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Newcomb ball



ליגת כדורשת בשרון - הסרט צולם עי רוני פולק

NEWCOMB BALL - הפנינג כדורשת בהרצליה

הפנינג כדורשת בהרצליה לקראת פתיחת הליגה פבר' 2010

אימון כדורשת NEWCOMB BALL

אימון כדורשת בתמונות ובתנועה בקאנטרי הרצליה בהדרכת המאמן גבי גולדמן

אימון ומשחקי כדורשת וכדורעף בקאנטרי הרצליה Newcomb Ball & Volleyball


Girls Newcomb Ball

2º Festival Bom Jesus de Newcomb Ball (Vôlei Segurado)

Vídeo do 2º festival Bom Jesus de Newcomb Ball (vôlei segurado), realizado no dia 23/09/2012, no colégio Bom Jesus Divina Providência, da cidade de jaraguá do sul, Santa Catarina.

Newcombe ball - Playing for Life Activity Cards

Newcombe ball requires players to work as a team. Servers work on finding space and deception. The receivers combine catching, passing and attacking play.

Santa Rosa Vs Newcomb

2018 New Mexico High School State Basketball Tournament

Highlights of B and D Grade vs Newcomb

A few overs of B Grade followed by highlights of the Coutas D Grade taking on Newcomb

Newcomb Vs. Cuba Final Game 2012-2013

Last Game For Newcomb At Cuba


Fixed Video No Longer In LetterBox. . .
Used Final Cut Pro...



The game is a competitive game similar to volleyball. the players must catch the ball before passing it. This allows players of all ages with little or no background in team sports to be able to participate.
The game is known globally as “cachibol” in South American ”Newcomb” in the USA and Canada, and as the “MAMASAN” league in Japan
This game is known as Mamanet in Israel, was establish on 2004 and is being played by thousands of mothers all over Israel. after ten successful years in Israel mamanet model become international and since 2015 start new collaboration with the CSIT organization. now is your time to join mamanet revolution , first we start in Europe and then to all of the world .
this short clip made by mamanet professional committe represented by the chairmen Mr.Ziv Sedbon and colleague coaches Carmit Ruah and Yossi Hirsh


מאמאנט ישראל -mamanet israel


Filming and Editing- yosi lazarof

credit music artist geronimo sheppard MAMANET

Festival de Voleibol Segurado (newcom ball)

Vídeo do 1º festival Bom Jesus de Newcomb Ball (voleibol segurado), para crianças de até 9 anos, realizado no ginásio de esportes do colégio Bom Jesus Divina Providência, no dia 05/11/2011.

Ashley Newcomb 6'3" MB/RS Class of 2010

Ashley Newcomb 6'3 Middle Blocker/Rightside Hitter Class of 2010 - Jersey #12
from Franklin HS and El Paso Sunspots Volleyball Club in El Paso, TX
I play RS for my HS team and MB for my club team

Motherlode 2013 - Jupe/Newcomb v Chapa/Young

Motherlode 2013 Women's Open
Priscilla Jupe/April Newcomb vs Cindy Chapa/Julie Young

Newcomb flirts with no-hitter in 4-1 win: 7/29/18

Daily Recap: Sean Newcomb took a no-hitter to the 9th inning, while Nick Markakis drove in 3 RBIs in the Braves' 4-1 win

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Catchaball כדורשת נשים

Newcomb ball is also known In Mexico, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries- as Cachibol. In Israel, the game goes under the name of Kadureshet. Over 1,000 women in Israel play the game on a regular basis.

Catchball 2014

Catchball is a highly competitive team ball game resembling volleyball AKA Newcomb in Australia, Canada and the U.S.
In Latin speaking nations, the game is called Cachibol

The main difference between Catchball and Vollyball is that in Catchball the player can catch the ball with her hands, before passing it on. This key difference enables women of all ages and fitness levels to play the game.

Thousands of woman play Catchball in Israel and every year on march they all get together for the national Tournement in Eilat. — ‏ב-‏‎Eilat‎‏.

Arianna Newcomb #3 Clips from 2014 Season

2014 Regular Season Highlights

April Newcomb 2009 Volleyball Skills Video (online Version)

Coaches, please contact me at:

April Newcomb, 5'10 Right side Hitter, Middle Blocker, All District First Team, All District Second Team, All State Academic, GPA 3.7, SAT 550 Math, 530 Reading, Class Rank is 82nd (top 12%).

1971 Wimbledon Final Newcombe vs Smith part2



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