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Land windsurfing


windsurf land

windskate su argine fiume Po

The Best Way To Learn Windsurf!

This is perhaps the best way to learn how to windsurf. Using a windskate is a lot more easier. You could learn the sailing before you need to surf it.
This video do more then showing how to start windsurfing, it show also the way to drive a windsurf board.

Using the brake on the sail is perhaps the best technique you develop while practicing tricks with a windskate.

Would you drive a car without brake, or a motocros? Windsurfing is the same! For more, visit

Thanks for your comments, have fun!

Pour la version française, voir

Land Boarding Accident

Broken bones and egos while land boarding at the beach at Warrenton, Oregon

Windsurfing Snow Land

This clip show some rare footage of sailing on snow with a windski and a windsnow. See some foward loop, jumps and other crazy moves made by Grégoire Lafortune and me.

Windskate Target

This is my first video with my new windskate Scorpion concept. A windskate with some kind of footstraps. With that, I did invented two new moves! Check that! For more information, visit! Cheers.

Street windsurfing

Skateboard windsurf from Amar' SP 2006

Dirt Windsurfing at the Dossen (Bretagne, France)

Short session of Dirt at the dossen on tuesday 10th July 2007.

This is Guenoz (blue sail) first try.
I hope we will have more to come (better and with more skill)


windskating at 10-15 kts, some little improvements since the first time...

Musik: NEW MODEL ARMY No rest

Windskate St-Bruno

Nice session of windskate with my new windskate board. See some swicht kono to boardwalk and some funny slalom! This place is really cool!

Windskate:, Windsk8, Dirt Windsurfing

Un petit aperçu de ce qu'il est possible de faire en Windskate. Filmé à la Franqui. Plus d'infos sur le site

Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015

Landboard Windsurfing with Hans, Bob, George & Chad.

Windsurf dry land duck tack and burner practice featuring Dmitry.

Windsurf dry land duck tack and burner practice featuring Dmitry.

A la découverte du Dirt Windsurfing

Une véritable alternative et un complément à la pratique du windsurf

Windsurf Session - Lake Balaton (Balatonszemes) - Wearing a Suit (Land Video)

Windsurf session at lake Balaton (Balatonszemes) wearing a suit for fun (Land Video). 2013. August 20. - Hungarian National Celebration. Onboard Video: 2008: Windskate, Windsk8, Dirt Windsurfing

Les meilleurs moments de l'année 2008 de l'équipe Plus d'infos sur le site.


Sam Gooch Landwindsurfing at weston super mare beach

Dirt Windsurfing at "le Dossen" again

Very short video of Dirt Windsurfing at Le Dossen this september 2007.
The wind was very low. Only a few to show.
Some more in a few days hopefully.

Windsurfing on Land - How to build a simple rig in a future video

It is great fun to be able to windsurf on land, or should I say land surf? Especially useful if you do not swim, or do not like falling in the water, or there are sharks or other hazards in the water. I will post a video on how to make the rig in a future video. Please subscribe.


TurfDog Dirt Windsurfing Revolution

Short movie of Windsurfing on TurfDog dirt windsurf boards

Dirt-Windsurfing Blériot

Session du 10/02/13 parking de Blériot et skate Park de Calais !
Premier test du skate park !
Vent fort irrégulier ! Température : 2° et Ride sous la neige !!
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