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Nguni stick-fighting


African Stick and Shield Fencing


Zulu Stick Fighting, Kalinda, and Kali in Austin, TX

The Zulu Stick Fighting and Kalinda can be learned at:The Dynamic Arts Academy By Da'Mon Stith. The Kali/Silat can be learned at The Academy of Intergrated Arts by Bryan Broussard.

HAMA - Learning Zulu Shield Techniques

A Nguni/Zulu shield is a traditional, pointed oval-shaped, ox or cowhide shield which is used by various ethnic groups among the Nguni people of southern Africa.

I am learning how to strike using one...

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Stick Fighting Drills for Martial Artists

Tapi-Tapi,attack block, four corner entrance drills, and techniques in motion are some of the stick fighting drills that Craig Sira covers in his martial arts classes. Sira is the owner and instructor of The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness in Midland, Michigan. Part of an interview shot at his school in late 2012. The Michigan Martial Arts Project.


The ESKRIMA (STICK FIGHTING) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was held in Cebu, Philippines. Competitors came from over 30 countries....UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Poland, etc.... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. THANKS!

La lutte Nguni en vogue en Afrique du Sud

La lutte Nguni, un art martial traditionnel africain, est remise au goût du jour en Afrique du Sud, notamment pour aider les jeunes à resister à la tentation des gangs et des drogues.

Julius Melegrito: Training Drill for Two Filipino Fighting Sticks

More from Julius Melegrito:

Julius Melegrito — founder of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance and the Phillipine Combatives System — demonstrates the redonda twirling drill for two Filipino fighting sticks in this exclusive video.

Download a FREE guide to escrima-sticks combat concepts --- Escrima Sticks 101: Julius Melegrito's Practical Primer on the Fighting Arts of the Philippines --- at

In the above video, Melegrito wields two Filipino fighting sticks at speeds approaching the appearance of helicopter rotor blades as a training partner holds his own Filipino fighting sticks as contact guides.

In explaining how to handle Filipino fighting sticks for this training drill, Melegrito says, You don't want to tighten your muscles. Just relax. Just let it drop.

The Filipino fighting arts instructor's progressive display of speed takes the lesson from veritable slow-motion to full-speed fury as his sticks whirl in a blur.

To learn more about Julius Melegrito's Philippine Fighting Arts, check out his DVDs at


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A Blend of African and Filipino Stick Fighting Part 2

Sifu Earl White demonstrates a blend of African and Filipino stick fighting with both a single stick and double stick.

Mian Zhang Stick Fighting

A Blend of African and Filipino Stick Fighting

Sifu Earl White from the Ijo Ija Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles demonstrates a blend of African and Filipino Stick Fighting concepts.

My stick fighting lesson in Cape Town

learning a bit about the South African tradition of intonga. The aspect ratio is wrong but as it's just a fun video and not for broadcast I figured I'd leave it. Feel free to check out my website for an article about this.

???????? French Stick Fighting & Method’s Lafond - Martial Arts Documentary

After going in Japan, Korea, China, Philippines , Vietnam, Once again travel with Lionel and this time let’s go to France and discover two rarely seen fighting arts : the french sticking fighting and the old method created by master Lafond.

???? Order it at

He was a frencing master and then been captued during the World war 2 and teached french boxing and fencing to his comardes in the stalag camp in Germany. Then when he came back in France after the war, he created his own fighting style: Panache. Nowdays, the method is still alive, thanks to thèse Young and talented instructors.

Then he will introduce you to the former world champion of stick fighting, « canne de combat » like they say in France. Follow Lionel through his initation and fights.

Directed and hosted by Lionel Froidure, world wide reconized budokas and filmaker. Follow him once again in this amazing eleventh journey, a martial art chronicles documentary.

For more information about this documentary and the others seen on TV around the world, visit

Must See! Eskrima Stick Fighting Techniques

Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (Filipino Martial Arts, or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand-to-hand combat, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming techniques.


Eskrima -

Top 5 African Combat Sports | Trans World Sport

A look at some of Africa’s top combat sports. From Senegal to Madagascar, we look at the sports of Laamb, Diamangha and Nguni Stick Fighting.

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Ninjutsu 'Stick fighting' basics - Hanbo training for the AKBAN wiki

Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN academy headmaster, Goes over the basic stick phases in combat.

Several directions are showed and the correct body posture and anatomy discussed.

South African stick fighting becomes hit with township teenagers

A traditional form of stick fighting, born of cattle herders in South Africa, is becoming a hit in the country’s townships. The game called intonga used to be a rite of passage for young, rural Xhosa boys but is now being used to keep teenagers away from gang violence and drugs.

HAMA - Tuareg Sword & Spear & Nguni/Zulu Stick-Fighting

In this video, I am working on some strikes using a sword long stick (spear). The two styles I used as a guide are Nguni/Zulu Stick-Fighting and Tuareg Sword and Spear.

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Zulu & Filipino Kali Stick Fighting

This video is a comparison by Burton Lucky Dog Richardson of Zulu stickfighting and Filipino Kali stickfighting, and includes sparring footage of both methods. Burton visited Zulu villages in South Africa on four separate occasions, beginning in 1994, and he has learned a great deal of functional fighting techniques and principles from them. One move in particular is examined. This tactic is used often by the Zulus, and Burton includes the misdirection in his Battlefield Kali program.

When watching, please notice how often the Zulus laugh during sparring- especially after hitting Burton! Most of their sparring is done in a very good-natured way, and serves as a great lesson for all of those who want to develop a high level of fighting skill. Have fun sparring often!
A big thanks to all my Zulu friends! They are always very kind to me.
I want to include my sincere thanks to all my teachers, but especially to my guide since 1980 Tuhon Dan Inosanto. He is the most knowledgeable martial artist in the world, and he is incredibly generous with that knowledge which has taken a lifetime to garner. Maraming Salamat Po Tuhon!

HAMA - Nguni (Zulu) Stick Fighting Freestyle ????

Nguni Stick-Fighting is the modern version of the historical combat traditions of the Zulu empire, upheld by the Nguni people of South Africa. (Nelson Mandela trained in this art as well). ????????
The sticks represent short-spear and hand shield weapon combination, and the object is to bypass your opponent's defense (front shield stick) and land a strike to their body or head. The object is for two opposing warriors to fight each other to establish which of them is the strongest or the Bull (Inkunzi).
I am simply flowing through basic stick movements while staying in an Nguni context, blending it into my own style.
Song: Chronixx - Odd Ras

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Nguni Stick Fighting - too violent for TV?

Is Nguni Stick Fighting too violent for TV? Trans World Sport feature on the traditional South African sport of Nguni Stick Fighting. A former boyhood past time of Nelson Mandela. Some broadcasters felt it was too violent for TV.

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