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Which E-MTB Motor Is For You? | EMBN Show Ep. 80

This week on the EMBN show Steve and Chris check out some of the new motors that have been released for 2020. Brose, Bosch, and Yamaha have all updated their systems⚡️

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There's also some impressive e-bike trials riding and all of your user submissions. Have you made it into the bike vault this week?

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???? Which EMTB is for you?

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The Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN) is dedicated to igniting your passion for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) by taking your riding further, faster and further than ever before.

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2020 Miami Boat Show Top 5 Outboard Boat Motors (Gas, Electric, Diesel)

Since I was a kids I have been obsessed with outboard boat motors. After learning more about the cutting edge technology going into them at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. I came up with my top 5 list of outboard boat motors to share with you after 35 years of admiration.
Plus a few honorable mentions.

In this video, what engine will be #1?
THE SEVEN 627SV (Volvo Penta)

Yamaha 425 HP XTO Offshore

Suzuki 90 HP Cargo

Mercury Racing 450R

Tohatsu 115 HP

Evinrude 115 HP E-tech

Evinrude 140 HP E-tech

Evinrude 150 HP Tiller

Honda 250HP

Honda 150 HP

OXE 300 HP Diesel Outboards

Torqeedo Electric Outboards

If you only book a fishing trip once in a while, please consider going me next time. We book up over a year in advance. Call 850-901-7157 or email
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Yamaha PW-X (2019) - eBike motor test

The Yamaha PW-X (250W) was introduced in 2016 for the model year 2017 bikes. Back then it was a very compact and lightweight motor that made it possible to design emtb frames with a more modern geometry.

Full Rewinding 36slot single phase 3hp motor (Rpm 1440))(आटा चक्की मोटर) sahabaj khan

Full Rewinding 36slot single phase 3hp motor (Rpm 1440))(आटा चक्की मोटर)
In this video i m showing you to how to full rewinding 3 hp single phase motor 36 slot 1440 rpm full ditials and fulll winding toutrioul
winding ditials
Running coil -swg 19-1/2=
coil weight 1 coil weight 400 =4 coil 400x4 =1600g
coil distiance -3inches
coil turns
1-4 -35turns
1-6 45turns
1-8 55 turns
1-10 27 turns
starting coil ---------
swg 23 no
1 coil weight 100 =4x100 =400 Total wire 400g wire
coil distance/lambai 3.5inches
coil turns 30/40/50
coil turns with coil pich
1-5 30turns
1-7 40 turns
1-9 50 turns

Thanks dear
mor important winding for you

Full Rewinding Submersible 2HP Water feild motor ( समर्सिबल मोटर winding) sahabaj khan

ceiling fan winding machine कैसे खरीदे, कहाँ से खरीदे,कितने में मिलता हे।KISAN ENGINEERING M-KIJ117

Rewinding Madhani Motor 8 Slot Or Rewinding Table Fan Motor 8 slot winding in hindi sahabaj khan

Full Rewinding Madhani Motor in hindi (मधानी मोटर बंधाई हिंदी) Full Explain by sahabaj khan

Madhani motor connections !! मधानी/रही मोटर कनेक्शन Hindi

ceiling fan coil winding easy at home (hindi)

Chen/चेन winding full Rewinding Farata fan 2 blades With chen winding 24 coil Hindi

Full Rewinding Farata fan motor 2 blades ( दो पंखडी फराटा मोटर winding) easy hindi easy full Rewindi

Rewinding Farata fan motor 5 blades

Celling fan automatic motor winding machine

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I Bought a New Boat!!! Gator-Tail Surface Drive Mud Motor Test 2018

In a south Louisiana bayou, we put Gator-Tail Outboard’s new GTR 40 XD surface drive mud motor to the test on a boat similar to the one bought! President and founder, Kyle Broussard takes the drivers seat to show us what it’s capable of, eventually passing by a duck blind that he built and hunted during high school. He reminisces about how public land duck hunting was before mud motors and we talk about everything from cajun cooking, to how his vision got the company started nearly 20 years ago. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Gator-Tail Outboards:

