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Old cat


My Cat - My 15 Year Old Cat Winter :)

Cats name: Winter
Cats age: 15
Cats Birthday: March 2000

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Trick Shots and Cats

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Music: Running from the Scene by Manic Bloom
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We had a ton of fun making this video! A special thanks goes out to all our new cat friends. You guys were very well behaved and we just want you to know that we appreciate you.


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DAO MÈO CŨ nét đẹp thời gian | Old cat knife |

Đăng ký kênh theo dõi video tiếp theo của mình nhé các bạn. cảm ơn các bạn rất nhiều

10 years later, Alberta man reunited with old family cat

A Sherwood Park man has been reunited with his long lost feline friend, after a ten year absence.

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Ugh, what a week for me and Waffles. She got 13 teeth removed on Tuesday and has been healing up for the last few days.

Has anyone else's cat been through pet dental hell?

For those looking for a wonderful vet in SF that does great pet dental work, check out Arguello Pet Hospital!

Thank you as always for watching!
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Funny Cat gurgles when petted

My cat, The Peefus, makes funny noises.

UPDATE: While this video is going viral, I want new viewers to remember a few things:
-Peef is fixed. She is therefore not in heat.
-She reacts this way when her back is scratched. Her back. That's where she is being scratched.
-She eats very high-quality, grain free food, supplemented with squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, and neighborhood children.
-She is 18 years old this year.
-This video is 3 years old.

Pet of the Week: Dava, a nearly 2-year-old cat

Tommy Noel talks with Kristene Gonzales with Collin County Animal Services about Dava, a cat ready for adoption.

2012 Cat Ichi (x My Little Abra) filly

2012 Cat Ichi (x My Little Abra) filly, in training with Richard Jordan and consigned to the Western Bloodstock 2 year old in training sale at the NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth TX in December 2014. This is the one!

Mother cat with kittens came to old friend touch your heart

Mother cat with kittens came to old friend touch your heart

Mother cat with kittens came to old friend
A mother cat has kittens to his old friend the dog
Mother cat with kittens came to old friend
Mother cat with kittens came to old friend
Mother cat with kittens came to old friend
Mother cat with kittens came to old friend
Mother cat with kittens came to old friend

The old cat

A portrait of a cat called Mursik. He is really old already and doesn't like to do a lot.

Music: Hey Sailor Letter Box

Juggling for my 21 years old cat

My beloved cat died on July 17, 2019, the second day after I arrived on the shore of the Black Sea.
She was 21 years old and very sick. Travelling by car for more hours was too much for her.
I've recorded this video of her in the afternoon of July 16 after arriving at the hotel.
All the other clips in this video were taken during the next days after she was gone.
She loved to watch me juggling, so I've been juggling for her the whole week. I've tried for the first time Poi and Flowerstick. Trying to teach myself something new helped me to heal a little my grieving heart.
I will never forget Mother Goddess or Goddess or Mamma!

Location: Stațiunea Vama Veche, comuna Limanu, județul Constantza, Romania

Date: July 16-22, 2019.

Description in Romanian / Descriere în limba română:

Pisica mea iubită a murit în data de 17 iulie 2019, a doua zi după ce am ajuns pe litoralul Mării Negre.
Avea 21 de ani și era foarte bolnavă. Călătoria cu mașina timp de mai multe ore a fost prea mult pentru ea.
Acest film i l-am făcut în după-amiaza zilei de 16 iulie, după sosirea la hotel.
Toate celelalte clipuri din acest video au fost înregistrate în următoarele zile după ce s-a dus.
Îi plăcea să mă privească în timp ce jonglam, așa că am jonglat pentru ea întreaga săptămână. Am încercat pentru prima oară Poi și Flowerstick. Încercând să învăț ceva nou m-a ajutat un pic să îmi vindec inima mâhnită.
Nu o voi uita niciodată pe „Zeița Mamă” sau „Zeița” sau „Mama”!

Title in Romanian / Titlul în limba română:
Jonglând pentru pisica mea de 21 de ani

Our twelve years old cat looking after our very ill dog suffering from oral carcinoma (part 2)

PANIC & Chuck ( 83 year old) vs Cat Fighter and monster ;)

Cat on the Field Scores 50-Yd TD Run! ????

A fluffy feline makes its way onto the field and somehow gets to the end zone for a touchdown! The Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants during Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Our twelve years old cat looking after our very ill dog suffering from oral carcinoma.(part 1)

No matter how reluctant that we want to face the truth, the vile reality is that we know we will be slowly losing this faithful and loving family member of ours, Gump, our sixteen years old boy. He is suffering a malignant oral carcinoma which denies any cure. He is being consumed away by his illness. He will be around for not that long according to the vet, days or weeks We are trying to provide the best possible palliative care for him; therefore, hopefully he is sick but he is not in pain.

I really appreciate our cat, Folk Folk, Gump's best buddy, is always looking after him. He is always there with Gump, massaging him and comforting him, This is a real death defying love!

13 yr old 'Ronnie' cat enjoys some attention

Sleeping 19 Year Old Cat Called Anikan

My 19 year old cat called Anikan. We thought she was a boy when she was a kitten so called her Anikan, we normally call her Ani.

Galloping Cat on Exercise wheel! 17 years old!

My beloved cat Morty at almost 17 years of age running all out on his cat wheel. Sadly, I lost him only about 2 months after this video was shot due to cancer. There will never be another like him.

Terry UniGeezer Peterson
Not 2 Tired

2013 Cat Ichi gelding - Ichis Choice

2013 Cat Ichi gelding - Ichis Choice. Consigned to the Western Bloodstock 2 year old in training sale at the 2015 NCHA Futurity on December 7, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas.

My Cat Pootsky is 21 year old and not eating ,Baby food to the rescue

feeding cat with baby food cat is 21 year old he was not eating for 2 weeks i gave baby food and he is eating again good news



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