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MultiBLD: You Can Do It Too! - Mark Boyanowski and Graham Siggins - CubingUSA Nationals 2018

A seminar by Mark Boyanowski and Graham Siggins

Video Credits: Chris Olson
Seminar Credits: Graham Siggins and Mark Boyanowski

Chris Olson's Channel:
Graham Siggin's Channel:
Mark Boyanowski's Channel:

Maskow: Multiblindfold 125/150

[solve starts at 3:38, ends 7:17]
Memorisation time: 8h13 [timer +5h, I had some problems with timer]
Solve time: 1h40
Total time: 9h53

What can I say? I'm definitely not happy about this result. Too long memorisation phase, too many DNFs. My concentration doesn't work over 1 hour. Also my memory palace doesn't work over50 cubes. I will work on these both things and improve this result because it's definitely not my last attempt on 150 cubes. It was completely crazy but I want to do it again and do it faster and better ;)

Wicaksono Adi, Rubik's Cube Multi BLD 50/54

Memorization 7 hours, execution 1:45 hours.

Multi BLD Old Rules FTW :D

- Why 54?
I have 18 rooms in my memory system. By 54, I use 3 sets of them. For the first set, I give autumn environment. For the second, winter. And for the last, summer. It was really fun :D

- You sat there for 7 hours?
Of course not, 7 hours was including having dinner, watching TV, taking bath, and shalat.

- But 7 hours is like, very very long time.
I recalled a lot. The beauty of Multi BLD Old Rules is that you go for 100% accuracy. And FYI, Ryosuke Mondo memorized 50 cubes in 10 hours.

- You have no life!
If I ever going to do this one more time, no I don't.

- What is the secret behind Indonesians BLD skills?

- Why are you going to break from cubing? Are you serious?
I need to focus on graduating from college right now, so yeah.

See you again! :)

7/8 Rubik's 3x3x3 Multi BLD VirKill

Aaargh! The 2nd cube ruin it. 2 corner flipped.

1. L2 U' F2 U' L2 R2 D U2 B2 R2 B' R U' R' B' L' F U L2 U2 (20f)
2. F2 L B2 U2 L' B2 L F2 L2 R' U' F R2 B2 L' B' F R U' B2 R (21f)
3. U B2 U F2 R2 B2 U R2 U2 B2 U L2 F' D' L' U' R2 B2 D' L' U2 (21f)
4. R B2 L' D2 L B2 F2 L F2 R2 B2 U2 F D' B F2 U2 L U' R D (21f)
5. B2 F2 L' U2 F2 L F2 R' D2 L R B' U' F' R D L2 B2 F D2 B2 (21f)
6. B2 L' D2 R' U2 F2 R F2 L R2 F D' U2 L' R' F U' L2 B' L' (20f)
7. U L2 D F2 L2 D U2 L2 U B2 U2 B' F R' F' D' U B D' L2 F (21f)
8. L' B2 F2 D2 L D2 F2 U2 L2 F2 L' B' L2 F' R B U2 R U' L B' (21f)

- I use japanese color scheme for cube 1 (special)
- I made my own music as a sountrack

4x4x4 bld 3:14.43 [1:53]

Cube :

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QiYi MoFangGe




Conceptos Basicos de BLD

Primer video de una serie sobre 3OP

3/3 Rubik's Cubes Multi BLD (Multiple Blindfolded!) In 38 Minutes

Finally! I used roman rooms and I could make a video explaining thy method. Anyways, I've only done 1/2 which is really bad, but I achieved that twice. I tensioned my old stickerless guhong and took out my Lubix torpedoes, and it became usable again. I am pretty happy about this achievement, and I did tonycube45's challenge! With an extra cube! Solving was weird, because I went in a different order than I memorized, and that makes things a little bit confusing with roman rooms.
Here is my memorization:
3x3 #1 (Guhong v2) (My bedroom):
Edges: HA! from the closet Weird Stick in bathroom BI! from hallway Little Fatty in mirror JC song on piano Nice Crocodile out the window
Corners: DA! from vent QuiT behind bed Hack Codes under bed go ON bed
3x3 #2 (Lingyun v2) (Guest Room):
Edges: HuNa (word my baby cousin used to love) on the computer screen Quacking Elephant out the window Ill Kangaroo in my pillows; I am a WusS because I speedstack (place where I speedstack usually) CD thrown from hallway Underwear Valet in bathroom
Corners: I look in mirror and say GO! go behind bed and Just Quit go under bed and be TufF (tough) go over bed and show off ABs
Cube #3 (Stickerless Guhong v1) (Brother's Room):
Edges: I hear RufF from hallway I MoVe my basketball there is a CuB on the hanger thing. In the mirror is a Kicking Zebra I go to bathroom and SIgh someone from the window tells me Good Job!
Corners: I UNbox something (near boxing gloves place in Brother's room) but there is a crazy Quail behind the bed. Under the bed the quail has a LeG sticking out. Over the bed is an Extreme Kangaroo.