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Benelli M2 12ga
Drake Waterfowl lst eqwader 2.0
Mud River Lanyard Co Custom Lanyards
Rob Roberts T2 and T3 chokes
Hevi Metal 3 inch 3 shot
Dakota Decoys

On My Lanyard:
Echo Timber Single Reed duck call
Molt Gear Rush Canada goose call
Duck Commander wood duck call
Buck Gardner 6 in 1 Whistle
Adrenal-Line The Finisher tool

Camera Gear:
Nikon D7500 with 18-300mm Nikkor lens
Go Pro Hero 5 Black
Go Pro Hero 6 Black
ShotKam 2018 models

Editing software:
Adobe Premiere Pro

117 - Novo Motor de Popa Jet Turbo 6,5hp

Exclusivo! O novo motor de popa Jet Turbo 6.5hp vem para somar as qualidades dos motores de popa Pantaneiro com a tecnologia usada nos motores leves Meghi. O primeiro motor de popa 6.5HP a usar propulsão a turbo, este produto é ideal para uso em locais com vegetações ou galhos, além de prover mais segurança e estabilidade na navegação.

A linha Jet Turbo é uma patente registrada Meghi Pantaneiro!

Adquira nossos produtos na loja virtual

Meghi indústria Mecânica e comércio LTDA
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(47) 99977-0753
(47) 99649-3477
(47) 99646-0030
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Bay Breeze by FortyThr33
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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Transom Mount Electric Motors - Set-up and Demonstration of a Watersnake Motor with Dean Silvester

In this video champion tournament angler Dean Silvester demonstrates how to set up, mount and operate a Watersnake Transom Mount Electric motor. These motors are quiet, highly maneuvrable, and deliver plenty of power. They'll also give your paddling arms a break and save your energy for fighting fish!

Transom mount electric motors are one of the most reliable, durable and affordable electric motor designs available. They're the perfect option for mounting on the back of small tinnies, tenders, canoes or inflatable craft and they are available in in a range of sizes. All Watersnake models are suitable for saltwater environments.

Watersnake Slither, Venom and Asp Electric Motors are ideal for stealth fishing in freshwater and estuarine waterways and will improve your chances of hooking more fish.

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2020 Brose Motor | Brose's New Closed Electric Bike System!

Brose is introducing a complete eBike system for 2020! Gone are the days of simply getting a Brose S Mag, Brose TF, or Brose T motor. Now you get a Brose battery and cockpit as well. This should come as great news for fans of the Brose electric bike motors because they are reliable as hell. Now you'll have a complete setup from the German company. Hang with Scott as we walks you through the new system.


At Fly Rides, we want to show the world how life is better on an electric bike! We have been on this mission for a decade, and want to voice our opinions and educate consumers so that we can build a better future not just for eBikers, but for cyclists in general.

We're based out of Southern California where mountain biking was born, so if you're looking to stomp some dirt on the best eMTB, we've got you covered. We also can show you the top electric commuting bikes since we ride into work nearly every day! If an eBike is out there, we want to help you decide whether or not it's the right one for you. Subscribe to our channel so you can stay up to date!

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Fantastis!!! 8 Harga Motor Trail 250cc Berbagai Pabrikan ini Selisihnya Bagai Bumi dan Langit

Grid Start - Berikut merupakan 8 Harga motor trail kelas 250cc dari berbagai pabrikan mulai dari motor trail kawasaki, trail honda, trail suzuki, trail yamaha, trail husqvarna, motor trail ktm, trail viar, trail gazgas dari yang termahal sampai termurah di indonesia.

Ada beberapa motor trail keren 250cc yang menjadi favorit masyarakat di indonesia seperti husqvarna te 250, ktm 250 sx-f, honda crf 250l, suzuki rm-z 250, yamaha wr 250 r, kawasaki klx 250, viar cross x 250, gazgas hummer pro x 250 dan masih banyak lagi.

