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Metallic silhouette shooting


Husband and Wife Silhouette Racing with Savage .22lr Rifles

Shooting Silhouettes with a Savage MKII BV .22lr and a Savage MKII F with a 16 Tactical Solutions barrel. .

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Continuing Savage B22 FV-SR Review: Smallbore Silhouette Match Shoot

More practical testing! This time I took the bone-stock Savage B22 FV-SR to a Smallbore Silhouette Match. Let's see how it performed!

The rimfire egg challenge was a lot of fun. I liked how it challenged my shooting skills in three stances. Now for something very different, and very difficult.

Silhouette shooting allows only one stance - standing, offhand. No muzzle devices are allowed. No slings. No supports of any kind. The steel targets are very small, and located at four distances. You have chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters, and rams at 100 meters. Keep in mind that you may only use .22LR ammunition or slower, and no specialty ammo like CCI Stingers are allowed.

Serious competitors choose a heavy target rifle and a high-magnification scope. In my case, I've using a Savage B22 FV-SR and a 5-20x50mm Weaver Grand Slam Multi-Stop scope that was a brilliant choice for this match. The Multi-Stop elevation turret let me easily spin up to the color-coded elevation points, and then I handled windage with the MOA hash marks in the modified target-dot reticle. I had a lot of fun shooting in two relays, but I did score pretty low. 14/40 in the first relay; 11/40 in the second. With a heavy stock to add mass and re-balance the rifle, I could probably pick up quite a few more points. The plastic stock works well as a compromise between hunting and range purposes. A dedicated B22 silhouette rifle needs a more vertical grip, and a better balance toward the rear of the gun. Hopefully soon we'll start seeing aftermarket stocks from Boyds.

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Gabriola smallbore metallic silhouette match day

Finally made it over to Gabriola for their monthly metallic silhouette match. After a quick ~20 minute ferry ride out of Nanaimo, and a ~10 minute drive from the ferry, we arrived at the Gabriola Rod, Gun & Conservation Club for a day of smallbore metallic silhouette shooting. Was a good day of shooting, despite the rain. They've got a pretty nice range, in a great location. Gonna have to make it a monthly thing!

2017 Metallic Silhouette Small Bore and Field Pistol National Championships

Check out the Action from the 2017 Metallic Silhouette Small Bore and Field Pistol National Championships hosted by ACTPA and conducted at the SSPC, 3 - 5 March.

Something New by Joakim Karud
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Silhouette shooting with my cap and ball pistol at PSC

The first silhouette match of March 2014 allowed cap and ball pistols so I took mine. I had only shot 12 rounds with it before. Lots of noise and smoke from this one.

February 200m High Power Silhouette Match

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Pistol Silhouette World Championship in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

Smallbore Silhouette Match Pi Day - Turkeys

Shooting smallbore silhouette match on Pi day 2015. I was using an Anschutz .22lr rifle with 36x target scope. Turkeys are 77 yards away and are 2.5 inches square in the body. Winds were variable from still to 5mph.

Rifle is a custom Anschutz 54. It weighs 10.2lbs and shoots one-hole groups. The trigger is a custom 2 stage with 1oz first stage and a 2oz 2nd stage and is VERY sensitive. I blew 10 shots that day because of not having enough trigger time.

I took first in my class with 18:60 hits.

All shots are taken standing with no slings allowed. Thanks to my spotter Schultz and my cameraman The Disco Tripper for their help. Schultz took first in his class and 2nd overall. TDT took 2nd in his class.

Handgun Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Handgun Metallic Silhouette shooting, my first shot at HMS, not too bad, might start competing next year, quite a challenging sport.
i have 22 chickens at 25 mt, and some 50mt targets set up for my 22 and 38's.

04112015 Smallbore SRGC Silhouette Match - I Win.

This video is currently missing the first stage of pigs at 60m. My spotter was playing videographer and has those videos on his phone. As soon as they get to me I'll add them to the video.

This was a 60 shot match. Chickens at 40m, pigs at 60, turkeys at 77, rams at 100. Chickens are about 1.5 square (postage stamp size hit area). Rams aren't a hell of a lot bigger.

I took first place in A and B classes. I registered as B but shot my 2nd A-class score and beat the only A-class shooter. They aggregated the classes for purposes of awarding winners and I took first in both.

The match was actually a tie but the other shooter that I would have had to do a shoot-off with seemed to have run off as soon as the main part of the match ended. He was in the same relay as me and I think he was tracking my shooting but probably mis-counted by 1 and thought I had won it clean. There are many other likely reasons but that's the most logical.

The rifle is a custom Anschutz 54 with a 36x44m target scope on a very high mount. The trigger is a 2-stage with 1-ounce takeup and 2-ounce break. Standing up with such a rifle is not safe for beginners and even with a good whack of practice and several matches fired with it, I still find the trigger to be ultra touchy and occasionally launch a shot before I'm properly lined up. It's a clear demonstration of what 3 grand buys you as far as a .22lr gun goes.

Ammo was bulk match ammo and was needlessly fast. I would normally use more expensive and accurate match ammo like RifleMatch or Eley Tenex but budgetary constraints have reduced me to lower price bulk match ammo. At least it's not Wolf ammo. Yuk.

Shooting Metalic Silhouette Competition (PERBAKIN CUP PEMALANG).

Shooting Metallic Silhouette Competition for air rifle caliber 4,5mm in Pemalang city Central Java.

Lomba Menembak Metsil kelas Senapan pompa angin Kaliber 4,5mm se Eks Karisidenan Pekalongan di Kota Pemalang - Jateng tanggal 08 Oktober 2017 memperebutkan piala Ketua Perbakin Pemalang.

