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Mixed martial arts


6 Slip Basics | MMA Fighting

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Other than parrying or covering, now let's go through some basic head movement or slipping. Okay? I have Chad here again. He's going to throw the double jab at me, which is a basic combination with the hands. And again, instead of throwing the, or parrying, alright, I want to slip the jab either outside or I can slip the jab inside. Okay? When I slip, again, I want to make sure I'm in a good base. I don't want to move my feet as I'm moving my head. So Chad throws a jab, I'll slip to the outside but I want to make sure I slip in on a 45. I don't want to slip out because it'll leave me off balance. So I want to slip in so that I'm in range to maybe counter, you know, for a boxing technique or maybe I can follow up with some knees, whatever that might be. If I slip to the inside, same concept. I want to make sure my head is in on a 45. I don't want to slip my head away because it will leave me off balance. Okay? So he'll throw the jab again, I'll slip to the inside. Okay? Make sure you keep the hands up as you slip. Don't get fancy and leave your hands down. He throws a jab, I'm going to keep the hands up so maybe I can counter. Okay?

So now I'll throw the double jab, or I'll throw the jabs at Chad. He'll demo an MMA transition for slipping. He'll slip to the outside and he'll shoot in for that double leg. Okay? Maybe he'll slip to the inside and he'll come in for that clinch. Okay? So basic head movement or slipping for basic punches. Alright, so a basic counter, a Muay Thai counter, off of slipping with a jab, what I can do is use that left leg either to the head or to the body. So I'm going to slip my head out, get that left leg going to the body, obviously the head if he drops that right hand. Okay? So again, as I slip, I switch my feet and then I fire that left leg. Okay? If I throw the jab at Chad he'll come in for that double leg take down and he'll lift, okay? So there's two transitions, Muay Thai or MMA, for your jab.

Traditional MA vs. Mixed Martial Arts: The Great Debate

TMA or MMA? Let's settle the war of words between Traditional Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts once and for all! :)

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WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

7 Capoeira techniques for Mixed Martial Artists

Capoeira for MMA fighting. Have you ever watched a capoeira demonstration and wondered how any of those fancy looking spinning moves could possibly be practical in a fight, let alone a cage fight? Here are seven capoeira techniques that MMA fighters can use with relatively little hip flexibility.

12 Exercises for Martial Arts

12 Exercises for Martial Arts. Kung Fu Workout! Get up, workout hard, stay safe, and train these 12 exercises of Chinese Kung Fu with me! Complete this video and routine at least 4-5 times a week. If you want more of a workout then complete this video for 5 sets or 5 rounds! 50% of Kung Fu and Martial Arts is about fitness, health, and the workout! Stop what you're doing right now and do this instead!

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Shoulder Workout For MMA Fighters/Martial Arts

The Titan Mike O’Hearn taking the UFC middleweight Champ Michael Bisping through a shoulder workout

Martial Arts girls are awesome | Martial arts motivation video | Ultimate Video

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20 Unique MMA Striking Combos (Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing)

Los Angeles Striking Seminar►
Here are 20 MMA striking combos, combining boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo. Give them a try and let me know what you think! These were all taken from my Snapchat, so be sure to follow: fighttips

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Training With Rika Ishige | Mixed Martial Arts Boot Camp

Follow Thai-Japanese atomweight Rika Ishige through a day of intense training, as she polishes up the different aspects of her mixed martial arts game including sparring, cardio, and grappling! Can you keep up with “Tiny Doll?”

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How to Do Basic Strike Combinations | MMA Fighting

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Chris: Now that you've got some basic strikes, let's go though some basic combinations that you can throw in a fight or for drills or for sparring. So I have Rene here again as my demo partner. First basic combinations I like to throw are always, you know, punch combinations. You've got jab, you've got cross, but again you always have to be ready off of that cross to sprawl especially when you come in for a take down. So again, I like to use, or set up with, the hands especially if I'm going to be setting up for kicks. So maybe I'd like to jab, cross and then an inside leg kick. Okay? Obviously you've got the jab, cross and then you have the outside leg kick. Those are basic combinations.

