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Learning The Hard Way: Old School Mountaineering | Climbing Daily Ep.1338

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Climbing used to be different. Today we interview two old school legends of the climbing world, Adrian and Alan Burgess. In a time before helicopter rescue and modern ice gear pushing the limits of mountaineering meant putting your life on the line....

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Learning The Hard Way: Old School Mountaineering | Climbing Daily Ep.1338

Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) at ABVIMAS Manali

Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC batch 312) was held in May 2013 conducted by ABVIMAS, Manali, Himachal Pradesh (HP) India. It was 26 Day course
I was one of many participants from all over India.
All locations and approximate/GPS tracks of camps, treks etc activities have been shown (also in animation). Most of Major activities done during course have been shown for few seconds.
Activities/training ranged from- basic natural rock climbing, chimney climbing, artificial wall climbing, Types of Belay and anchoring, rappelling/ abseiling- Classical: Shoulder Rappelling and side-arm rappelling, and Mechanical rappelling (200ft), Jumaring (Single Jumaring or Double Jumar techniques), River Crossing techniques, Snow Crafting: snow climbing/rappelling techniques, Glissading (act of fast descent on snow areas- somewhat like skiing without skis), Self Arrest & Team Arrest Techniques (To stop our self/ team after falling), Ice-crafting (Climbing, rappelling, cramponing ) Crevasse Rescue (Z-pulley system), Survival (had to make shelter in little jungle and sleep without sleeping bag for 1 night @ 10,000 ft), Tent pitching and packing.
Height of camp ranged from 6000ft @Manali to 9,500ft @Dhundi.
Trekking till the height of 13,700-14,000ft approx.

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A History In Mountaineering - Grivel | Climbing Daily Ep.1347

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Grivel has had a rich history in the climbing world, pioneering equipment and manufacturing techniques that we still see the benefit of today, 200 years since they were founded. We went for a tour round their museum in Courmayeur in Italy to discover more.

A History In Mountaineering - Grivel | Climbing Daily Ep.1347

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering - Basic Mountaineering Course

This is the jist of Basic Mountaineering Course Batch 224 (Sep-Oct 2012). Same video was screened on the Graduation Day at NIM. The images and videos used in the video were captured by Swapnil Shah ( and Rahul Gudipudi ( during the course.

How To Layer For Mountaineering Trips

A good layering system is an essential part of your mountaineering gear. Gino from Next Adventure covers all the bases discussing base layers, mid layers, outer shells, and more.

‪Melissa Arnot: What it Takes to be a Mountaineer‬

Whittaker Mountaineering and First Ascent Guide Melissa Arnot talks about life in the mountains, her upcoming Everest trip, and women in mountaineering.‬ Learn more about Melissa at

The Best Training For Mountaineering - Stairs and Hills [E1]

E1 Stairs and Hills.Check out these links for more information. You need to calculate or measure your own max heart BPM (beats per minute).
Next Episode:
Ueli Steck training:
Kilian Jornet:
Zone 2 training:
Heart rate zone:
The Best Training For Mountaineering is a series of videos that I hope will inspire you to take your mountaineering to the next height. Best is subjective but this is what I have learnt from many people over the last 8 years as a mountaineer.
❅ Wim Hof Method -
❅ The Swedish Ice Man YT Channel -
❅ The Art of Ice Book Release 2017
Music: Leonell Cassio - Rock n Mud

Ueli Steck | Mountaineering Legend | Trans World Sport

Trans World Sport profile on the incredible Swiss Mountaineer Ueli Steck.

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TWS features sports action from around the globe, including reports from the biggest international competitions, in-depth features on lesser-known sports and profiles of rising stars of the future.

