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Tekin 1/10th and 1/8th Scale Motor Compare

Here's a video showing the size and application for several different sized Brushless Motors. In the video I show a Generic 540 sized Motor, a Tekin Pro4HD 550 sized, a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4030 Buggy Sized and a Tekin T8 Gen 2 4038 Sized Truggy motor.

Want to check out these motors and more? Check out Nitrohouse at:

Other wise, Tekin's website has some great information:

Are Bolt On E Bike Motors Actually Good? | EMBN Show Ep. 60

Are bolt on e bike motors actually any good? Are they just a gateway into a fully manufactured electric mountain bike? Steve takes a look in this weeks show ⚡️

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Do you ride an e-bike with a bolt on motor? What are your thoughts on them? Would you now upgrade to a integrated e bike? Let us know in the comments below ⚡️

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Jan Japan Motors Prices of new import Vehicles

These use Vehicles imported from Japan. The show room is situated in KARACHI you can check website link given below.

Swamp Runner Mud Motors

Swamp Runner Mud Motors offers reliable and affordable mud motor kits that will take you to places never thought possible. Visit for pricing and info.

Full Rewinding 36slot single phase 3hp motor (Rpm 1440))(आटा चक्की मोटर) sahabaj khan

Full Rewinding 36slot single phase 3hp motor (Rpm 1440))(आटा चक्की मोटर)
In this video i m showing you to how to full rewinding 3 hp single phase motor 36 slot 1440 rpm full ditials and fulll winding toutrioul
winding ditials
Running coil -swg 19-1/2=
coil weight 1 coil weight 400 =4 coil 400x4 =1600g
coil distiance -3inches
coil turns
1-4 -35turns
1-6 45turns
1-8 55 turns
1-10 27 turns
starting coil ---------
swg 23 no
1 coil weight 100 =4x100 =400 Total wire 400g wire
coil distance/lambai 3.5inches
coil turns 30/40/50
coil turns with coil pich
1-5 30turns
1-7 40 turns
1-9 50 turns

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mor important winding for you

Full Rewinding Submersible 2HP Water feild motor ( समर्सिबल मोटर winding) sahabaj khan

ceiling fan winding machine कैसे खरीदे, कहाँ से खरीदे,कितने में मिलता हे।KISAN ENGINEERING M-KIJ117

Rewinding Madhani Motor 8 Slot Or Rewinding Table Fan Motor 8 slot winding in hindi sahabaj khan

Full Rewinding Madhani Motor in hindi (मधानी मोटर बंधाई हिंदी) Full Explain by sahabaj khan

Madhani motor connections !! मधानी/रही मोटर कनेक्शन Hindi

ceiling fan coil winding easy at home (hindi)

Chen/चेन winding full Rewinding Farata fan 2 blades With chen winding 24 coil Hindi

Full Rewinding Farata fan motor 2 blades ( दो पंखडी फराटा मोटर winding) easy hindi easy full Rewindi

Rewinding Farata fan motor 5 blades

Celling fan automatic motor winding machine

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Salve galerinha, hoje tô com um vídeo novo pra vocês, As motos que explodiram o motors Deixe aquele joinha se gostar e inscreva-se no canal, pois só assim me motiva mais e trago mais vídeos para vocês, belê?
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drag race motor drag race motor mio vs ninja drag race motor lucu drag race motor indonesia liar drag race motor sentul 2013-2014 drag race motor indri barbie drag race motor thailand 2013-2014 drag race motor satria fu drag race motor ninja

Bentley Motors Bentayga Launch at Frankfurt Motorshow

At Frankfurt IAA 2015 Bentley unveiled its new luxury SUV: Bentayga - the world's fastest SUV. Watch our film to see Bentayga revealed to the world by Bentley CEO Mr Wolfgang Duerheimer, and highlights from Press Day at Frankfurt show.

Axial Wraith - Replacement Motor, Crawling Motors 101

Here's the replacement motor that axial gave me for my wraith. I also cover in human speak about brushed motors

Swamp Runner Mud Motors - Easy Assembly

Swamp Runner offers the easiest mud motor there is to assemble. We think you will enjoy watching a 9-year-old build a Swamp Runner Mud Motor all by her little lonesome. If a fellow can't put our kit together, he should seriously consider forfeiting his man card.

Thank you for watching our videos and subscribing to our channel.

Note: This video was shot back in 2011. There have been numerous improvements to our product since then; 1. Our couplers are now hot dipped in galvanize followed by a second coating of paint, for superior corrosion resistance and paintability over chrome. 2. Our transom brackets are now heavier built with a deeper purchase. 3. The engine base now pivots on roller bearings instead of bushings. These are just a few of the upgrades we have made.

