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Outrigger canoeing


Red Bull Wa'a Takes Outrigger Canoe Paddling by Storm

► More about the sport and the team HERE:
Before endurance and water sports existed, there was canoe paddling. Initially a vehicle used to hunt and fight has now become one of the largest growing fitness and endurance sports in the world. The U.S. outrigger canoe paddling team from Kona, the Red Bull Wa’a, have taken the age-old sport by storm and challenged the tenure of the Tahitian paddlers. For the Red Bull Wa’a, paddling isn’t just a means to peak personal strength - it’s spiritual. Team captain, Kainoa Tanoai, says When you’re paddling for four hours a day, you’re focused on the goal of competing at the highest level, but you’re also focused on being one with the ocean and respecting the canoe, your teammates, and the sport.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Outrigger Canoe Team Red Bull Wa'a Takes Age Old Sport by Storm

Outrigger Canoes Surfing Waves (vol.1)

If you want to see almost an hour of outrigger canoes surfing waves with epic background music - here it is.

All combined video segments were uploaded by paddlers from Hawaii and around the world. They deserve the credit for sharing their adventures.

If anyone has new links of canoes surfing (that we missed) it would be kindly appreciated for vol.2

Epic Maui to Lanai downwind outrigger surfing

One of the most unknown sports is outrigger canoeing. Sure, most people know an outrigger from the movies or some publication, or have seen it somewhere in Polynesia, but most don't really know the sport, what it's capable of, and how fun it is from flat water to actually surfing. This video demonstrates the surfing aspect of this amazing sport.

Watch a downwind surf crossing with Kai Bartlett and Bobby Pratt. Pure downwind surfing.

What Is Outrigger Canoeing, Va'a, Waka Ama, Outrigger paddling

What is Outrigger Canoe paddling? Or Va'a? Or Waka Ama? Outrigger paddling? I got tired of people asking me what this great sport is. So i made this clip a while back. Enjoy..

How to Steer an Outrigger Canoe, Strokes and Pokes

I am still a novice steersman, but I have a few tips that may help a paddler who wants to learn the basics. This video gives an overview of most of the strokes used to control the outrigger canoe. Any comments or advice are welcome. We can all learn from each other. A special thanks to Charlie from Menehune Paddles. Thanks for the video clips from

If any of the videos I used belong to you and you wish me to remove it from my lesson, just message me and let me know which section, and I will remove the video, re-edit it without your video. Thanks.

How to Choose Your Outrigger Canoe - OC1

Insights on how to choose the right outrigger canoe for you, your waters and conditions with Johnny Puakea.

GPS recommendation - SpeedCoach by NK

Music by Like Years
Available on iTunes and Spotify.
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Film by Sarah Craig
Instagram @saysayer

Tahitian Forward Stroke / Puakea Outrigger Canoe - Basic BIOMECHANICS & PHYSICS - Part 1 -

Here is Part 2 -
Part 3 -
The actual Regatta race -
and on a OC-1 Canoe -
or OC2 Techniques -
you can email me at

There is huge misunderstanding of what the Tahitian Forward stroke is ... Generally explained as SLOW through the water and Fast Return - Top Tahitian crews can paddle at 75 strokes / min the entire Molokai Race - Understand the PHYSICS of NOT BREAKING the Terminal Resistance of water as the determinant of the speed of the POWER phase of the stroke.

Impromptu Paddling Clinic for Paddlers at Keauhou Canoe Club -
How Paddling is really a FULL BODY workout when done properly
Have Purpose in the Paddling !

REGATTA Sprint Races -

Waka Ama Outrigger Canoe Racing - The Ultimate Waterman - Day 2

CLICK for full event coverage:
Day 2 of the Ultimate Waterman Competition saw athletes take to the open ocean off the coast of New Zealand for a 17km Waka Ama Outrigger canoe race. Danny Ching from the USA got downwind and used the ocean currents to earn himself a first place finish, followed closely by the Tahitian Georges Cronsteadt. Take a look at the best action from the Waka Ama leg of the event!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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John Puakea Teaches Canoe Paddling Technique: The Catch - Part 1

Here's another canoe paddling technique video from elite paddler and championship coach John Puakea. This time Johnny teaches us in detail an important part of the canoe paddle stroke: The Catch. According to Johnny, it is critical to set your catch correctly since it is the first part of your paddle stroke. If you don't get the catch right, it will be hard to get the rest of your stroke right as well. Johnny himself spent one year mastering his catch.

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About John Puakea (from

As the founder of Puakea Designs, John is an internationally sought after canoe builder as well as a championship-winning paddling coach, whose career as a canoeing innovator and promoter has evolved with the expanding paddling sports market.

Over years of coaching, John's own experience as an elite paddler, combined with his talent for refining technique and efficiency, have nurtured the best assets of other paddlers at the highest level of competition. After coaching the US National Kayak Team at various Olympic training centers, homesick, John moved back to Hawaii to coach various top outrigger canoe teams, including both the men's and the women's team for the winning Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki for six years.

