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Professional Paintball F1RST

This short film by George Fava can get you hyped up until you can get back out to play some paintball.

This film originally debuted on Planet Eclipse's channel. Go subscribe here:

The first event for the Eclipse CS2.

First event as Pro for Sacramento DMG, Scottsdale Elevation and New York Xtreme.

First place Pro for Edmonton Impact.


By Planet Eclipse and George Fava.

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Best professional paintball game of 2013? Houston Heat vs Ton Tons

Full 30 minute video. Complete game of GI Sportz Houston Heat VS Toulouse TonTons. This game was filmed in Germany. Join the discussion on PbNation:

Millennium Series 2013, European Masters - CPL Finals: Toulouse Tontons vs. GI Houston Heat

Best Paintball Fails & Funny Moments #5

The best paintball fails and funny moments. Epic paintball gameplay always comes with it's fair share of fails. Don't take paintball so seriously; this isn't airsoft! Just sit back and enjoy these bloopers, mistakes and pure fails.

All of the footage contained in this video was either filmed with my own personal action cameras or was sent in to be used in these paintball compilation videos between 1/JAN/2017 - 31/DEC/2017

My apologies to those who have submitted their clips, I no longer have the links to your channels. As this is a reuploaded video with some added commentary after YouTube forced me to take down the original one. I had no plan of re-uploading this originally; so I never copied the original video description before deleting the video.

Submit your own paintball fails here:

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Amazing World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation

Check out some of the slickest cheats, best bunker moves and coolest breakouts from the 2012 Paintball World Cup. Not to mention a full on meltdown from a hopper jam. There's even a little 10-Man action!

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Filmed by Arthur Dolzhansky and edited by Nick Cucuzza of DerDer.


NXL Pro Paintball: Xfactor vs Houston Heat - entire match! Aftershock vs Uprising!

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Thumbnail photo by Gary Baum of Paintball Photography

Ninjaball Paintball - Xball Tournament

18 Teams, one incredible day of Paintball. The best sport in the world.

1st: BC Blaze
2nd: BTA
3rd: SDS
4th: Super Best Friends
1st: DBS Factory
2nd: NW Synergy
3rd: South Sound Reign Black
4th: Rain City Ballers

Seattle Ninjas/Ninjaball
DoodleBug Sportz
GI Sportz

October 12, 2019

Register Today:

Special thanks to the following fields for getting the layout up for teams to practice:

Impact Action Sports: Tualatin, OR
Diamond Hill Paintball: Harrisburg, OR
Operation Paintball: Graham, WA
Ambush Paintball: Surrey, BC

Filmed By:
Dylan Fout (
Trent Gallagher (@buzzlighthere)

Edited By:
Dylan Fout (

Lemme know if ya wanna make something:

My name is Dylan Fout and I own and operate The Place For Things. A new media company concentrated on storytelling inside of Paintball. Our primary focus and company mission is to grow the sport through Film, Photography, Graphic Design, and Web Design. We believe that the athletes who come out every single weekend to play in the heat and rain deserve to be spotlighted in the same way that athletes in Baseball, Football, and Basketball get covered.

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade directing, filming, and editing music videos so now it’s time to take the skill sets I’ve learned and apply them towards the greater good of a sport that I am head over heels in love with. Fortunately, I’m not fighting this battle alone. Currently, our company is comprised of three individuals:

Dylan Fout: Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Colorist, Player
Ian Freedman: Manager, D3 Seattle Ninja Player
Trent Gallagher: Cinematographer, Player

If you’ve ever played the sport, you likely know that Paintball is a lot like hitting a home run after you 360 windmill dunk while catching a Hail Mary touchdown in overtime because you just sank a hole in one during a no hitter. Between the sound of the markers firing off and the curse words that echo through the air, there is no better place in the world than on a Paintball Field.

Ninjaball is a PNW tournament series hosted by the Seattle Ninjas at Doodlebugs Sportz in Snohomish, Washington. I was lucky enough to have been given an opportunity to film a recap of the event with my friend, Trent Gallagher. I’m eternally grateful to the owners, players, coaches, and refs who let some Paintball noobs run around like idiots throughout the tournament and capture their greatness. This was our first time creating a paintball video and we CANNOT wait to get back to work.

