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Obstacle variations


Monkey Bar Workout - 9 Moves You can do on the Monkey Bars

Working out should be fun and what better way is there to have fun than playing on some monkey bars like you did as a child? Go to any park near you and try out these 9 monkey bar moves. They are a great way to work on your upper body and core strength!

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Try these 10 hanging core exercises off of the monkey bars

For a playground upper body workout check this out:

For a playground obstacle course workout:


I Did Just 50 Burpees a Day, Here's What Happened in a Month

Hey guys! Wanna tone up your body? There's a universal exercise that trains your overall body, including chest, shoulders, arms, abs, glutes, and legs. In short, it engages every muscle in your body and is also great for strength-building. It's burpees! If your purpose is burning fat, burpees are exactly what you need. Are you ready to start? That's great! But first, check out this really cool burpee experiment!

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How to do burpees correctly 0:31
Day 1: I feel exhausted 1:40
Day 2: Why does my body hurt? 2:05
Day 3: I still feel like a sack of potatoes 2:30
Day 5: My abs are killing me 3:14
Day 7: I'm definitely getting better! 3:33
Day 10: Something wonderful happened 4:26
Day 14: I'm falling in love with my workout 4:45
Day 20: 6 minutes and 13 seconds! 5:07
Day 30: Time to sum up my experience 5:35

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Music by Epidemic Sound

- There are lots of different kinds of burpees: with a plank and without, with a full push up, and even with a pull up at the end.
- Day 1: I'm probably not telling you anything new, but 50 burpees at once for an untrained person is daunting. I feel exhausted, I just want to go lie down and be left alone. Do I really have to endure this, for 30 days?
- Day 2: Why does my body hurt? I can feel some muscles I didn't know I had! I'm not sure I'll be able to move in this state at all, not to mention doing burpees!
- Day 3: By Day 3 I've understood one very important thing, and that's Do not procrastinate! That's why on Day 3 I promise myself that I'll start to do burpees the very second my smartphone reminds me about them.
- Day 5: Since I started the challenge, my arms have been sore like never before. And I don't even do any push-ups at the bottom of every burpee!
- Day 7: I'm definitely getting better! These days, I don't have to spend hours sweet-talking myself into doing my daily portion of burpees.
- Day 10: A wonderful thing happened to me today! My bus was about to leave, and I had to run to catch it. Are you saying there's nothing new about this story? But how about that I didn't even lose my breath after several minutes of pretty strenuous activity?
- Day 14: Slowly but surely, I'm falling in love with my daily burpee workout. Some pretty rebellious thoughts are starting to pop up in my head - what if I keep going even after the 30-day challenge is over?
- Day 20: Today I had to encourage my friend who got inspired by my results and was thinking about taking up the same challenge.
- Day 30: First and foremost, I was shocked to find out that this challenge was more difficult for my mind than for my body! I spent tons of time procrastinating, dreading the strain, or beating myself up for not being able to just go and do it.
- I've lost 6.5 pounds (3 kg)! And that's without me cutting down on food or anything!
- Now my stomach looks much more toned than before, and if you squint really hard, you can even see a six-pack!
- My arms and legs look much more defined than they used to! I've started to wear tank tops, and as soon as it's warm enough, you'll definitely see me in shorts.
- My endurance is so much better these days. Before, I hated running since I was short of breath 3 minutes after I set off! But after my friend talked me into a run in the park the other day, I realized how much better I've become!
- All in all, this challenge has helped me to figure out two things: I'm stronger than I used to think. And I'm not going to give up burpees anytime soon.

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The Technique EVERY Hard Enduro Rider Should USE!! How To, Trials-Stuff!

Today The IRC Tire Guy Breaks down the trials stuff maneuver. And alternate way to use this technique when riding Hard Enduro!

Double Blip Zap

Loading the Flywheel!

RING TOSS Variations !!! Michele Silvestri - Obstacle Training 2019* | NINJA CAVE Italia - Training

Ring Toss Variations ! Ninja Cave Livorno .

