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Mountainboarding is a very cool sport that looks similar to snowboarding but on the wheels :) How cool is that. I would love to try it as well but I know that ambulance wouldn't be able to take me from that tree in one piece :)

No seriously, it's a very interesting sport and all you need to start with is a board, some safety stuff like helmets and a hill where you can ride. You don't have to necessarily be in the woods as in this video. You can ride down as well in open field areas or ride in special sports parks where you can do mountainboarding relatively pretty safe.

These guys are awesome at what they do as you can see in the video. It might look like it is easy but trust me, it's not that easy to get down safely without crashing into a tree or falling down because of some hidden rocks when you get high speed. On some part of the tracks, they were really fast. :)

These guys were representing these teams. If you are interested to see more from them and to see more great mountainboarding videos, check them out here:





RIDERS in the video:
Harry Jessop
Dan Wilson
Matt Gaydon
George Pollard
Simon Neck
Clayton Coleman
Mark Childs
Mark Sewell

Music by: JJD

A film by Lukáš Marcely
Behind the scenes filmed by Jethro Jessop
Lukáš Marcely

GoPro shots by George Pollard

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Mountainboard Japan 2018

- Full article + photos
Another fun Mountainboard trip to Japan. The Australian Mountainboarders team pack their bags and head to Mt Fuji for another Mountain board event at the 2018 balance super camp.

Strapless - A Mountain Board Movie

The Strapless short film is a tribute to the way mountain boards are ridden in the western U.S. -- with no heel straps!

Pro Mountainboarders Mason Moore and Kody Stewart created this short film in conjunction with Parker Eakin of Dyad Digital Media while traveling throughout Utah, incorporating big mountain, dirt, wood, street, and endless technical riding.

Mason Moore is an ambassador of mountainboarding from the United States - endlessly seeking adventure and pioneering the sport of mountainboarding.

Known for his style on a mountainboard, Mason Moore continually pushes what is possible on a mountain board with his wide variety of both technical tricks and big air tricks.

Kody Stewart is known for his fearless riding style of big airs and big mountain riding.

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Mason Moore --
Kody Stewart --

Video: Parker Eakin --

MOUNTAINBOARD DOCUMENTARY - 'Like Snowboarding But With Wheels'

A Short Documentary about the world of mountainboarding.

Created by Amon Shaw

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Music (In Order):

Todd Terje - Ragysh (Original Mix)
Birocratic - Sleepyface
Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz
Evil Needle - Sunday Morning
Dan Croll - Nowhere (Instrumental)
Brasstracks - Say U Won't



Mountainboard Japan 2019

This is my 5th time visiting Japan to Mountainboard beneath Mt Fuji. Japan did not disappoint once again. Mountain Boarding in the forest, Balance Super Camp and the Japanese release of my new pro board the MBS Pro 97!

Check out my new Brand PASSENGERS:


Mason Moore Mountainboarding - 3 days in Utah

Be sure to watch until the end for a preview!

Pro Mountain boarder, Mason Moore, Video part from a weeks worth of riding in September 2015.

Mason Moore is an ambassador of mountainboarding from the United States - endlessly seeking adventure and pioneering the sport of mountainboarding.

Known for his style on a mountainboard, Mason Moore continually pushes what is possible on a mountain board with his wide variety of both technical tricks, and big air tricks.

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Song: The Heavy by Short Change Hero
Rider: Mason Moore --
Video: Parker Eakin --

Street Mountainboarding // #HASHTAG - Dylan Warren

MBS Mountainboards Pro rider, Dylan Warrens street Mountainboard part from Australian Mountainboard movie #HASHTAG

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Mountain Boarding

Simon Neck taking on a run at Cann Woods, Plymouth

Downhill Mountainboarding MBS Freeride -

MBS riders showing off on this freeride video. Snow melts, dirt doesn't! Step into the world of mountainboarding

MUNRO Boards Tech Tip - Learn to ride a mountainboard | how to ride mountain board

Eddy will show you some basic tips to help you as a new rider get the most out of your new board. We'll look at board setup, basic board control, how to turn and how to power slide.

US Open Mountainboard Competition Loaded with Fails

US Open Mountainboard Championships[14] 2006, held in Snowmass, Colorado. JSP TV talks with the youth division winner and the director of the Dirt Dogs.

Mountain boarding, also known as Dirt boarding, Off road Boarding, and All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), is a well established[1] if little-known action sport, derived from snowboarding. A mountainboard is made up of components including a deck, bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires, and two steering mechanisms known as trucks. Mountainboarders, also known as riders, ride specifically designed boardercross tracks, slope style parks, grass hills, woodlands, gravel tracks, streets, skate parks, ski resorts, BMX courses and mountain bike trails. It is this ability to ride such a variety of terrain that makes mountain boarding different from other board sports.


The worst mountainboard crash compil by marame crew mountainboard.


This week we take a trip to check out a new skatepark, skate with camels and smash out tricks. Oh yeah and we also had a super fun session on our new ramp and i teach you how to get better at Mountainboarding, ride by yourself and find places to ride. Action packed Vlog this week! check out the links below:



Mountainboard Information


Mbs Mountainboards

Shredding bike trails on the new Trampa Twin Pro Drive Electric Mountainboard

With a top speed of 32mph and a range of up to 40miles, there is not much terrain you can't tackle.

Follow the link to get yours now:


MBS Mountainboards - Ride Guide - Instructional

Mountainboarding Dirt Trails and Park

Boards meet the dirt as mountainboarders show their all-terrain capabilities with the combination of speed and air to fuel their tricks.

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Street MOUNTAINBOARD Movie - 'Arrived'


The Australian Mountainboarders crew hit the streets once again to bring you our new Mountain Board movie 'Arrived'. For many years we have been on a path to build a Mountainboard Park here in Melbourne. We are very excited to announce that we have a place to build it. We have finally 'Arrived' at our dream spot. More on that to come... for now enjoy the video, a story from then to now.

Dylan Warren
Jason Salopek
Ryan Salter
Daniel Foreman
Daniel Packer
Eddy Kusdiana
Matt Wilkins

Filmed by:
Dylan Warren
Jason Salopek
Travis Adams
Aaron Petty

Mountainboarding Copper Mountain

Music Attribution:

Game Over
by Robbero

CC Attribution (3.0)


Learn how to Mountainboard at the skatepark with Jason Salopek and Dylan Warren. Learn how to drop in, pump transitions, rock to fakie, grind ledges and rails and air 1/4 pipes. Check out the links below...



Mountainboard Information


Mbs Mountainboards



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