If I throw a jab, cross and I fire that knee, I have to be ready to sprawl because you're going to be coming in for that take down. Alright? So again, basic combinations. Jab, cross, inside leg kick. Jab, cross, outside leg kick. Or, the jab, cross, follow up with the knee. But remember, be ready to sprawl. It's an MMA fight. He's going to come in for that take down. Alright?

Rene: Now, the basic combinations, it depends what you want. If you just want to stay and stand up striking that's great, but some of you want to come in to shoot. So some good combination shoot is double-jab. For a single if you're southpaw, double-jab here, stepping in on your jab. Step in on your jab. And you hit the double. Okay? Another one could be a front hand technique. Switch your feet please. Alright? Could be jab, hook, shoot. So you want to punch off your front hand to cover the distance for your shots.

Beginner's MMA Crash Course: Lesson 1 Basics

Are you interested in MMA, but don't know where to begin? Here is a beginner's crash course, starting from lesson 1 with the basic stance, punches, kicks, and defense, to build your fundamentals as a mixed martial artist!
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10 basic fighting techniques and methods_(360p)


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Advanced Judo Throws Techniques for Mixed Martial Arts That You can Use in REAL LIFE

Andrew The Squid Montanez shows you Advanced Judo Throws for Mixed Martial Arts

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Trainer Lindsay Misak shows Squid essential exercises that strengthen your lower back muscles and core.

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Today, Andrew builds from the first Judo takedowns episode and demos advanced throw techniques for MMA.


New Age Mixed Martial Arts Techniques: How to Parry and Counter Punch

Straight to the point video for beginner mixed martial artists looking to learn how to parry and counter punch. A parry is simply a redirection of an incoming attack. This video explains how to parry and counter straight punches toward the head. These techniques are great for may thai, boxing, karate and all combat sports and mma.

Full Fight | Dustin Barca vs. Isaac Hopps - Bellator 213

It's Prelim Wednesday! Take a look at Dustin Barca's last victory as he faced Isaac Hopps at Bellator 224 in its entirety.

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10 Advanced Footwork Movements for MMA

Training Vacation in Singapore►
Hey guys, Shane here with 10 MMA footwork movements taken from different martial arts styles including Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Balance is key, so make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both legs; keep your shoulders level; and practice these movements daily in your shadowboxing!

I am beyond excited for this training vacation at Evolve MMA in Singapore, and hope to see you there! If you've been wanting to train at a legit' fight camp in Asia, this is the one to go to. I trained with Petchboonchu, Kru Rong, Orono, Bruno Pucci, and more world-class trainers earlier this year at Evolve, and had such an incredible experience. Everyone is so friendly, making you feel welcome and comfortable, and their knowledge & instruction is of the highest quality. See you in August?
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MMA Fitness, Mixed Martial Arts Fitness

Mixed Martial Arts on a grappling dummy. Great class to get a work out for MMA training or just to get in great shape. Works your entire body from head to toes. for more info. go to We are located in Plainview NY.

Martial Arts Kids Class Example (Age 4-6)

This is a REAL class in action with commentary.

MMA & Taekwondo Training on Century Dummy | Martial Arts Kicks

Me training on the Grappling Dummy by Century doing various kicks and martial arts techniques. I hope you like it :) Please Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! Thank you :)
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Tutorial by Aaron Gassor (3rd Dan in ITF Taekwondo and Kickboxing)

Kicking Tutorials-

Stretching Tutorials-

Flip & Tricking Tutorials-

Parkour & Free Running Tutorials-

Also, More Tutorials on my channel so check them out and good luck :)

*Disclaimer*- I'm not responsible for any accidents you have whilst trying to perform this move. I recommend that you train in a qualified gym to minimise the risks of injury when practicing any kicks, flips or stretches. I also only encourage you to use these moves in self defence. All moves should be used in self defence and with reasonable force.

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No Gym Boxing/MMA Workout -- Training at Home!

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I know many of you don't have access to gyms or dojos, & are looking for some MMA workouts you can do at home - no equipment needed! Here's a great training routine you can follow along with that will build muscle endurance, improve fighting skills, and increase your stamina.

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