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Long jump


Men's Long Jump Final | Rio 2016 Replay

Former American footballer Jeff Henderson wins gold in men's long jump, beating the current champion Greg Rutherford in Rio 2016.

Relive the whole session!

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Long Jump Greatest Compilation

A compilation of the biggest jumps from the best long jumpers of all time! Enjoy!

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Women's Long Jump - ISTAF Indoor Berlin 2019

Women's Long Jump - ISTAF Indoor Berlin 2019
1 Malaika MIHAMBO 6.99m Germany
2 Maryna BEKH 6.73m Ukraine
3 Ivana ŠPANOVIĆ 6.65m Serbia
4 Ksenija BALTA 6.65m Estonia

Long Jump Men's Final 80th All India Inter-University Athletics Championship 2019-20

Madras University's Swaminathan Won Men's Long Jump Gold 7.78m,
Mangalore University's P S Vishnu Won Silver 7.47M.
Kottayam Mahatma Gandhi University's Akhil T.V Won Bronze 7.46m
80th All India Inter-University Athletic Meet 2019-20 Mangalore, Karnataka. More Photos will be uploaded at ARN Sports Facebook Page

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Men's Long Jump | World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018

Cuban wonderkid Juan Miguel Echevarria stunned Olympic silver medallist and reigning World Champion Luvo Manyonga to win gold in the men's long jump at the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.

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Watch more from Birmingham in our playlist:

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Men's Long Jump Final | IAAF World Championships London 2017

Watch the Men's Long Jump Final from the 2017 World Championships, where Olympic silver medallist Luvo Manyonga won his first World Championships title.
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Watch the other finals on our 2017 World Championships playlist -

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Women's Long Jump Final - World championships 2017 London

Women's Long Jump Final - World championships 2017 London
1 Brittney REESE USA 7.02m
2 Darya KLISHINA Russia 7.00m
3 Tianna BARTOLETTA USA 6.97m
4 Ivana Spanovic SRB 6.96m
5 Lorraine UGEN GBR 6.72m
6 Brooke STRATTON AUS 6.67m
7 Chantel MALONE IVB 6.57m
9 Lauma GRĪVA LAT 6.54m
10 Claudia SALMAN-RATH GER 6.54m
11 Eliane MARTINS BRA 6.52m
12 Alina ROTARU ROU 6.46m

Long Jump Technique - Landing for Maximum Distance

Get the full Jumping Smarter, Jumping Farther masterclass
How you land in the long jump can mean the difference of 1-2 feet. If you want to maximize the distance of your jumps it's essential to master the proper landing technique.
In this video you'll learn the key steps to improving your landing as well as factors during the air that influence how you land. Coach Baily talks about the importance of proper posture in mid air and how looking down to see where you are landing results in the chest falling which has a significant impact on your landing.
Olympic bronze medalist Janay DeLoach Soukup teaches and demonstrates proper landing mechanics including: how to collapse into your feet, proper posture as well as how to avoid common errors such as dropping the feet.

Compilation of Godfrey Khotso Mokoena (long jump, 走幅跳)

This time ,I will introduce Mokoena from South Africa. Long jump is a competition that fly far, but It need to fly high to some extent in order to fly far. I think that it is not Mokoena who jumps the highest among long jumping among me. Mokoena was standing at the top of South Africa before Mannyga and Samai players came out. Mocoena had it until South African record was also updated by Mannya. Also, although it is a famous Mokoena for long jump, he has South African record even in triple jump.
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Brianna Glenn : Long Jump Basics

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In this Pro Tips 4U instructional track and field training video, Brianna Glenn, USA track and field champion, review basics of how to do the long jump. Brianna discusses the start, the middle and reviews the last three steps before the jump. She also provides tips on how to nail your approach every time.

Brianna Glenn is a long jumper and sprinter. She finished ninth at the 2002 World Cup and seventh at the 2006 World Athletics Final. Her personal best jump is 6.87 metres, achieved in June 2011.Brianna also holds a personal best in the 100m of 11.10 seconds.