Michele Silvestri :
Training for Ninja Warrior, OCR , Spartan Race, Mud Run.
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The Ring Toss is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 6 in Dallas.
It consisted of three sections of pegs and two rings at the start of the first section. The first section was angled upward with six peg, the second section was angled downward with five pegs, and the third section was angled upward with four pegs. Competitors must hold on to the rings and use them to traverse the pegs, until they could reach the landing platform.
Some competitors carelessly dropped one of the ring and were forced to leap from where they were towards the landing mat. During Dallas qualifiers, the obstacle took out several competitors, including Jonathan Horton and most shockingly, Brent Steffensen.
The second version of the Ring Toss (called as the Modified Ring Toss), firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in Kansas City.
It consisted of three sections like the original Ring Toss, but instead of all the pegs being on the competitors' right side, the pegs were placed on an alternated sides, allowing the competitors to face the direction when moving. In this version, the first section had three pegs, the second section had four pegs, and the third section had three pegs.
During Kansas City finals, the obstacle took out Dan Polizzi, when the ring came off as he tried to swing over to the next peg.
Ninja Warrior UK
The Ring Toss appeared as the fifth obstacle on Ninja Warrior UK (in Heat 4 and Heat 5) and Ninja Warrior UK 2 (in Heat 5), with three sections and each section had five pegs. The first section was angled upward, the second section was straight, and the third section was angled downward.
On SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia, the Ring Toss appeared as the third obstacle during Final Stage. However, unlike on American Ninja Warrior and Ninja Warrior UK, there were only 2 sections, with 5 pegs in each section and all the sections were placed straight, as well as smaller rings. This version of the Ring Toss was proven to be much easier, as no competitor failed on this obstacle.
. . .

Ninja Training 101: Obstacle Variation

For the Spiritual Ninja, variety is the spice of life.

CoachUp: Barbed Wire Crawl (Obstacle Preview) | Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder's barbed wire is waiting for you -- how will you make your way through? Two time World's Toughest Mudder winner Junyong Pak will show you the best and easiest ways to make your navigate the barbed wire crawl.

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Check out Tough Mudder around the web!

Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Tough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won't find anywhere else.

Video produced by Jalbert Productions:

Jump Over Obstacle (Variation) - Tricks Level 2

Part of the SkateIA Skills Challenge. Take on the challenge at

Favorite Trick In Every Stance | New Obstacle!

Quick video showing off the new bank at Shredquarters! Only had a little bit of time so had to do my favorite tricks quick on my phone. More tricks soon on this thing. Leave comments on what you wanna see!

Twitter: @caseyabechler
Instagram: @caseybechler

How To Climb A Rope At Obstacle Races

Many obstacle races now have a rope climb (including Spartan Race and Judgement Day), so it's worth brushing up on your skills to avoid burpees, excess energy expenditure and rope burn!

In this video Michael Cohen from Wild Forest Gym shows us how.

Obstacle avec Oz [5] (variations autour du tronc)

Mettez en HD svp !!

Dérrrrrrrrrrrouuuuuuuuuullllllllllllleeeeeeee !!!!!

Salut tout le monde ! alors hier j'ai un peu sauté avec Oz , la piste
était hyper dégeu alors comme j'avais pas envie de salir mes guêtres
j'en ai pas mis ( bouh c'est mal ) et donc c'est pour ça que j'ai fais
des variations d'obstacles autour du tronc comme il n'est pas haut
(40-50cm ) , bon on va dire que la c'était plus pour s'amuser que pour
la travailler réellement lol en attendant je suis assez contente qu'en
même , poney qui à la fin me saute le tronc juste avec une barre devant
c'est pas mal qu'en même xd

Bon visionnage ! :D

Krav Maga - Getting Up Off the Ground (Obstacle Behind You Variation)

After a student learns how to get up off the ground, a question that occasionally comes up is What do you do if there's a wall behind you?

This video offers two variations to getting up off your back or side that work despite having an obstacle behind you.

Additional videos and information about our self defense, fighting, and fitness programs are available at

The videos on this YouTube channel are NOT a replacement for actual instruction. They do not teach techniques, but instead isolate and fix problems within the technique or its individual components. The videos are designed to help the student who has already learned the technique under the instruction of a qualified instructor.

Important Note: These videos are specific to the techniques and curriculum taught to the students at our facility. Students from other Krav Maga schools and organizations are more than welcome to watch and use these videos and we hope they find them useful! However, variations may be taught that are different from the techniques taught at other Krav Maga locations. This doesn't mean one variation is wrong or the other is right. They are just variations...plain and simple. The most important question for any technique or defense should be this: Does it work for the individual who is performing it? As long as it does, then the technique or variation has merit, regardless of where it comes from! That's the number one principle that we emphasize at our school.


