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Land speed records


Speed Week 2018 Fastest Run

TURBINATOR II, with driver Dave Spangler, set the all time FASTEST mile speed, 463.038 mph FASTEST quarter speed, 369.143 mph, and FASEST exit speed 470.605 mph in Speed Week's 70 year history on the Bonneville Salt Flats (2018). Team Vesco was honored with the Hot Rod Magazine Top Time Trophy for the third time in its history.

World of Speed 2018

Team Vesco's Turbinator II with driver Dave Spangler set the fastest wheel driven car record ever at the World of Speed event September 15, 2018. New record 482.646 mph with a top speed of 492 mph!

Automobile Land Speed World Record (Full Video)

The fastest wheel-powered car -Turbinator 2001, Top speed 750kmh.

Land Speed World Record. Run NO: 69 ;)
Experts said that if it were to increase its speed for 5 more seconds, it would've took off from the ground.
(21 MB file)

EDIT: For all you who are confusing with Thrust SSC, Turbonator holds world record for the fastest 'wheel driven car'!

First 500 mph Run

On October 2, 2018, Team Vesco's Turbinator II with Dave Spangler driving became the first wheel drive car to exceed the 500 mph barrier. Owner, designer and builder, Rick Vesco and his late brother Don began to pursue this goal 17 years ago. Tragically Don died of cancer in 2002 and never saw his dream fulfilled. In 2013 Rick began to upgrade the car with a new turbine engine, new drive train, new traction control, new brakes and new body. It was sweet success when on the first (and only) day of the World Finals event on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, Dave Spangler powered the car through to a spectacular 503 mph run!

Incredible 1929 Land Speed Record The Golden Arrow

Rare silent archive film of Major Segrave's Land Speed Record attempt with one of the most iconic cars of all-time - Golden Arrow. Daytona Beach 11th March 1929, 231.45 mph.
Includes rare aerial, car-to-car and onboard footage of testing and the actual attempt.

The car was powered by a Napier Lion W12 Lion VIIa producing 925hp at around 3300rpm.

Also includes coverage of Lee Bible's ill-fated run in the White Triplex special two days later. This has been left in for historical interest and as a tribute to the bravery of the driver. We're on INSTAGRAM:
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Jessi Combs Sets Womens' 4-Wheel Land Speed Record

TV personality Jessi Combs sets a new women's land speed record, piloting the North American Eagle Supersonic Land Speed Challender vehicle to a 2-way average speed of nearly 394 mph on October 9, 2013 at the Alvord Desert dry lakebed in southeast Oregon.

Castrol: Fuelling Bloodhound & 1000mph Land Speed Record Attempt

BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car - the 1,000 mph racing car being built to break the Land Speed Record, which Castrol have helped break on 21 previous occasions. Subscribe for more:

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Pole Position is the place for motorsport fans and petrol heads covering the very best races, teams and drivers from around the world. From F1 to banger racing and from Indianapolis to Monte Carlo we'll cover the best of the best, keeping you entertained. Highlights, interviews, team tours and on location we'll be there to give you the inside track.

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Jody Perewitz 208.786 MPH at Bonneville on V-Twin:Bonneville Stories

At the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials Jody Perewitz lands another Land Speed Record and is now a member of the 201 MPH Club. That makes 10 LSRs to date including one World Record. Out of her last 11 runs, 9 were over 200 MPH.

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Land Speed Record Attempt Summer 2015

TO BE FASTEST - 2015 Land Speed Record Attempt

Denise Mueller is preparing to set the Land Speed Record in the Summer of 2015!

Perewitz Sets Sights on World Land Speed Record

World renowned custom motorcycle fabricator Dave Perewitz's daughter Jody has a land speed record in her cross-hairs. In August 2011 the Perewitz team will head to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where the only thing standing between Jody and the record is the wait to Get it on!

Jody will attempt to surpass 200 MPH on the American V-Twin motorcycle her famous dad built at his Bridgewater, Massachusetts cycle fabrication shop.
She will become the First woman in history to break 200 MPH on an American made motorcycle!

Lets all get behind Jody and support her as she strives to become the First Woman to grab that record on an American made product !

The Music of Frank Palangi is featured in this video. Thank You Frank!!

Craig Breedlove and Spirit of America - 1964 crash!