During her collegiate career at the University of Arizona, she won two NCAA titles in the 200m and long jump.

Brianna's instructional training videos for Pro Tips 4U focus on technique that can improve your long jump skills and sprinting speed. Her tips include basics of the long jump, sprinting drills and how to hit your top speed.

Men's High Jump Final | Rio 2016 Replay

Canada's Derek Drouin wins gold in men's high jump in Rio 2016.

Watch the whole competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106:

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LONG JUMP TECHNIQUE: England Athletic Champs Men's long jump 2019

In this video coach John Shepherd (( takes a look at the England long jump championships held in a cold and wet Manchester in July. The weather may have thwarted top performances but the competition was very close and exciting, with only 5 cm's covering the top three.
Look at the techniques of the jumpers and learn from them. Coach Shepherd focuses in particular on his athlete in the field Paul Ogun who jumped to second place with 7.40m (a season's best at the time). He talks us through where Paul got it right and where he got it wrong!

#longjump #sprint #sprint drills #track&fieldworkouts #howtosprintfaster

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U13 Boys Long Jump - 12th May 2018

Highlights of the Under 13 Boys Long Jump at the 71st Annual Track & Field Championships at Corby Athletic Club.

Chris Mitrevski Long Jump 2019 Australian Championships

Watch Chris Mitrevski take silver at the 2019 Australian Track & Field Championships with a best jump of 7.83m.

Music: NCS: Amadeus - Legendary

Fabrice Lapierre (Long jump, 走幅跳)

今回はオーストラリアのファブリス・ラピエール選手を紹介します。ラピエール選手は走り幅跳びの選手で、自己ベストは8 m 40 cmです。8 m 20~25を安定して跳躍できる選手であり、2015年の北京世界陸上ではその安定さを生かして、銀メダルを獲得しています。
また非公認記録でとんでもない記録を持っている選手と言えば、アメリカのカール・ルイス選手や、キューバのイバン・ペドロソ選手が有名ですが、ラピエール選手も8 m 78というとんでもない追い風参考記録を持っています。

【Fabrice Lapierre】
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Jim Yosef - Firefly [NCS Release]

【Reference - picture】

【Reference - movie】
1.fabrice lapierre 8.04m 4th long jump Sydney Track Classic 2012

2.Paris: Men's Long Jump - Top 3

3.Men's Long Jump Final - 2015 Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships

4.Long Jump Men / 15 Jul / Monaco Diamond League 2016

5.Fabrice Lapierre - 2010 World Indoor Championships

6.Fabrice Lapierre lands gold with a long jump of 8.17 metres at CWG 2010

7.2013 Diamond League London Men's Long Jump

8.Greg Rutherford 8.32 wins Long Jump Men Zurich Diamond League 2015

9.Long jumper Fabrice Lapierre riding 'emotional rollercoaster' to Rio Olympics

10.2016 Rabat – Diamond League – Long Jump – Men

11.Fabrice Lapierre 8.57 Godfrey Khotso Mokoena 8.50 Irving Saladino 8.37 Long Jump

12.Fabrice Lapierre Jumps 8.78m


I referenced the above video when creating a video. Thank you very much!!

Biomechanics of long jump

Long Jump basics as well as Biomechanics of long jump. If you want to be a long jumper you should know the biomechanics of long. Helpful video for long jumpers

Also check this, techniques of long jump :


Compilation of jeff henderson (走幅跳, long jump)

This time , I will introduce jeff henderson from USA. He has won a gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games, and his personal best is 8 m 58 cm. I love his jump so I made it a video. I am looking forward to his big jump in the future!!
BGM : LFZ - Popsicle [NCS Release]
References :

Men's Long Jump - World Championships Osaka 2007

Rio Replay: Men's Triple Jump Final

Christian Taylor wins gold for the second consecutive Olympic Games in the men's triple jump final.

Watch the FULL SESSION here:

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Long Jump Men's Final National Open Athletics Championship 2019

59th National Open Athletics Championship 2019 - Covering By ARN Sports. Stay tuned in YouTube, Facebook.
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