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Mud bogging


Real Georgia Mud Bogging

Now this is real Mud Bogging right here in Georgia - video taken last weekend. Followed a few trucks to a local bog for a little mud slingin action.

Mud Kings Ont 4x4 Mud Bogs


Hillbilly's Memorial Mud Bog @ Hilltop Mud Bogs Jan 26th 2019

Hillbilly's Memorial Mud Bog. A great tribute and a wonderful turnout of friends, family, and four wheel drives

Lucas Oil...On The Edge! Episode 178 - Mud Bogg / Legends Race

Mud Bogg (Modified): The Undertaker, Hillybilly Deluxe and Just Cause are some of the modified machines that sling mud through the horseshoe track.

Legends Race: Drivers compete in a 25 lap race on the historic Speedrome track

THE PIT 15th Annual Run A Muck Flat Drags/Mud Sling 2019

The Pit at Virginia Motor Speedway Host the 15th annual Run-A-Muck Mud Bog and Mud Sling X Cut and XX paddle tire racing October 5. 2019

Quiet start to mud-bogging at MESA Park

FELLSMERE The day didnt go exactly as planned for Treasure Coast Motor Sports grand re-opening of MESA Park with its first mud-bogging races. Only a fraction of the trucks expected to show, showed. But there was an impressive crowd nonetheless, according to organizers. Staff video by Keith Carson. Read more at

The Pit at Virginia Motor Speedway MUD BOG 10/13/18 Pro Mod A and B

The Pit At Virginia Motor Speedway in Jamaica Virginia Host The Run A Mock Event featuring Pro Mod A, Unlimited Bog. Unlimited X Tractor and Pro Mod B trucks battling it out for the #1 spot

NW Monster National's Mud Bog 2016

Nov 5 2016 Redmond,Oregon WHR Motorsports monster truck show.

6 Lifted 3 wheeler on 30 Silverbacks RIPPIN' MUD!!!

Video of my lifted trike, fun little rig to play in the mud! more videos to come!
Pretty impressive how a 200 can rip 30 silverbacks like that Sub&share!!

2015 Taos Mud Bog

Mud racers had trouble getting through a deep and unforgiving pit Saturday (June 27) at the Taos Mud Bog. Cars in the super modified and outlaw classes were able to speed through the pit while riders in the other classes had trouble navigating through the sticky mud. The fine, chamiso dirt in Taos made it harder for drivers to pilot their trucks through the pit. Video was shot and edited by Rick Romancito for The Taos News. Visit for more.

Oregon mud fest 2018

This video is about Oregon mud fest 2018

Mud Bogging...Guys Abusing Their Everyday Ride

Guys take their everyday ride thru the mud. Trashing the very vehicle they use for getting to work or for the family car.

Punk Bike Enduro 2011 - A Mud Puddle

We found a puddle and it was fun.


Championship Mud Racing
CMR Stop #2
River Run

CMR RACE #2 2016

ATV Mudding 4X4 Mud Bogging Quad

ATV Mudding 4X4 Mud Bogging Quad
This week end
Quad is a 650 Kawasaki Brute Force
StopDropNRun Stop Drop and Run

Komodo Side by Side 4x4 500cc Buggy Mud Bogging

Komodo Side by Side 4x4 500cc Buggy Mud Bogging
Tried to go through a mud hole with Komodo Side by Side, ended up getting stuck.
Pulled out by yamaha rhino 4x4 quad.
This weekend
StopDropNRun Stop Drop and Run

Komodo Side by Side 4x4 Mud Bogging

Komodo Side by Side 4x4 Mud Bogging
500 komodo side by side 4x4 mudding
StopDropNRun Stop Drop and Run

Girl ATV Mud Bogging Quad

Girl ATV Mud Bogging Quad
Polaris Trailblazer 250 2 Stroke ATV Mud Bogging Quad

StopDropNRun strop drop and run

Georgia Mud Bogging Part 2

Mud bogging @ Georgia Mud Bogging...part 2. This event was held May 9th, 2009. Next event July 4th, 2009. Fun for the whole family

Mud bogging at the Dunes

Have you ever been to Canada’s largest 1 day mud bogging event? If not, you need to! Located just outside of Courtland, Ontario is Gopher Dunes which holds 2 Mudfests per year which fall in late April and early September. Check it out!
Filmed by Watling Visuals



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