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Orienteering for beginners

Alexander Lines (aged 11) has made a short introduction to orienteering. It features his brother Edward. For more information about orienteering go to Orienteer every week in Sussex at

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Start Orienteering || A Newcomer's Guide || Presented by Graham Gristwood

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging adventure sport. It's easy for anyone to start and fun to do. You learn to navigate, develop confidence and discover new places. Orienteering is a sport that exercises both your mind and body.

Here's what you need to go to your first race.

The presenter, Graham Gristwood, is a member of Forth Valley Orienteers. Graham has 13 Senior British Championship Gold medals.

His international career highlights are a Gold medal in the World Champs Relay in 2008, a Silver in the World Cup Final 2010 and 4th place in the World Champs Sprint 2011. He has competed in 13 World Championships as well as being a member of the British team at the Mountain Running World Champs. He has a wide range of international experience winning the Swedish Relays Champs with Södertälje-Nykvarn Orientering in 2012, and coaching IFK Moras OK. He now runs with the Finnish Club Kalevan Rasti.

Graham has recently been appointed technical director for World Champs 2022 which will take place in Edinburgh.

Filming: Katherine Bett
Editing: Katherine Bett
Music: Alasdair Parkinson

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How to Use a Compass || REI

Navigation is one of the Ten Essentials and most outdoor speople take a compass with them on every adventure. But how do you use them? In this REI Expert Advice Video, we teach you what you need to know to navigate easily, safely and with confidence. Watch to learn the parts of the compass, how to set your declination and how to take a bearing from a map and in the field.

To learn more about using your compass, head to your local REI Outdoor School and take a Navigations Course:

Find REI’s selection of compasses at:

The last run of the King of Orienteering

Thierry Gueorgiou takes his 14th World Championship gold in his last individual orienteering WOC race at #WOC2017 in Estonia

Xperience orienteering

If you take cross country running, add a full nature experience and combine it with thrill & adventure - you get orienteering!
-- best watched in full HD / 1080p --

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How to Orienteer

Watch more Wilderness Survival Skills videos:

Orienteering is a sport that uses a compass and map to navigate through a landscape. Polish your skills while having fun.

Step 1: Register
Register for the orienteering course. You will be given a map, a control description, and a control card. You will also be given the option of renting a compass if you have not brought your own.

The control description describes features such as the path, a junction in the path, or a large rock where each control, or destination, can be found.

Step 2: Use the map
Use the map to determine which direction you need to head to reach your first control. Turn the compass housing so that your direction aligns with the direction-of-travel arrow on the compass's housing.

Step 3: Hold the compass
Hold the compass level in your hand so that the needle can turn. Turn the compass so that the needle aligns with the grid lines on the housing.

Be sure the north end of the compass needle is pointing north. Otherwise you will head off in the opposite direction to which you intend.

Step 4: Proceed in the indicated direction
Proceed in the direction the travel arrow is pointing.

Step 5: Punch your control card
Use the punch to mark your control card when you reach your destination. This will prove you have visited the control. Visit all controls before the other orienteer and win the game.

Did You Know?
Orienteering began in Scandinavia in the 19th century.

2019 Orienteering World Cup Round 3 - Knock-Out Sprint Men

Knock-Out Sprint highlights from the men's race at the World Cup Round 3 2019 in Switzerland.

Attack Points || Megan Carter-Davies || Think Fast, Run Hard, Go Orienteering

Team GB athlete Megan Carter-Davies demonstrates using attack points to minimise mistakes and navigate to the control faster.

Megan grew up near Aberystwyth and runs for Mid-Wales OC as well as her Finnish club, Rajämaen Rykmentti. She won a Gold medal in the mixed sprint relay at World University Championships 2016. A graduate in maths from Bristol University, she is now based in that city.

Filming: Katherine Bett
Editing: Katherine Bett
Music: Alasdair Parkinson

This project was supported by Sport England.

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Two legs following Tove Alexandersson on a middle distance orienteering training at a trainingcamp in Guardamar outside of Alicante.

WMOC 2019 Sprint Orienteering Final, Riga Old Town 7 July 2019 (version without map)

World Masters Orienteering Championships 2019, Riga, Latvia.
Sprint Final race held in Riga Old Town centre on Sunday 7 July 2019.
Gopro headcam video of course M50 A (version without map) around the cobbled city centre streets finishing next to the Freedom Monument.

Orienteering - November Classic Bramshaw Nov 2019

A lovely area although struggled on a few which cost me an awful lot of time. Following the operation on my toe my foot is fine but it has clearly had an effect on the way I run as I am now, for the first time in my life, suffering from knee pain.

Orienteering 2.0 (Android App)

An app simulates the orienteering sport in a virtual 3D environment.
Practise set map and step count in forest terrain.

Orienteering 2.0


Orienteering Using a Thumb Compass

How to navigate using map and compass: thumb compass use for orienteering in several settings. Brought to you by Kelsey and Rick.
Wildwood Adventure Outfitters.

National Orienteering Race (Schools) 2018

Singapore's largest navigational race (School Editions) saw close to 500 participants from Primary to Junior Colleges compete it out for the podium in their respective age category.
This year also marked the first entry of a team orienteering relay where competing schools get another shot for top finishes in this short, intense race environment.
Mark your calendar for the 2019 edition! Interested schools may drop us a message via


All video rights belong to Osportz / Orienteering Federation Singapore.
The NORs race is organised jointly by Northbrooks Secondary School, Singapore Polytechnic and Orienteering Federation Singapore.


Had an awesome orienteering / running training day together with Albin when he visited me in Engelsviken.

O-Ringen 2019 Etapp 3 (Orienteering Headcam)

Min Orientering var rätt så bra men det var 30°C Ute och sprang inte så snabbt som jag hade kunnat.
Overall my orienteering was quite good, but it was 30°C outside and I didn't run as fast as I could.

Orienteering - a lifetime sport.

An interview with Sara Mae Berman and Larry Berman, the oldest competitors of the World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships 2018 in Craftsbury, Vermont, USA.

Orienteering World Cup Final 2017: Middle distance highlights

Middle distance of World Cup Final in Orienteering 2017 in Switzerland

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Go Hard Or Go Home - The Hubmann Brothers

puresive films presents an epic orienteering movie with Daniel and Martin Hubmann. Join an intense and unpredictable fight between the Hubmann brothers - two of the best orienteers in the world!

Daniel Hubmann:
Martin Hubmann:

locations | Baden (SUI), Trin (SUI), Flims (SUI)
music | Adagio In D Minor (John Murphy), For The Win (Two Steps From Hell)

puresive films is a film company by Simon Rüegg and Lukas Schubnell.

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2019 Orienteering World Cup Round 4 - Middle Distance

Highlights from te World Cup Final in China 2019, Middle Distance.



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