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A Mountaineer Who Dares Greatly: Dave Hahn

Into the Arena - Dave Hahn is a mountaineer with a serious resume. One of his many accomplishment; more summits of Mount Everest than any non-Sherpa climber with 15. Teddy Roosevelt said, It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” - Rainier Films -

Top 5 Mountain Climbers of all Time

My Top Five Mountaineers of all Time. I include their achievements, impact on the future of mountaineering and ethics. This list is subjective and it is my own opinion not fact, I rate according to achievements, ingenuity/creativeness, style and impact on society. I hope this mountaineering video will motivate and inspire you to find your adventure in the mountains. Mountaineering is an interaction with nature and I do not wish to make out mountaineering to be a competitive activity with this list, I simply hope that you will be inspired by these brave mountaineers.
RIP Uueli Steck, RIP Jerzy Kukuczka, RIP Tenzing Norgay.
5.Tenzing Norgay
4.Reinhold Messner
3.Jerzy Kukuczka
2.Simone Moro
1.Ueli steck
Some of the best mountain climbers in the world.
I hope you like this mountaineering compilation!
❅ The Swedish Ice Man -
❅ Wim Hof Method -


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Hanging out with Mountaineering Legend Conrad Anker

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An avalanche in the Himalayas killed rock climber Conrad Anker's best friend, Alex Lowe. The same avalanche also changed Anker's life forever. Watch as he reflects on accepting death every day, the sacrifices he makes to pursue climbing, and pushing both his physical and mental limits.

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Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering (BMC - 242) Wall Climbing


FIRST ASCENT: Dave Hahn - How To Become a Mountaineer

Dave Hahn's 12 summits (so far) of Everest are the most of any non-Sherpa in history. A guide with Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. since 1986, he has twice received prestigious awards for rescue work. In 2009. he was named Best Mountain Guide by Men's Journal. Dave knows what it takes to become a great mountaineer and what you need to take on mountains like Everest.

Ice climbing axe or mountaineering axe? What is the DIFFERENCE (2019) | Climbing Vlog Ep. 6

Choosing the right ice climbing axe or mountaineering axe for you can be really hard!

In this alpine climbing vlog episode I will touch the differences between the two major types of ice axes - the mountaineering axe and the technical ice climbing axe. And besides that, Petzl has released the Petzl Quark 2018 version, which now contains some pretty cool features making it a contender for the best allround ice axe - at least in my opinion

The Petzl Quark 2018 is now a standard item in my alpine climbing kit.

There are several key differences between a mountaineering axe and an ice climbing axe such as length of the shaft, the aggressiveness or curve of the shaft, the handle of the ice axe, and the teeth on the pick. Besides that the mountaineering ice axe comes in different sizes that should suit you, which the ice climbing axe does not - watch this alpine climbing vlog episode and find out how to choose the best size.

In the vlog you can see the:

- Grivel Tech Machine technical ice climbing axe
- Petzl Summit Evo mountaineering axe
- and the Petzl Quark 2018 allround mountaineering and ice climbing axe

Other brands have made ice axes like the Petzl Quark such as Grivel North Machine, Black Diamond Viper or the Edelrid Riot. However the Petzl Quark 2018 adds some nifty features such as adjustable finger rests and a foldable handrest.

Before you watch the alpine climbing vlog episode on the differences between the ice climbing axe and the mountaineering ice axe, here is a short disclamer; I am not associated with any or the brands mentioned, nor have I received any product from neither Petzl or Grivel. What I tell in the vlog is solely based on my own experiences and personal views! Yup, now go ahead watching i vlog!

Music: I Love You by Vibe Tracks

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3 Things To Consider When Buying A Mountaineering Boot | Climbing Daily Ep.1180

In this Friday's Gear Show we asked our gear expert Dave Searle to give us the lowdown about mountain boots. He takes us through the different options available, the pros and cons and the three things to look out for when buying a boot.

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3 Things To Consider When Buying A Mountaineering Boot | Climbing Daily Ep.1180

Alpine & Mountaineering: 17. Selecting Alpine Boots | Climbing Tech Tips

Subscribe to our channel for the latest training videos, climbing tutorials and more! Selecting alpine boots is typically based on mountain objectives, plus conditions. Factors include weather, altitude, and terrain.

Here we look different styles and brands of popular alpine boots, with considerations for each category. Bear in mind that most of the respected alpine and mountaineering boot manufacturers offer an array of boot options, based on your objectives.

