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Muay Thai


10 Muay Thai Shadow Boxing Drills For Beginners

Shadow boxing at home is a fantastic tool you can use to improve your fighting skills even if you have no equipment. Check out these Muay Thai training drills you can do from the comfort of your own home!

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It can be tough when you first start to learn how to shadowbox for Muay Thai as a beginner. These shadow boxing drills will help you add some diversity to your shadow boxing workouts and help improve your technique, balance, control and overall strength.

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Muay Thai Training 101: Full Beginner's Class

Are you thinking about joining a Muay Thai gym or training in Thailand? This personal training session covers what to expect, common mistakes, and how to do fundamental #MuayThai techniques & exercises. This tutorial will cover:

• The Wai or Muay Thai Bow (Sign of Respect)
• Jumping Rope (Buy one:
• Shadowboxing & Techniques (Punches, Kicks, Knees, & Elbows)
• Heavybag
• Thai Padwork
• Muay Thai Clinch
• Stretching


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The Brutal Fight - Muay Thai vs Kickboxing

The fight Rick Roufus (USA) vs Changpuek Kietsongrit (THA).
Until the 80s, for people who had never visited Thailand, Muay Thai was a completely unknown martial art. While in Brazil Jiu-Jitsu developed and, according to residents, claimed to be the best battle system in the world. In America, it was believed that kickboxing and karate have no equal...

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Understanding the Traditional Muay Thai Stance & Strategies

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Here is a breakdown using many of Jongsanan's teachings and strategies to understand the traditional Muay Thai stance and techniques. We cover how to stand, where your feet should be, how to block punches and kicks, and how to set up knees and enter the clinch.

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Muay Thai Secret from Old school | Thai Boxing

Do you remember old school thai boxing and muay boran lessons with Lannafighting Muay Thai on Fight Vision channel?

This time Kru Din will share with one of the most important secrets of old school muay thai.

This techniques will be useful if you just trying to improve your skills or even if you want to fight on a ring like muay thai fights like Max Muay Thai or ONE FC.

Muay Thai & Muay Boran Rare Blocks

This Old School Muay Thai Rare Blocking Techniques by 70 years old fighter.
This thai boxing trainer is 70 years old. But thai boxing fighting his way of life so he can teach muay thai techniques: how to block kicks, knees, elbows, and punches. This muay thai techniques drill is good for beginners and advanced.

Gym: Burklerk Gym Lampang Thailand


Muay Thai Monster - Buakaw Banchamek | Muscle Madness

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Sirius Beat - Legend

YOKKAO 43: Josh Hill vs Niall McGreevy | Muay Thai -67kg | Full Fight

YOKKAO 43: Josh Hill vs Niall McGreevy | Muay Thai -67kg | Full Fight. Saturday October 26th, Bolton UK.


Muay Thai Champion vs. Taekwondo Black Belt | Lawrence Kenshin

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Changpuek Kiatsongrit is a legend in Muay Thai for proving its effectiveness despite a significant weight and rule disadvantage. Here he faces a Taekwondo black belt in the prestigious K-1 tournament, but under a special rules karate fight.

I am a striking analyst that's so far focused on breaking down combat sports. I've been fortunate enough to have major fight camps, legends, and elite martial artists give testimonials to my work - If you've enjoyed this breakdown, be sure to check out my usual work in combat sports.

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Rodtang: Muay Thai’s Most Aggressive Fighter

ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon always sets a furious pace, swarming his opponents with forward pressure and heavy strikes! Watch “The Iron Man’s” hallmark aggression in his ONE Super Series debut against Dutch-Surinamese striker Sergio Wielzen!

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Ong Bak's Muay Thai Super Star Tony Jaa visits Krudar Muay Thai in Toronto! After jumping around like 5 year olds for a few minutes (ok a lot of minutes), we managed to pull ourselves together and take in a little JAA! Extra special thanks to Ian @HandEyePhotography for always capturing the beauty of our Kru-mmunnity moments! WWW.KRUDAR.COM @KrudarMuayThai @KrudarDonMills

Playground | Filipino Prodigies in Muay Thai | One Sports

Two of the Philippine Muay Thai Team’s most promising stars Jenelyn Olsim and Ariel Lee Lampacan visit the Playground set to shed light on the country’s potential to become a Muay Thai powerhouse in the future.

