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Frisbee Trick Challenge: Padiddle

Der Padiddle

Die Frisbee Trick Challenge stellt kleine freestyle Moves mit der Frisbeescheibe / Disc vor, verbunden mit dem Aufruf, es selber zu machen!

Erstelle ein eigenes Video und adde unseren DFV Instagram-Kanal @frisbeesportverband und #frisbeetrickchallenge - that's it!

Der Deutsche Frisbeesport-Verband ist das Hauptorgan der Landesverbände und Vereine der verschiedenen Sportarten, die mit Flugscheiben in Deutschland ausgeübt werden. Dies sind im Einzelnen die Sportarten Ultimate (zB Beau Kittdrege, Manuela Cardenas) , Discgolf (zB Brodie Smith, Simon Lizotte) , Freestyle , sowie DDC (Double Disc Court oder auch Doppelfeldfrisbee) Guts, und weitere Einzeldispziplinen.

padiddle 001 (jan 2012)

After seeing one of the IJA contest tutorials I decided to learn to padiddle. The tutorial is found at Just learning it, and hoping it will give my juggling a little variety.


Padiddle week 2

Really hard to get it consistent, but there are a few more rainy days to come.

Cum sa invarti mingea pe deget | Super Schema | #invatafreestyle

Cum sa invarti mingea pe deget | Super Schema | #invatafreestyle
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Padiddle day 4

If you're gonna waste your time, at least make sure you waste it well...

Tutorial Request: Backcrosses

Title says it all. I am HONESTLY trying to satisfy all tutorial requests I've gotten. I am committed to this. If you are looking for yours, all I can as is: Be patient. I will get to it.

Also, other great tutorials (not just me!) can be found at

Posted 2/24/08.

Top Rated Sports - #93 on 2-25-08. (That is just for my own notes, Folks.)

Wrist Stretching Exercises (for Jugglers)

I've actually wanted to make this video for a while now. My goal is to offer advice about how to keep one of the most important pieces of juggling equipment (your wrists!) working over the long run (your lifetime). Post for June 25, 2007.

Some Backcross Work

The goal for me this practice wasn't to nail a zillion backcross tricks, per se, and I didn't. Rather I was just trying to see what I might be inspired to do, making backcrosses an element of the practice session. Perhaps surprisingly, the combination at 1:01 was one of the trickiest for me to nail smoothly because you have to reverse the throw and the club's orientation in back to back moves. (Post for August 20, 2007)


clasificados avanzado DisCovid 0 2

listo ya 3 de los 4 cupos que se tienen para la semifinal del DisCovid 0.2.
Esperamos al siguiente clasificado del repechaje.

Dealers Grip by D&D

How to flip a pizza 101 with Lewis Frankie Brown

how to flip a pizza:)

jamie spinning dough at the ice shop

practice session at the Ice Shop a few days before World Pizza Games in Vegas. Check out the attempted knee grab at the end, almost got it.

Freestyle Football - Determination - Practise

This is just a quick mix-up of one afternoons practise.

The video was uploaded to encourage anybody, not just freestyle footballers to never give up. Your goals can be reached.

You can and will achieve them, with time and persistence.

This video is non-profit and therefore the song used (C2C - C.Y.D.T.T) is used for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks for watching, and I hope that I have inspired you.

Cheers guys!

Caderno skate

Brisando na sala de aula.

Girando a bola no Lapís

Taytay Sparks amazing pizza trick.

Taylor + Pizza = Total amazement.

Guido Superstar

Queto ragazzo riesce a tenere la palla sl dito per 2 e anke di +...

diogo e francisco fazendo flé

BMX erro de 360 ??




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