Here is rare film of land speed legend Craig Breedlove’s spectacular crash on the Bonneville Salt Flats on October 15, 1964, going for the record in his Spirit of America jet car. As Craig was going into the measured mile on his return run, something broke in Spirit's steering. He hung on through the mile, then hits the chutes. They torn away. He eased down on the brakes. They burned up, leaving him with no steering and no way of stopping as he careened off the end of the course. He ended up setting a new land speed record of 526.277 mph—and almost drowning in the process!

For the full story, check out Ultimate Speed: The Fast Life and Extreme Cars of Racing Legend Craig Breedlove: and Speed Duel: The Inside Story of the Land Speed Record in the Sixties:

For more land speed stuff, check out my on-line archive:

HIro Koiso Racing 2013 Bonneville World Land Speed Record 214.653mph

Rising from the ashes
Hiro Koiso Racing made big comeback on the salt!
At the 10th annual BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, the team seized 3 new land speed records to include 2 AMA national records and 1 FIM world record in excess of 214mph which is 22mph above the existing record speed.
Needless to say, it was a quite journey.
HKR 2013 racing effort was made possible by:
JIMS, T-Man Performance, ProCharger, Pine Valley, PINGEL, AIM Corp., WPC Treatment, Fuji WPC, Frixion, MKS Engineering, Strokers USA, Worldwide Bearings, True-Track, Lyndall Racing Brakes, Sundance Enterprises Inc., Tuners Nation, Attract Customs, DYNOMAN, Third Place performance division, HRD Performance, Thayers Performance, JP Custom

for more info. and racing update, Like Facebook Hiro Koiso Racing fan page.

James Toseland's Land Speed Record Attempt

Katie Melua's husband, James Toseland, Former Superbike Champion, talks candidly about his forthcoming Land Speed Record Attempt on a Motorcycle.

Auto Racing - Special - 1979 Stan Barrett Land Speed Record - Part 2

Vintage sports comedy & music...370 hrs.posted (1400 videos)...1900 hrs. more to post at

Tom Burkland, for Love of Family, Friends and Bonneville:Bonneville Stories

Tom Burkland shares his experience and family racing archives that started in the late 60's on the salt. He also is one of the track coordinators at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials where history is made every year and where this story is told.

Tom, Linda, Gene, and Betty Burkland own the fastest piston-powered SCTA record in history. On October 16, 2004, Tom Burkland climbed into his family's PPG Auto Finishes Orange AA/BFS streamliner at Bonneville and cranked a new two-way average of 417.020.

400 mph Tire Blowout at World of Speed!

During a 400 mph run Team Vesco's TURBINATOR II broke a drive shaft causing a tire to blow out. Driver Dave Spangler drove the car to a safe stop, but the car has damage to the body and needs a new drive train. Team Vesco is encouraged by the speed they were able to achieve with the new turbine power and technology (AZTTECH & ATS) and will return in 2017 to Bonneville. TURBINATOR II gained Top Time of the Meet honors at the World of Speed event. Team Vesco currently holds the International wheel drive record at 458 mph, 2001 by Don Vesco.

New Land Speed Record Set By Donald Campbell - 403mph (1964) | Sporting History

Campbell was a British speed record breaker who is the only person to have set both world water and land speed records in the same year (1964). On 17 July 1964, Campbell set a new world land speed record of 403.10mph for a four-wheeled car (Class A) at Lake Eyre, Australia. He was however disappointed with the record as his Norris Brothers designed Bluebird-Proteus CN7 had been constructed to reach speeds of 500mph. Campbell went on that year to set another water speed record at 276.33mph. Campbell was killed whilst attempting to set his 8th water speed record in 1967.

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Land speed record breaker: 1905 200hp Darracq hammers Goodwood

Returning to Goodwood for Members' Meeting, the world land speed record breaker hammers Goodwood.

74MM is now LIVE (19-20 March 2016). WIN Goodwood Festival of Speed tickets for you and a friend: just SUBSCRIBE to Goodwood on YouTube and SHARE the Member's Meeting LIVE stream on Facebook for your chance!



1.thrust ssc 763MPH/1228KMH
2.vesco turbinator 481MPH/775KMH
3.ack attack 376MPH/605KMH dieselmax 350MPH/563KMH
5.buckeye bullet 2.5 320MPH/515KMH





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