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Land sailing


GoPro: Land Sailors

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪

Lionel Rochat takes his son Alexandre land sailing on a beautiful beach in France.

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

Land Sailing - Exciting on board video of Mini land yacht racing - Miniyachts !

An on board view of a complete race which was part of the Blokart B series and also an Open miniyacht event. The camera is on his helmet as Alan sails a Ludic miniyacht in the event and shares some of his thoughts with us !

All terrain land yacht

All terrain land yacht

Land Sailing

El Mirage Dry Lake
31 May 2014

Iceboating And Landsailing The Evolution Of The Solid Wing

The Evolution Of The Solid Wing For Landsailing And Iceboating
More wing boat information -


Mini Skeeters racing at the 45th Americas Landsailing Cup Regatta at Ivanpah Dry Lake. Phil Augustin NZ MS 31 1st, John Eisenlohr US MS 1 2nd and
Allen Mauldin US 407 3rd
Inquire about plans at


Example of the application of composite connections

Land sailing

Blimp Road- Cudjoe Key FL 1/ '10 Blowin'15-20

Landsailing Worlds 2014

Recap video from the 2014 Landsailing World Championship. Action footage and interviews.

Land Sailing with a GoPro HD

Sandyacht fun in Ireland . A gusty off shore wind on a quiet beach in winter on the East Coast., Recorded in full HD with Go Pro - select 1080 view

Ando's home made Land Yacht

Home made land yacht. After gathering materials for some time and some inspiration from a local BloKart owner Dave, the Land Yacht project has come to a reality. A sail and mast came from a local plumber who I asked if he had any suitable PVC pipe to make a mast. Overall I am fairly happy with the result but could not keep up with Davo. Now needs some paint and better rear wheels and plenty of windy days with low tide.

RS Tera Land Trainer

Land Trainer for the RS Tera


Land Sailing on Brouwersdam
At beach sailing, or Blokarting action and adrenaline are inevitable.

3253 Ouddorp
Netherlands (Holland)

GPS: 51.762342, 3.853335

here you can do courses:

Blokart & X-sail

Gymkhana Landsailing [Sardinia]

Simply me trying to kill myself

Building My Own Land Yacht

Hey guys, Here's a short video of some pictures and video clips of the land yacht I built for a school project. I based my design on the Blokart, I used 304 grade stainless steel and an old windsurfing mast, sail and boom. The clips of the land yacht in action were taken during gusty weather but the wind speed was not that high. If you have any questions feel free to ask, let me know what you think.

The song used is Ronald Jenkins-Guitar Sound

All song rights belong to him, go check out his channel.

Americas Landsailing Cup 2016 NALSA Class lll

Racing at the 2016 Americas Landsailing Cup. 1st John Eisenlohr, US772 2nd Alan Wirtenen US25 and 3rd Phil Rothrock US92. Winds ranged from 5 to 30 mph during the racing. I wore out 3 tires during the regatta.

Landsailing Fuerteventura

Landsailing at Playas New Mexico

For more information visit You will find plans for a small landsailer, sailing instructions, and information on upcoming events.

Poly pipe land yacht 2012

RC land yacht poly pipe body

Alvord Landsailing

In Alvord, Oregon



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