As an exceptional technical coach, John has helped push world-class paddlers to the next level in international competition. His ability to improve the performance of already-elite paddlers also led Team Bradley to consecutive first-place finishes in the Molokai-to-Oahu Na Wahine O Ke Kai, and to the fastest crossing time by any women's team in the history of the race. Johnny has also coached top OC1 paddlers like Jimmy Austin, Danny Ching and Lauren Spalding.

John's knowledge of body mechanics complements his strengths in canoe building. His top-performing designs include the Kaimana, the Kainalu, the Pueo 1, the Ehukai—and the new superstar, the Kahe Kai—all OC1 canoes. New in OC6 production, is his very fast Puakea Unlimited (Malolo) canoe, owned by various West Coast mainland and international teams in anticipation of top times in this new ultralight division. Top Tahitian team, Shell Va'a, chose John's Makika OC6 design for the grueling Olamau Race in 2013, and won in all three stages.

John's inherent craftsmanship and design finesse come from an early indoctrination into canoe culture by his father, Bobby Puakea, beloved coach, renowned wooden canoe builder, and Puakea Foundation of Hawaii founder. While traditional sensibilities and a duty to cultural stewardship inspire John's designs, speed considerations drive the end product. John's elegantly styled canoes are among the fastest and race-proven on the water anywhere in the world.

For the wider paddling community, John is continuing to advance paddling performance with this new line of products, including outrigger and SUP paddles, applying the same technical and aesthetic standards used in his OC1s and OC6s. Additionally, John is also available (depending on his schedule) for coaching for clubs, groups and paddling events.

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Motorized Kayak + Self-made Outrigger


Don't Make a Kayak Fishing Stabilizer / Outrigger this Way!

THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT HOW NOT TO DO THIS!!! Bad ideas need coverage to warn folks. Do not try to make a stabilizer using your rod holder! A version of this concept was actually sold commercially! Yak-Gear used to use Scotty 350 rod holders to attach the stabilizer to the boat. The 2017 version on the YakGear site shows they redesigned their stabilizer to eliminate the rod holder. Looks like they now use a RAM type mount directly connected to a Scotty mount.

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Melanesia Outrigger Canoe - Wharram

Sail Canoe Melanésia, design James Wharram Build by Rogerio Martin. Sailing Peter Mirrow and Rogerio Martin

2012 World Championships of Outrigger Canoe Paddling

The wide and beautiful ocean beckons here in Hawai'i. And many answer the call by participating in a sport with deep ties to the history of the Islands: outrigger canoe paddling.

So what better place could there be to hold the World Championships of Outrigger Canoe Paddling? In this video, we visit the 2012 Championships, comprising of two races: one for women and the other for men.

Why the Volare? Part 1- Choosing an Outrigger Canoe

Johnny discusses the Volare, why he designed it, what it's good at, and why you need one.

GPS recommendation - SpeedCoach by NK

Music by Like Years
Available on iTunes and Spotify.
Find him on Instagram @johnboat

Film by Sarah Craig
Instagram @saysayer

Biomechanics of an outrigger canoe sprint champion

The speed of the blade through the water is generated from the speed of moving body parts which is generated by the amount of muscles and speed of muscle contractions moving the body parts; and more importantly co-ordinated in a particular way.

Outrigger Canoe Race May 27, 2017

Keehi Lagoon - Long Distance Start

2015 Birkenhead V1 Outrigger Canoe Race

15km V1 Va'a Race with Mark Malaki-Williams
Birkenhead, Auckland, NZ

Music by DJ Frank - Discotex! (Yah!)

Which outrigger canoe is faster? The Puakea Designs Kahe Kai vs. the Ehukai

We decided to conduct flatwater testing to see if how much speed the Kahe Kai gives up to the slightly more sleek Ehukai OC1. We conducted multiple runs, using heart rate as a control, to see if one canoe design has a significant speed advantage over the other.

Keep in mind that it's very difficult to control all the variables in a test like this, especially when you're dealing with wind, tide, boats, etc,

We tried to account for these variables in our protocol, and we feel pretty good about the results. Your mileage may vary depending on your paddling style, your height, weight, conditions, what you had for breakfast, but you might be surprised by what we found.

For more information on these two canoes, check out:


Traditional Outrigger canoe proa sailing Marshall Islands

Sailing a traditional marshallese outrigger canoe in Majuro. Thats a flying proa!

The traditional Marshallese canoes are the fastest native boat designs on the planet. Once you get familiar with their unique characteristics (especially the shunting maneuver) its lots of fun!

The canoe in the video was made by students from plywood and local lumber. Everything is lashed, no metal is used. The material to build on cost only 500$

Visit !

4 Person Outrigger Canoe Surfing Maui Hawaii (from back)

we took Hawaiian Paddle Sports newest toy out today, our OC4 (4 Person Hawaiian Outrigger Surfing Canoe) for some canoe surfing.



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