To learn more about numerous other improvements at Swamp Runner Mud Motors, please visit our website at

Racer X Films: Alta Motors 2018 Redshift MX and MXR

Alta Motors invited us to Perris Raceway to introduce their new 2018 Redshift MX and all new Redshift MXR—they produce 42 horsepower and 50 horsepower respectively. David Pingree spun some laps on both and gives his impressions on these impressive electric motocross bikes.


A step by step method to choose a electric RC motor and its propeller for your plane.

E-Tech: Bologna Motor Show - Formula E

Sian heads to Bologna for the latest news on electric vehicles and technology development.

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4 Reasons to Use a Trolling Motor in Saltwater

This short video explains a few of the reasons why trolling motors can be crucial in saltwater boat control.

Product used: Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra

Watch more videos here:

Mud Buddy Sport H Mud Motor

Meet the new Mud Buddy Sport H extreme duty mud motor. The extended drive and Hammer reversing propeller dig deep to drive the Gator Trax boat forward and backwards in the deep mud. The Sport H which comes in three models, 35, 44 and 52 horse features an all new mud motor design that is sleek, light and powerful. The shift on the fly Mercury built transmission features gearing found in the Mercury Bravo III sterndrive which is the toughest marine motor gearing system ever designed. All controls, to include twin trim switches, start, stop, shift and safety shut off are all located on the newly designed marine outboard style handle. The Sport H has a built in travel lock, stainless and aluminum casting, stainless exhaust, BPS squeeze grip throttle, Oury racing handle grips, 38mm drive shaft, industry only stainless skeg and drive tube and the legendary Hammer propeller.

Perfect trolling motor for small boats, canoes, kayaks - Minn Kota Endura MAX 45

I found the new Minn Kota MAX 45 to offer a noticeable advantage in run time over the non-MAX models. Coming from a 34lb thrust motor the difference in power (to cut through weeds) and speed was significant. Even if your only fish small bodies of water I would now recommend the 45lb model and up to anyone outfitting a canoe, small john boat or kayak. Not only can this mode truly power through weeds, but I found the power is enough to overcome even strong winds and keep my craft going in its intended direction. Something that my previous 34lb model could not do and was a safety concern.

Explainer Video - 300K - Merciless Motors

Tesla and many other Electric Vehicle companies (EV) have never had a clear choice on what electric motor to use in their cars. Out of the 24 different kinds of electric motors in the world, only 2 are suitable to be in electric cars: 3 Phase AC and Brushless DC. Both motors are at war to be chosen and there is no clear winner because of each of the motors many and serious drawbacks. The major disadvantages for a 3 Phase AC motor is its huge size, inefficiencies, and that it must go through a painful power conversion process.
A Merciless motor is the answer making it the 24th new electric motor. It is +90% efficient, 33% more powerful and 20% more lightweight. In electric vehicles this translates to increase range which is a huge pain point to that industry. Since it requires no power converter like the Tesla car, it would reduce the size by half!

MMW 17,000KV/19,000KV Upgrade Motors E010 Tiny Whoop - Eachine E010 Inductrix Motor & Thrust Tests

In this video we compare the thrust output of the 17,000KV and 19,000KV motor offerings from Micro Motor Warehouse. We also take another look at the thrust difference between the rakon 3-blade prop and the modified 2-blade prop to confirm results of prior tests that the 2-blade props don't seem to sacrifice thrust.

These motors can be found here:

Buy an E010 here (Affiliate Link):

Please note that the 19,000KV motors require an upgraded flight controller like the Beecore F3 EVO which can be found here (affiliate link):

Check out for more great motor options for your Tiny Whoop!

QuadSpex is not affiliated with Micro Motor Warehouse, but we thank them for providing sample parts which allows us to provide all of you with more information on these products.

Check out our website at

Mud Buddy Best Mud Motor

When it comes to backwater travel, we prefer Mud Buddy mud motors to get us into those hard to reach places. Give your boat a whole new gear and enjoy duck hunting at its finest. With the Mud Buddy you can get to those secret hunting spots that other motors can't. For more information check out our website at

Electric Outboards vs Petrol Motors on a REAL boat !

Here we compare how an Electric Thruster Outboard Motor goes up against some one rowing and a petrol 4 stroke motor. In this 3.5 min video we also give the relevant performance data compairing Thruster Electric Outboard Motors of 30 - 40 - 46 - 50 lb Thrust, the Torqeedo 3 hp 1003 S and a F 3.5 Mercury 4 stroke outboard.




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