This is Randall and Glenda with In this video we're going to go over how to get up. However, we're going to show you guys how to modify that in case there's something behind you like a wall, in this case a shelf, or an obstacle. This question actually comes up a lot when we start doing a lot of live training with getting up off the ground. Our students are training. They tend to get pinned up against the wall and they realize that they can't do the normal get up.

Now let me first explain what that problem is and demonstrate it. So, we're going to use the shelf as an example. For whatever reason, I end up on the ground, whether it's on my back, on my side, whatever. Glenda's playing the role of the bad guy. So here's the problem is I create enough space by kicking her away, I try to do the usual get up, 'uh oh'. Here's the problem. I'm crashing into this shelf, or if I had to do it up against this wall, there's nowhere for me to go. So this is obviously an issue.

Now the solution for this is pretty simple. I'm going to give you guys two solutions.

The first one is this. Normally, after I create space, when we get up we're taught to angle this foot back, like this, and then loop it around like this. So you're kind of making a 'C' shape like this or like a half circle. But the problem is when we do this, 'oop', my foot hits the shelf, there's nowhere for me to go. A wall or car or whatever it is.

So the solution to this is not to go straight back, but it's to angle off. So you can visualize the shelf extending all the way down in this direction. No problem. This is what I do is, as I'm getting up, this foot just continues this path of angeling back. So I get rid of the looping part back. Angle straight back. Now I can get up and notice that I didn't run out of real estate.

I'll give you guys a different perspective here upon this wall. I'm like this. I create space. I try to get up. 'Oops', there's the problem. So here we go. Get up. Watch how this foot angles in this direction. I can still get up. No problem. I'm not crashing into the wall that's behind me. So that's the easiest solution.

If you want to get a little more tactical about it. Especially, when you're sparring, here's a little trick that you can use that I've done sparring as well.

So, Glenda is going to be the bad guy. And a lot of times the bad guy won't just stay directly in front of you. As you guys know, a lot of times they will try to flank you. They'll try to move around. So let's say Glenda moves this way, obviously, I need to turn that way. But, it should also be an opportunity for you to try and get up. So if I see her angling out, I'll kick and create that space and see if I can get up off of that. Because the angle changed, I can actually use the regular get up by moving off to the side.

So that's a little, yeah, it's getting a little bit more advanced but it's something you can try out, especially when you're partner is offering you resistance. Whether it's with a shield and they're trying to move around with you or if you actually got sparring gear on and you're trying to replicate those drills...

Is there a 'what if' you can't figure out while practicing a technique or defense? Let us know what it is and we'll make a video with a solution for you!

Krav Maga Worldwide Official Training Center - Self Defense * Fighting * Fitness - Pompano Beach, FL (South Florida).

Overcoming Any Obstacle - The Key To Successful Physique Development

ONLINE TRAINING AVAILABLE. You let me know the equipment you have access to and il write you out a proper progressive program.
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Obstacle Course workout program #1

This video shows one of the training days of our 10 day obstacle training course. During this workout, the participant enhance their strength and conditioning using a lot of different exercises. The structure we use in this class is a CrossFit AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). So 10 exercises as many times as you can complete them within one hour.
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Top 36 great Car Tire Bootcamp Exercises. Total Body Fitness Work-Out

This is a video with the top 36 great fitness Total Body Exercises you can only do with a Car Tire. This work-out is one of the best according to my bootcamp participants. It's made during a Bootcamp Work-out I did with a small group of participants. This video contains 36 different Car Tire fitness Exercises for your inspiration. Let me know if you've used these fitness Exercises/work-out during one of your Bootcamp, fitness -classes or a Personal Training session. Feedback about these bootcamp and fitness Exercises are always welcome.
Fitvriend Personal Training is specialized in indoor and outdoor fitnesstraining 1 on 1 or with small groups. We combine clean food with an healthy lifestyle to achieve goals with our clients. If you are interested in cardio-boxing, bootcamp, crossfit or regular cardio- and strength exercises? We help you all the way! Pleasy like, share and subscribe to my channel!

Passing Exercise | 2 Variations | U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 | Football Training | Thomas Vlaminck

A new football training video with a passing exercise (2 variations).
Can your team do the exercise for 1 minute without any mistake?

In variation 2 players ask for the next ball on the other side.

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Already 150+ Free videos on ball mastery, passing, receiving, first touch, 1v1 moves, soccer / football homework, juggling, heading...
I focus mainly on easy set-up exercises with lots of touches and repetitions!

