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matkot from Israel, Itzik and Roman 12 meters

Matkot from givat olga Itzik and Roman

מטקות מחוף אולגה, איציק ורומן שומרים על כשר

Matkot Goes Pro: Israeli beach sports

Often referred to as Israel's unofficial national sport, Matkot, a combination of tennis, ping pong and squash, is the quintessential beach pastime in Israel. Now some player's passion for the game is pushing for it to go pro.

What is the israeli Matka | Kadima ? How to play matkot?

Matkot is a popular paddle ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to as the country's national sport. The goal of the game is to hit a small rubber ball with a wooden racket as many times as possible without dropping it. Matkot is a non-competitive beach game in which two or more players hit a small ball back and forth using paddles. The sport is named after the racquet, the matka. This extreme bat and ball beach game is good for all ages and all skill levels.

how to play matkot?
1. Make sure that no sunbathers or dangerous objects are close by.
2. Stand at least a few meters/feet apart on the beach or in your backyard.
3. Serve the ball
4. Try to get a rally going
5. Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

Matkot Frescobol and beach racket

Beach racket and International sport.



3 minute challenge in UK using MATKOT racket from Israel.

Global 3 minute challenge

matkot krayot beach.wmv

MaTkoT aLmA 2012 .mov

צילום ועריכה: אליעד גולן

Matkot 5.mp4

Matkot at night music von SafriDuo/Samb Adagio

Matkot (Israeli Beach Paddleball)

Two guys play matkot (Israeli beach paddleball) on Haifa's Dado beach. [ ]

The goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. For more info, check out my matkot site at

Matkot Z breaking matka

Game on the beach at Kalderon Bat-Yam, Zvika & Jecky against Avi Tostim.

Matkot מטקות high quality freestyle

מתאמנים לאליפות הארץ במטקות שנה הבאה
בבת ים חחחח :)

Matkot in Israel

Tel Aviv Beach

אליפות המטקות הבינלאומית בת -ים 28-30 אוגוסט 2007 MATKOT

.גילי ומוטי מקום ראשון בזוגות
ברכות משחקני חוף טובגו.כנסו לאתר של שחקני טובגו

Matkot (beach tennis)-free style מטקות

matkot (beach tennis) game taken at Sironit Beach, Netanya, Israel.
Wimbeldon on sand ;)
משחק מטקטת סגנון חופשי בחוף סירונית, נתניה.
ווימבלדון בישראל ;)

Matkot at Tel Aviv Beach / מטקות

A quick snippet of Matkot on Tel Aviv Beach. Matkot (paddles) is a sport very popular in Israel.

A Game of Matkot

#ChocOlympics 2016 #Part2 #ValentinesDay

This is part 2 if our chocolate olympics promotional series, details of the actual games will be e-mailed to all in the coming weeks. Get pumped!

Global 3 minute challenge to players of Frescobol, Palas, Matkot, Greek ΡΑΚΕΤΕΣ, Plaeta-playa

'The Global 3 minute challenge. 'ACHIEVING SYNCRONICITY'

In 2012 We will launch a Global challenge that will allow all our friends who play the various beach rackets sports all around the world under different names to use the rackets of their sport and the ball of there sport and time a 3 minute interval and record how many balls the two players can hit in the 3 minute Interval.
To keep it simple we will count only when one player hits the ball.
When the clock starts players will have 3 balls in all. 1 ball for each minute. ( One ball will be in play and the other two balls will be in the possession of the two players to use when the ball in play is knocked out of the zone of play.)
Frescobol players may use the traditional Pear-shaped Rackets and ball of FRESCOBOL.
The Players of MATKOT may use Traditional Circular Matkot racket and the small squash ball.
The Players of Greek BEACH RACKET may use the Traditional Greek beach racket and the tennis ball.
The Players of PALAS in may use there respective Palas of LuisCalle and pink racquetball ball.
The Players of PALETA-PLAYA may use their traditional Bats and balls also.
The distance will be set between 6 metres and 9 meters
A backing sheet or suitable screen to stop the ball from flying too far when it is struck badly will make retrieving the ball easier.
The times must be authenticated. The video recoding from the time of the start of the Clock when the first counted ball is struck until the end of the 3 minutes must be live recording. ( This part must not be edited or broken in any way)
For this to be truly a global Challenge we encourage as many of our friends to take part as possible.
Full detail of this Global Challenge and a better demonstration video will be uploaded the third week of January 2012. The Challenge will officially start in February 2012.

( This Global 3 minute Challenge is not in anyway intended to undermine the rules or scoring system of the current sports of Frescobol, Breach racket , Matkot, Paleta-Playa or Palas, but is solely intended to link all the family of players of beach racquetball in the many form in which it exist into a 'Global Family' where we can have this friendly global competition in our respective countries.) Eventually we will meet in person to challenge each other in the flesh.
The ultimate aim is the see who among us will present to the world a pair of players who will have the fastest return rate of the ball with the most accuracy, the most precision, the highest level of partnership cooperation and union of players.)
We are expecting to see style, flare and flamboyant and energetic, expressive, and fun presentations. (((( DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUS=== Try to have FUN))

Ultimately the name will be 'The Global 3 minute challenge. 'ACHIEVING SYNCRONICITY'

matkot מטקות בבננה ביץ

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