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padiddle 001 (jan 2012)

After seeing one of the IJA contest tutorials I decided to learn to padiddle. The tutorial is found at Just learning it, and hoping it will give my juggling a little variety.


Padiddle week 2

Really hard to get it consistent, but there are a few more rainy days to come.

Padiddle day 4

If you're gonna waste your time, at least make sure you waste it well...

Battling Boredom: NO Siteswap

God, it feels good just to get out there and juggle! No agenda, just sweat and joy.

My form is iffy on some stuff, sure. I got lucky on some stuff, too, you betcha. Still, there are a few nuggets in here I was glad to get on vid.

Peace out for now.


pizza acrobática treinamento

treinando acrobacia com massa de pizza.

pizza freestyle

esibizione di freestyle

flourishes for collab



Add you own music if you need to !

Partir à l'ost

2 après-midis au Poët-Laval.
Musique: Sühnopfer - Partir à l'ost

springtime feb '13

The temperature was above 50 one Saturday in the middle of February, so I went for some juggling practice outdoors. These are tricks that I've been working on for the last year, maybe they're good, maybe not. None are polished yet.

Music is from Béla Fleck & The Flecktones. It's called Mudslingers of the Milky Way.

Master Plastic PIzza Spinner

Salvatore Di. Stefano shows his crust spinning mastery with a plastic pizza crust called ProDough in North Beach's Washington Square Park in San Francisco.

Dealers Grip by D&D

The Flourish: A Tutorial

If you already know how to do this trick, why would you watch this?! I've had, actually, SEVERAL requests for this, so here it is. Sound on this one is a not so great-- you might want to use earphones(??) to see if that helps with clarity. Finally, please feel free to add comments that might better explain what I've attempted to do. (Post for Sept. 3, 2007)

Old stuff

Was planning to film a lot of stuff, never got around to do it because of my injury, and I'm not fully healed yet, so I'll just post the few clips that were lying around.

Base tricks with pizza di di gomma by Giuseppe Maggio

Puoi comprare qui:

Siteswap Study 2012: Vol. 1

Here it is, Folks. Volume one of the iPad siteswap challenge I have set for myself. The challenge is less about skill and much more about getting myself out there to actually DO some juggling, since I did mostly NO juggling during 2011. Like, really, no juggling at all.... It's pathetic.

The result here is less than impressive (prepare to be underwhelmed!) but I don't care. I went out and juggled!

Here are the parameters I punched into the simulator:
Props: 3
Period: 6
Max Throw Height: 7

The result was close to 300 patterns. This vid offers the first 14. Uh, clearly, I'll be here a while.

For all future vids, I realize I should do the siteswap pattern on BOTH SIDES. I did not this time but will in the future.

In this vid are (assume the 33 before all these numbers, please):
3333, 3423, 3342, 3441, 3522, 3531, 4233, 4242, 4413, 4440, 4512, 4530, 5223, and 5241.

I did them with a mix of clubs and balls.

Danser dans les chaines

«Danser dans les chaînes: regarder les difficultés en face, puis étendre dessus l’illusion de la facilité» -Nietzsche

Pão com Oche - Malabarismo com Pizza

Visite o blog Pão com Oche: e veja todo conteúdo divertido que colocamos diariamente para vocês.

company picnic

Just a little juggling at the annual company picnic. This trick was my finale.



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