Menariknya, walaupun memiliki kapasitas mesin yang sama yaitu 250cc, namun harga dari motor trail ini memiliki selisih yang sangat luarbiasa jauhnya. Daripada penasaran, kuy langsung disimak aja videonya gaess. Selamat menyaksikan. Semoga bermanfaat. Terimakasih.

Holmes Hobbies Revolver vs 3Brothers RC Yellowjacket - Best Outrunner Motor?

Comparing two of the most popular brushless outrunner motors today.
Holmes Hobbies Revolver -
3Brothers RC -

Buy your kits and upgrade parts from this Amainhobbies link to support RC Review:

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Di video ini saya mereview dan test ride motor trail merk Diablo. Motor rakitan china yang menurut saya pribadi sudah cukup enak untuk dipakai enduro/trabas. Dibandingkan dengan lawannya klx 150 dan crf 150, motor ini jauh lebih unggul menurut saya.
Ada beberapa kelebihan yang menurut saya sangat menonjol dari motor ini.
- Kapasitas mesin sudah 230cc
- Kaki-kaki sudah menggunakan after market merk fast ace
- Bobot motor lebih ringan dibandingkan pesaingnya
- Riding position sudah nyaman (tidak perlu menambahkan raiser untuk meninggikan stang, tidak perlu memundurkan foot step karena posisi foot step sudah di central gravity motor)

Itu beberapa point menurut opini saya yang menjadi kelebihan motor china ini. Tapi semua balik lagi kepada masing-masing rider.

Perlu diingat ini pure opini saya tidak ada pihak yang men sponsori video ini, ini penilaian menurut sudut pandang saya sebagai offroader.

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Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Pecinta trail wajib tahu ini..!! 5 Motor Trail Jadul Paling Tangguh dan Berjaya Dimasanya

Pecinta trail wajib tahu ini..!! 5 Motor Trail Jadul Paling Tangguh dan Berjaya Dimasanya - Membicarakan dunia otomotif rasanya tak akan pernah selasai, terutama motor trail, Motor jenis ini memiliki keunggulan sendiri.

Motor trail merupakan hasil dari modifakasi sepeda motor untuk medan nonaspal atau off road. Rupanya pamor motor trail mulai ada peningkatan peminat komunitas pecinta motor trail. 

Penunggang motor trail sekarang tak hanya untuk crosser saja, orang awam pun mulai melirik motor trail. Mereka menggemari motor trail untuk kendaraan harian maupun sekadar melampiaskan adrenalinnya menaklukan medan off road.

Dan berikut merupakan 5 deretan motor trail jadul paling tangguh yang sempat berjaya di masa nya. Selamat menyaksikan, semoga bermanfaat.

Bongkar Harga Motor Grasstrack : Bebek Standar 2T (Yamaha F1ZR Spek Manual Speed)

Pada edisi Ramadhan ini kita bongkar harga membangun motor grasstrack Bebek Standar 2T spek Kompetisi dari Manual Speed. Detail dari sparepartnya walau kurang komplit per-item namun kami bertanya garis besar sampai berapa juta membangun motor ini…

Dua motor Yamaha F1ZR dari Klaten milik Purwanto Pethel (rangka biru) dan Triyono “Pak Kentung” (rangka merah) kali ini yang jadi bahannya. Di waktu ini motor keduanya selalu ada di barisan podium atas kelas bebek Standar 2T.

