. Paragliding gives great flying experience but have great risk including loss of life, attached to it.

This video does not have fatal accidents included. If there is any, it could be a mistake.

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