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Match between Grandmaster players Trevor Simon of Antigua & Barbuda and Ibrahim Abubakar of Ghana

The Almaty Open Oware Tournament a side tournament of the III World Togyzkumalak Championships held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2015

International Awale Tournament 2016

Match between Fernando Tavares of France (Seven times International Awale Champion) and Julian Groves of Great Britain, with overhead shots.

International Awale Tournament 2016

Match between Fernando Tavares of France (Seven times International Awale Champion) and Ferrea Fortes of Cape Verde, with overhead shots.

Oware: the Ghanaian Traditional Sport | Trans World Sport

Oware is a lively traditional Ghanaian sport. Also known as African Chess, the game has been played in West Africa for hundreds of years and according to local myth inspired a marriage.
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3rd World Nomad Games Grandmaster Oware Championship

The 1st World Nomad Games Oware Championship which took place at the 3rd World Nomad Games in Cholpon-Ata, Kygryzstan, in September 2018. Match between Grandmaster Players Gordon Akrugu (GHA) vs September Christian (ANT)

Awale Online - Oware Awari

The Oware Awale Game

Oware is a strategy game among the Mancala family of board games played in West Africa and worldwide. There are many other appellations including Ayo in Nigeria, Bambara in Mali, Awele in Ivory Coast, Wolof in Senegal, Uril in Cape Verde and Akan in Ghana. The goal of the game is to capture more seeds than one's opponent. This is an invaluable Oware companion for players of all levels, from beginner to the strongest player, a fun way to play Oware and improve your game. It's also a great way to meet another players from around the world.

- Google Play Games Login (Rated games & Adventure Mode)
- Adventure Mode : Play against Characters with various levels
- Rated games or not (seek player) against real people
- Send messages to your opponent
- Press and hold down hole to see the number of seeds
- Landscape mode
- View ranking players playing online
- Challenge your friends play
- Play against another player in face to face
- Automatic recording games
- Review a game
- Progress to Oware with Study Mode
- Grandmaster games to study
- Strong computer opponent with adjustable playing strength (6 levels)
- Possibility to change the background and color of the game board
- Help button on the use of the game
- Rules in English, French, Spanish and German


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[Event CZECH OPEN 2013 - Mancala]
[Site Pardubice (CZE)]
[Date 2013.07.13]

Abstract Mancala tutorial

Grilled Sungka

A great game for the whole family, but don't try this at home without inviting the Calamity Fun!


No vídeo de hoje, vamos te mostrar um pouco do jogo mais antigo do mundo, produzido pelo @espaco_origem.

????Para aprender a jogar, basta ficar atento as dicas do nosso vídeo. E se você quiser ver de perto e jogar, basta correr aqui para o nosso Centro Cultural e visitar nossa exposição CRIA _experiências de invenção que fica na nossa Galeria até o dia 7 de julho.

???? Terça a sábado, das 10h às 20h, e domingos e feriados, 11h às 19h.
???? Centro Cultural Minas Tênis Clube.

#JogoDaMancala #Mancala #Ludico #Origem #MinasTenisClube #CentroCulturalMTC

Mancala Champion

The Mancala World Championships - 2009

Doble conferencia del ciclo social Hashtag...qui en Mancala

De los pies a la cabeza, con el apoyo del grupo Eurofund, desarrolla un profundo ciclo de 45 conferencias en el ámbito social entre 2018 y 2020. El centro Mancala, un reconocido espacio para la integración social en el barrio zaragozano del Áctur, fue escenario de una doble sesión del mismo el 25 de abril de 2018


Funny fun key word in my TikTok

【おすすめボードゲーム紹介】マンカラ mancala【プレー動画も】



#Jogos#lazer#memória#estratégia#saúdemental#saúdemental#Lazer Mancala | Jogo de Estratégia

Para quem gosta de um bom jogo para pensar,esse caio como uma luva.
espero que gostem meus queridos. abraço no coração.

Mancala make my move

Jcvhjfhoxrbjxtifujrhdhwushswkxvqucjwafdhisvefhaksjxjwwyxhbjddisisshdhfzhwhijsfyabsixhsuwiosgsuwicfe jechhdozejvseuhsjxgwichsuqjxgwyuqiiqyzhduqkdhhdehzojehxkdhdjfhdwhjjshxizbzndhdhdbi love puppies

C O N G K A K Je

Youth Lagoon - Montana


Not only learn how to play this great game learn how to make your very own Mancala Board and game at home!!!

CONGKAK with Pa'din Musa

New deck design with CONGKAK pattern by Hz Skateboards.

Intense Mancala Action

Aunt vs. Nephew: Who will win? Battle of the Titans, and testing the new camera's video functionality



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