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Land windsurfing


Windskate Bastard

Some windskate action with my freestyle windskate board 2020. See some baordwalk action and other tricks. Thnaks for watching, sharing and subscribing. For more, visit

Street windsurfing

Skateboard windsurf from Amar' SP 2006

Dirt Windsurfing at the Dossen (Bretagne, France)

Short session of Dirt at the dossen on tuesday 10th July 2007.

This is Guenoz (blue sail) first try.
I hope we will have more to come (better and with more skill)

Land Wind SUP HD

Land wind SUP using the kahuna Creations Black Wave board and IRIG One inflatable sail

Wind Skateboarding March 2012

Greg Ketterman and Phil Dow ride skateboards with wind surfer sails on a helo landing pad on Camp Pendleton. The wind was just right. I tried it and it was a blast. I used my bike to keep up with them while doing video on the GoPro 1.

Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015

Landboard Windsurfing with Hans, Bob, George & Chad.


UK :
Our new freeride board is for those who want to have fun on runs but who also want to make progress on basic tricks : jibe, duck-jibe, 360 ° ... Equipped with 3 straps as «windsurfing position», the Cross accept to receive 2 straps in the axis for its freemove version (you can easily remove all straps to create a real « school board »). Wiser than his two younger sisters, this board offers the best compromise between ease, comfort and handling. The best board to enjoy the pleasures of land windsrufing.


DECK : Composite Tech (Wood/Fiber Glass)
TRUCKS : Sk8 Pro
WHEELS : Black / 23x6,5cm
GRIP : Power Grip
STRAPS : Pro Neo
DIABOLO : included + 1 insert
DIMENSIONS (overall) = 123x45cm
WEIGHT : 8,8 Kg

More infos :

FR :
Notre nouvelle planche freeride est destinée à ceux qui veulent se faire plaisir en tirant des bords mais qui souhaitent aussi progresser dans les manoeuvres basiques : jibe, duck-jibe, 360°...
Equipée en 3 straps pour retrouver la « position windsurf », la Cross peut aussi recevoir 2 straps dans l'axe pour sa version freemove (possibilité d'enlever complètement les straps pour la transformer en board « école »).
Plus sage que ses deux petites soeurs, cette planche offre le meilleur compromis entre facilité, confort et maniabilité.
L'idéal pour profiter sans contrainte des plaisirs du windsurf terrestre ...


PLATEAU : Composite Tech (Wood/Fiber Glass)
TRUCKS : Sk8 Pro
ROUES : Black / 23x6,5cm
GRIP : Power Grip
STRAPS : Pro Neo
DIABOLO : inclus + 1 insert
DIMENSIONS (hors tout) = 123x45cm
POIDS : 8,8 Kg

Plus d'infos :

Street Sailing

Our first try at Street Sailing.
I built the board a while ago and this is the first real try with a good wind.
Location was Landschaftspark Hachinger Tal, Ot the old airport at Unterhaching, Munich.

Radical Slow Windskate

Radical slow windskate is the art of control with some light wind on a windskate. See some sliding, some switch side sailing and other things like riding on the front wheels!! For more fun, visit


Something you don't see too often...Skatesailing... AKA Windskate.
Music by Peter Braglewicz available on iTunes, Apple music and Spotify.

More Skatesailing here:

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Windskate St-Bruno

Nice session of windskate with my new windskate board. See some swicht kono to boardwalk and some funny slalom! This place is really cool!


Sam Gooch Landwindsurfing at weston super mare beach

TurfDog Dirt Windsurfing Revolution

Short movie of Windsurfing on TurfDog dirt windsurf boards

Windsurfing Snow Land

This clip show some rare footage of sailing on snow with a windski and a windsnow. See some foward loop, jumps and other crazy moves made by Grégoire Lafortune and me.

Windskate Target

This is my first video with my new windskate Scorpion concept. A windskate with some kind of footstraps. With that, I did invented two new moves! Check that! For more information, visit! Cheers.

Land Windsurfing and SUPing, an Inspiring Video

More at - A month prior, struggling to eat just about anything, I ended up losing 15 lbs (or 7 kgs) and I wasn't really heavy to begin with! A month later, mostly recovered(!) near my regular weight, I was finally enjoying physical activities again.

This is my second day wind skating but with some dirt windsurfing experience. I had a few doubts but it was actually more fun than expected! Wind skating and land stand-up paddle boarding can be quite entertaining, be shared with the family, and help maintain our skills fresh! Always believe!

In this video, you will see switch-stance riding, carving jibe, duck jibe, duck tack, reverse duck jibe, downwind 360. Lots of moves can be done on land, lots more than I thought anyway :D ! Happy sailing!

Manu's Windsurfing Blog

The Best Way To Learn Windsurf!

This is perhaps the best way to learn how to windsurf. Using a windskate is a lot more easier. You could learn the sailing before you need to surf it.

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This video do more then showing how to start windsurfing, it show also the way to drive a windsurf board.

Using the brake on the sail is perhaps the best technique you develop while practicing tricks with a windskate.

Would you drive a car without brake, or a motocros? Windsurfing is the same! For more, visit

Thanks for your comments, have fun!

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Land Boarding Accident

Broken bones and egos while land boarding at the beach at Warrenton, Oregon

Choose a Windskate Board?

This video show how to choose a board to do some windskate. See different riders, some decks, some components for windskating, some mechanical parts to give you all informations you need to choose a board for windskating.

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