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padiddle 001 (jan 2012)

After seeing one of the IJA contest tutorials I decided to learn to padiddle. The tutorial is found at Just learning it, and hoping it will give my juggling a little variety.


Padiddle day 4

If you're gonna waste your time, at least make sure you waste it well...

Padiddle week 2

Really hard to get it consistent, but there are a few more rainy days to come.

Battling Boredom: NO Siteswap

God, it feels good just to get out there and juggle! No agenda, just sweat and joy.

My form is iffy on some stuff, sure. I got lucky on some stuff, too, you betcha. Still, there are a few nuggets in here I was glad to get on vid.

Peace out for now.


VID 20160323 WA0003

Siteswap Study 2012: Vol. 1

Here it is, Folks. Volume one of the iPad siteswap challenge I have set for myself. The challenge is less about skill and much more about getting myself out there to actually DO some juggling, since I did mostly NO juggling during 2011. Like, really, no juggling at all.... It's pathetic.

The result here is less than impressive (prepare to be underwhelmed!) but I don't care. I went out and juggled!

Here are the parameters I punched into the simulator:
Props: 3
Period: 6
Max Throw Height: 7

The result was close to 300 patterns. This vid offers the first 14. Uh, clearly, I'll be here a while.

For all future vids, I realize I should do the siteswap pattern on BOTH SIDES. I did not this time but will in the future.

In this vid are (assume the 33 before all these numbers, please):
3333, 3423, 3342, 3441, 3522, 3531, 4233, 4242, 4413, 4440, 4512, 4530, 5223, and 5241.

I did them with a mix of clubs and balls.

Towels Spin Hooks in slow motion and shit

Towels RTK

I don't normally throw kicks,

but when I do they are above your head

btw I totally am tripping

El Colorado Mini Ramp 2 -

El Colorado Mini Ramp The Movie 2
-TIm Humphreys
-James Newman
-Will Best
-Ted Cocuzza

4 Ball Siteswaps: Issue 1

I hate siteswaps. (They challenge my brain WAY too much.) But I've challenged myself to return to the basics a bit more.

I've had some requests to show some tricks that beginner and intermediate 4 ball jugglers might attempt. This video is that. At least 6 of these were new to me when I set out to learn them last week so my form might be spotty. I have ordered them roughly in terms of level of difficulty, from easiest to harder.

More and harder ones in the next installment.

Lastly, I am heading to the IJA very soon and so will be away from my computer a while. I have been able to watch everyone's vids only sporadically lately, too-- blame it on the summer. I'll try to catch up as best I can.

Music: Madonna's latest CD Hard Candy.

Tutorial Request: Backcrosses

Title says it all. I am HONESTLY trying to satisfy all tutorial requests I've gotten. I am committed to this. If you are looking for yours, all I can as is: Be patient. I will get to it.

Also, other great tutorials (not just me!) can be found at

Posted 2/24/08.

Top Rated Sports - #93 on 2-25-08. (That is just for my own notes, Folks.)

3 in 1 Hand: A Brief Study

Once again, the title says it all. I am proud that, in MOST cases, I qualified these moves all around-- that is, before and after the trick itself-- and did so with both right and left hands. (There is one exception. While I qualified the overhead throws with the left hand itself, I couldn't make it materialize on both sides of that trick. Better luck next time, I suppose.) Post for August 13, 2007.

Wrist Stretching Exercises (for Jugglers)

I've actually wanted to make this video for a while now. My goal is to offer advice about how to keep one of the most important pieces of juggling equipment (your wrists!) working over the long run (your lifetime). Post for June 25, 2007.

justin world pizza games finals

Justin Wadstein routine 2009

US Pizza Team Acrobatic Performance

US Pizza Team takes 2nd place at the World Pizza Championships 2009 in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy!
Team members: Patt Miller, Ryan Larose, Juan Hermasillo, Chris Green

3 Club Equilibrium Miscellenea

A small collection of 3 club balance moves-- at least one of which is kinda cool. And there's a decent combination at the very end. (Post for March 19, 2007.)


For all my 4 ball jugglers out there (you know who you are). Try this: get 120+ catches of 4 balls three times in a row-- with clean finishes and no drops. If you do it right, it really shouldn't take all that long, right? And, by the way, if you mess up at any point before completing the three dropless sets in a row, then you have to start the challenge all over again.

Danser dans les chaines

«Danser dans les chaînes: regarder les difficultés en face, puis étendre dessus l’illusion de la facilité» -Nietzsche

3 (Balls) in 1 Hand: A Tutorial Request

Title says it all. Thanks to Ivan Pecel for the Pyramid Practice strategy.

As always, I think one of the best things about YouTube is that you, the viewer, can respond! Leave comments, offer up other bits of advice, disagree with me, make a video response of your own take on this stuff-- I don't care. It's all good. The more, the merrier!

Also, other great tutorials (not just me!) can be found at

Posted March 11, 2008

#67 - Most Discussed Sports on 3-12-08 (Thanks, All!)

'No me sabía ningún truco cuando llegué a los Harlem Globetrotters': Orlando Meléndez

El puertorriqueño es el único representante latino en este popular equipo de baloncesto

Kungfu - Mini Tutorial - Aprenda a girar o Bastão

Mini Tutorial para aprender a girar o bastão no Kungfu.
@wushuluiz (instagram e Tik Tok)



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