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2-7 and megaminx Relay 9:42.06

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea


I was messing around with my megaminx in school today, and I came across this cool pattern. I was fairly annoyed, before finding this pattern, that the existing megaminx checker pattern required switching of parts and a hard process to go through. This is much quicker and easier, and I thought it would be fun to share, as I have not yet found it or anything similar on the internet. Enjoy!

All 16 Megaminx Corner Orientations and Algorithms I use for them !

1) Sune 0:06
R U R' U R U2' R' U

2) Anti - Sune 0:14
R U2 R' U' R U' R'

3) Left Sune 0:21
L' U' L U' L' U2 L

4) Left Anti - Sune 0:27
L' U2' L U L' U L

5) Double Headlights 0:34
L' (Sune) L

6) Far Headlights 0:43
L' (Anti - Sune) L

7) Right Pi 0:50
R U2 R2' U' R2 U' R2' U2 R

8) Left Pi 1:00
L' U2' L2 U L2' U L2 U2' L'

9) Far Bow tie 1:12
( R U2 R' ) U ( R U2 R' )

10) Headlights 1:19
R2' D' R U2 R' D R U2' R
(Sune) U ( Left Sune )
I use the second one

11) Bow tie 1:29
(R' F R RB' ) ( R' F ' R RB )

12) Chameleon 1:38
X' ( R U R' D ) ( R U' R' D' ) X

13) Headlight Sune 1:48
(Sune) U' ( Sune )

14 Headlight Left Sune 1:57
U2 ( Left Sune ) U ( Left Sune )

15) Far Pi 2:07
( Sune ) U2' ( Sune )

16) Middle Pi 2:17
( Sune ) U2 ( Left Sune )

Finally over with the long description.
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Coming up : All my Megaminx PLLs
Bye! 2:25😜

Megaminx Unofficial World Record Single 30.88

2016. 10. 23
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

37.40 Megaminx NR Single

First solve of the SSL final.

Nice solve! Helps to get such an easy PLL. Getting a little bit closer to ER

I finally know full PLL now. Looking forward to practising it until next time so I can use it efficiently in comp.

Megaminx avg of 12: 55.94 seconds

With Meffert's. This is good avg for me! My PB is 54 seconds. Competition will be held 1 month after :)

5 Tips for Getting Faster at Megaminx

Hope this helps. More to come in the future. :)

PLL and OLL:

Simple LL guide:

Time Stamps:

Star: 0:08
F2L: 1:48
S2L: 3:19
Last layer: 5:11
Lookahead+Practice: 6:52

Hey guys! I'm CubeStack. I'm a female cuber/stacker who loves to make videos. My favorite events are 3x3 and megaminx. I've been cubing since 2015 and stacking since 2016. I started my YouTube channel in February of 2017.

Check out my PBs here:

Business email:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S7000
Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
Audio Recorder: Audacity
Editing: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018
Outro Music: Last Summer by Ikson:
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Other Music used:
Star Eyes by urpleactus
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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34.17 Megaminx ER Single (Former) - Amos Nordman

Nice solve.
Done at the Finnish Championship 2018
Cube: truly amazing galaxy v2 M

YuXin Megaminx LittleMagic v2 Review En Español -Edurubiks

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Megaminx cube single 31.83

2016. 09. 17

QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

34.75 megaminx NR single

7th in the world
nice start, rest was quite standard

cube: Galaxy v2 L M

Sponsored by SpeedCubeShop!

Megaminx cube single CR 30.12

CWR Winter 2018
Cube: offcial Magnetic Galaxy V2

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QiYi MoFangGe


X-Man Galaxy V2 Megaminx Review | 41.58 avg5

Great megaminx! My new main. Since recording this video it has only gotten better and I've broken pretty much all my PB's with it. Get this puzzle if you have the chance!

Check out Qiyi Mofangge

Times: 41.54, (39.20), 41.34, (47.62+), 41.85 = 41.58

My Instagram:

44.06 Official megaminx single!!

Chambéry Cube Open 2018 (January 20th-21st), megaminx final (winning avg) last solve

Super happy with this! 37th in the world, and female WR#2! (sort of a non Yu-Da-Hyun FWR lol). Good scramble, the F2L+S2L time was about 33s, the OLL 2s, and the PLL 9s :P it might have been a little faster if I didn't fail the last part, maybe NR and overall PB idk and idrc :p

Bravo à Clément pour sa 2ème place avec 56.61 avg (son 1er sub1 !) et à la camionneuse qui a presque battu mon avg avec 54.47 !!!! J'ai pas mal progressé et je continue à m'entraîner, j'espère bien descendre ma moyenne bientôt :)

Cube: Galaxy v1 concave that I've been using for about a year now
Ma page d'info speedcubing/My speedcubing info:
Instagram: juliettesebastien
Sponsored by !

[How to get Fast]: Megaminx - S2L
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Official Megaminx 1:26.39 Average With 1:19.92 Single!

HULK SMASH that LIKE button if you want me to upload a sub-1:10 (unofficial) MEGAMINX single!!!

QOTV: What WCA event do you like watching me do the most?

World Rubik's Cube Championships 2013 Solves Playlist:

Cube: Dayan Megaminx with Ridges

1:21.70, 1:31.60, (1:19.92), (1:35.33), 1:25.86

Kinda crap for me... I was hoping for sub-1:15 single and sub 1:22 average, but I guess nerves change my times a TON. Hopefully at Indiana (if I go), I can beat those goals. Sorry you can't see the cube in the first 3 solves, I had to zoom in with iMovie because my cameraman didn't zoom in on those. The most I can zoom in is that much, so too bad.

So, I am hopefully going to be making daily Worlds videos for the next few days. I will (basically) only be uploading comp PB's, so I won't upload my fail averages. But I believe I have something in most events (I failed OH and Clock), whether it's single or average.

39.27 Megaminx avg5 | X-Man Galaxy v2 M Review

Wow, what a puzzle.
In my opinion this is hands down the best megaminx on the market. I need to get used to it a little more, I'm able to turn it faster than I'm used to thinking, so should probably be able to gain a little more time after solving more.

You can get the puzzle here:

Very cheap for its quality! $29.95 is a real bargain.

Thank you QiYi for this awesome megaminx.
Should be a bestseller!

40.04, 39.39, 38.37, (46.67), (37.56) = 39.27

6 year old solves Megaminx cube in 114.72 seconds

seoul korea

Tutorial scramble de Megaminx

Como Hacer Un Megaminx Magnético Tutorial En Español -Edurubiks

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