2015 State Hipower Rifle Silhouette Championships Pig 1b


The target is center screen. You can see it go down. 300m, 2MOA pig silhouette.
Rifle is Savage 10FPSR in .308win wearing a DIY cheekrest and a US Optics ST-10 TPAL.

The sport is High Power Metallic Silhouette. I tied for last that day. It was freezing cold, windy and I brought a sniper rifle to a silhouette match with garbage ammo. It was a rough day.

PNZ HMS (Handgun Metallic Silhouette) Promotional Video

Welcome to the PNZ HMS (Handgun Metallic Silhouette) Action Shooting section.

WHAT is HMS Shooting?
HMS Shooting is a group of target shooting disciplines that involves shooting at metal cutouts representing game animals at varying distances. Metallic silhouette shooting can be done with airguns and black powder firearms or modern handguns. The targets used are rams, turkeys, pigs and chickens which are cut to different scales and set at certain distances from the shooter depending on the specific discipline.

Governing bodies
IMSSU is the international federation controlling Metallic Silhouette for both rifle and pistol competitions.

International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association(IHMSA) is a USA based shooting organisation. There are some minor differences between the international federations IMSSU rules and those of the IHMSA, but it is generally possible to compete in all with the same equipment. New Zealand shoots to both IHMSA and IMSSU Rules.

Metallic silhouette is descended from an old Mexican sport, dating back to the early 1900s, where live game animals were staked out at varying distances as targets. By 1948, this practice was stopped and metal cutouts of the animals were used instead of live animals, and the first metallic silhouette match was held in Mexico City. Because of its Mexican roots, in America the silhouettes are often referred to by their Spanish names, Gallina (chicken), Javelina (pig), Guajalote (turkey), and Borrego (ram).

Course of fire
Targets are set up in groups of 5 of each kind, with a silhouette's width between targets, laid out at the required distances for the given match. Each group of targets must be shot left to right; if a target is missed then the next shot is taken at the next target. Any target hit out of order is considered a miss. Targets are engaged in order of distance: chickens, pigs, turkeys, rams. The target must be knocked down or pushed off the target stand in order to score a hit; even a shot ricocheting off the ground in front of the target will count if it takes down the correct target. Shooters are allowed to have a spotter with them, who watches where the shots land and advises the shooter on corrections to make.

All disciplines require a minimum of 10 shots at each type of target, for a minimum of 40 shots per match; normal matches are 40, 60, 80, or 120 shots. To score a hit, the target must be knocked off its stand, so each cartridge used must provide sufficient momentum to knock the heavy metal targets over. Scores are recorded as the number of hits per rounds fired, so 30 hits with 40 shots would be a score of 30x40.

A tie can be broken in one of two ways: A knock out shoot-off, used at all National and large regional competitions and for the overall match winner. Master class and AAA shooters would shoot at Turkeys, AA class shoot at Rams, A shoots at Chickens and B class shoots at Pigs. To save time and effort, a reverse animal count can also be used (number of hits on hardest animal to easiest), Whoever hits the most Turkeys would be the winner. If a tie still exists whoever hit the most Rams would be the winner. This would continue to Chickens and finally Pigs.

For IHMSA competition, tie scores are broken by either Reverse target Count, or by Shootoffs, as determined by the match director, however, for State, Regional and International Championships, shootoffs will be used to determine the winners in all categories and classes. For Reverse target Count, scores are compared starting at rams...the shooter with the most rams is the winner. This procedure is used sequentially down through turkeys, pigs and chickens. If a tie still exists, a shootoff will be used to determine the winner. Shootoffs will be in banks of 5 targets and can be any type or size, placed at any distance out to the maximum ram distance for the competition. Shooting strings will continue until all ties are broken. Knock out shootoffs are not allowed.

To join our sport, find a club near you.

Video produced by INDx Media

State Championship Practice Day

Doing a range day all by our lonesome practicing for an upcoming state championship high power metallic silhouette match. I have new ram loads to get a zero for, gather MVV data and get elevation numbers for for the 500m rams. My coach is testing and tuning his 6.5x55mm and The Disco Tripper is providing cameraman services. It was pretty cold and damp but at least there was effectively zero wind. My ram loads are printing at .5MOA with the occasional flyer which seems to result from reloading when it's raining out, so I can't do that anymore for my ram loads. Chicken loads printed bullets-touching groups at 200m. They're good to go.

What's better than a range day? A range day where you have the whole place to yourself. I love not sharing when I don't have any option but to not share. It's a little more satisfying than sharing when I have no option but to share.

All shots at 200m minimum to 500m maximum. If it's not 200m or more away, why are you shooting at it with a rifle? Won't a pistol do? I'm almost kidding.

World Championsships 2008 Metallic Silhouette Shooting

Big Bore Contest,

Cal .177 metal silhouette targets

Lomba Tembak Metal Silhouette Targets Cal .177

Chickens 2 - Crushing it!

PI Day Match at Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club. Smallbore metallic silhouette. Rifle is a highly customized Anschutz 54 with 36x scope. Targets are white steel chicken silhouettes at 40m and are about as wide as a golf ball. My set of targets for this round are the top row on the left. Ammunition is SK Rifle Match.

Metallic Silhouette Shooting in dead frog position

GJW with Sardec Production Pistol in 7 GJW

Awards Ceremony 2015 California State Smallbore Metallic Silhouette Championships

My coach took 1st in AAA hunter gun, his son took 1st B hunter gun, I took 1st B standard gun.

Shooting 500 Meter Silhouette Rams

Scott Mann fires on his first bank of five metallic silhouette rams at a distance of 500 meters! Using a semi-custom handgun with open sights. Jim Harris as spotter, giving information about shots. For more information on Handgun Silhouette, see



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