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Embracing Tradition: The Rise of Lethwei

The Fight Nation spent a couple of days with Dave Leduc to learn about Lethwei, a traditional form of full contact, bare-knuckled fighting that hails from Myanmar and attracts the purists of the unarmed combat sports world.

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Dave leduc vs disellek MUAY THAI - Myanmar Lethwei World Championship

ေဒ၀ vs Diesellek Seepongsert Sanong
dave leduc vs Diesellek

BRUTAL KO's Myanmar Lethwei Highlights

World Lethwei (Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing) Championship Fight I Victor Hugo Nunes

Tiger Muay Thai fighter Victor Hugo Nunes put on one amazing fight in his Lethwei(Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing) debut in Yangon, Myanmar last week when he faced 65kg champion Thar Thae Ta Pwint. In Lethwei, often called the style of nine limbs (due to headbutts being legal), winners are determined only by knockout and there are no judges if the fight goes the full distance.


Roeung Sophorn(Cambodian) Vs Yan Naing Tun (Myanmar) | World Lethwei Championship 29-09-2018

Roeung Sophorn Vs Yan Naing Tun (Myanmar) | World Lethwei Championship 29-09-2018

ONE Feature | Phoe Thaw Brings Lethwei To The Global Stage

As a longstanding student of his country’s ancient martial art, Myanmar sensation Phoe Thaw takes great pride in representing lethwei on the global stage. Spurred on by his fellow countrymen, “Bushido” now has yet another opportunity to showcase lethwei, and his other martial arts abilities, when he takes on Malaysian superstar Keanu Subba at ONE PURSUIT OF GREATNESS in Yangon.

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Pound for Pound the best Fighter in the World - King of Lethwei - Tway Ma Shaung

Lethwei is King of Striking Sports , the art of 9 limbs .
Tway Ma Shaung is the King of Lethwei.

Lethwei ?
Lethwei or Burmese bare-knuckle boxing is a full contact combat sport from Myanmar that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Lethwei is considered to be one of the most aggressive and brutal martial arts in the world, because the fighters fight bare-knuckle with only the use tape and gauze on their hands.[2] The use of fists, elbows, knees, feet but more surprisingly, the head makes it a very unusual martial art. Although disallowed in many combat sports, in Lethwei, the use of headbutt is encouraged. This is the reason it also known as The Art of 9 limbs.

Lek kha Moun ?
The lek kha moun is the traditional gesture performed by Lethwei fighters to challenge their opponent with courage and respect. The lek kha moun is done by clapping 3 times with right palm to the triangle shaped hole formed while bending the left arm. The clapping hand must be in form of a cup, while the left hand must be placed under the right armpit. The lek kha moun is done at the beginning of the lethwei yay and can also be done while fighting.

This invitation to fight is inspired from the birds of prey, like the eagle, as they flap their wings when flying and hunting.

Lethwei Yay ?
The lethwei yay could be described as a fight dance. It is done before the fight and as a victory dance after the fight. The lek kha moun is usually confused with the lethwei yay, but the lek kha moun is performed alongside with lethwei yay.

Tway Ma Shaung is Myanmar Lethwei living Legend. King of KO , man of Steel , Mr ever Come On , Mr Fearless .

This video is created by Liger Paing .
Reuse is allowed . Partly reuse will be appreciated. Please give me credits.



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【LETHWEI GP JAPAN 2017】Daryl Lokuku vs Teruhiko Kubo (ロクク・ダリル vs 久保 輝彦)

Nov 15,2017 Korakuen Hall
The third game
Daryl Lokuku (Congo) vs Teruhiko Kubo (Japan)

2017年6月16日 後楽園ホール
ロクク・ダリル(コンゴ) vs 久保 輝彦(日本)


主催 : 一般財団法人 ILFJ
運営 : ㈱FOS / MMG
提供 : MTBF

The Expedition to Lethwei Gold (Burmese Bare-Knuckle Boxing) Episode III

Follow the journey as TMT fighters Dave ''The Nomad'' Leduc​, Mónica Brenes​ and Victor Hugo Nunes​ fought some incredible fights for Lethwei(Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing) World titles in Yangon, Myanmar.

