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I was messing around with my megaminx in school today, and I came across this cool pattern. I was fairly annoyed, before finding this pattern, that the existing megaminx checker pattern required switching of parts and a hard process to go through. This is much quicker and easier, and I thought it would be fun to share, as I have not yet found it or anything similar on the internet. Enjoy!

Megaminx in 1:21.67

=== LOOK HERE === Answers to common questions:

Edit: Note that I wrote this years ago, some infos aren't up to date and I don't care enough to keep them updated, sorry.

- This puzzle is Meffert's Megaminx, available for $19.90 with free shipping at or at, etc. Mine was already assembled, not a DIY. I improved it like this so it turns better:

- It is very similar to the normal 3x3x3 Rubik's cube, both structurally and for solving. Basically it's the same, only more of everything. Well, it is harder to solve blindfolded, which I did back in 2004:

- The video is real. Solving these puzzles isn't hard, convincingly faking this might actually be harder. Many people think I reversed the video... that's really not necessary. But if you're curious how that looks/sounds, check out my video response Rubik's Cube reversed endings at

- When I took this video, I was the fastest, but by now many others have surpassed me. Some have even solved it in less than a minute, check out the current official ranking: (this is from real life competitions where we meet in person and have official scramblers and judges etc)

- Erik Akkersdijk holds the current average record and has a nice tutorial:


38.65 Megaminx Solve by Yu Da Hyun

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea
PLL Skip

37.96 megaminx NR average

(36.07) 36.18 41.35 36.36 (42.52)

7th in the world
could have been a bit better without all these mistakes on 42 and 41, but this is still a really nice avg

cube: Galaxy v2 L M

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Tutorial scramble de Megaminx

5 Tips for Getting Faster at Megaminx

Hope this helps. More to come in the future. :)

PLL and OLL:

Simple LL guide:

Time Stamps:

Star: 0:08
F2L: 1:48
S2L: 3:19
Last layer: 5:11
Lookahead+Practice: 6:52

Hey guys! I'm CubeStack. I'm a female cuber/stacker who loves to make videos. My favorite events are 3x3 and megaminx. I've been cubing since 2015 and stacking since 2016. I started my YouTube channel in February of 2017.

Check out my PBs here:

Business email:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix S7000
Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
Audio Recorder: Audacity
Editing: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018
Outro Music: Last Summer by Ikson:
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Other Music used:
Star Eyes by urpleactus
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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42.40 Official megaminx average 😁😉😃 winning average at Annuntia Open 2019 😍😊😛 #WR19 #ER7 #NR2, my best ranking ever 😎😮🙂 with 38.12 #NR2 single 💪

I average 42 so this is pretty normal for me but I'm still happy to do it in competition 💪👏😜

Congrats to Mats Valk & Mattheo de Wit for their podium in megaminx 🙏👈😆

Annuntia Open 2019, 16 of february

42.02 + (38.12) + 42.72 + 42.46 + (45.32)


Cube ◼ X-Man Galaxy V2 L M

Music 🎶

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40.70 Official Megaminx Single

Going to start posting some videos here again!

This was my best solve from SSL4 Mora this weekend. Official PB is 38.01 and at home it is 35.89. Hope to get some more sub-40s in comp soon!

Megaminx PLL

Total 151

59.79 Megaminx solve (1st Official sub1!)

Annecy Open 2016 (29-30/10), megaminx final round.

Decent compared to my terrible average (1:08 while I average 1:00-1:01 global). I was not in a very good condition because I had to bolt my lunch when I heard that megaminx final was an hour before than I thought :p So I missed podium, but this solve was ok with an easy scramble.
Congrats to Clement for winning and for his 2 sub1 singles and to Hippolyte for his 58!

Un énorme merci à Noé ( pour m'avoir prété son Galaxy stickerless qui est 100 fois mieux que le mien !

Mes records à la maison & plus/Home PBs & more:
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Solving Rubik's Cubes(2x2-5x5 and pyraminx and 2x2 megaminx)

Just a few solves to show you about where I stand as a cuber.

YuXin Megaminx LittleMagic v2 Review En Español -Edurubiks

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Megaminx (computer) in 58.75 seconds

Good time for me. I still haven't gotten under 2 minutes on a real puzzle, haha. My lookahead still needs work, but sub1 is cool :)

You can find this program (IsoMinxSim) at .

Megaminx Unofficial World Record Single 30.88

2016. 10. 23
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx

Official single and average world records megaminx 1:01,1:07

Erik Akkersdijk (me) doing the single and average world records for the megaminx at Belgium Open 2008 (Leuven).
1:15.33, 1:01.78, 1:06.00 - 1:07.70 average
Köszönöm Olivér 'Jesus' Perge for the videos!
Team de base fils!

Before asking quesstions:
1. No it's not fake, it's an official record approved by WCA (
2. The puzzle (megaminx) is available at I adjusted it by changing the springs for weaker ones and lubed it.
3. The method I use is described on my website: ( tutorials and then megaminx
4. No, I'm not gay (with all respect to gay people), I am not retarded and I do have a life.

Megaminx cube single CR 30.12

CWR Winter 2018
Cube: offcial Magnetic Galaxy V2

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QiYi MoFangGe


2 Megaminx Solves Underwater

Thanks to Alyssa's mom for filming!
Go check out Alyssa's channel!

Cube: xman mega

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My Skype: sir.waffle1

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POTATO 2.0!!! Megaminx FAIL sub40 single

Avignon 2019 (February 23-24th), megaminx finals

No idea why I didn't AUF and/or try to recognize the case instead of performing the PLL alg from a random angle hoping it would work somehow :P Guess I will have to stick with my old 43.08 single for now :P
This also cost me a sub45 average (NR4) but it ended up being an ok 45.75 one (50th in the World at the time of upload!). I'm still waiting to get something decent (~43) to post all 5 solves ;)

Cube: X-Man Galaxy v2 LM!
Instagram: juliettesebastien
Sponsored by and !
Musique : Le petit Lucas (pour aucune raison particulière)

Megaminx solve in 1:08.82

Good solve.

PB is also 1:08.xx but I can't remember decimals ;)

Easy star and from that it just kept flowing..

in practise for WC.

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(former)Megaminx World Record Average 5 : 37.25

38.36 (33.17) 38.48 34.90 (38.74)

Busan Winter 2016
QiYi Galaxy Megaminx



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