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Novuss - Tournament: LAT - UKR

Novuss - Tournament; Germany, 17.01.2009

Novuss Game Rules

How to play Novuss

Novuss Trick Shots | Do Tr Perfect

Novuss Trick Shots | Do Tr Perfect

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Правила игры новус (морской бильярд). Novuss (sea billiards) games rule.

Первые шаги в освоении техники игры Новус. Основные моменты. Подписываясь на канал, Вы будете знать о наших следующих видео уроках.
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The first steps in mastering the technique of the game Novus. Basic moments. By subscribing to the channel, you will know about our next video tutorials.
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2011 ALM Novuss Sydney Doubles Match 1

Novus doubles game CKN Ben and Ollie v. CKN Dimi and Richard

Slowmotion - novuss

Šoreiz palēninājumā - novusa kauliņi.

novuss on TV - 2012

О новусе и жульбаке по ТV , канал Россия-1

Novuss 15 11 2014 J Piebalga kauss Priekule MPEG 2 HD 1080 i

Novusa FINSO Eiropas kausa izcīņa novusā 9. posms 15.11.2014. - J.Piebalga kauss Priekulē.

Crokinole 2017 New York Final - Conrad v Walsh

The championship final from the 2017 Turtle Island Crokinole Tournament between Jon Conrad and Nathan Walsh in New York.

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Novuss 29 11 2015 Jēkabpilī FINSO Gada spēlētājs 2015


Novuss Trick Shots 2 | Do Tr Perfect

Novuss Trick Shots 2 | Do Tr Perfect

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Novuss Timelapse of a few Games.

Novuss (also known as koroona) is a two-player (or four-player, doubles) game of physical skill which is closely related to carrom/ Karrom, and pocket billiards. Novuss is a national sport in Latvia. The board is approximately 100 centimetres (39 in) square, typically made of wood, has pockets in each corner, and lines marked on the surface. The board is usually placed on a stand, but may be placed on a barrel or other surface that allows the pockets to hang down properly. It uses small discs instead of balls, and each player has their own small puck instead of the cue ball used in other cue sports. Players use a small cue stick to propel their pucks into their colored object discs (the novuss equivalent of object balls), knocking them into the pockets. The winner is the first one to sink all eight of their object discs (of which there are sixteen in total in two different-coloured sets, plus the two pucks).

Taken with Canon 50d, EF-S 10-22, Magic lantern. Live view silent picture, 1s interval.

1.Novuss Sport Verein Herten in Lettland 19-20.06.10

So wird perfekt gespielt Estland gegen Lettland

Novuss Turnier: Priekule, 15.11.2014 (Video 1)

Während Novuss-Turniers Cup memory of Janis Piebalgs

Novuss - Tournament: GER - GER (II)

Novuss - Tournament: Germany, 17.01.2009

Novuus Sport ohne Barrieren

Wir sind ein Verein, der sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, das aus dem Baltikum stammende Geschicklichkeits-Spiel/Sport NOVUSS öffentlich bekannt zu machen und gleichzeitig damit die Integration und das Zusammenleben der Menschen zu fördern. 2016 ist unser Vereinsvideo entstanden. Autor des Videos ist Video-Amateurfilm-Club Erlangen e.V..
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Novuss Turnier: Priekule, 15.11.2014 (Video 2)

Women's competition: young and old

Novuss - Tournament: EST - LAT

Novuss - Tournament: Germany, 17.01.2008

Vpk Novuss - 88 Štoses - 1. Daļa

Novuss - Vecais Pēteris Krodziņš

Novusa klubs, Novusa Treniņi, Novusa Sacensības - Viss Vecais Pēteris Krodziņā!
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