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Model yacht racing


The best radio controlled model boat of the world? See and find your own opinion

stockmaritime is producing radio controlled sailing boats since 2006. With the new 3X1 we tried to design and build the best model boat you can get for a affordable prize. The boat is produced in Hamburg, Germany - hand crafted.
This boat is not a toy - it´s a piece of sports equipment!

The stockmaritime yacht designers are experienced and they have won a lot of dinghy and big boat races. They love also touring. For this reason the 3X1 is easy to transport and good sailing.

There are better boats available on the market - but you have to spend 2-4 times the money as buying a 3X1.


The fourth video of six of the 2011 International One Metre model yacht world championship that was organised and run by the UK Model Yacht Association in conjunction with the West Kirby Sailing Club on the marine lake.

Britpops 1 2 & 3 - Stollery from Gibson and Elliot. There is only a couple of points between Stollery and Gibson at the top of the leader board....

Model yacht club racing at Jackadder, Perth West Australia

A Class club racing, One Metre class racing, my Creed 10rater with (first) its D rig up and then its C rig. And at the end, my Mini40 clocking 28.8km/hr. Fastest speed yet!
About 3/4 of the way through the movie there is a spectacular windward broach by an A Class Sword (#76) - well done Glenn!

6m Yacht Racing at Setley Pond

A compilation of scenes from several 6m class model yacht races at Setley Pond on 2nd May 2012. Setley Pond in the New Forest, southern England, is the home of the Solent Radio Controlled Model Yacht Club ( ).

FASTNET-RACE of River Elbe/SVAOe. Long distance race for model yachts.

One time a year the most crazy sailors of Hamburg meet together and race 6,2 kilometers along the river against current.

Modern 12mR scale RC yacht sailing

I scratch built this 12mR scale RC yacht. The scale is 1:10.6. The weight is close to 50 pounds.

EDMYC 1m Class Model Yacht Racing at Eastbournes Princes Park

These 1m model yachts were recorded at Princes Park in Eastbourne at the end of October 2010.

Australia II, scratch built model yacht

Scratch built model sailboat Australia II KA6 from 1983. Scale 1:10.6 1.81 m long, 71,26 inches.

Victoria RC yachts racing at Dell Quay Sailing Club U.K. January 2020

Victoria RC racing yachts showing the race starts and some of the racing in a gusty wind. Filmed at Dell Quay Sailing Club by Simon Bell.

Marblehead Model Yacht Club Race

Vintage Marblehead Pond Yachts racing for the Bill Bithell Cup, October, 2018. Race series hosted by the Marblehead Model Yacht Club on Redds Pond.

DF65 Sailing at Wynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club Race 2

DF65 sailing now at WMRMYC.
The DF65 sailing will be conducted on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, start time 9.30am
For those wanting to sail contact Secretary Andrew Wilson.
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Model Yacht A Class

A Class model yachts competing in the Poole Model Club A Class Series

Vintage Marblehead Last Race of 2017 U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Regatta

Last race of the Traditional and High Flyer Vintage Marblehead pond boats at Redd's Pond. Held July 15 & 16 at Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Stormy: Classic model yacht sailing on Baltic Sea

We have tested the C-Class model boat also in stormy weather, March 2013 near Kiel on the Baltic Sea. Due to the saltwater resistant fittings, coatings and the waterproof hatches it´s nor problem to sail this wonderful looking yacht in big waves. Watch the video!

Beautiful and iconic style: Classic cutter sailing model yacht, radio controlled

Sailing with the C-Class model boat on the Braassemermeer, The Netherlands. It´s a big joy to see this boat sailing - with the huge main sail and the flyer it´s a magnificent view.

Stylish: Classic model yacht -- maiden voyage and tank testing of the C-Class

165cm long and a great classic design. The prototype of the new radio controlled C-Class model sailing boat is really seagoing and fast. Despite to the old fashion look the boat is extremely maneuverable. The boat´s inspiring examples are the famous cutters Columbia and Meteor II.
The production model will have less weight and more ballast, due to the fact, that the prototype is full of foam and covered with a lot of filling paste.
Enjoy this video!

We ship to the whole world - good rates for USA! Please contact us.

Amazing: Sailing a carbon racing sailboat in all weathers - radio controlled

The 3x1 is the result of 9 years experience with the model boat business, more than 40 years successful racing with dinghies/big boats and 4 mouths of intensive testing the boat, sails and equipment in all weathers.

Now there are sailing more than 280 boats - 200 in germany, the others over the whole world. A fast growing fleet of yacht lovers, who want to sail their love.
The strict one design rules guarantees fair and fast sailing over years without the need of a new boat.
We think, we are producing the best sailing model yacht of the world - in relation to the price.
If you have sailed a 3x1 Carbon One Design Racer, you will never miss it.
Watch this and the other videos!

model yacht match race

A full length match race in gusty conditions, close racing in AC15 class yacht

Model Yacht Racing

Racing Marblehead Class Radio Controll Model Yachts in Redds Pond, Marblehead M.A.

DF65 Sailing at Wynnum Manly Radio Model Yacht Club

DF65 sailing now at WMRMYC.
The DF65 sailing will be conducted on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, start time 9.30am
For those wanting to sail contact Secretary Andrew Wilson.
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