Funny memo if u ask me! That was easy, so I guess I should do 5BLD tomorrow! Comment if you literally read everything in the description, and if you wanna see a 5x5 Blindfolded solve!

Mi primer multibld 5/6 - Perúbik

Aki un multibld grabado xD ... lastima q hubo visita y musica alto volumen, etc ... en fin asi q me demore demasiado en la memo y ejecucion, pero al menos al final del video se fueron y bajaron la musica un poco ....

1. B F R' F' U B' U2 R F' L R' F D B2 F2 R2 D2 L F' B2 L D2 U' L' D
2. U2 L D' F' D2 R2 F2 D' R2 L U D2 F D L' F U2 B U R2 U F B D R'
3. B' D R L B2 L F' R D2 R D' U2 R B2 L' D' U' L' F D F' D F L' D'
4. F' B' D R F' L' D R2 F' R' U F L U' D' B R' U2 D2 B2 D2 U2 B2 F D
5. R2 F2 D R' F' B R U2 R2 F2 U2 B' U2 L' U' L' U' L2 F' L R U' B2 L D'
6. B L' U D F B' U D R2 D' R' F L' R' B2 R2 L F L B2 D2 R2 D' L U'

PD: El tiempo real de la memo fue cerca de la hora, lo demas se fue en buscar la camara, el angulo, altura, etc ...
Full conmutators ... xD ... me demoro en hacerlo soy lentazo

Official 8/8 Rubik's Cubes Multiple Blindfolded in 59:46! PB!

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QOTV: What is your favorite BLD event? Mine is Multi BLD!

Woohoo! This is an overall PB!

How this event (Multi BLD) works: You attempt 2 or more cubes to do blindfolded. First, I memorize all of the cubes. Next, I put on the blindfold and there is an extra paper put in front of me to prevent any cheating. I then proceed to solve all of them. I have up to an hour of total time, including memorization and solving time. I am then graded by how well I do. The way to figure this out is amount of cubes solved - unsolved = amount of WCA points. The more points, the better. Time doesn't make too much of a difference, other than when comparing to others.

This was done in 59:46. Barely made it on time, thanks to the judge telling me that 2:30 was left at one point!

More Indiana, Worlds, and possibly Tree Town vids coming soon!

25 Cube Multi Bld Attempt Live Stream

Cubes being used 14 guanlongs, 3 weilongs, 2 zhanchis, 1 SS aurora, , 1 gans III, 1 panshi, 1 rubik's, 1 chilong, 1 guhong

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MultiBLD 8/8 Campeonato Sudamericano

Por si no se entiende, la historia es algo así: Este es el segundo intento; el día anterior había fracasado al intentar 7, y ahora quería intentar el mismo número, pero al repetir el acto de entregar los cubos, no recordé que el cubo de Jael estaba en la mochila también, y simplemente entregué todos los que estaban allí. Cuando destapé los cubos al empezar, el arreglo era simétrico, 4 y 4, no el 4 y 3 que esperaba, y ahí me di cuenta del error y no me quedo otra que intentar los 8.

8/9 Multi Bld 45:51

Korean Championship 2018

cube : Valk power , Valk power M , ...

QiYi MoFangGe


Unboxing MultiBLD 6/6 3:31.62

After many fails, i finally did it.
Memo was about 2:10.
Music: Death Note Soundtrack

20.03 3x3 Blindfolded World Record Mean Reconstruction

20.03 3BLD WR Mean Video:

on the last recon, you must've remembered that I had problems with speaking too close to the mic, this time I completely forgot to turn it on while recording 👌 (fortunately the camera mic is pretty decent)

Cube: Gan Air SM
Camera: Sony RX10 IV

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13 cube multi bld attempt live stream


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3:45.15 Rubik's Cube Blindfolded

This is not my PB, but it is my best on camera. I will beat it very soon (I hope!) My memory has gotten good, so maybe I could do multi BLD, possibly with 3 cubes. I keep failing with 2 cubes. Can YOU do BLD? Comment below If you can and what your PB's are!


