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Mixed martial arts



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Beginner's MMA Crash Course: Lesson 1 Basics

Are you interested in MMA, but don't know where to begin? Here is a beginner's crash course, starting from lesson 1 with the basic stance, punches, kicks, and defense, to build your fundamentals as a mixed martial artist!
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12 Exercises for Martial Arts

12 Exercises for Martial Arts. Kung Fu Workout! Get up, workout hard, stay safe, and train these 12 exercises of Chinese Kung Fu with me! Complete this video and routine at least 4-5 times a week. If you want more of a workout then complete this video for 5 sets or 5 rounds! 50% of Kung Fu and Martial Arts is about fitness, health, and the workout! Stop what you're doing right now and do this instead!

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KARATE and MMA GIRLS - Best Female Martial Arts 2018

Aikido vs MMA - REAL SPARRING - 2017

There are already plenty of people calling Aikido - Bullshido , yet time came to really see whether traditional Aikido works in an MMA ring.

While this video is not Aikido vs MMA as a real fight, it's only a light sparring, it still shows how Aikido doesn't work in this setting even when paired against an Aikido practitioner of many years. It's a good sign that Aikido combat is not really the greatest part of Aikido effectiveness.

No matter what martial arts you pair Aikido with making an Aikido vs video, whether it will be Aikido vs MMA, Aikido vs BJJ, Aikido vs Karate, Aikido vs Judo or any other Aikido vs, it probably will always have a hard time and it Aikido's lack in training method will leave Aikido exposed. In the end it becomes a scene of Aikido fantasy vs reality, which explains why some of the mains search words for Aikido are: Aikido fake, aikido bullshido, aikido doesn't work, aikido gets owned, aikido gets destroyed, aikido in reality, aikido is garbage and more.

Unless we look at Aikido practical application, any Aikido vs MMA video will end up looking bad. Thus something needs to be done and that is why I've started a project called Aikido Quest.

After this experience I went on to train MMA full time for a full year, had an amateur MMA fight and then sparred with the same MMA fighter again. See the results here:

See the whole journey how this video lead to starting a new style of Aikido ►

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Name of the song used in sparring: Nameless Warning - Spillway [Argofox]

Mixed Martial Arts Moves Part 1 - The Thai Boxing Knee

BETA Academy is washington dc's premiere mixed martial arts and fitness school offering Muay Thai Kickboxing classes, brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons and mixed martial arts training in washington dc. For more information or to schedule a free introductory martial arts class please call us at 202-538-422 or visit us online at

CNN Philippines features Yaw-Yan Buhawi Mixed Martial Arts

Yaw-Yan Buhawi Mixed Martial Arts
Address: 66 Domicile Building JP Rizal St. Nangka Marikina City
0916 444 7326
806 7253

First MMA Tournament Mumbai

Held at Dhaaraavi, Sion on 9th November 2015

Mixed Martial Arts Speed Training Motivation

MMA Speed Training.
Some Clips of my Martial Arts Speed Training.

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From MMA To Karate - Spinning Kicks and Blitzing • Martial Arts Journey

Giving Karate a shot was on my bucket list for a while. Thankfully to the Hombu Dojo Karate in Dublin, they invited me to try out a couple of their Karate classes. Join me in this Martial Arts Journey and experience my first Karate classes together.

Learn more about Hombu Dojo Karate in Dublin here:

#Karate #MartialArts #MartialArtsJourney

Also check out one of my latest Martial Arts Explored episodes on how MMA exposed Traditional Martial Arts:

Welcome to the Martial Arts Journey YouTube channel!

My name is Rokas. I'm a Lithuanian guy who trained Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running a professional Aikido Dojo until eventually I realized that Aikido does not live up to what it promises.

Lead by this realization I decided to make a daring step to close my Aikido Dojo and move to Portland, Oregon for six months to start training MMA at the famous Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head coach Matt Thornton.

After six months intensive training I had my first amateur MMA fight after which I moved back to Lithuania. During all of this time I am documenting my experience through my YouTube channel called Martial Arts Journey.

Now I am slowly setting up plans to continue training MMA under quality guidance and getting ready for my next MMA fight as I further document and share my journey and discoveries.


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Martial Arts Fitness Training - 30 Min Workout

Workout Starts at 03:07

Martial Arts Fitness Training - 30 Min Workout. Time to workout at home and get in the best shape of your life for 2015 with Jake Mace!

This Martial Arts workout is 30 minutes long and uses a variety of exercise, training, and conditioning techniques such as Kung Fu, Stretching, Meditation, Plyometrics, Quick twitch muscle training, Slow twitch muscle training, strength training, and cardio! Burn Fat, add muscle, and increase your athleticism & fitness level with Jake Mace using Chinese Martial Arts! Happy 2015, now let's get to work!!! :)

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Mixed Martial Arts

MMA, UFC, KFC, heto na kami, ang Calamity Fun!