Jangan di bandingkan dengan membeli motor spek trail pabrik. Karena memang ulasan kami disini khusus kelas Bebek Standar 2T. Salam Bebek Tiet Grasstrack..
Visit now :
Website :
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Pembalap : Aditya Tri M ( IG : )
Pemilik Motor :
- Purwanto Pethel Kemalang - Klaten ( IG : )
- Triyono Kentung ART Manisrenggo - Klaten
Bengkel Balap : Manual Speed Boyolali ( )
Dan Sirkuit Sukorini, Manisrenggo, Klaten.
Ingin tau lebih dekat dengan Bengkel Manual Speed
bisa buka ulasan profilnya di :

Jarang Terdengar.. Inilah Harga Motor trail Suzuki Terbaru paling dicari

Grid Start - halo gaes balik lagi bersama kami di gridstart youtube channel. Bagi temen temen yang lagi cari referensi harga trail suzuki seperti harga suzuki rmz250, harga suzuki rmz 450, dan harga suzuki drz 200 sampai harga suzuki drz 650, Berikut kami akan memberikan informasinya buat temen temen semua yang telah kami rangkum dari berbagai sumber, dan nilah Harga Motor trail Suzuki Terbaru paling dicari ya gaees..selamat menyaksikan dan jangan lupa subscribe, like, share & coment yaa.

Shimano Steps E8000 (2019) - eBike motor test

Here's my review of the Shimano Steps E8000 (250W). It was introduced in 2017, and several competitors have updated their motors since. But the E8000 is still one of the best motors.
#emtb #ebike #mtb

Bikin Gatel Kuping Bro!!! 7 Harga Motor Husqvarna Ini Bener-bener Ngajak Ribut

Grid Start - hai temen temen, kembali lagi bersama kami di grid start youtube channel, kali ini kami hadir dengan video yang berjudul Bikin Gatel Kuping Bro.. 7 Harga Motor Husqvarna Ini Ngajak Ribut

Mungkin sebagian orang masih banyak yang belum tahu produsen motor yang bernama HUSQVARNA. padahal produsen motor asal austria ini (husqvarna) sangat terkenal di eropa sana.

Motor husqvarna merupakan motor yang memmiliki kualitas yang sangat baik, kebanyakan motor yang husqvarna keluarkan adalah motor trail yang bisa digunakan untuk menaklukan berbagai medan.

Banyak sekali motor trail husqvarna yang mereka keluarkan mulai dari husqvarna 2 stroke dan husqvarna 4 stroke mulai dari 50cc sampai 700cc, sebagai contohnya adalah : husqvarna FS 250, husqvarna TE250, husqvarna TE 300,husqvarna FE 250, husqvarna enduro, husqvarna TX 300, hisqvarna TC 250,husqvarna TC 86.

Bagi temen temen yang berminat untuk membeli motor husqvarna, berikut merupakan 7 harga motor trail husqvarna berbagai merkyang telah berhasil kami rangkum dari berbagai sumber.

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10 Harga Motor Trail KTM Terbaru 2 Stroke dan 4 Stroke ini Bikin Sedih Gan

Grid Start - Harga Motor Trail KTM memang sangat mahal gan, namun hal tersebut sebanding jika dibandingkan dengan spesifikasi yang di tawarkan oleh motor trail KTM ini.Di Indonesia sendiri Motor trail KTM ini bisa kita dapatkan dengan harga mulai kisaran 100 - 200 juta gan.

Motor trail KTM memiliki banyak sekali varian gan, mulai dari KTM 2 stroke dan KTM 4 Stroke. Begitu juga dengan kapasitas mesin motor trail KTM ini. agan bisa mendapatkan motor trail ktm mulai dari KTM mini dan KTM 500 cc.

Bagi agan agan yang ingin mengetahui harga motor trail KTM terbaru, silahkan temen temen simak pembahasan tentang 10 harga motor trail KTM terbaru yang telah kami rangkum dari berbagai sumber.

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Specialized SL 1.1 (2020) - eBike motor review

Even though it's less powerful, the new Specialized SL 1.1 is an interesting motor. This motor will draw less power, so it allows for lighter bikes with smaller batteries that still have good range. We're comparing the SL 1.1 to the 2020 Bosch Performance CX in this review.



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