If you, your team, or your company are looking to collaborate - please do feel free to reach out. We have so many ideas and only the best of intentions for the sport. Would love to hear your story!

We’ll see you at NXL Chicago!

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Amazing Pro Paintball Xball match: Xfactor vs Russian Legion and DMG vs Outlaws in the NXL

San Antonio Xfactor takes on Russian Legion and DMG faces the Outlaws in this split deck NXL match from the 2019 Philadelphia Open.

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Demolition - Urban Assault - Paintball Wars

Call of Duty style demolition on Urban Assault map at TNT Paintball. More paintball wars gameplay on a small sized field with plenty of room for movement.

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Professional NXL Paintball - Dynasty vs Damage and Impact vs Aftermath

The Philadelphia NXL marks the halfway point of the US professional paintball circuit. This event brought surprises, comebacks, downward spirals and a new winner that hasn't won an NXL event before. Watch as San Diego Dynasty takes on Tampa Bay Damage and Edmonton Impact battles newcomer San Diego Aftermath in these two matches.

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Intense Paintball Match

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In this video Billy & Jezza go head to head in a brutal paintball penalty challenge!
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NXL Vegas 2018: Semi Pro Paintball: Prelims: TonTons vs Hawaiian Heat

Raw footage of the TonTon's first prelim match against Hawaiian Heat. Spoiler alert: final score was 4-3 TonTon's.

I am available for hire at all NXL events. Photo and video coverage is available. Message me if you're interested.

Raw footage from the NXL Vegas event. Filmed at Craig Ranch Regional Park.

TonTon's ended up going 2-2 in the prelims and did not move on.
Hawaiian Heat went 2-2 but moved on. They ended up losing to Aftermath in the quarter finals.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 70-200 f2.8

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The Best Starter Paintball Guns in 2018 and 2019

Getting started in paintball, or any new hobby can be overwhelming. After talking about paintball every day for the last 16 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about which paintball guns are best in which category. Let's take a look at some of the best starter markers, whether you want something that is super basic or something electronic with a high rate of fire.

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Some of the best paintball guns in the USA and Canada

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Tippmann Cronus ➡
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➖Electronic Markers ➖
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Amazing Kids of Paintball

Share this video and get more families involved in paintball! We all know paintball moms are way cooler than soccer moms...

North Texas Shockwave Paintball spent the weekend competing at AXBL Dallas hosted by Cousins Paintball Park. The team consists of young guns and divisional players, this is their story.

Filmed and Edited by Sina Azmoudeh of The Pure Production

Music by:
Braken - To The Stars {monster cat release}
Hellberg - This is forever {monster cat release}

Nuketown Paintball Field x HK Army

Nuketown map from Call of Duty Black Ops was re-created in real life for Paintball at Paintball Explosion in Chicago! HK Army got invited to go to the Grand Opening of the Nuketown Field at Paintball Explosion and not only is it the real deal, but it played awesome from either side or team!! This video features footage from the grand opening and also from a previous HK Army streetball event we held at Paintball Explosion!

Filmed & Edited by Cassidy Sanders


Asi jugamos Paintball en GDL Jalisco 2

First Time Playing Paintball with a Speedball Gun - Valken Code Gameplay

It's been 5 years since I last played paintball using a hopper. Valken Sports was awesome enough to hook me up with a Valken Code Speedball Gun for the Summer Campout at Sniperz Den in St Pauls Oregon.

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Testing and Shooting DEFY Paintballs - D3FY Review

DEFY Paintballs have been gaining attention as a quality paintball that doesn't cost a lot. I decided to try a couple of their different grades out and made a video so you could get an idea of what they offer.

With 3 grades and 4 distinct types of paintballs, DEFY is trying hard to get players the paint they need to hit the field. Paint ranges from Levels 1 to 3. As the level goes up, so does the accuracy fragility and quality of fill. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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Paintball World Cup Asia 2017

This is The Paintball World Cup Asia 2017 held at a beautiful venue, The Arc – Bandar Rimbayu, Selangor from 10th to 12th November 2017.

Altogether 30 teams with players from Iran, France, Brunei, Tahiti, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia participate in the tournament.

Photo Gallery of the event:

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

.50 Caliber Modified Pinokio Paintball Hopper (700+ rounds!)

.50 Caliber Modified Pinokio Paintball Hopper (700+ rounds!)



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