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Matkot from givat olga Itzik and Roman

מטקות מחוף אולגה, איציק ורומן שומרים על כשר

matkot from Israel, Itzik and Roman 12 meters


Matkot Goes Pro: Israeli beach sports

Often referred to as Israel's unofficial national sport, Matkot, a combination of tennis, ping pong and squash, is the quintessential beach pastime in Israel. Now some player's passion for the game is pushing for it to go pro.

What is the israeli Matka | Kadima ? How to play matkot?

Matkot is a popular paddle ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to as the country's national sport. The goal of the game is to hit a small rubber ball with a wooden racket as many times as possible without dropping it. Matkot is a non-competitive beach game in which two or more players hit a small ball back and forth using paddles. The sport is named after the racquet, the matka. This extreme bat and ball beach game is good for all ages and all skill levels.

how to play matkot?
1. Make sure that no sunbathers or dangerous objects are close by.
2. Stand at least a few meters/feet apart on the beach or in your backyard.
3. Serve the ball
4. Try to get a rally going
5. Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

משחק מטקות מטורף בקיץ 2013 בבת ים | MATKOT ISRAEL

משחק מטקות שהכדור לא נופל!!!

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Matkot - מטקות

ככה העולם רואה את המטקות מישראל.......
Matkot (Hebrew: מטקות‎) is a popular paddle ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to as the country's national sport. The goal of the game is to hit a small rubber ball with a wooden racket as many times as possible without dropping it.

Player poised to hit the ball
Matkot is a non-competitive beach game in which two or more players hit a small ball back and forth using paddles. The sport is named after the racquet, the matka; the origin of this word is unclear.
The racquets are traditionally made of wood, although sometimes the handles are reinforced with a plastic covering. The head of a racquet may vary somewhat in size and shape. The heads are circular and about 30 centimetres (12 in) in diameter. The racquet handles are short, and with very little trunk between the handle and the racquet head.
The standard ball used is the same ball as is used in squash. However, novice and intermediate players sometimes use a ball that is similar in size to a squash ball, but lighter and/or bouncier.

The game has developed a moderate level of popularity outside of Israel as a participatory sport, particularly where there is either a strong beach culture (e.g. Brazil, where it is also highly popular, but more commonly known as frescoball), or a significant number of Israelis living abroad

El frescobol es un juego de paleta típicamente playero entre dos o más jugadores. Es principalmente un juego no profesional, aunque en la actualidad se realizan torneos en varios países como Brasil e Israel. No debe ser confundido con el Tenis playa, el cual se asemeja más al Tenis al ser un juego de oposición y poseer una área para cada jugador delimitada por una red.
El juego consiste en golpear la pelota con una paleta y pasársela al compañero manteniendo la pelota en el aire el mayor tiempo posible sin que esta caiga. No hay un ganador o un perdedor.

La paleta clásica es de madera pero en la actualidad se encuentran también de plástico. Su forma puede ser circular o en forma de gota.

Matkot ist ein populäres Ballspiel in Israel und wird als eine Art Nationalsport bezeichnet.
Matkot ist kein Wettbewerbsport, sondern reiner Zeitvertreib am Strand, bei dem mindestens zwei oder mehr Spieler einen kleinen Ball ähnlich dem Tennis spielen. Die Schläger bestehen aus Holz, ältere sogar aus Stein. Der Ball ist der gleiche wie beim Squash. Anfänger spielen mit einem etwas leichteren Ball.
Der Ursprung von Matkot ist nicht geklärt. Man vermutet, er sei mit jemenitischen Juden nach Israel gekommen. Das Wort Matkot soll von einem arabischen Wort madka oder dem hebräischen Wort makah stammen, was klopfen bedeutet.[5]
Matkot wird hauptsächlich in Israel gespielt. In Brasilien, wo es ein ebenso reges Leben am Strand gibt, heißt es Frescoball.

Маткот — игровой ракеточный вид спорта на открытом воздухе (разновидность пляжного тенниса). Игра (одиночная — два игрока; или парная — четыре).
Популярная игра по побережью Средиземного моря. Ракетки традиционно делаются из дерева, хотя иногда ручки усилены пластиковым покрытием.
Стандартный мяч тот же шар, который используется в сквош. Сегодня используют уже зачастую полые мячи.

Beach Tennis - A Combination Of Tennis And Volleyball

Tennis varies, and Beach Tennis is an exciting form of it.
Beach Tennis - A Combination Of Tennis And Volleyball

In other countries beach tennis is called beach paddle ball or nation-specific names like matkot in Israel, racchettoni in Italy, and frescobol in Brazil. In Israel it has been played at least since the 1920s[5], and in Brazil since the Second World War. In Italy, it was first played in Romagna near Ravenna and Rimini in 1978.[4] In 1996, it was formalized by Italian Gianni Bellettini,[6] president of International Federation Beach Tennis-IFBT.[6] The best players in the world are from Ravenna Italy: Alex Mingozzi and Matteo Marighella, two-time USA National Champions and four-time world champions.[6]

On a trip to the USA by Paul Mapley in 2008, he and Marc Altheim met in a restaurant in Soho, New York, for lunch. Paul urged Marc to put together a US team and travel to Ravenna and try and win the World Championships of IFBT Beach Tennis.

Altheim was reluctant at first as he had already spent time on the development of the racquet game which he had imported from Aruba. Jim Lorenzo, Alex Querna and a bunch of young American sporting pioneers boarded a plane for Italy to have a crack at the Italian players, who were undoubtedly regarded as the world leaders in the paddle style of the sport.

Jim's party also packed their tennis rackets as they considered themselves the world champions of the string specialty; however they were met by a very strong opposition by some Italian players, also very proficient in the specialty. They met their match in both disciplines of the game, so like everyone else before developed respect for the Italian players and became supportive of this form of beach tennis. At this time Alex Mingozzi, Matteo Marighella, Alan Maldini and Nicola Gambi were considered top players, along with several female players led by the Meloni sisters. These players did not necessarily have a tennis background, but their skill with the paddle was second to none.

matkot sdot yam 12 meters Roman and Itzik


Israel national sport-Bat Yam

MaTkoT aLmA 2012 .mov

צילום ועריכה: אליעד גולן

Matkot (Israeli beach sports) - Doron and Adriano at Bondi Beach

Israeli and Brazilian playing Matkot at Bondi Beach - Australia

A Game of Matkot

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Lakis Zois Vagelis Kavaliotis second game in Santander. 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!



Matkot Z breaking matka

Game on the beach at Kalderon Bat-Yam, Zvika & Jecky against Avi Tostim.

Baliboa urban matkot game with Baliboa racquets

Collaborative racquet game at Mucem playground in Marseille south of France


Sports in Israel, Matkot

Playing Matkot at the beach

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Cesme Plaj Matkot 130920

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