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UFC 246: Conor McGregor shares thoughts on lethwei, says he'd 'be interested' in bareknuckle fight

It it hard to believe a guy this wealthy would be willing to fight bareknuckle?

World Lethwei Championship. Knockout War. Opening Ceremony (2018)

WLC Knockout War. 2 June 2018. Wunna Theikdi Indoor Stadium. Nayptitaw, Myanmar. Opening Ceremony featuring Lethee Moe, Saw Htoo Aung, Mite Yine, Antonio Faria, Nou Srey Pov, Shwe Nadi, Phoe LaPyae, Tha Pyay Nyo, Saw Nga Man, Michael Badato, Kyaw Zin Latt, Saw Darwait, Artur Saladiak, and Saw Ba Oo.

Myanmar Lethwei Collection Opener

Myanmar Lethwei Collection Opener created by Director Rar Ohe as present for MLC.

Lethwei: Mon State Child Fighters

Mon state child fighters display their fighting skills. Tun Tun Min's younger brother Tun(in red with white stripe shorts) and his opponent show fighting spirit in their practice bout under the watchful eye of Saya Thamain Thawdar.

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Myanmar Lethwei Fighter Yar Marn shadow Lethwei training 2017

Lethwei - the art of 9 limbs

Reglas del Lethwei en México.

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How to do Lethwei Round kick to the Body - United Myanmar Bando Nation

Lethwei , the art of 9 limbs
This style of Body Round kick can be seen in South East Asian Kickboxing fights.

The rise of Lethwei and bare knuckle fighting

In this clip Luke and Major discuss the rise of Lethwei, and bare knuckle fighting. Lethwei is a traditional indochinese martial art similar to Muay Thai that allows bare knuckle striking, kicking, head-butting, and suplexes, and thats just scratching the surface. Major an MMA coach, BJJ black belt, and also a Judge and referee for World Lethwei Championship so he has a unique and qualified perspective on this new, but also ancient form of fighting.

Myanmar Lethwei training at Swan Kay Kay Lethwei Club Mandalay

Myanmar Lethwei Training Footage

【LETHWEI in Japan15~絆~】2020.2.21記者会見

【LETHWEI in Japan15~絆~】

Feb.21,2020 Press conference
2020年2月21日 記者会見


Myanmar Traditional Sports Theme Song

This song is mostly use in Myanmar Boxing (let wheit).

Lethwei Burmese Boxing [HD] - Aphyu Yaung Thway Thit Gym - Fighter Training - Yangon Myanmar

This video is presented by

Aphyu Yaung Thway Thit Gym is a traditional Myanmar boxing club that can be found on a narrow, unmarked street in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Boxers train there not in an inside a gym, but on the street in the open air. This video shows parts of the fighter's afternoon training session.

Video captured by AndréRené / in March 2011.

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Demostración de LETHWEI - SAYA VS TENGU

Canal de Saya Iván:

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#TENGU #ArtesMarciales #DefensaPersona

Lethwei Fighters' encouragement for Myanmar People.

Lethwei Fighters' encouragement for Myanmar People.

#COVID19 #Myanmar #WLC #WorldLethweiChampionship #Lethwei #Headbutts #Bareknuckle #Kickboxing #BareknuckleBoxing #MyanmarFight #MyanmarBoxing #Yangon

Lethwei Fighters' encouragement for Myanmar People

Lethwei Fighters' encouragement for Myanmar People Part (3).

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#COVID19 #Myanmar #WLC #WorldLethweiChampionship #Lethwei #Headbutts #Bareknuckle #Kickboxing #BareknuckleBoxing #MyanmarFight #MyanmarBoxing #Yangon

Lethwei (Burmese Boxing) Old Footage

Too Too vs Berneung Topking, GTG Myanmar Lethwei Fight 2016, Lekkha Moun, Burmese Boxing

First Class Lethwei Fighter: Too Too (Myanmar)
International Challenger: Berneung Topking (Thailand)

09-10-2016, Thein Phyu Stadium
Crash of Lethwei Titan
KO or Draw ... There is no such thing as Win by score.

Lethwei also known as Burmese Boxing and Myanmar Traditional Boxing may well be the most brutal and exciting form of kickboxing the world has ever seen. Lethwei is in many ways similar to Muay Thai from neighboring Thailand.

Muaythai vs Lethwei - parte 1 - Diferentes e complementares

TREINE Muaythai:
???? Instagram:

Nessa primeira parte, falamos sobre as diferenças ente Muaythai e Lethwei e o risco que existe ao aplicar cabeçadas, e as situações ideais para executar esse golpe de curtíssima distância.

Lethwei Technique for Self Defense: How to Headbutt from the Clinch

In this video we discuss how to headbutt properly from a clinch, specifically single collar tie with wrist control.

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Lethwei vs. Muay Thai | Which is better?

#LethweivsMuayThai #traininginThailand #bareknuckleboxing

My breakdown of Lethwei (Burmese bare-knuckle boxing) vs. Muay Thai kickboxing. A lot of online debate about which martial art is better, more effective so here is what I think. please like subscribe, share and comment for more videos.





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