Brandon Vera ONE@Home Diaries | Military Before Mixed Martial Arts

ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon Vera updates fans on his life in Guam during the quarantine, and reflects on past hardships that have made him the man he is today. For Vera, a promising career in the United States Air Force got cut short by a debilitating elbow injury. Refusing to give up, the Filipino-American wrestling star rehabbed and pursued a newfound passion for mixed martial arts! #ONEAtHome #StayHome #WithMe

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6 Slip Basics | MMA Fighting

Full Playlist:
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Watch more MMA Fighting Techniques videos:

Other than parrying or covering, now let's go through some basic head movement or slipping. Okay? I have Chad here again. He's going to throw the double jab at me, which is a basic combination with the hands. And again, instead of throwing the, or parrying, alright, I want to slip the jab either outside or I can slip the jab inside. Okay? When I slip, again, I want to make sure I'm in a good base. I don't want to move my feet as I'm moving my head. So Chad throws a jab, I'll slip to the outside but I want to make sure I slip in on a 45. I don't want to slip out because it'll leave me off balance. So I want to slip in so that I'm in range to maybe counter, you know, for a boxing technique or maybe I can follow up with some knees, whatever that might be. If I slip to the inside, same concept. I want to make sure my head is in on a 45. I don't want to slip my head away because it will leave me off balance. Okay? So he'll throw the jab again, I'll slip to the inside. Okay? Make sure you keep the hands up as you slip. Don't get fancy and leave your hands down. He throws a jab, I'm going to keep the hands up so maybe I can counter. Okay?

So now I'll throw the double jab, or I'll throw the jabs at Chad. He'll demo an MMA transition for slipping. He'll slip to the outside and he'll shoot in for that double leg. Okay? Maybe he'll slip to the inside and he'll come in for that clinch. Okay? So basic head movement or slipping for basic punches. Alright, so a basic counter, a Muay Thai counter, off of slipping with a jab, what I can do is use that left leg either to the head or to the body. So I'm going to slip my head out, get that left leg going to the body, obviously the head if he drops that right hand. Okay? So again, as I slip, I switch my feet and then I fire that left leg. Okay? If I throw the jab at Chad he'll come in for that double leg take down and he'll lift, okay? So there's two transitions, Muay Thai or MMA, for your jab.

Cobra Mixed Martial Arts - Female Black Belt grading | Website Video by

Instructor Claire Duffy takes her Black Belt Grading, at Cobra MMA in Cannington Perth.

Mixed Martial Arts Training for Beginners: MMA Ground and Pound Training

Looking for Mixed Martial Arts Training for Beginners? Get your personalized Mixed Martial Art training from UFC Coach Jason Soares at

Jason and Angela show you how to do the MMA Ground and Pound training. These strikes were developed when fighters realized the need to include strikes on the ground while grappling their opponents. Doing this drill will strengthen your core muscles and give you a thorough workout. Download your own customized MMA workout routine from MMA Pro-Fighter Jason Soares at

ONE CEO Chatri Sityodtong Says Term 'Mixed Martial Arts' Has Been 'Tainted Severely by the West'

After the ONE: A New Era press conference Thursday in Tokyo, ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong discusses his belief that promoters in the west sullied the name of mixed martial arts, what ONE is doing in an attempt to reverse that, the possibility of ONE coming to the United States, free agency and more.


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Marshawn Lynch talks Karate Combat, Seattle Seahawks and more | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Marshawn Lynch joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss his upcoming involvement with Karate Combat, calling fights with Bas Rutten. Lynch tells Helwani how he got into MMA training with Tareq Azim and why (7:40) Mike Tyson is his favorite fighter. Lynch also discusses his 2019 comeback (17:38) with the Seattle Seahawks and if he’d do it again if the opportunity arose.

#HelwaniShow #ESPNMMA
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Advanced Judo Throws Techniques for Mixed Martial Arts That You can Use in REAL LIFE

Andrew The Squid Montanez shows you Advanced Judo Throws for Mixed Martial Arts

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Burn Fat Fast with MMA Training:
UFC Fighters Who Deserve a Title Shot:
How to Do the Boston Crab:

Trainer Lindsay Misak shows Squid essential exercises that strengthen your lower back muscles and core.

Follow Lindsay on Twitter @FitnessMisak

Basic Judo Throws:
The Nastiest Submission from Rubber Guard:
Essential Crotch Defense:

Today, Andrew builds from the first Judo takedowns episode and demos advanced throw techniques for MMA.


Mixed Martial Arts Learning App MMA Trainer App Little Moon Ufc Training

Mixed Martial Arts Learning App MMA Trainer App Little Moon

Want to learn martial arts , fight Like a ufc fighter, train in mma, Be fit with MMA Trainer Home Training App
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• While nothing beats having a personal trainer, MMA Trainer is much more practical and cost effective for everyday workouts.
• MMA Trainer teaches you to be ready for anything, stay alert, and react quickly.

 About Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

• MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (mma) IS A full-contact hybrid COMBAT SPORT incorporating techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, karate, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and other disciplines. THAT HAS GAINED MUCH POPULARITY IN RECENT YEARS.
• That allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts.
• A professional martial artist may not lift heavy weight as much as a professional bodybuilder can lift but the strength of a martial artist is more than a bodybuilder and the reason is in the gym we increase the size of muscle means we just make our muscle strong and in martial arts we strengthen bones along with muscle is all about techniques, concentration, stamina.

 Can I learn Fighting with Apps? ;

• You May Ask “can I learn mma (mixed martial arts) Boxing, kung Fu, jeet kune do or any kind of fighting by using some fighting apps like this?”
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