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Land speed records


World of Speed 2018

Team Vesco's Turbinator II with driver Dave Spangler set the fastest wheel driven car record ever at the World of Speed event September 15, 2018. New record 482.646 mph with a top speed of 492 mph!

Cycling Land Speed Record | The Bike & The Rider

What does it take to reach 183 mph on a bicycle? Mike Levy chats with Denise Mueller-Korenek and bike designer Chris Garcia to find out...

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Incredible 1929 Land Speed Record The Golden Arrow

Rare silent archive film of Major Segrave's Land Speed Record attempt with one of the most iconic cars of all-time - Golden Arrow. Daytona Beach 11th March 1929, 231.45 mph.
Includes rare aerial, car-to-car and onboard footage of testing and the actual attempt.

The car was powered by a Napier Lion W12 Lion VIIa producing 925hp at around 3300rpm.

Also includes coverage of Lee Bible's ill-fated run in the White Triplex special two days later. This has been left in for historical interest and as a tribute to the bravery of the driver. We're on INSTAGRAM:
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Lee Taylor's Fatal Crash

GLENBROOK, Nev. — (AP) — Lee Taylor vanished into the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe when his rocket-powered boat disintegrated while trying to set a water speed record and rescue crews have all but given up hope that he could have survived.

Searchers used floodlights and television cameras, working late into the night, but failed to find any trace of the cockpit section of the boat that was traveling well over 200 miles an hour when it caromed out of control.

The search, which lasted five hours, resumed at 9 a.m. today, but the rescue workers held out little hope that Taylor could have survived.

Sheriff's Sgt. Doug Struthers said: He is presumed dead. He has not been officially declared dead.

Before darkness fell, crews recovered an unopened drag parachute, Taylor's helmet and several sections of the boat, but found no sign of the 45-year-old Bellflower, Calif., pilot.

He never had a chance to say 'boo,' said a crew member, Luke Fratello.

Denver Dickerson, project director for the record attempt, said it appeared the boat hit a black line of shifting currents that caught a sponson at the rear of the boat. The boat just blew apart, Dickerson said.

He said a black line creates a surface disturbance similar to going over a bump, and the line was where Taylor started to shut off his engine.

The accident occurred after Taylor had made one of two required runs through the 1-kilometer speed trap in an attempt to break the record of 317.6 miles an hour. Reports on his speed ranged from 270 to 350 m.p.h. before he cut off his engines.

A crowd estimated at nearly 1,000, including Taylor's mother, wife and daughter, greeted the pilot with cheers as he raced through the speed trap. The shouts turned to screams when the boat flew apart and sank in 200 feet of water about a half mile offshore.

Taylor tested the boat this summer on Walker Lake southeast of Reno and reached unofficial speeds of 333 m p.h.

It's euphoric traveling at that speed, he had said. It's sort of like riding the tip of an arrow just shot from a bow.

Taylor had said he hoped to hit 350 m.p.h. in yesterday's attempt to take the record from Australia's Ken Warby.

Warby broke Taylor's previous record in June, 1978, after Taylor held the mark 11 years. Both records were set in jet boats. This was the first attempt in a rocket-powered craft.

Taylor survived a jet-boat crash in 1964 on Lake Havasu in Arizona.

The 40-foot U.S. Discovery II was powered by a 16,000-horsepower rocket designed for aircraft and missiles and fueled by 1,000 pounds of hydrogen peroxide. The boat was valued at $2.5 million.

Speed Week 2018 Fastest Run

TURBINATOR II, with driver Dave Spangler, set the all time FASTEST mile speed, 463.038 mph FASTEST quarter speed, 369.143 mph, and FASEST exit speed 470.605 mph in Speed Week's 70 year history on the Bonneville Salt Flats (2018). Team Vesco was honored with the Hot Rod Magazine Top Time Trophy for the third time in its history.

Hiro Koiso Land Speed Record:Bonneville Stories

Hiro Koiso sets a new AMA and FIM records at the 2013 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Hiro very possibly the story that most exemplifies what Bonneviile is all about. After he crashed his bike in 2010, Hiro loaned Roger Golhammer's team his entire engine that Hiro had worked on for a year and they watched Jimmy Paulgaard run it for a land speed record. That kind of unselfishness and camaraderie is what makes the BUB event so special. Scooter Grubb



1.thrust ssc 763MPH/1228KMH
2.vesco turbinator 481MPH/775KMH
3.ack attack 376MPH/605KMH dieselmax 350MPH/563KMH
5.buckeye bullet 2.5 320MPH/515KMH