BEGINNER MUAY THAI - Full Class, 30 Minutes // No Equipment

Back with our first follow along full Muay Thai class for beginners. ALERT: It took us a good 10 minutes to get the intro done due to too much laughing so.. bear with us through the warm up. It gets better (less laughing) and we promise a good class! :P

This video is for those starting out in Muay Thai! We take you through a warm up, technique work and then some core work to finish off! Be sure to cool down after as well :) You won't need any equipment for this - so perfect for those training at home solo! A yoga mat or a soft surface would be advised for the core work so please have that handy!

If you're unsure with any of these techniques, let us know so we can focus more of our content to what you'd like to see :)!

WARM UP: 00:30
Star Jumps: 04:10
Check & Knee (Lead Side) 05:15
Check & Knee (Read Side) 06:39
Mountain Climbers 07:54
Push Kicks/Teep 09:15

5 x 3 Minute Rounds (30 seconds break)
Round 1 Jab Cross 10:59
Round 2 Crossing Elbow + Knee (Opposite Sides) 14:15
Round 3 Jab + Cross to Body + Leg Kick 17:42
Round 4 Lead Block/Check + Switch Kick + Cross 21:09
Round 5 Jab + Push Kick/Teep + Spinning Elbow 24:23

CORE 27:52
10 Crunches
10 In & Outs
10 Roll Back into Sit Up

OUT NOW: Next Full Beginner Muaythai Class -
In this video we incorporate forward and backwards movements into our combinations and striking scenarios.

Hope you guys enjoyed that! Had a bit of a laugh with us too .. for our full fails compile video check out our instagram :P

See you guys next time! STAY HEALTHY EVERYONE!! *love*

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Dating mangangalakal ng basura nabago ang buhay dahil sa Muay Thai | TV Patrol

Nabago ang buhay ng isang dating mangangalakal ng basura dahil sa sport na Muay Thai.

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The Most Aesthetic Muay Thai Style | Sitjaopho Muay Thai Documentary | Humans of Fighting

Muay Thai is known as one of the most brutal martial arts.

But the Sitjaopho Muay Thai style can only be described as a lethal dance - so graceful, so smooth, so effortless.

If anyone thinks fighting is crude and barbaric, watching the Sitjaopho twins might change your mind.

How to block a high kick?

How to throw a fast and sharp spear knee?

What do you do with your hands when defending against a barrage of strikes?

Listen to one-half of the twins, Phet-Tho Sitjaopho break down some of the fundamentals of their ridiculously beautiful style of Muay Thai.


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Muay Thai vs Kickboxing KNEE Style

Learn the difference in styles between the #MuayThai knee and the #Kickboxing knee, and why I recommend adapting both into your stand-up striking!

If you're looking to elevate your striking, you're going to love my Hybrid Striking Course only available on


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Teknik dasar Muaythai - PART 1

Olahraga asal Thailand ini telah berkembang meluas ke seluruh dunia, termasuk Indonesia. Muay Thai dipraktekkan di berbagai negara dengan peraturan yang berbeda-beda tergantung di negara mana pertarungan berlangsung dan di bawah peraturan organisasi apa pertandingan tersebut diatur. Selain untuk pertandingan, Muay Thai juga telah menjadi gaya hidup. Terdaftar sebagai kelas khusus di tempat-tempat kebugaran ialah bukti bahwa Muay Thai telah digemari sebagai salah satu kegiatan menyehatkan.

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YOKKAO 33: Yodchai YOKKAOSaenchaigym vs Enzo Petricig Muay Thai -62kg | YOKKAO 33

YOKKAO 33: Yodchai YOKKAOSaenchaigym (Thailand) vs Enzo Petricig (France) Muay Thai -62kg.

YOKKAO 33 took place Monday, October 29th 2018 in Hong Kong at the Kowloon International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC).

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Silahturahmi Muay Thai Dan Silat PSHT, Mengupas Tehnik Dasar Silat

Hari ini tepatnya Selasa tanggal 18 ferbruari 2020 jam 15:30 saya berkunjung ke Perguruan PSHT cabang Rembang Satuan Latihan SMA 3 Rembang.

Mempelajari Aliran Silat PSHT terutama pada tendangan dasar dan bantingan dasar, juga ikut sparing demi bisa dan mengetahuai tehnik dasar silat.

Untuk kedepannya saya akan ikut gabung di perguruan ini ,karena disini sistem persaudaraan yang kuat dan jalinan ikatan yang kuat juga..

Ingat Suwardi atlet MMA jebolan PSHT ,hehehehe saya juga ngefans sama mas suwardi


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