Rubik's Rubix Cube Blindfolded Without Looking PB World Record Finally BLD Success Fail Solve Yay FOTW 10 year old little kid no look Rubik's Cube (Brand) Seconds Bored New Speed Puzzle speed speedsolve solves speedsolves 3x3 2x2 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 11x11 2x2x2 3x3x3 4x4x4 5x5x5 6x6x6 7x7x7 8x8x8 9x9x9 10x10x10 11x11x11 BLD world record marcell endrey haiyan zhuang feliks zemdegs 5.66 Stack Solving rubixs rubies ultimate lubix dayan stickerless guhong v2 how to tos to's speak talk memorize memorization smart person think picture memorizes memory audio rep repetition lol failure fail ice cube Adrenaline (album) Picture (string Theory) Album (Musical Album) cubing community WR UWR UNR OUWR skewb megaminx pyraminx crystal minute minutes Ukrainian People's Republic (Military Combatant) crazy reaction going wild for the win FTW stupid annoying funny crazy solver competition US nationals 2012 2011 kony xbox cheat codes 360 xbox360 winner every time 10 year old olds ten boy girl kid genius brain power 3 smarty pants piano twist turn puzzle toy erno rubik inventor invention world championship won i did it after a year and a half blake4512 fazrulz1 tobuscus nigahiga smash famous on the wall wait what i am very confused stupid tags too many to list BLIND folded blindfoded according to cityzach in his first video of him BLDing it was pretty freaking funny and I LOLed for a couple of years just like blake when they talked into the microphone at hillsdale WInter 2012. I didn't see it happen, unfortunately happen should be separated tutorial OP old pochmann old-pochmann M2 M 2 two tutu toot toot toddles to you and your family you offend me you offend my family yomyomf BH corners Big Hat wait that makes no sense blah bla I am bored so you are too z zz zzz zzzz zzzzz .... z... zz... zzz... zzzz... zzzzz... I have literally no life cubing is starting to get crazy and I can't stop omg omgomg oh my god gosh wild lube luber we will teach you rock you thanks for watching comment rate subscribe and stop reading these favorite like thumbs up down this video thank you i am cooler than you me mike posner that is a very old song so i should just shut up right about now but i can't that is just too baaad bad good competition common aman a man sportstacking sport stacking cups

MultiBLD - 4/4 in 28:23.14

It was my 2nd attempt for 4 cubes multiple blindfolded, first was 3/4 in 31 minutes.
This video is made double speed, so that it's not boring to watch.
Memorization took 20 minutes, but I didn't record it entirely, only the very end of it.
The solving process is in the video, though.
I used all four of my mini type C 3x3s for this attempt :)
I memorize by forming sentences consisting of the letters, which I gave to every single sticker of the cube. Execution was done with Old Pochmann, however I am switching to M2 method for edges very soon.
I hope to do a 4/4 at German Open 2010 :D
Thanks for watching!

[Mantua Summer 2017] BLD compilation

Just wanted to upload some BLD solves from one of my last competitions, my very first one in Italy so far.
Finally came in 2nd in 3BLD while missing the MultiBLD podium by a few minutes / points.

The 3BLD finals were quite disappointing, as I missed a desetup move that cost me a full 32 mo3. Anyway I did better the week after in Paris, so in the end it isn't that bad.
Both multi attempts were in the same day so I went easy on the first one, but still managed to get the 3BLD cube wrong by 3e. The execution was good, and I made 2 full reviews that cost me a bit of time overall.
The second attempt wasn't great, just 10 points, but this time I successfully came back to one of the cubes I left apart. That's actually my main problem during multi. I also almost fixed another one, but I forgot to solve the first edge letter pair. It would have been enough for 2nd place...

FAQ coming very soon, don't hesitate to raise questions that I can include in the next videos!


U2 R' L' F' R D L R' B D2 B' F R' U D L' U L B2 U' D2 L' B2 D R
Pues eso, de no haber sido DNF, hubiera sido mi mejor marca personal :(

more blindfolded relay action 🔥 (feat. Jake Klassen)

Check out the world record (unofficial) relay here first ►

Some random successes/fails from our attempts at breaking the Rubik's cube blindfolded 2 man relay (unofficial) world record 👌

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