1. Lightweight or Hybrid Hiking / Approach Shoe:

- Conditions - Great for a dry alpine climbing such as summer in the California Eastern Sierra
- Pros - Sticky rubber soles, waterproof, lightweight
- The video shows a pair of shoes from the Adidas mountain series. Adidas is better known for their urban adventures. However, their shoe line-up now includes fantastic trail runners, as well as mountain kicks with integrated gaiters to keep out the scree pebbles and dirt often encountered in talus fields
- Here is more info on scree and talus fields. While some loathe having pebbles in their shoes, it can be fun to run and jump down the talus as if skiing

2. Slightly More Technical Boot:

- This category is an excellent all-around boot.
- Conditions - Great for mixed terrain and alpine climbing
- Pros - Stiff enough on the sole or “shank” to accept crampons for low angle ice or snow climbing. Can also remove crampons for alpine rock climbing in these boots up to about 5.7+
- Typically features a Vibram sole, or other proprietary lug and/or patterned sole. While lacking sticky rubber as found on lighter hybrid shoes, they do provide a climbing rand for edges and slabs
- In this video, we show a slightly more technical Lowa boot. Lowa is one of those amazing mountain boot manufacturers offering a spectrum of trail, alpine, ice, and technical mountaineering kicks. For this boot, Lowa states that minimalist concepts unite lightweight construction with a stable, low-profile design and shock-absorbing features. The result is a close-to-the-ground feel, with comfort and support
- Here is a great read on Vibram:

3. Classic Mountaineering Boot:

- Old-school favorite
- Conditions - Winter snow and ice climbing in lower elevations and general mountaineering
- Pros - This style offers a high-top with insulated leather and a very stiff shank. Includes front and rear welts for fully automatic crampons. This style of crampon attachment is often easier to attach and remove, versus lace-up-and-cinch-style crampons for boots lacking attachment welts.
- Cons - Heavy and unwieldy. With today’s technology, one can find a technical boot that is both lighter AND warmer. This type of boot doubles as the shoes needed for a Frankenstein halloween costume. However they do everything, even if a bit tiring. Even long slogs and moderate rock climbing, depending on the user. After all, this is a technical mountain boot.
- The black boot depicted in the video is an older LaSportiva

4. Technical Ice & Alpine Climbing Boot:

- Conditions - Full winter and ice climbing
This style is the future of winter alpine and mountaineering boots
- Pros - Front and rear welt for automatic crampon. Integrated gator zips up and keeps snow out. Comfortable for walking, and very warm.
- Cons - Too heavy for summer alpine, and too cold for extremely high altitudes
- Here we show another LaSportiva from Italy. LaSportiva is often one of our favorite boots, based on the shape of their foot bed and their precision, across all their technical footwear

5. High Altitude Boot:

- Typically these boots are selected for high altitude mountaineering or extreme cold weather, such as on Denali in Alaska, or in the Himalayas of Nepal
- Pros - Features a “double boot” or even a plastic boot, with inner liner
- Conditions - High altitude peaks
- This is an entirely different class of technical mountain boot, and is NOT depicted in this video

Know your objective, choose the boot that fits your needs, and have fun!

We hope you found this video helpful.

Please remember, climbing and mountaineering are inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk. Visit for related comments, additional videos, and community feedback!

Advanced Mountaineering Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

This is one second a day video compilation of videos taken over a month in Advanced Mountaineering Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling
May 2017

World of Mountaineering I Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering I

A short video elaborating the basics of Mountaineering.

Please Watch, like subscribe and share.

Video by:
Shantanu Mhetre

Voice by:
Amit Tribhuvan

Cerro Torre - Mountaineering in Patagonia

Making-of the movie Ritmo Latino :
The story of two alpinists, Bruno Sourzac and Ramiro Calvo, bewitched by the same mountain: Cerro Torre. In the heart of Patagonia, this granite monolith rejects many suitors, even the most gifted ones.
Ramiro has produced a funny and touching film of the Franco-Argentinean team making the ascent. While not a tango, the music driving the climbers is a key element in the story. Ramiro talks about how and why he made the film, underlining values dear to Argentineans: friendship, laughter and passion...

More infos on :

My mountaineering training

My mountaineering training 3 weeks before ascent of Mont Blanc.



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