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Ogasawara-ryu Kyuba-jutsu

Recorded at the 2009 Nihon Kobudo Kyokai Enbu Taikai demonstration at the Nippon Budokan, Feb. 8th.

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu Rare Backstage - Original Training Scenes - 2005

rare Scenes in 2005

Ogawa Ryu - 弓術 Kyujutsu - Carlos Santos - Training Moments - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu - IBS - ASB - Kyujutsu Practice and Instruction

Kyujutsu Practice and Instruction - Private moments

In Brazil, with Shidoushi Thiago Moraes, Sensei Raoni, Sensei João Paulo and Uchideshi Adriano

First time Archery in Japanese armor - Kyujutsu in Yoroi

First time wearing my new armor. Hakama and Jinbaori are made by me. And of course I wanted to try out some archery in it. It was for fun, nevertheless, still I learned a lot from it:

* Look for different Hakama, so it fits in the Suneate

* Losen the Himo of the armor in order to be able to reach full draw

* Use Yugake (glove) instead of Thumbring

* Etc...

It's not easy for the first time. Heavy armor, hard to move, etc. Deep respect for Samurai on the battlefield in summertime!

All educational things aside... It is truly a lot of fun. Thanks to Iron Mountain Armory for the fantastic Yoroi; thanks to Sarmat Archery for the excellent Hankyu.

Kyujutsu at Wexford Archery

On the coldest day of the year in Ireland. A team of Kyūjutsu students from the Dragons Lair dojo in Kilkenny provide a demonstration ahead of the annual Wexford Archery Clout Shoot at Woodville House, New Ross, Co. Wexford.


Ogawa Ryu - 弓術 Kyujutsu - Joutou forms - Shidoshi Luis Nogueira - 2014

in Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu - Experience Series Kyujutsu 3 - Training - Shidoshi Luis Nogueira - 2014

In Valencia Spain.

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu - JyoTou - Fusetsu no Hou - 2014

in Brazil

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu - Chuteki to Enteki - by Shidoshi Luis Nogueira

Kyûjutsu 弓術 - Chuteki to Enteki (中擲 と 遠擲) - Middle-range practice and long-range shooting practice at Valencia, Spain.
Chuteki - 22 Ken (22間) - 40m approx.
Enteki - 33 Ken (33間) - 60m approx.

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu Yukigumi - Ittou - 2004 - Rare Scenes

Training moments in 2004

Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu TV Report in 2006

2006 in Brazil

Kyūjutsu 弓術 Bogen-Kunst

Bogenschießen 🎯 im Sakura Honbu Dojo Leipzig

Ogasawara Ryu Part 1 of

Wonderful body control!
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Ogawa Ryu - Kyujutsu - Few Moments in Brazil

in Brazil

KYUBA-JUTSU REIHO Ogasawara-ryu - Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai 75th Anniversary

Taken from the 75th anniversary of the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai, Tokyo, on the 15th August, 2010.

100# Form Practice (ambidextrous)

100# form practice (ambidextrous)
Gao Ying's Ming Chinese military archery form.

Bows: AF Archery FB08 (100#@28-from-back) and MR Bows Tiron (100#@28-from-back)
Special thanks to Blake Cole for comparing research notes & encouragement

More info at

Kyūjutsu 弓術 japanische Bogen-Kunst

Goshinkan Ninjutsu im Sakura Honbu Dojo Leipzig Bogenschießen 🎯

Kyujutsu no Kihon (Basics of Archery)

Young Genin group (7-12 y/o). AMA Ninja Division. Academy of Martial Arts Budokan, Modern and Traditional Martial Arts Training Hall. Visit us

Kyujutsu In the Backyard

It's been a while since I've used my Yumi, my technique isn't the greatest, but, I'm more of a practical shooter. At least I can hit what I'm aiming at. Mind you it was only about 25-30 ft.



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