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Pankration -84kg Men's Finals

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all about pankration techniques on Human Weapon

Armak Pankration Spartan Academy

Pedotrivis Master Aris Makris

pankration greece

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Master Moves of Pankration (Ancient Unarmed Combat) - Human Weapon

History Channel : Human Weapon

ancient Greek pankration techniques representation of vase picture


Pankration Mix 👊 (This is the Greek Martial Arts) in HD

Das Pankration (griechisch παγκράτιον „Allkampf, Gesamtkampf“; gesprochen „Pankrátion“, von griechisch pan „alles“, kratos „Kraft“) bezeichnet eine Kampfkunst bei den altgriechischen Festspielen, die erstmals 648 v. Chr. bei den 33. Olympischen Spielen nachweisbar ist. Nach dem Scholiast zu Pindar wurde das Pankration vom mythologischen Theseus erfunden, als er ohne Waffen gegen den Minotaurus kämpfen musste.

Drunken Kung Fu Challenges Pankration

Awesome guy enters Pankration fight class with drunken Kung Fu style, and proves to be a sticky challenge for his opponent. The crowd loved this guy and cheered him on.

Панкратион Лучшие Моменты PANKRATION martial arts BEST MOMENTS/Highlights бои битва mma

Лучшие моменты с чемпионата Нижнего Новгорода по панкратиону который прошел 11 октября 2015 года.
#панкратион #бои #mma #bestmoments #битва #martialarts #combatsports #sambo

2008 Pankration Fight Santa Barbara

This is my first fight of the tournament.

Human Weapon - Pankration

Human Weapon.

Modern Pankration

Two old school mixed martial artists battle for over twenty minutes in a pre-UFC Pancrase match.

Pankration Now, with Elias “Spartan” Theodorou

In this Podcast Elias shares with us how he got to being a top tir UFC fighter as well as his future plans.

Martial Art of Pankration Best Moment Throws and blows MMA Панкратион Броски Удары

Martial Art of Pankration Best Moment Throws and blows Панкратион Броски Удары Лучшие моменты с турнира.
Моменты с Чемпионата Нижнего Новгорода по Панкратиону. 11 октября 2015г.

Pankration History Channel.wmv

A short movie about Pankration, the ancient Greek martial art developed by the Spartans.

Muay Thai vs Pankration: Team MMA Fighting (TFC) - Sweden vs Latvia

RusticB is back on Fight Commentary Breakdowns. I also bring in Adam Arnali as the three of us watch a crazy 5 vs 5 fight on YouTube. This is from Team Fighting Championship (TFC) season two. In this fight, five fighters from Sweden (The Wisemen) take on five fighters from Latvia (Sanda LPF). We watch the full fight and the individual fight breakdowns. To follow Rustic, check out his channel:
Here's Adam's channel:

Timecodes: 0:32 Latvian team; 2:36 Latvian teams come out; 3:34 Swedish team comes out; 4:43 Fighter breakdown; 5:03 Fight Starts; Fight details: 9:48 The Persien vs Riha; 12:05 MJ vs Slavyanin; 13:44 Pyro vs Kuvalda; 16:19 Sten vs Medved; 17:57 Alejandro vs Janka; 20:23 Final Thoughts On Fight

What do you guys want to see next? Let us know in the comments.

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Here's the full video of the fights

Here's TFC's website Całe oficjalne ważenie przed Galą Pankration MMA Włodawa

Zapis oficjalnego ważenia przed galą zaplanowana na 10 września 2016 we włodawskim amfiteatrze.

pankration vs kung fu fight

watch here:

Shai Hai fight in Israeli national pancartion championship. Shai Hai guy in the black gi is a master in kung fu and hes wish was to fightin just in stand up ( karate fight ) ,not grappling or pankaration

#PANKRATION World Cup 2016 OFFICIAL Highlights

14-15 May

Riga, Latvia



Latvian PANKRATION Federation

President: Sergey Domnin

Music: Machinimasound - Final Hour

Brian Ortega - CA Pankration Championships

This is Brian Ortega representing the Gracie Academy at the CA Pankration Championnnships on April 6, 2008
He competed in the Junior Lightweight Division.
Sorry the music cuts off half way through. I originally put the entire video to several Linkin Park songs, but apparently they didn't give me permission to use them so the YouTube police told me I had to do and Audio Swap, which only gave me the option of adding a single song. Their selection was pretty limited so this was the best I could do. Sorry, Brian. You still wiped the matt with those guys! Nice work!



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