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Moscow broomball


Nomadic Horde VS Barries Tavern USA Broomball Nationals 2014

USA Broomball Nationals 2014 Nomadic Horde VS Barries Tavern

Broomball Challenge cup in Minnesota.

The broomball world congress in 2006.
The local news of Minneapolis.



Broomball Hit

Broomball Hit... Last bit of recording

German Broomball demo video

Bislang gibt es nur einen eingetragenen Broomballverein in Deutschland - den 1. Broomballclub Bad Liebenzell (Flying Brooms). Hier ein kleines Demo-Video über die Sportart Broomball

Broomball score

Me using cool moves to score in broomball

MTU Broomball: Crossbars and Headshots

From the 2015 broomball season at Michigan Tech with Pirate Sheep and Cookie Snipe N' Crumble. I seemed to hit the crossbar (among the other posts) and the goalie in the head a lot this season. Here are a few clips from the games I filmed using a GoPro Hero3 Black.

Broomball at The Sheet - Homemade Hockey Rink

Some friends of mine, who I know through my brother asked me if I would join them in a game of BroomBall. I agreed even though I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into. We play on a homemade ice hockey rink in the backyard of our friend Bobby's house. I can assure you staying right side up is much harder than you would think. The accommodations are quite generous as there is a full warming shed, cold drinks, as well as all the instruments needed to keep your broom in order. Special thanks to Greg for getting footage while I flailed around on the ice trying to hold my own.

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Future Gladiator - Kevin MacLeod (

Broomball Taisetsucup in Japan


MTU Broomball Playoffs: der blitzkrieg vs. Swaggalicious

Round 3 of the 2014 playoffs (McNair championship). We were upset in a close 4-3 loss, ending our season. It was a great game, unfortunately, the video cut out close to the end. Our final overall record was 11-1 with 137 goals for and 11 goals against.
Shot using a GoPro Hero3 Black.

Indy Broomball Tournament Highlight Video!

Indy Broomball Tournament, The Bombers, Holiday Tournament, bombers highlight video

Broomball 2009 Highlight Video

Broomball 2009 Highlight Video,

Broomball 2012

Let the Fall... I mean FUN!! Begin!!

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Broomball Hits and Goals

Check out this collection of the best hits, goals and saves from .
Used with permission from Broomball NSW and Steve Timmins

Broomball - Sydney B Grade action (1)

Some local action from the Penrith (Sydney) B Grade competition.

Broomball in Russland

Broomball ist ein mit dem Eishockey verwandter Sport, der vor langer Zeit in Kanada erfunden wurde. Nun fand er seinen Weg auch in russische Metropolen. Russland.TV berichtet aus Moskau, wo man auch auf eine Mannschaft in verdächtig bekannten Trikots traf.

Broomball in Prospect Park | In The Zone, Brooklyn Sports

Somewhere in Canada, more than a century ago, someone stepped out on a frozen pond and started slapping a ball around with a broom.
Now, the pond is a rink, the brooms can be $100 sticks made of wood or aluminum, and broomball is now being played in Prospect Park.

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Moscow broomball 2009

Finnladies vs. Valkyries

Moscow Broomball

Brits vrs Germans

Clean Sweep - Broomball big hit with Moscow expats

Broomball is a relatively unknown sport around the world, yet its origins can be traced back over 100 years when it was invented in Canada. But It's only just starting to catch on in Russia, and it is expats who introduced the sport to the country's capital.



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