Episode I-
Episode II-


Lethwei Vs Muay Thai

Karen Fighter/Mae Sot

【LETHWEI in Japan3~GRIT~】Deve Leduc vs Adem Phoenixgym(デーブ・レダック vs アデム)

Apr.18,2017 Korakuen Hall
The main game
Deve Leduc(Canada) vs Adem Phoenixgym(Australia)

2017年4月18日 後楽園ホール
デーブ・レダック(カナダ)vs アデム・フェニックスジム(オーストラリア)


主催 : 一般財団法人 ILFJ
運営 : ㈱FOS / MMG
提供 : MTBF

Tun Tun Min vs Dave Leduc, 2nd Rematch, Myanmar Lethwei Fight 2016, Lekkha Moun, Burmese Boxing

Golden Flagship (Air KBZ)
Champion Title Fight

National Lethwei Champion: Tun Tun Min (Myanmar)
International Challenger: Dave Leduc (Canada)

11-12-2016, Thein Phyu Stadium
Extreme Crash of Lethwei Titan
KO or Draw ... There is no such thing as Win by score.

Lethwei also known as Burmese Boxing and Myanmar Traditional Boxing may well be the most brutal and exciting form of kickboxing the world has ever seen.

Moments in Lethwei

#Lethwei #MyanmarTradidionalKickboxing
-Myanmar bareknuckle combat sport
-All forms of stand-up fight techniques including headbutt, clinch and throw
are allowed
-Knock out system is usually used to decide the winner
-Regarded as one of the most brutal stand-up fight sports
In this compilation, you will see various forms of kick, throw, punch, headbutt,
knee and elbow strike

Classic Lethwei - Wan Chai vs. Shan Lay Thway (Kyaw Swar)

In this classic Lethwei match-up, Gold Belt Champion Wan Chai takes on Champion Shan Lay Thway (Kyaw Swar) in this explosive slug fest.

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I've got the taste for blood: A conversation about Lethwei

A raw, brutal and passionate discussion with four bareknuckle boxers who explain their journey into the world of the traditional martial art of Lethwei moments after the end of WLC - World Lethwei Championship in Yangon.

Filming & production by RESET:
Stefan Hey
Michelle Nguyen
Alex Ward
Aldy Rifiq

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Myanmar Lethwei( Saw Ye Win & Jit Too 2018 )Myanmar Sport Group

Myanmar Lethwei( Saw Ye Win & Jit Too 2018 )
Youtube :
facebook :( Saw Ye Win & Jit Too 2018 )

Lethwei-Myanmar Vs Kun Khmer-Cambodia

Lethwei fighter Vs Kun Khmer Fighter Held in Thailand.

CRAZY LETHWEI HEADBUTTS !!! Thway Thit Aung Vs Yan Naing Aung


#lethwei #daveleduc #Diesellek #มวยไทย #LethweiWorld

The clinch game changes completely when you add the 9th limb.
You better master the inside game in Lethwei or you will get cut.
Bloody fight by Thway Thit Aung (🔵) Vs Yan Naing Aung (🔴)

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Kyar Pauk Vs Laydan, Lethwei vs MuayThai, 2016, Lekkha Moun, Burmese Boxing

Match of Famous Lethwei Fighter, Kyar Pauk (Myanmar) vs Ladan (Thailand) on December 2015 at Karen state.

Lethwei (Letwhay) also known as Burmese Boxing and Myanmar Traditional Boxing may well be the most brutal and exciting form of kickboxing the world has ever seen. Lethwei is in many ways similar to it’s younger sibling Muay Thai from neighboring Thailand.



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