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Agility & Balance Drills For Seniors For Preventing Falls

This is a very quick video showing some simple ideas on how you can incorporate agility training with seniors with the specific intention on preventing falls.

I highly suggest to read our full article on this topic that includes everything from mobility work for the ankle and hip to strengthening and even power exercises.
Go to this link to see the full article

Why use agility training?
When you realize that the reaction time of a 60-year old is on average 25% slower than that of a 20-year old you begin to see how easily falls can be very likely from simple everyday slip or trip.

When you are in your 30's or 40's and you slip or trip there is a very rapid response from the brain and nervous system so can adjust your center of gravity, step forward, grab a stationary object, turn or tuck your body into a safer position for impact with the ground. This all happens in the blink of an eye. Even at a younger age you will see people who play sports can do this much faster and land much more safely than people who do not play sport. This is a skill that can be trained and needs constant exposure to maintain it's fast response. A very slow response is what you see with an older person who has not spent time developing skills of balance, agility and power. The chance of a injury from a fall is very likely.

Most of the current core workouts is all about training abdominal muscles in isolation using crunches, planks, and various other floor based exercises. The belief here is that if you train your core like you would with a bicep curl to make a bicep stronger, you will have improved balance and function. Unfortunately it does not work this way at all. For starters there is no need for fast reflex reactions as you are already on the floor. Secondly, planks and other traditional abdominal exercises are of little use to the older adult and more likely to cause more harm than good for these exercises are all about stiffness and rigidity. The older adult already has too much stiffness and rigidity, they do not need more.

The key is in using exercises that demand a reflex response that can teach them more effective ways to restore balance and stability.

We know the amazing benefits of agility training with sports for improving reaction times and reflex skills. The same is true for older adults but instead of improved sporting performance we may be able to save their life!

Statistics in the US show that one adult over the age of 65 is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 18 seconds (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Quite an alarming statistic and even more scary when you consider that hip fractures are the most common injury from a fall and the number one cause of nursing home admission. Approximately 50% of those who suffer a hip fracture never fully regain their mobility and independence, and 50% of those die within the first year! Falling for an older adult is a very serious matter, and a life threatening situation.

Other great articles to read about this subject are below

Stability Training What Is It Really & How To Do It

Strength Training For Older Adults

Reduce Arthritis & Improve Bone Density

And if you live in Melbourne and would like to know more about our specific Older Adults Strength Training program go to our website in the link below

How To do the Ring Swing Like a Ninja - Obstacle Race Tutorial

Welcome to #NinjaWarriorFam, where we make family friendly fitness fun! This week we recorded our first obstacle tutorial vlog, and we decided to start start with a How-To on the Ring Rig because Rings are a common obstacle that many people still find challenging. While we run OCR's quite frequently, we primarily train obstacles in the American Ninja Warrior Style - we've found this gives us a big edge in technique!

Whether you're training for a Spartan Race, another OCR, or just getting started in Ninja Warrior, this video will put you on the path to obstacle conquest.

Any questions we didn't address in the video? What should we cover in our next obstacle tutorial vlog? Let us know in the comments!

This video was shot at Power Park Fitness:

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Obstacle Training Techniques: How to climb a rope

Julie Johnston of Camp Rhino demonstrates how to climb a rope using various techniques.

Try a free class at Camp Rhino! Learn more at

Football Training Obstacle Small Area Play, Rondo, Goal Keeper, Small Side Games Unsil United

Football Training Obstacle Small Area Play, Rondo, Goal Keeper, Small Side Games Unsil United.

Training Menu:
1. Obstacle Small Side Play
2. Goal Keeper Training
3. Rondo (4v2)
4. Obstacle Big Area Play


Pull Variation for Obstacle Course Race

(212) 213-3480 -- NYC Equinox trainers Brian and Hazeera dropped by our office and gave us some tips on different pull variations to help with training for obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race

Call 212-213-3480 to schedule an appointment today. Can't come in? Just email us at with the subject line Telehealth to do a virtual PT session.

Our office is located at:
276 5th Avenue
Suite 202
New York, NY 10001

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center is a leader in pain relief and injury recovery located in Midtown New York City. The four specialized physical therapists on staff go beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client’s bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and increase range of motion.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center has an excellent track record of success treating back pain caused by strains, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis, or whiplash injuries.



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