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I thought matball finally deserved some recognition for the amazing sport it truly is. I hope all the matball lovers out there enjoy this and apologize if the quality isnt that good.

PGM Golf Swing Trainer Kit (hitting mat, ball dispenser, practice net)

PGM Golf hitting mat, Golf ball dispenser, Golf practice net.

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Matball Commercial

Commercial for the 2008 OSU Real Life Matball tournament...


Toilet Ball is a great mat game. This video shows how to play it. Mat games are effective for good workouts and are enjoyable. View hundreds of videos of judo, freestyle judo, Shingitai Jujitsu, sambo, submission grappling and sport jujitsu on our Youtube channel at The Welcome Mat Judo-Jujitsu Club was founded in 1969. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel if you have not done so already. Visit our web sites at and visit our online store at Join our premium channel at Thank you for watching our video.

Muhammad Amir on how to swing the cricket ball

this video is for educational purpose about sports cricket.
Muhammad Amir giving bowling tips and on how to swing the cricket ball and discussing Pakistan future upcoming matches of 2018.

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The 2005 Matball Mixtape created by Phill and Scott

The Matball tourney was well underway in the spring of 2005. The late great atheletes of N-Os day where quickly vanishing but not without a few incredible highlights from these future stars...

BNHS Matball Tournament 5

10-Minute Medicine Ball Abs Workout

Sure, chiseled abs are nice to look at, but when it comes to your ab workouts, you want more than just aesthetics. After all, your abs (and your core in general) are responsible for keeping you upright and helping you twist and bend. So here's a workout that not only gives you great-looking abs but also a strong and steady core!

The entire workout only takes 10 minutes to complete. You'll warm up for one minute, push yourself in the main workout for eight minutes, and then finish up with a one-minute cool down.

10 jumping jacks
10 burpees

Main Workout:
For this workout, you'll be doing two rounds of four one-minute intervals.
1 minute Russian twist
1 minute medicine ball slams
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute medicine ball sit-ups

Cool Down:
Seal stretch
Forward fold

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Great Activities for Physical Education - Build Up Kickball Game

Great Activities for Physical Education - Build Up kickball Game for Middle School Students and Artie Kamiya present this program for physical education teachers. To purchase this DVD or download the complete 90 minute video visit:

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Fun Games for Physical Education - Group Juggling

Great Activities and Games for Physical Education - Hoop Ball

Great Activities for Physical Education - Middle School - Cone Ball

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Are you ready to add more enthusiasm and fun to your physical education classes? In this Video, Artie Kamiya provides several innovative new games and activities for students in grades 6-8. The games and activities included are: Roller Ball, Which Way Kickball, Hoop Ball, Build-up Ball, High Five Softball, Straight Line Baseball, Decision Ball, Square Ball, Cone Ball, 3-on-3-on-3 Basketball, Mystery Maze, Ultimate Ping Pong, Double Time Kickball, Score Ball, Guard Ball, Ultimate Football, Group Juggling and Basketball Hot Spots. Each game can be easily implemented into any middle school curriculum.

About the Coach:

Artie Kamiya is one of the premier physical education consultants in the United States. He is the former Director of K-12 Physical Education for the State of North Carolina and the founder of the Great Activities Publishing Company. Artie was selected as the 2004 National Physical Education Administrator of the Year by the Council for School Leadership in Physical Education. He has presented over 400 workshops in 40 different states.

BNHS Matball Tournament 4



Follow up on everything IN THE LAB:




BNHS Matball Tournament 3

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

Corner ball

Equipment: rugby ball, bibs, cones
• Split the group into two teams.
• One team passes the ball to each other.
• The aim is to corner and tig one of the other team.
• Once caught they join the catching team.
• The catching team can move with the ball.

The catching team cannot move with the ball.

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

10-20-30 Challenge: Pilates for Men

Pilates just for women? No way! Anyone who believes that has never tried this total-body workout program designed by men for men.

Increase strength, stamina, control, and flexibility using just a mat, ball or resistance band. Each exercise offers a beginning and a more advanced version, so it's great for any level. Bonus features include a video journal of one man who went through the program, options for music only, and safety tips. Ladies, if you want to spice up your own routine and kick it up a notch, give any of these three DVDs a try!

Ball First Trainer Intro

The Ball-First Trainer mat is designed to perfect your swing accuracy, consistency, and power. The mat encourages a proper lag, a downward strike, and a square clubface at impact. Use the markers on the mat for comparison analysis of divots to original ball placement.

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

Empowering God's Children Matball Game

Looping Kickball

Continuous kickball game that allows all students to kick and get much needed movement while in P.E.

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How to Weight Train for Cricket | Overtime Athletes

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