1905 Darracq 200HP land speed record car seriously sideways at Goodwood

1905 Darracq 200HP land speed record car seriously sideways at Goodwood
The 'engine on wheels' attacks the Festival of Speed hillclimb with some gusto

World Land Speed Racing Record Contender - North American Eagle

Video on the next World Land Speed Contender.LSR, Land Speed Record North American Eagle NAE, World's Fastest Person, Speed, Supersonic, Land Speed Record,

Director: Chris Lofft

Bonneville Stories Part VII "BUDDFAB 50cc 150 MPH Streamliner" :Bonneville Stories

If really good things can come in small packages then really fast things can come in really small packages, too. John Buddenbaum, a metal fabricator and Eric Noyes, a NASA engineer set out to go very fast with a very small engine. With an engine not much bigger than that of an average size lawn mower John and Eric set the new world record of 144.891 mph with a 50 cc engine at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008.

Buddenbaum and Noyes are going GREEN. They are testing an electric battery pack in 2009.

Compilation: how the World Speed Record was broken

A compilation of how the Human Power Team managed to break the World Speed Record in three years!

Dan Parker First Blind Land Speed Racer Bonneville Stories

I'm not a blind man trying to race. I'm a racer who went blind. ~Dan Parker

As many of you know, March 31, 2012 I was in an accident that forever changed my life. So much has happened since then and I've exceeded specialists expectations in my recovery. I want to start by thanking everyone that have helped me through my healing, and to all who have contributed to my dream of being the first blind man to race the Bonneville Salt Flats……It’s always been a dream of mine to race on the Salt. After the accident, I thought that dream was over. Then it came to me one night in bed that I could do this. Losing my eyesight did not have to stop my goals and dreams.
My land-speed trike is a specially constructed configuration using an Aprilia 50cc motor and a 20mm Lectron carburetor. I've designed the frame and bent the tubes myself using bump dots on my tubing bender and friends have helped with the welding.

My journey is not over. I plan to return to the Salt and have many plans in the works. All of you know someone who is disabled whether it be a disability from birth, progressing through the years, or a tragic accident. We don't want to be seen as disabled but an individual who has talents and has to use a little ingenuity.

Worlds Fastest Motorcycle 367 mph BUB #7 Streamliner:Bonneville Stories

Cook's Shootout 2009 Denis Manning's BUB Streamliner #7 Piloted by Chris Carr set a new world land speed record for a motorcycle 367.382 mph thru the timed mile with and exit speed of 372.534 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah

Roller speed record attemp

Brent Atkins sets an unofficial Canadian roller speed record of 148 km/h in Ottawa on March 16, 2013. He's riding a 120x15 fixed gear. The world record is 202 km/h.

FASTEST SKATEBOARDER EVER! 89.41 mph/143.89 km/h - Kyle Wester

Kyle Wester has SMASHED the current world record by going 89.41mph/143.89km/h!

On August 29th, 2016, Kyle Wester set out to break the Guinness Fastest Skateboard Speed Downhill record. The previous record was held at 81.17mph/130.63 kph. With the hill conditions just right, Kyle switched out his wheels one last time before making history.

Kyle Wester uses Santa Cruz Skateboards, Road Rider 73mm Shred Mags wheels, Bronson Speed Co. G3 bearings and Mob Super Course Griptape.

Director, Director of photography, Editor-Ira A Ingram

Drone Operator-John Marton

Color Correction- Tom Carter

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Phil breaking the land speed record on a tricycle!

Automobile Land Speed World Record (Full Video)

The fastest wheel-powered car -Turbinator 2001, Top speed 750kmh.

Land Speed World Record. Run NO: 69 ;)
Experts said that if it were to increase its speed for 5 more seconds, it would've took off from the ground.
(21 MB file)

EDIT: For all you who are confusing with Thrust SSC, Turbonator holds world record for the fastest 'wheel driven car'!

Land Speed Record for Office Chair

I now hold the land speed record in an office chair!
It was a windy day at El Mirage!

Denise Mueller-Korenek is the Fastest Person on a Bike EVER

It’s a feat inconceivable to most sound-minded mortals: This past Sunday, Denise Mueller-Korenek rode a bicycle more than 180 mph—183.93 to be exact, which is faster than the takeoff speed of an Airbus A340—and crushed the motor-paced bicycle land speed record.

For more, check out:

Valerie Thompson World's Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle 294.782 MPH

Valerie Thompson just put another crack in the glass ceiling by setting a new motorcycle land speed record of 294.782 MPH.
Watch her reactions as she pilots the 7 Streamliner down the 7 mile course. Thrilling, and she's not done yet.



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